The Xbox is OFFICIALLY just a PC now..

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
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    Gamers can finally play console games with a keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One. But exactly how is Microsoft implementing it… and how much better at Fortnite will this make me?
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Comments • 15 249

  • Canadian Bacon
    Canadian Bacon Day ago

    Uses Wikipedia, bruh

  • Krispz
    Krispz 2 days ago

    PC's: have controller support
    Linus: PC'S are basically just xboxs now

  • Golden 47
    Golden 47 3 days ago

    This is why Xbox lost to Playstation. Exclusivity sucks on Xbox

  • Esperanza Vibes
    Esperanza Vibes 3 days ago

    I am a pc gamer myself. But I can't stand the idea of making fun of the use of "controllers". This is because of the fact that Ghost recon wildlands, tom clancy's the division, just cause 3 (all beautiful looking games) wouldn't be playable (or not playable per se but fun to play) unless you use a controller. and I do use a controller for these games on my pc. This is just a fact. I get it, I do play warframe, PUBG, as well as fornite on my pc using a mouse. And they do require a mouse on my high refresh rate benq Monitor. But I would never play the division, ghost recon wildlands, and just cause 3 using a mouse and keyboard. and of course I wouldn't recommend any gamers reading this comment to use a mouse for any of the games that I just stated. PC gamers need to get over the fact that not all gamers favor first person games that require a mouse or games like warframe and fortnite. #justmythought

  • Br1tzKrieg
    Br1tzKrieg 3 days ago

    Proof that pc only users are ignorant:
    “I love pc because of the keyboard and mouse”
    *You can use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox one now, wanna play?*

  • Rahat Aayaz
    Rahat Aayaz 4 days ago

    I thought I could play cracked games in Xbox 😢

  • STW_ Master_mega
    STW_ Master_mega 6 days ago +1

    They need to add it to any game

  • MTM Source
    MTM Source 7 days ago +1

    XBox is for entertainment not really "Gaming Anymore"...Playstation and PC and Switch is the way to go periiiooddd! JS For Gaming that is!

    • Alex g
      Alex g 6 days ago

      MTM Source How is the most powerful gaming console just "for entertainment" that literally makes no sense, unlike the ps4 or switch it ADDS more entertainment options lol

  • CD ONE
    CD ONE 7 days ago +1

    Makes sense... Can you imagine playing a game like World of Warcraft on a controller. I couldn't even rap my head around trying to get that game to work with a controller.

  • Bravefart
    Bravefart 8 days ago +1

    Game consoles with the a standard controller levels the playing field.why should you have an advantage over another and then claim to be the better player when it's not that your better it's just that you spent more money,it becomes a competition of wealth rather than skill.

  • Blitz The Memer
    Blitz The Memer 10 days ago

    Every time these guys talk I always get these ASMR chill with their lip smacking voices

  • DEREZZEDZ0MB Belman!
    DEREZZEDZ0MB Belman! 11 days ago

    Screw Xbox, PlayStation, and PC lmao
    *Potato Master Race*

  • Asbjørn Gyring
    Asbjørn Gyring 11 days ago

    Good video as always Linus but I have a small correction cause it bothered me. Warframe was and is originally a PC game ported to console. Not the other way around. And the game is still developed with pc as a primary objective, and we get patches before console. Just thought I would tell you :)

  • Renato de Castro
    Renato de Castro 12 days ago


  • Keuthonymos
    Keuthonymos 12 days ago


  • Xi-Quelle
    Xi-Quelle 14 days ago

    Can you use it on R6

  • Andi
    Andi 16 days ago

    * cheaper games
    * upgradability
    * old games are playable
    * online funciton is free
    * u need/have a pc anyway
    * higher frame rates
    * you don't have to play with a controller, but you still have the option to
    - some games exclusive for ps4/xbox
    - in some particular games, there are more hackers on PC
    - of course nintendo games only on switch. Nevertheless, there are working emulators with high framerates and no bugs

    • Denis Franco
      Denis Franco 13 days ago

      - you have to deal with Windows
      - game launchers
      - Steam Proton/Play on Linux is far from being considered as a full replacement (visit protondb and you'll see)
      - you can't resell PC games (that's why they're cheaper)
      - physical games are just a one-use license key in a box, you don't actually own the game
      - most people don't need a desktop PC, same for a dedicated video card
      - gaming laptops are too expensive and you can't upgrade much compared to a console
      - if you need portability (like me as a programmer) a dedicated video card on a laptop cuts a lot from your battery life
      - a gaming desktop PC is huge, specially if you don't have much space in your room like me (in the same space I could keep a tower desktop pc on my desk, I have 3 consoles vertically side by side, PS2, X360 and X1X)

  • Samuel Lawrence
    Samuel Lawrence 18 days ago

    Couldnt you just queue in fotnite using a controller and then just switch over to MnK?

    • Noah
      Noah 17 days ago

      Samuel Lawrence no it blocks the input

  • Jonathan Long
    Jonathan Long 19 days ago

    I enjoy pc gaming for the mods

  • Thompsons
    Thompsons 19 days ago

    Now instead of being weird you're retarded.

    GLITTERPRINCESS 20 days ago

    I dont really see the fairness argument between mouse & gamepad. It'd be one thing if it was prohibitively expensive, but you can head to walmart and pick up a keyboard and mouse for less than the price of an official Xbox controller. Its like you're playing baseball and you complain that the guys wearing cleats have an unfair advantage.

  • actuallymichael
    actuallymichael 20 days ago

    Fun fair and balanced
    Im guessing they never met gta online

  • Braden Walter
    Braden Walter 20 days ago

    Yo that tv looks shit, think u guys should mess with the color and contrast just sayin lol

  • Sean
    Sean 20 days ago

    does it work on ps4

  • Random Tube
    Random Tube 20 days ago

    I only like using a keyboard on console for texting and mouse for browsing the web.

    APOLLO 21 day ago

    Consoles will always win the public because with consoles you don’t need a grand to play good games just a couple hundred and it’s a simple plug in and play

    • fourtey2
      fourtey2 21 day ago

      People will roast you but you’re right

  • SpltPersonaltyOF
    SpltPersonaltyOF 22 days ago

    you really don't need a keyboard and mouse for warframe, as it's mostly pve and not competitive. With the PS4 touchpad you can get most all of the keybindings you need to play the game. I also feel like movement using a controller on a game like warframe is more comfortable and more fluid.

  • JayRebel
    JayRebel 23 days ago

    That keyboard is a piece of shit. Designed by a non gaming, complete moron. Look at those tall, square edged keys. What the fuck is that? A Logitech K120 is designed better than this Xbox piece of shit keyboard. Literally. Not figuratively.....literally. A fucking K120. Xbox mega fail. For you non gamers, directly up and down keystrokes are slow. Hitting short, contoured keys on the side/edge for quick maneuvers is essential for pro gaming. i'd rather play Blades Of Steel on NES than use this mega fail keyboard for anything.

  • Ashton Stewart
    Ashton Stewart 23 days ago

    11:00 bdhd ehdbdekoz urbr f kdidyd d

  • Ebrithil1
    Ebrithil1 24 days ago +1

    Jesus all these people act super pretentious about gaming. It’s a fucking video game, just enjoy what you enjoy.

    Viiperr STRAIITDEAD 24 days ago

    My Logitech G610 Orion does not work on my Xbox One so I am sticking to my PS4 and PC

  • Eyeless Elf
    Eyeless Elf 25 days ago +1

    Brooo controllers aren’t at a disadvantage 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Esperanza Vibes
      Esperanza Vibes 3 days ago

      Absolutely. there are games like the division, ghost recon wildlands you can't find enjoyable by using a freaking mouse. End of story

  • iOwN SoccerLocoMaTa
    iOwN SoccerLocoMaTa 27 days ago

    How did you connect you keyboard and mouse?

  • Kamryn C.
    Kamryn C. 28 days ago

    Here’s the bullshiting part: Mouse don’t work when you go on Microsoft edge. When tf are they gonna fix that shit?

  • brocraft
    brocraft 28 days ago +1

    I play ps4 with mouse and keyboard

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs Month ago +3

    We're all pc gamers
    Consoles are still computers, just not laptops or desktops

  • Renato Pascoal
    Renato Pascoal Month ago

    First minute, bunch of noobies...



  • Mr. Neverdie
    Mr. Neverdie Month ago

    It always was, they've just officially admitted it.

  • Im_That_Monk
    Im_That_Monk Month ago

    That’s because pc is master race XD

  • Awesomeboat 11
    Awesomeboat 11 Month ago

    can u play gta? on xbox with keyboard.

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson Month ago

    0:29 by this logic, Thor was on a controller

  • F K
    F K Month ago

    Ayyy warframe in the bckground dope

  • Barth0t234_ Official

    Can’t afford pc tho

  • Greg Hakes
    Greg Hakes Month ago

    Linus Tech Tips - No, The Xbox has become a forgotten piece of hardware. The Xbox is the Punch line to Microsoft's Joke. Seriously, if you tried your hardest you couldn't fuck up the Xbox more than Microsoft has. So Sad, So very very very Sad.

  • Tuğbay Deniz
    Tuğbay Deniz Month ago

    How is it now?

  • ττvbtw
    ττvbtw Month ago

    0:01 I bet every person is gonna say pc for no real reason
    0:24 every pc owner

  • Hayden Robertson
    Hayden Robertson Month ago

    you suck evariste galois

  • Prodigy Vertex
    Prodigy Vertex Month ago

    I had a ps3 for about 6 years and a Xbox 1 for about 3 years I never owned a gaming pc so I can’t say anything about that but I’ve been reading the comments and it looks like console is cheaper and it last longer

    GT_PHANTOM Month ago

    Playstation players have taken 190 damage

  • John Stokes
    John Stokes Month ago +1

    It's an alternate input method for gamers on a budget. The guys at the beginning must have a problem with the impoverished having a slice of PC pie... Not everyone can afford to lay 500 down for their own entertainment. This is a solution. The fat guy actually seems disgruntled upon hearing it.

  • Spongeboi
    Spongeboi Month ago

    Imagine if xbox made next generation of their xbox like a pc that you can use a keyboard and mouse so the xbox comes with the mouse and keyboard that would be cool i wouldnt buy it but i know some people would buy it

  • Trish Bhudd08
    Trish Bhudd08 Month ago

    So what?

  • WaVeZz ツ
    WaVeZz ツ Month ago

    *I prefer gameboy*

  • WaVeZz ツ
    WaVeZz ツ Month ago

    *When your too broke to buy a pc*

  • Anthony Steele
    Anthony Steele Month ago

    Hopefully in the future all FPS and strategy games are all in VR on consoles.

  • Timothy Quiros
    Timothy Quiros Month ago

    I like this move from xbox, PS should do the same

  • editscentro
    editscentro Month ago

    anyone get a little bit of input lag?

  • camokiller9
    camokiller9 Month ago

    You’re all bad

  • ItzJugg YT
    ItzJugg YT Month ago

    All these fucking videos are retarded. Sorry for cursing but still any godam fucking video I find doesnt solve my Godam problem. Here's my problem: how the fuck do I change my Xbox one's keyboard size to original size. Not looking for fucking stretched resolution or how to connect keyboard and mouse. How the fuck do I change my keyboard size to original. I mean the one where some games like rocket league you use the two squares button to fucking chat in game chat

  • ViserGS
    ViserGS Month ago

    In my opinion, controllers are best for sports games like FIFA. On the other hand, keyboard and mouse are best for action and battle Royale games like PUBG. :)

  • D Vice
    D Vice Month ago +3

    you mean console have always been pc's just without windows/content restriction...

  • BillyBotXD
    BillyBotXD Month ago

    Just buy xim3

  • Poutydragon3427 1
    Poutydragon3427 1 Month ago

    Does it have to be any particular keyboard or mouse or can I just go get the ones I use on pc and just start playing

  • Jam Explosionz81
    Jam Explosionz81 Month ago

    How do they connect? via Bluetooth?

  • Jakethe1_st
    Jakethe1_st Month ago

    *cogh cogh* Elite controller

  • The real OH NO NO
    The real OH NO NO Month ago

    What’s Xbox I play on ma muh fuggen *SOUJA BOY CONSOLE*

  • Andrei Razer
    Andrei Razer Month ago

    if u want to use computer keyboard and ofcorse , mouse, then buy a Pc ,not a xbox ,simple, Right ? :)))

  • Jason Locke
    Jason Locke Month ago +1

    Unfair advantage over controller users. Either separate the player base during matchmaking or ban mouse and keyboard entirely.

    • Squidly
      Squidly Month ago +1

      Jason Locke that’s what these games do...

  • Jaiden- Reddy
    Jaiden- Reddy Month ago

    Doesn't matter cause both Xbox and PC suck cause I use PlayStation 4

  • roland cannon
    roland cannon Month ago +1

    This isnt entirely true, almost every game has keyboard support. The mouse i havent tried but i have friends that have used both in many other games.

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Month ago +2

    Oh dang XBox finally decided to catch up to Sony on that

    • JimJam
      JimJam 23 days ago

      Will sony have aoe4?

  • GunDust
    GunDust Month ago

    Sea of thieves works now

  • Nick Van Dyke
    Nick Van Dyke Month ago

    Gotta say this helps a lot. I have the Corsair dark core se and would never have known it wouldn’t work. I’m curious though, would a controller emulator be affected too or would it adjust to the refresh rate? Can we get a video on the emulators like the xim apex?

  • Vault
    Vault Month ago

    Sweet Warframe pun

  • Nate Balls
    Nate Balls Month ago

    You have allways been able to play with mouse and keyboard on Xbox, they just now support them

  • Zippy 3000
    Zippy 3000 Month ago +3

    If it supports 5 mouse buttons, what if you download the software on the pc and change the mouse button to a keyboard button?

  • razer blank
    razer blank Month ago +1

    Wait, so people who play on controller are able to adapt on mouse and key but people on mouse and key cant adapt to controllers, now it got me thinking how is the better gamers

  • Manuel A De La Cruz

    is there a way to fix a xbox classic with a pc motherboard

  • MrRasberryJam12
    MrRasberryJam12 2 months ago +1

    I play with a controller on pc for fortnite .. And my aim is perfectly fine

  • eanna connolly
    eanna connolly 2 months ago

    Who cares
    Soulja game consoles are the only high quality consoles available
    Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox all suck

  • ValentinaLays
    ValentinaLays 2 months ago

    Ok totally unrelated but Nintendo is the father of gaming

  • SkwitchIzPlaying
    SkwitchIzPlaying 2 months ago

    Why does Riley look like one of the BuzzFeed Try Guys

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 2 months ago

    But with less power

  • Peaceful
    Peaceful 2 months ago

    Consoles was the og gaming thing.

  • GreenTurtle God
    GreenTurtle God 2 months ago

    Yup just better than PS4

  • Zachary Drahm
    Zachary Drahm 2 months ago

    Keyboard & mouse is only good for strategy games like C&C, halo wars etc.. as a pc (elitist) I do prefer the console for shooters like battlefield because the amount of buttons the game requires you to press and I do end up pressing the wrong key just to throw an medpack down for an example. Cod is just run & gun and is easier with a Keyboard & mouse. Driving games are better with controller because you can turn slightly for non sharp turns whereas keyboard your doing a full lock turn for a small bend corner.

  • qrayz
    qrayz 2 months ago

    I can tell who is using a KB&M instead of a controller in Fortnite, the difference is very obvious.

  • pete lee
    pete lee 2 months ago +2

    3:21 a mice are among the cheapest components of a computer. They can adapt.

  • XeSkyHD-
    XeSkyHD- 2 months ago

    xbox is nothing like pc you can't mod games or anything or download stuff for free

  • Todd McGee
    Todd McGee 2 months ago

    It looks like xbox is shoting themself in the foot again

  • Dave McGann
    Dave McGann 2 months ago +1

    Despite having a disadvantage, so many people professionally use a controller in Fortnite tournaments and do well!

  • The Circle
    The Circle 2 months ago

    Xcm cross battle adapter = god on console mouse is better but harder if you start on console I played console for years and years I’m really good switching to pc a few months ago I’m garbage I can’t aim for shit I can adjust everything all day but it’s just harder when your playing against people that only have played pc I’ve tried everything to aim better but I don’t seem to be getting any better like in a match with no respawn I just get to watch other people play all day cuz I get got first damn near every time sure a kill here or there but nothing like console . Console my kd is fairly high but pc I’m super trash and that sucks because pc is better.

  • Gael Medina
    Gael Medina 2 months ago


  • Colleer King
    Colleer King 2 months ago

    This is what a console shouldve been from the beginning...

  • T7 SchoolMaster
    T7 SchoolMaster 2 months ago

    Where did you get that stand from if so can you send link to it I’m talking about the one where you have you keyboard and mouse on

  • Count Estroq Du château d'Estroq

    Is this coming for Skyrim and fallout

  • AhhCmon
    AhhCmon 2 months ago

    I don't need a PC and I don't want to miss out on exclusives...I tried PC and hated all the updates and the unintuitive operating system, too many options and I also hated drivers

    • Alexis Roanoa
      Alexis Roanoa 2 months ago

      Yeah i switched to pc 2 months ago, long story short I'm buying an xbox back in a week.

  • Austin V
    Austin V 2 months ago

    amazon really tryna redo the tivo? like every cable box doesnt already have dvr now, like you cant instantly stream or download anything you wanna watch at any time anyway.

    • GuerreroXBI
      GuerreroXBI 2 months ago

      Austin V you’re a little ass bitch

  • Jodoin Maxime
    Jodoin Maxime 2 months ago

    The game are cheaper DUHHH a good gaming pc is at least 1000$ an xbox one is 300$