The Xbox is OFFICIALLY just a PC now..

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
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    Gamers can finally play console games with a keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One. But exactly how is Microsoft implementing it… and how much better at Fortnite will this make me?
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Comments • 15 446

  • Nicholas Robertson-Muir

    Can you plz say gamepad. Joysticks are for fighting games like Killer Instinct.

  • Matt Fleming
    Matt Fleming 18 hours ago

    What? When did this happen? Holy crap apparently I'm an idiot. I have actually been waiting because I knew ps4 could....

  • AimTweaks
    AimTweaks 2 days ago

    Will it work with xbox scarlett

  • hvd iv
    hvd iv 3 days ago

    interviewing pc gamers on what they like to play on?....good job and there is no need to buy a xbo console anymore xbox is pretty dead.

  • Doggo_FN
    Doggo_FN 3 days ago +1

    Begone xbox fools. Go buy a pc and then we can debate.

  • Shame iz dank
    Shame iz dank 4 days ago

    These guys treat controllers like my 49 year old mother oml 😂 i do prefer keyboard and mouse but geeze a controller is still pretty easy to use accurately.

  • Anonym Unsichtbar
    Anonym Unsichtbar 5 days ago

    Why just a PC?

  • Sean O.
    Sean O. 9 days ago

    Bullshit. No it isn't. All these people bitching and moaning about m&kb. I tried it with bfv on Xbox and it just didn't work. M&kb isn't made for console. Unless you're into remapping the entire controller scheme, sifting through mouse settings like crazy and spending tons of time on it only to have it not work then go for it.

  • Yukio
    Yukio 10 days ago

    PlayStation master race mother fuckers

  • Blake Belladonna
    Blake Belladonna 13 days ago

    I'll consider it a PC when it can run Dolphin and PCSX2.

  • Toxic
    Toxic 15 days ago +1

    Playstation 4 is better than Xbox

  • Azeyy
    Azeyy 15 days ago

    -xbox is now pc-
    *pc is now xbox*

  • Jt Tauanuu
    Jt Tauanuu 16 days ago

    Xbox plus PC = PBOX

  • MarvelJAM
    MarvelJAM 17 days ago

    When will they bring back mice with haptic feedback?

  • Slimoei
    Slimoei 18 days ago

    Yea, but, why not just get a PC instead?

    ABAGUBBY 18 days ago

    Got a keyboard from target and mouse from big w

  • Facehunter2003
    Facehunter2003 19 days ago +1

    2:14 is that Warframe I see in the background? :O

  • ChrisTheVr
    ChrisTheVr 19 days ago

    *reads title*
    n-no it isnt.

  • You're Welcome
    You're Welcome 22 days ago

    THANK YOUUUU thought I was the only one getting negative bitchy comment responses bc of how stupid this shit is

  • Griefy McWeepy
    Griefy McWeepy 23 days ago

    Consoles have always been computers; just really shitty ones with very restrictive Operating Systems.

  • oh no no
    oh no no 23 days ago

    Paladins has support

  • Sry
    Sry 24 days ago +1

    Controller makes the game very heavy and pretty much change the feel of the game.

  • Sry
    Sry 24 days ago +4

    There might be *"controller only"* only sessions, for the one who don't wanna play with keyboard and mouse users.

  • Shea Murray
    Shea Murray 24 days ago

    I’m hyped that they like rl

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 24 days ago

    We still capped at 60 fps i wish i had 1000$ so i can buy a decent pc

  • 80s_Wafe_Exe 4637
    80s_Wafe_Exe 4637 25 days ago

    When you actually think about how the original Xbox came to be.

    *So guys, we've come full circle*

  • Slippery Slimeball
    Slippery Slimeball 26 days ago

    I’m building a PC for Christmas and I already Pre ordered the digital version of a game for Xbox. Is it possible I could not only get this on my PC from the Microsoft Store for free, but also play it as a separate account on my PC even though I’m downloading it through basically my Xbox account.

  • turtle hub
    turtle hub 26 days ago

    it is not a question of mouse or game pad, it is console or PC.
    you can usually play PC games with a controller and vise-versa.

  • Kellen Wärter von yarrak barron

    Devs devs devs devs !!!

  • The Awsome Pheonix
    The Awsome Pheonix 29 days ago

    Do you realize that we poor people can't buy a good pc :(

    • Daddy Senpai
      Daddy Senpai 26 days ago

      The Awsome Pheonix you can get a pc for the same price and better performance,and games are much cheaper so if you can’t afford them on console you can get them on pc

  • Isaiah Robinson
    Isaiah Robinson Month ago

    A controller is perfect for me.

  • Phissith Ottha-Hekenon

    I don't look to use keyboard and mouse for gaming but for media consumption.

  • Seth Ward
    Seth Ward Month ago

    Was doing this on ps4 years ago.

  • Danny Le
    Danny Le Month ago +1

    Consoles may as well become PCs and just get windows 10 or Linux with some shitty software forced on it. Sales for them would skyrocket.

  • deine russische oma
    deine russische oma Month ago +2

    Console Players are Not playing only shooters, did you ever tryed playing race games with a Keyboard? Its terrible xd

  • Aiden Eiswerth
    Aiden Eiswerth Month ago

    I have a adapter that connects the keyboard and mouse and you have to use 1 USB it’s the BEST!

  • Mac Canma
    Mac Canma Month ago

    Xbox evolved into a PC. 👌😅

  • anonymous inc
    anonymous inc Month ago +4

    Is no one talking about how the PS4 already dose this

  • Killian Harle
    Killian Harle Month ago +8

    Soooo, it's an underperforming $500 pc now?

      JAYDEN WILLIAMS 3 days ago

      Creative kill4u what’s the specs

    • Creative kill4u
      Creative kill4u 9 days ago

      @Blake Belladonna my $225 pc out performs any console

    • Blake Belladonna
      Blake Belladonna 13 days ago

      Both Xbox Ones outperform a PC in their price range. PCs can certainly outperform, but at twice the cost, or more.

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    But why would you. Graphics are bad

  • Lord Hacks
    Lord Hacks Month ago

    Make it supported for GTA and other games too Pleazzeeee

  • Inferno 0052
    Inferno 0052 Month ago

    You can do this on ps4 too.....

  • Septimus Solis
    Septimus Solis Month ago

    My ps4 doesnt support any form of bluetooth tf.

  • Quattro 4
    Quattro 4 Month ago

    Switch master race.

  • Cruizz
    Cruizz Month ago

    Wait so how do you connect a final mouse plz make a video

  • Aqua Sama
    Aqua Sama Month ago +1

    Pc and Console wars have ended.

  • Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel

    Anthony is a fucking chad

  • Ghost Woodlan
    Ghost Woodlan Month ago

    But they still need a mouse for left handed user not everyone is right handed you know

    • Evan Watling
      Evan Watling Month ago

      What? I’m left handed and I use my right hand for my mouse.

  • DJ Hirotaki
    DJ Hirotaki Month ago

    Okay, can i just say that Mouse and Keyboard are not automatically better than a controler? Its about your experience with the tool, not the fucking tool. Give one guy a knife, give one a gun, if the guy with a knife has experience with the knife, and the guy with a gun hasn't ever had a gun, guess who has the advantage? You don't have to guess, im telling you, the guy with the knife is probably not gonna loose


      It's all about personal preference. Also, your claim about the knife and gun varies by distance and many other factors but in reality, 90% of the time the person holding the gun with or without experience will kill the person with the knife even if they have tons of experience.

  • Six1Eye
    Six1Eye Month ago

    This vid shows that pc games only play shooters lmaol so clueless how to use a controller there's more games out there then shooters.

  • GG
    GG Month ago

    look at that high level warframe gameplay

  • Mr Cloud
    Mr Cloud Month ago

    The thumbs down is 4k =>

  • b3zt nerd
    b3zt nerd Month ago

    and that my bro that why xbox is gay

  • Chaosmagican
    Chaosmagican Month ago

    I still dont understand what is so good about controllers for driving. Yeah I can give 50% throttle or something but who does that? And in games like GTA I can't understand at all, the controller steering feels quite binary anyways and with controllers I physically can't do "pixel corrections" which I can easily do with a KB (because instant switch between left/right and no accidental overshooting when trying to reset the input to 0). I often get asked (which is funny because the game tells you) if I play with controller. No I don't. I fly and drive better than you but no I don't use a fricking controller because it's a disadvantage (flying has the axis combined on one stick for example which makes it inherently more inaccurate)

  • kAiiden
    kAiiden Month ago

    Rocket league🤮🤮🤮

  • Ameer Johnson
    Ameer Johnson Month ago +1

    Windows button plus x opens the shut down menu

  • Ameer Johnson
    Ameer Johnson Month ago

    Did no one notice Roblox has k and m support? But only in game

  • PJPlayz
    PJPlayz Month ago

    If only people would understand IM SHROUD ON A CONTROLER

    • finn ruhr
      finn ruhr Month ago

      PJPlayz bruh no one cares you look like Beavis and butthead combined

  • attilathehun0
    attilathehun0 Month ago

    My PS2 Shark Board works great with my PS3 And Xbox One S.

  • Tariq Yasiin
    Tariq Yasiin Month ago +1

    Gyro aiming is as amazing now, if you're used to it you can really enjoy it. We're just used to move because history.