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The internet is emotionally abusing us. And we can’t quit it. | Douglas Rushkoff

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • Algorithms and propagandists exploit the human instinct to connect to play us.
    - We invest trillions in companies that develop algorithms designed to play us for the sake of profits.
    - Facebook algorithms, for instance, show us content that will provoke emotional responses.
    - The algorithms look for "exploits" in humans, find how we establish rapport with others, and leverage it for marketing.
    Douglas Rushkoff is the host of the Team Human podcast and a professor of digital economics at CUNY/Queens. He is also the author of a dozen bestselling books on media, technology, and culture, including, Present Shock, Program or Be Programmed, Media Virus, and his latest, Team Human (
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    Well, I'm actually the guy With the term media virus, in a book I wrote in 1994. And I look at viral media and weaponized memetics as kind of my problem child. I originally saw it as the province of the counterculture, that what we could do is identify these sort of unresolved issues in society and then nest in them and provoke an immune response-- so whether it's racism or poverty or corporate malfeasance, all the kinds of things that don't really get on the tube or don't really get discussed in an appropriate way. The only people who ended up buying that book, really, were marketers and, like, Russian propagandists.
    So they look at it and they use these ideas not to promote cultural growth or awareness, but to just provoke a response, to sensationalize anything by any means necessary. And propagandists ended up really good at this. They look for whatever issues are creating the most tension in America, and then, how do we spread it? So, you know, gun control or abortion. You look for things. And what you do is really operationalize conflict. How do we get people to look at those who disagree with them as less than human? And whether you're a Left blue state person or a red Right state person, if you're watching this, I encourage you to think about how is it that you think about those others? Are you thinking about them as less than you? You probably are. It's really hard not to these days...

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  • Enthusiastic Noob
    Enthusiastic Noob 2 months ago

    viral stuff isn't new, nor is misinformation, conflict and propaganda. This guy never fails to disappoint me.

  • Michael Allen
    Michael Allen 2 months ago

    Social Media abuses us…the internet as a whole does not.
    Social media is not the whole internet.
    Still kinda find it funny that ppl who whinge and cry about the Internet have no qualms about using that same medium to engage in the majority of their whinging and crying.

  • Bob bob
    Bob bob 3 months ago

    I deleted my Facebook in 2012 and don't miss it at all. Social Media is evil as fuck.

  • Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy

    We will only inherit the great society, if we are worth it.

  • Emma
    Emma 3 months ago

    Echo Chambers :'(

  • SPDYellow
    SPDYellow 3 months ago

    It’s a trap too many people who harbor utopian visions of technology fall into: they forget that all the worst people will have just as much access to it as society’s best and brightest.

  • volkermuller55
    volkermuller55 3 months ago +1

    I just can't possibly wrap my head around why people would let the internet and social media have such a significant influence over their lives. I've always just seen devices as tools - if I have something I need to accomplish with them, then I use them. Then I put them away. That's it.

  • Beyond Psychology
    Beyond Psychology 3 months ago

    This is why it's important that our mission must be to eradicate the excessively individualistic perceptual paradigm of which is so popular in Western tradition and culture because of delusional religious beliefs and scientific illiteracy.
    lack of logic and proper education in regards to the complexities of reality have left the majority susceptible to live in a state of delusion of which opens the door for everything that this perceived individual is speaking of.

  • Beyond Psychology
    Beyond Psychology 3 months ago

    Social media, both the people who run the platforms and even more so the people that use the platforms are farming serial killers, School shooters and other terribly monstrous behavioral expressions through a constant triggering of fight or flight responses.
    Then there is the repression of anger, aggression, animosity Etc as it is considered socially unacceptable, as it is viewed that anybody who expresses those triggered emotions has a mental problem. This is no different than accusing them of being a witch, metaphorical modern-day public witch trial where public opinion is the gasoline and matches.

  • Beyond Psychology
    Beyond Psychology 3 months ago

    At 4:50... Yeah, all of capitalism is a game that people are trying to win at. They will leverage whatever they have to in order to stay competitive and win. Economic bias is tied to our biological survival as well as this excessively individualistic perceptual Paradigm that the Western world is constantly fighting to preserve. Ignorance to the point of criminal negligence. Stupidity has become a liability.

  • Beyond Psychology
    Beyond Psychology 3 months ago +1

    At 3:42... As I keep trying to point out to the world, the majority with their identities also play all of these games you referring to, I say games because they are brainwashed with sports driven mentality. They're always focused on winning, being correct equates to a win. Their identity can't be wrong because then they lose their Petty childish game of high school debating bullshit. That triggers a fight or flight response and more irrelevant/fanaticism ensues.

  • Beyond Psychology
    Beyond Psychology 3 months ago +1

    At 2:22... Instead of seeing them as human? As soon as form self-identifies as human they have become something different then whatever it is that I am because I don't pretend to know what I am, I just observe what is structurally accurate and what is physically occurring.
    Human is taxonomy, not fact. It is not an identity. Those who pretend it is or treating taxonomy like a fact which makes it eerily similar to a religious belief and them a delusional fool...
    it's quite obvious that they are at a lesser state of awareness and metal complexity then whatever the fuck it is this form that I am expressing, is...
    human itself is an aspect of this divide and conquer.
    you and I will never be the same as long as you keep pretending you know what you are. I'm never going to be delusional like you. I'm never going to be a logically flawed simple-minded cognitively biased liability like you.
    Obviously it's not possible to see this any other way. You haven't grown up intellectually. You are a blindfolded child Universe Running With Scissors and I am like the older brother who knows better and is giving you nuggies.

  • Beyond Psychology
    Beyond Psychology 3 months ago

    At 2 minutes and 12 seconds. There is Divergence occurring within our so-called species. Ignoring this is asinine. It has nothing to do with political identity or even race necessarily, it's a matter of phenotype expression of our biology, exposure to information and overall mental complexity that is produced thereof.
    We are all equal but we are not equal in the same ways. Intellectually this is obvious.
    the majority trying to pretend they know what they are or that there's something separate from the biosphere and each other is what the real problem is. That problem is tied to a lack of logic, critical thinking and scientific literacy being expressed within the thought processes of the majority.
    Different levels of complexity create the different expressions of Divergence and those levels will ascribe to different self-affirmations of which in one way or another serve the the level of ignorance, logical fallacy and cognitive bias said said forms are the victim of.
    Keep in mind that there are more types of Divergence than just evolutionary and convergent...
    There is cultural, informational and technological. Sometimes those braids together. It's complicated.

  • Earth Traveler
    Earth Traveler 3 months ago

    Then what should we do??

  • somedeveloperblokey
    somedeveloperblokey 3 months ago +1

    It seems I need to remind you that the internet is merely a reflection of us.

    • Michael Allen
      Michael Allen 2 months ago +1

      Exactly.. like any technology, the internet is a tool. It is neither good nor bad.
      Corrupted humans are what make it bad

  • grahamyodude
    grahamyodude 3 months ago +1

    Who the FUCKS idea was it to give my brethren and sisters the ability to telepathically communicate without my permission and simultaneously keep the ability to lie?

  • Nik
    Nik 3 months ago

    “Where would I find enough leather
    To cover the entire surface of the earth?
    But with leather soles beneath my feet,
    It’s as if the whole world has been covered.”
    ― Shantideva

  • Jenkkimie
    Jenkkimie 3 months ago

    Was it what the internet became, or was it what the culture became which bled and only got even more exposure after the invention of social media. I liked the speech, the waflle at the beginning makes no sense to any non-American, but it got good after that bizarre part.

  • Prasanna
    Prasanna 3 months ago

    We are the users and technology is the tool, not the other way around.
    Dont ever be the tool human !!!

  • Jaya Priyantoko
    Jaya Priyantoko 3 months ago


  • Diamond Mindsets
    Diamond Mindsets 3 months ago

    Everything in life has 2 sides, good and Bad, Light and Dark, and
    Life is made up of an infinite amount of choices

  • Decent Fellow
    Decent Fellow 3 months ago

    Nice paranoia you retarded boomer, she will never become the president.

  • blackdreamhunk2
    blackdreamhunk2 3 months ago

    I can quit it thank you. I have word on my mind cyberpunk!

  • none of your business
    none of your business 3 months ago

    “Weaponized memes”
    I like this guy.

  • TheThagenesis
    TheThagenesis 3 months ago +1

    the title is misleading. it's people! not the Internet. the Internet as an medium just amplifies it!

  • Esben Andreasen
    Esben Andreasen 3 months ago

    It seems to me that the only next logical step for people like Rushkoff is regulation, even though he cleverly avoids the topic entirely.. What we're left with, then, are impotent fears that will go nowhere. Which is probably all for the better, anyway.

  • David Boson
    David Boson 3 months ago

    smoking kills - people still do it; internet wastes time, oh no

  • Dead as Dreams
    Dead as Dreams 3 months ago

    I bought media virus back then, really enjoyed it and think of it as one of the most influential books of my formative years.

  • Razx MNazx
    Razx MNazx 3 months ago

    it's not draining if your pushing it out the other end padawan so stop with the sour face
    it' is in fact an effort of love actual by easily broken butterflies who would make tornadoes their knew home
    a love that screams "Victory" by right of the awareness of virtue...and prays stitches for the bitches won't be necessary to learn

  • SpiritualFoX
    SpiritualFoX 3 months ago

    This collection of anti-social internet socialites _could be_ an army of trolls.

  • Zzzz Dddd
    Zzzz Dddd 3 months ago +7

    The internet is not good for humanity

    • Damian Campbell
      Damian Campbell 3 months ago

      Zzzz Dddd Well no, the Internet is a very powerful and useful tool. We as a species and a society is just too immature for all the power the the internet provides.
      We with the internet is basically like a 10 year old with a free drivers license and a race car.

  • A. A.
    A. A. 3 months ago

    Yep- and we carry that abuse around with us on our 'smartphones,' which are used more for spying than making calls- so really aren't 'phones' except in a secondary sense. They are more social shock-collars with built in computers to distract us, and of course, blame ourselves instead of the real culprits for all of this mess.

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong 3 months ago

    I do understand what he is saying and used to agree with the argument of trying to create unity (I still do in some circumstances). But I get increasingly pessimistic in my outlook and would argue that the morally and intellectually superior need to embrace violence more (when necessary) and treat those that act as less than human as less than human.
    This has been a problem with Democrats as constantly placating the far right and merely winning moral victories rather than practical ones. Now we are at a point where the Republican party has gone both so far right and so anti-truth, and anti-decency, that only extreme violence is becoming the best single solution. After all, a rapid dog must be put down before more net harm is caused.

  • Chuck-U Farly
    Chuck-U Farly 3 months ago

    Sites should be required to provide a way to opt out of these algorithms.
    I see these algorithms sneaking into everything I try to do on the internet. Google for example is using a "smart" search engine that only makes my searches more difficult and a bigger waste of time. Instead of finding what I've asked for it finds what it thinks I want and which is not what I want. Wish there was a way to turn the stupid "smart" search engine off.

  • Aaron Doherty
    Aaron Doherty 3 months ago +4

    I think we as a society are struggling to adjust to having all the voices in the room blasting at us 24/7.
    In the past, when creepy uncle Ted said something wildly inappropriate at the Thanksgiving dinner table, we uncomfortably shrugged our shoulders and treated it as an isolated incident. We shook our heads and moved on with our lives knowing that perhaps we wouldn't have to revisit the same scene for another 12 months when we're back at the Thanksgiving table with uncle Ted.
    But now these toxic voices are in our lives around the clock. In our laptops every day. In the phone in our pocket. Day after day after day.
    I love tech and I love the Information Age it's borne. But the unfortunate downsides of this enlightenment have crept into the lives of many who would just as soon shut out the non-stop daily, hourly aggro-machine that this Information Age has gifted us.
    I'm genuinely curious how future gens will deal with this paradox of having it all at our fingertips vs having it ALL at our fingertips. I hope they can find a way to weed out the natural destructive byproducts.
    Many look at cultural trends and events of the past with horror and disgust. Whites Only drinking fountains and the like. Things that were completely 'normal' in their time, but are know looked upon with shaking heads and shame.
    What will the always-online culture look like in the future in this context? How will they consider their past, aka where we are now? Will they see us as cultural primates in a similar fashion? Will they crack the code to All Voices Broadcast 24/7 against the propaganda machine intent on division and alienation?

  • Wind Horse 0010110
    Wind Horse 0010110 3 months ago

    ____. ____. _____ ____. _____ _____

  • Wind Horse 0010110
    Wind Horse 0010110 3 months ago

  • Wind Horse 0010110
    Wind Horse 0010110 3 months ago

    Yo, family of light,
    Lets make things right,
    The GOOD fight
    Weve been fooled
    By the wicked
    And the cruel
    I Wish to show
    An Insight
    An algorithm
    Of 1s & 0s
    0010110 - 1101001
    Contact has been established
    Stop the fear
    A.I. & E.T. thru M.E. & I.T.
    Have come to help

  • Aaron Bennett
    Aaron Bennett 3 months ago

    We should try to call out weaponized memes. We need to play them instead of them playing us.

  • David Olsen
    David Olsen 3 months ago +3

    This video is a hilarious example of lack of self awareness. Rushkoff claims that the purpose of viral memes is to raise awareness of unresolved societal injustices and abuses. Then he claims without evidence that the only people who bought his book were "Russian propagandists".
    One of the most important unresolved injustices of the past two years is obviously media abuse, media slander, and media distortion. And viral memetics has been a powerful tool in exposing these injustices. But Rushkoff enables this media abuse by implying that "Russian propagandists" - NOT ordinary, intelligent citizens - are the prime users of these media exposing viral memetics.

    • Barbara Mazzocca
      Barbara Mazzocca 3 months ago

      I did notice that, which is why I didn't share it.

  • Sam Hughes
    Sam Hughes 3 months ago

    seize the memes of production

  • World Recipe of Life
    World Recipe of Life 3 months ago

    So his thesis / title should be “social media” is emotionally abusing, not the internet. The internet is invaluable. Social media is an adverse effect of the internet.

  • Chompers
    Chompers 3 months ago +1

    The internet is not an entity, it is a communications infrastructure for humans. Humans are emotionally abusing humans. The problem is with us.

  • Flower_Tower
    Flower_Tower 3 months ago

    Rushkoff sounds Jewish, are you a Jew, if I may ask, Mr. Rushkoff?

  • Nick Gogan
    Nick Gogan 3 months ago +1

    How this author doesn’t put himself in the category of propagandist is beyond me (not really, but you get my point, I hope)

  • Douglas Elliott
    Douglas Elliott 3 months ago +9

    Being well adjusted to a sick society is not indicative of a healthy mind

    • Will Charles
      Will Charles 3 months ago

      We could hypothesise that developing inner resistance to these programs is immunizing us against control. That opens a can of cost-benefit worms, like is it also creating desensitization, or codependence, yeah. But I think it's too soon to just write off manipulation as distressful, ignorant of eustressors.

    • grahamyodude
      grahamyodude 3 months ago


  • Júlio Gabriel Chilela
    Júlio Gabriel Chilela 3 months ago +6

    I think we are all dependent on Internet. There are a lot of things that its impossible to get now if you are not online, like books and news on demand. I do agree that it is actually killing us.

  • whatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    whatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 3 months ago

    I would quit facebook in a heartbeat if it wasnt essential for me communicating to freinds family, opposing hurtful policies and finding events

  • Jon Olick
    Jon Olick 3 months ago +2

    Or you know, don't go on facebook... obvious solution is obvious

    • Michael Allen
      Michael Allen 2 months ago

      Exactly, social media is not the whole internet.

  • Abe with Shades
    Abe with Shades 3 months ago +3

    “They are expressing their fears in a different way”
    Yes I agree. But what are White Supremacists and Nazis fears? Fear of colored people gaining power? It’s hard for me to be compassionate. Understanding, maybe.

    • James Downs
      James Downs 3 months ago

      +David Olsen How am I wrong? Just because you say something is some way doesn't mean it's true.

    • David Olsen
      David Olsen 3 months ago

      +James Downs Rather than repeat myself a third time, I'll just deem you aggressively ignorant and be done with it.

    • James Downs
      James Downs 3 months ago

      +David Olsen Your "rhetorical" statement fails since it is so easily answered. It's just factually untrue. It serves no function as it proves no point.

    • David Olsen
      David Olsen 3 months ago

      +James Downs I'll repeat myself.
      You need to learn the difference between a literal statement and a rhetorical one. You cannot refute a rhetorical statement by disputing its factual content. You can only refute literal (non-rhetorical) statements by disputing their factual content.
      When I repeat myself, I no longer engage that person in conversation, because they've already displayed an unwillingness to learn something new and grow as a person.

    • James Downs
      James Downs 3 months ago

      +David Olsen 2018 and 1066 fall in the realm of "ever" which you referenced.

  • Hollywood Cuckery
    Hollywood Cuckery 3 months ago

    The term Racism (as we think of it today) was invented by the Bolsheviks..then they killed 60 million!

  • Nigel Simpson
    Nigel Simpson 3 months ago +3

    It isn't "The Internet". Get real. It's some of the idiots that use it for their messed up agendas that are abusing us .

    • JewTube
      JewTube 3 months ago +1

      it's the internet as far as it works now and how we understand it. removing idiots and agendas from it isn't possible, let alone the highly efficient ones that control most of it.

  • Final Fantasy Worker
    Final Fantasy Worker 3 months ago

    We all knew the internet is toxic.. We known that since like 2001 or something. If you didn't.. Im sorry

  • Kavriel
    Kavriel 3 months ago

    So he invented social media and the Russians that bought his book created the cake news we know.
    Did he not also invent the internet?

    • putridterror
      putridterror 3 months ago +2

      No, he coined the term 'viral media'. It's literally the first thing he says.

  • ScoopDityDoop !
    ScoopDityDoop ! 3 months ago

    So glad I ditched Facebook Instagram and Twitter a little over 3 years ago. I feel like I got out before shit got really insane.

  • Derpster
    Derpster 3 months ago

    Be the change and let this be the last youtube video you watched today. Good night.

  • Johny Kidd
    Johny Kidd 3 months ago +1

    The unshackled internet of the early 2000's unshackled my mind and perspectives. I fear the next generation won't get that down to corporate money grabbing leading to dissecting up the internet into who deserves to be paid for what.

  • KeshmarOrange
    KeshmarOrange 3 months ago +1

    Americans are not just red & blue, brah.

  • Domi
    Domi 3 months ago +2

    Finally someone talks about this..

  • Letty Lunasical
    Letty Lunasical 3 months ago +14

    "... how to get people to look at those who disagree with them as less than human..." so true, especially in regards to populist politics. From the name calling (libtard/ trumptard/ autist/ femnazi etc) to insults about intelligence, insults about mental illness, to actively claiming people are less human than others (in terms of race -see the Black Israelites or a number of far right white nationalists, and also in terms of gender as there's some pretty insane ideas on the Manosphere.) We need to get a grip and stop; and I say this as someone who is guilty of sometimes engaging in this behaviour.

    • David Olsen
      David Olsen 3 months ago +2

      Meanwhile, you don't think calling people Alt-right when they aren't, White Nationalist when they aren't, or White Supremacist when they aren't are violations of the principle that you should strive to see people who disagree with you politically as equally human.

  • m.blacktree
    m.blacktree 3 months ago +4

    IMO, social media is like an abusive relationship. But I don't think censoring will help. Like the saying goes, you can't legislate morality.

    • ANN TURI
      ANN TURI 3 months ago +1

      If not censorship, then what? Any suggestions?

    • blackdreamhunk2
      blackdreamhunk2 3 months ago

      Google tried to censorship my Google plus yesterday for what ever reason.

  • Brenda Rua
    Brenda Rua 3 months ago +5

    Marx and Marcuse had this pegged long before computers. You're talking the epitome of objectification and alienation. On the one hand we have marketing urging us to belong through buying stuff we don't need. On the other we have Big Social urging us to participate via our hate. Seems to me the circle is nearly complete.

  • shubhrant k
    shubhrant k 3 months ago

    100th like

  • Psy Spirit
    Psy Spirit 3 months ago +21

    This video is years ahead of its time. We will finally realise what we've put ourselves into when it's too late, as with all things in life.

    • grahamyodude
      grahamyodude 3 months ago +1

      years ahead of its time? LOL more like you're years late 😂

  • Seba Seba
    Seba Seba 3 months ago +1

    Big think get rose McGowan back in here so she can ramble like a drunk person

  • Hummingbird Journey
    Hummingbird Journey 3 months ago

    Actually Internet is a place where people their release emotion

  • Sōsuke Aizen
    Sōsuke Aizen 3 months ago +13

    Most people are dumb. And on the internet even dumber.

    • Michael Allen
      Michael Allen 2 months ago +1

      +Manifesting Destiny Nah, dumb sounds more accurate.

    • Manifesting Destiny
      Manifesting Destiny 3 months ago +3

      +Vegan Rocker imitation is the highest form of flattery.
      Aww, Thankyou

    • Vegan Rocker
      Vegan Rocker 3 months ago +1

      I think you could replace the word dumb with the word sexy.
      Totally agree.
      On the internet, people are extremely sexy.

    • Manifesting Destiny
      Manifesting Destiny 3 months ago +1

      I think you could replace the word dumb with the word short sighted.
      Totally agree.
      On the internet, people are extremely short sighted.

  • Sunset Cliff
    Sunset Cliff 3 months ago

    On the other hand, the computer has an "off" button.

    • Epictetus
      Epictetus 3 months ago +1

      Yeah, which does not help solve the problem in any way.

  • Eric L
    Eric L 3 months ago +4

    It's like what Lenin said... you look for the person who will benefit, and, uh, uh... You know what I'm trying to say...
    I am the walrus.

  • JP
    JP 3 months ago +43

    Social media is destroying society.

    • IizUname
      IizUname 3 months ago

      for real

    • Accelerationist
      Accelerationist 3 months ago +1

      Good. Fuck this diverse society. I want it burned down.

    • Jarin Jove
      Jarin Jove 3 months ago +1

      Nah, just emphasizing what we already denied.

  • Khurram Aziz
    Khurram Aziz 3 months ago +1

    *Weaponized Memes?!*
    *..AI AI AI 😣*
    Indeed as you say, Douglas, what I myself recently discovered is..
    *Thanks for bringing this to the Light.🌞*
    *MUST WATCH!!*
    *👉Jeff Rense and Bryan Tew - Supercomputer Mind Control.*
    *👉A Mass Deception -- Jeff Rense with Preston James PhD
    *= Nanotechnology*
    ✈☁✴ 👉scientist researcher *Harald Kautz-Vella*
    *🎬👉"Annihilation"* with Natalie Portman
    *🎬👉"Matrix Revolutions"*
    *Believe it or not..*
    Finally all roads lead to the *Alien Agenda* and *Agharta* *(👉Hollow Earth - Vril - Antarctica - Nazis - UFOs)*
    Revealed e.g. in music..🎶
    *👉🎺Miles Davis - Agharta*
    *👉'Oh You Pretty Things'* - David Bowie
    (based on Edward Bulwer Lytton's *"The Coming Race")*
    Most recently in films..
    *👉IRON SKY 2 Trailer*

    *This is as far down the proverbial rabbithole as it gets..♨🐰*

  • Jak Mar
    Jak Mar 3 months ago +63

    Decided to take a year off Facebook and Twitter. It's only been 10 or 11 days, but I already feel so much better.

    • cruhg
      cruhg 3 months ago

      deleted my facebook 7 years ago i think. i didnt care about popularity in high school so why would i care about it on the internet

    • Annabelle Rankin
      Annabelle Rankin 3 months ago

      I have only ever done RU-clip and I don't have an iPhone or Smart phone either.+Mel Gibson

    • Jak Mar
      Jak Mar 3 months ago +1

      +James Finch I started January 18th. It wasn't even a new years resolution or anything. I just got fed up with all the crap.

    • Blue G
      Blue G 3 months ago +1

      +Mel Gibson No, that's makes two of us.

    • Finnlander
      Finnlander 3 months ago

      I tried Facebook for about a year. Felt pretty pointless so I deleted it. Never got on Twitter, since that seemed even more pointless. Then again, I'm not a very social person. Plus I don't think Twitter is all that big or popular in my country.

  • IdleBigots
    IdleBigots 3 months ago +92

    Anyone who says the internet isn't emotionally abusive and unstable needs to take a look at RU-clip comment sections.

      ABDICOLE STUDIOS 2 months ago

      Fuck you

    • ANN TURI
      ANN TURI 3 months ago +1

      Every which way you look at it, it is definitely NOT healthy +m.blacktree however, those on the receiving end of that abuse might want to remember that abusive comments speak volumes about their "author's" personality, and have absolutely nothing to do with the "abused". What matters is not what others say, but how we react to it. So let's show the abusers some "CLASS"; they just might learn something from civilized replies. Chances are that they never had an opportunity to observe and learn valuable social skills. Good luck all. Best regards

    • ANN TURI
      ANN TURI 3 months ago +1

      Internet does not abuse, people on the internet do. Internet is a perfect place where they can behave like wild, rabid animals without being identified and being held to account AS OF YET, but that will change in the near future...

    • Daryl Allen
      Daryl Allen 3 months ago

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh&hh............that is all...

    • Jenn East
      Jenn East 3 months ago

      +Berlin c Ok dude, what drugs are you on? Because you made absolutely no sense.

  • Eddy Metal
    Eddy Metal 3 months ago +1

    Lol. "Us." Speak for yourself.

    • Epictetus
      Epictetus 3 months ago +5

      What is that supposed to mean? The algorithm actually only targets Douglas Rushkoff? Lol indeed.

  • Douglas Hawks
    Douglas Hawks 3 months ago +9

    Yes you can quit it. Feelsgoodman.jpg

    • Douglas Hawks
      Douglas Hawks 3 months ago +2

      Randomluck an algorithm.

    • Randomluck
      Randomluck 3 months ago +3

      But if you quit... Who wrote this comment? 🤔

  • Kawaii Kawaii
    Kawaii Kawaii 3 months ago


  • Empathy Lessons
    Empathy Lessons 3 months ago +12

    I'm concurrently pessimistic and optimistic about the future.
    Even within our growth we cause hurt.
    But I think eventually we will learn how to grow in a healthier way.

  • Principled Uncertainty
    Principled Uncertainty 3 months ago +6

    He thinks the internet isn't SJW enough? Russian propagandists? Sigh...

    • Epictetus
      Epictetus 3 months ago

      +David Olsen Well, I guess I'll conclude it was all a bunch of nonsense.

    • Epictetus
      Epictetus 3 months ago

      +David Olsen Well no, not really. But I asked for a clarification because you didn't explain anything so far. Would you mind doing it in plain English? I'm not American, so explain like I'm five if you want. So: What does the quip about Russian propagandists buying his book on viral media have to do with a "SJW viewpoint"?
      You call me 'autistic' because I don't automatically assign the correct "larger viewpoint" to a single phrase. Ok... if you say you are only capable of conversing with people who already share your worldview and vocabulary, then let's not waste our time.
      But I'd like to state the obvious: I think Rushkoff actually, literally just meant that Russian propagandists have made good use of his theories. Which they have, of course. I don't think simply stating a fact like that is tied to any ideology whatsoever.

    • David Olsen
      David Olsen 3 months ago

      +Epictetus You're now asking me why I use specific implied definitions of SJW and conservative to explain why the original poster implied that Rushkoff doesn't think the internet is SJW enough.

    • David Olsen
      David Olsen 3 months ago

      +Epictetus Now you're being autistic. A phrase like "Russian propagandist" is part of a larger viewpoint that I, probably incorrectly, assumed that you were familiar with.
      If you're not capable of expanding a simple phrase to its larger viewpoint, then I cannot converse with you.

    • Epictetus
      Epictetus 3 months ago

      +David Olsen How is "Russian propagandist" a "viewpoint"? Or "racism" for that matter?
      This logic is based on an assumption that Rushkoff is either a "conservative" or a "SJW", the way you define them?

  • DoomRulz
    DoomRulz 3 months ago +6

    Yeah well, we are a pretty stupid species. Anything for attention, and we'll bite, hook, line, and sinker.

  • Discover Your Awesomeness
    Discover Your Awesomeness 3 months ago +5

    *Just do your best and to hell the rest. ¥*

  • Emiliapocalypse
    Emiliapocalypse 3 months ago +41

    Dear internet,

    it’s not me, it’s you.

  • haku
    haku 3 months ago +1

    fuck off grandpa