I REALLY SCREWED UP - Building A Motorcycle

  • Published on Jul 13, 2017
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Comments • 2 749

  • Zi9makin6
    Zi9makin6 2 years ago +559

    Man... These lesbian jokes are getting boring now. It was fun the first... year.... but now. Please just stop.....

    • brian stevens
      brian stevens Year ago +1

      To All the people saying the jokes aren't funny, comedy is subjective.

    • Gustav Hamnén
      Gustav Hamnén 2 years ago +1

      That like by Dan was a call for help haha

    • amare bare
      amare bare 2 years ago

      +E Z
      Oh, look, a sane person.

    • James Gunning
      James Gunning 2 years ago +1

      You grind on the sprocket your going to have to make sure the balance on it isn't fucked up

    • Maxim Motorcycles
      Maxim Motorcycles 2 years ago

      Redneck Gamer Well yeah, no shit.

    AZTSER2 Month ago

    Dude, just take the back tire off put a long bolt through the rear and spread it while heating the pipes so the do a controlled warp/ bend while ratchet strap tensioning the sides closer to. The seat cut the back section off above the clearance issue enough to steel tube dowel and weld in new sections, then use the bolt on the rear wheel as a mounting point for coil over shocks that mount to a bracket to hold your seats rear.

    AZTSER2 Month ago

    I wish I could hit a skip button to jump back to the actual content whenever there is a sponsor plug or at the very least the RU-clipr would hold that useless shit until then end in case that imaginary person that actually gives two shit can watch for the plug because in reality no one cares about that shit if they aren't watching it as the primary content.

  • tony Wyatt
    tony Wyatt 2 months ago +1

    this is unbelievable, whats with the CAR engine hoist.good luck,dumbo,

  • Erik Bakstad
    Erik Bakstad 4 months ago

    Damn, gotta love these "I'm an expert enough to put it up on RU-clip videos" 😄

  • Fon Hollohan
    Fon Hollohan 5 months ago

    When I eat my dog eats. Yep that's about it. eh. I recommend you use round stock for the seat bracket instead of the flatbar idea. use the flatbar for the horizontal mount bracket but use roundstock for the vertical downs where you mount to the frame. Hope that makes sense.

  • zach trensey
    zach trensey 7 months ago

    Yo imagine forging most of the parts on your motorcycle!

  • The other Car Radio Guy
    The other Car Radio Guy 7 months ago +1

    18:32 Legend has it , that arizona can is still there

  • William Stits
    William Stits 7 months ago


  • Austin&Vicky Moore
    Austin&Vicky Moore 9 months ago

    Dam dude that sweat that just poured off your dome hahaha!!

  • Brian Bahrke
    Brian Bahrke 9 months ago

    So many haters that talk shit
    Dan let the haters hate an ur doing awesome man

  • HangLoose_OG
    HangLoose_OG 10 months ago

    For a first bike, not bad. I'd say stick to making sandwiches, but I'm not an A hole. I like the style. Next time though draw out your bike dimensions and ideas before you start twisting metal. Hope that helps. And drop the cockiness, woman don't like that. Keep it on the pavement. ✌

  • Drake Summers
    Drake Summers 11 months ago

    Did you ever finish the bike I can’t find the final reveal

    SEAN BENWARE 11 months ago

    All the room under the engine looks messed up stick a Cake pan shaped oil tank under the engine it would fix the tank issue and make that dead space not look so goofy

  • Phil S
    Phil S Year ago

    Quit while you still can!

  • Tony French
    Tony French Year ago

    a u shape tube would have looked good

  • JacobBeau99
    JacobBeau99 Year ago

    dude that looks fucking sick. that sandwich got me hungry af

  • Edward Horning
    Edward Horning Year ago

    You should put a piece of sheet metal behind your workbenches on the wall to keep the sparks off

  • Akshay Soni
    Akshay Soni Year ago

    Bro Use a tyre with a smaller wall will give you about extra clearance, Also build 2 U plates around the oil tank welded onto the rear frame below the tank and support the seat on that.

  • Tyler Curtis
    Tyler Curtis Year ago

    What would’ve saved you some time and possibly stress (in theory/my opinion) when you were pressing your neck, you could’ve taken your all thread, and on whatever side you were trying to get in at the time, barely put the nut on, and on the bottom put the other nut way the fuck up the shaft, that way you could’ve put an impact on, gave it a few ugga duggas and you would’ve been golden. Food for though.

  • hokiepokie
    hokiepokie Year ago

    Looks like you've been crying all night... Maybe the neck cones are too far up your rear.

  • Nux
    Nux Year ago

    Welcome to the lunch tutorial...

  • furnissdale feral


  • ken tomaziefski
    ken tomaziefski Year ago

    Dan I saw a bike on easy rider years ago it had oil tank made like a tube and mounted it on front of frame behind forks

  • Thunder Performance

    I’m not an expert wielded by any means, but I would suggest to weld in small circles. I noticed you were welding in a straight line and wanted to give a tip.

  • Klub Clow
    Klub Clow Year ago

    Got more done then chase does in a whole hour...

  • pjbuckmaster
    pjbuckmaster Year ago

    This was like watching a bad fucking train wreck. Let’s use homemade shit on stuff that you will be riding at like 80 mph. Who cares about your life. What the fuck, just stupid.

  • Moderate Fkr
    Moderate Fkr Year ago

    Oh Christ I can't watch. If you put the fuckers in the freezer, you want to get them very cold and fit them IMMEDIATELY after getting them out about 2-5 hours late, have all your tools ready and not warm the bastards up by handling them!!! And you only fit one at a time using something pressing squarely on the end. You could also warm up the frame a bit first. FFS do some research.

  • Ryleezy AFK
    Ryleezy AFK Year ago

    that sweat drip At 5:40 doe

  • Brabham Freaman
    Brabham Freaman Year ago

    Full disclosure: who’s your lipstick 💄 sponsor and how much do they send you for free?

  • TheCyes2020
    TheCyes2020 Year ago

    Two shocks on top of a arched cross over.

  • pitbikepig
    pitbikepig Year ago

    finish the build

  • ZB classic vehicles

    Been a while since I seen someone pack bearings the old way most people have a tool for that these days because they don't want to get their hands dirty

  • bluninja 2004
    bluninja 2004 Year ago


  • Aldrin Abatayo
    Aldrin Abatayo Year ago

    yeah the bracket of the seat looks like a part of a metal furniture.

  • Aldrin Abatayo
    Aldrin Abatayo Year ago

    much easier if intalled first before that huge engine.

  • Johnathon Montie
    Johnathon Montie Year ago

    Jesus christ man, cover your tire with a rag when welding above it. Much safer!

  • Jeff P.
    Jeff P. Year ago

    Hard mount seat to a short, solid mounted rear fender

  • Daquan Darell
    Daquan Darell Year ago

    i love the fumbly bumbly ness of all these vids and how you make the moment better with edditing always gets a like from me

  • Dave Koch
    Dave Koch Year ago

    Have you EVER riden motorcycles..no rear brake... Good luck not dieing.. WTF....👎

  • sundri mur
    sundri mur Year ago

    You look high

  • M Rod
    M Rod Year ago

    What happened to his face

  • JuJu Moose
    JuJu Moose Year ago

    The bottom of the frame isn't parallel to the ground 🤔

  • Fighter 377
    Fighter 377 Year ago

    idea 3

    SALT BOII 2 years ago


  • cole rogers
    cole rogers 2 years ago +17

    I've never seen someone talk so confidently about something he knows nothing about. Biggest mistake was grinding on a sprocket.

  • MysticBullXvlogs
    MysticBullXvlogs 2 years ago

    at 5:39 you can see niagra falls drip from Dans forehead

  • Robby mf Thornton
    Robby mf Thornton 2 years ago

    Single shop with tube but that's my .2

  • Peter Wakley
    Peter Wakley 2 years ago

    Double spring is beat I think. Might be a little more work but if I was doing this that is what I would do.

  • Samuel Erickson
    Samuel Erickson 2 years ago

    dude instead of putting them in the freezer put them in dry ice and they will shrink alot more. so easy to put in with dry ice because it is so much colder and make life way easier

  • poo dilly
    poo dilly 2 years ago

    If the chain is an o-ring one you could possibly swap for one without o-rings if it's only millimeters you need...

  • Logan Kennedy
    Logan Kennedy 2 years ago

    section link fight gorwa headquarters marketing cooperate.

  • pandasalvesen1977
    pandasalvesen1977 2 years ago

    You dont have the time to build a bike.. Sorry

  • Foo Cue
    Foo Cue 2 years ago

    I'm impressed that you have made it that far in the build too Dan. You have some mad moto skills in the garage on your own. Carry on mate!

  • Judea Contreras
    Judea Contreras 2 years ago

    did i just really see an ad on a motorcycle video? I'm so confused. next!

  • Ryan Michael
    Ryan Michael 2 years ago

    Idea 3

  • Mirza Baig
    Mirza Baig 2 years ago

    I think idea 3 is the best for your problem

  • Ramon_vimberg
    Ramon_vimberg 2 years ago

    5:38 jesus your sweating like a fucking sumo fighter

  • Riley LaFollette
    Riley LaFollette 2 years ago

    Hey on the drill press getting all tangled in metal is because your pushing too hard, if you let off a little to where you only have little flakes it may take longer but won't tangle.

  • viking Selph
    viking Selph 2 years ago +1

    Should be " I methed up" 🤣