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Jim Jackson on Kyle Kuzma's 41-point game & 'small ball' lineup comments | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Jim Jackson joins Marcellus Wiley and Jason Whitlock on today's show to talk about the Los Angeles Lakers. Hear him evaluate Kyle Kuzma's 41-point game and his 'small ball' lineup remarks for when LeBron James returns.
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    Jim Jackson on Kyle Kuzma's 41-point game & 'small ball' lineup comments | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
    Speak For Yourself
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Comments • 43

  • Speak For Yourself
    Speak For Yourself  5 months ago +1

    What did you think about Kyle Kuzma's performance?

    • Dr. Satan318
      Dr. Satan318 5 months ago +1

      Bobby Ramirez killed it third yr at Utah almost double double

    • Bobby Ramirez
      Bobby Ramirez 5 months ago +1

      R.I.P Jim West this is Kyle kuzma a 2nd year.

    • Dr. Satan318
      Dr. Satan318 5 months ago +1

      Speak For Yourself he been balling for 3 years now give him his props

  • DayDay 223
    DayDay 223 5 months ago

    steph same grion injury missed 11 games lebron misses what 6-7 games n hes sitting out intentionally.. god man people love to hate on this man

  • Julian Burwell
    Julian Burwell 5 months ago +1

    Just keep doubting this laker team they are better than what ppl think watch

  • keef davis
    keef davis 5 months ago

    Replace Rondo with KCP or Beasley. nevalost!

  • Ultimate Warrior
    Ultimate Warrior 5 months ago

    Stevenson or Javale makes it more of a death lineup than rondo

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 5 months ago

    KCP, Lakers 90% Free Throw shooter not on the court for 4th Quarters. 😑😑😑
    159------3-pointers as a rookie

    • DeAndre Page
      DeAndre Page 5 months ago

      As a new Laker from Detroit Pistons

  • Rohan Pattankar
    Rohan Pattankar 5 months ago +1

    Send FartLock on exile to Siberia.

  • Bryan
    Bryan 5 months ago +1

    Hate For Yourself except Jim

  • farrellcityking1
    farrellcityking1 5 months ago +4

    Can’t wait to watch all these clowns eat every single one of their words.

  • kdramalover 28
    kdramalover 28 5 months ago +5

    What Lebron just chooses not to play???...that's so STUPID!!!...
    does this hater Whitlock thinks that Lebron wants to see Lakers dropped 4th seed to 8 and what 3-6 since he went down???!!!...seriously???...if he could play out there he would...

  • badassdahn
    badassdahn 5 months ago

    Lakers proving we don’t need lebron James.

    • M
      M 5 months ago

      well he's there whether you like it or not so talk all you want

    • Ed C17
      Ed C17 5 months ago +1

      lmao ok buddy

    • kdramalover 28
      kdramalover 28 5 months ago +2

      really???... let's see...

  • Bobby Ramirez
    Bobby Ramirez 5 months ago +1

    Kuzma had a good game let me state that again a good game he’s a decent player and he will have good games here and there but seriously he’s not a robin to Lebrons Batman he’s not consistent enough to be, a lot people overate kuzma, he’s a decent player that can play but he isn’t an All-Star.

    • Freddy Calipari
      Freddy Calipari 5 months ago

      Jeff E he’s 23 lol upside ain’t there

    • Jeff E
      Jeff E 5 months ago

      This is his second year and first as a regular starter. Players improve as they get to their mid 20's. He's not there yet, but on his way.

    • J VR
      J VR 5 months ago

      hes a great 3rd option and is a good 2nd until they get another allstar and hes obviously allstar caliber

  • Onlyrealmusic4life
    Onlyrealmusic4life 5 months ago

    Didn't LeBron get a hernia? That sounds like it could be nagging possibly

    • Aakash Patel
      Aakash Patel 5 months ago

      @Onlyrealmusic4life Bro that was fake. He got evaluated yesterday and has been allowed to increase on court activity, and will be evaluated again on Wednesday before the three road games.

    • Onlyrealmusic4life
      Onlyrealmusic4life 5 months ago

      @C. Cosman Oh ok. I thought I heard something like a sports hernia and it could bother him the rest of the year if he rushes back before he is ready.

    • C. Cosman
      C. Cosman 5 months ago

      Theyve just been sayin pulled groin.

  • the award winning sports channel

    Kuzma is the best

  • Darius Clark
    Darius Clark 5 months ago +16

    How tf do you know how serious his groin injury is? Lol

  • King Con
    King Con 5 months ago +2

    Groin injury not serious????

  • DracariaEntertainment
    DracariaEntertainment 5 months ago +3

    Did kuzma say they could beat the warriors in 7 games? What part was the delusional part

    • David Callaway
      David Callaway 5 months ago +1

      The part where Whitlock was talk.

    • Wraith Black
      Wraith Black 5 months ago +1

      Lebron and the Cavaliers did it with a worse team

    G SINNA 5 months ago +8

    The fat dude always negative

  • Balling Like I'm Tobe
    Balling Like I'm Tobe 5 months ago +3

    Still trying to figure out what makes a line up a "death line up"

    • Patrick
      Patrick 5 months ago +1


  • Rueben Jones
    Rueben Jones 5 months ago +21

    Y'all are some haters lol

  • P H
    P H 5 months ago

    Lakers bad freethrow shooting

  • Youngkidchris
    Youngkidchris 5 months ago +16

    The time when lebron actually gets injured it’s “not that serious”😂😂

  • Blueprint Style
    Blueprint Style 5 months ago +16

    Kuzma wasn’t talking about comparing their best lineup to the Warriors - he was simply stating that he likes their small lineup compared to all their other lineups that Luke is putting on the floor

  • Timothy Thomas
    Timothy Thomas 5 months ago +10

    Whitlock: “This is my opinion, this is just my opinion, there’s no facts here”.
    Also whitlock: “...Kyle Kuzma’s just talking out of his rear end”