This could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari

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    In a moving talk, journalist Johann Hari shares fresh insights on the causes of depression and anxiety from experts around the world -- as well as some exciting emerging solutions. "If you're depressed or anxious, you're not weak and you're not crazy -- you're a human being with unmet needs," Hari says.
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Comments • 80

  • martin njinu
    martin njinu Hour ago

    2019: social prescription is spreading all over Europe
    2020: social distancing is a must

  • Michael Cole
    Michael Cole 12 hours ago

    Get a dog. Purpose achieved. They don’t care if you want to wallow all day, you have a responsibility to them and they will not stop till you fulfil that responsibility of letting them out, feeding them, walking them, paying them attention. Not a cat, not fish, not hamsters, not a bird, not a spider, a rat or a snake......a DOG.
    Feel free to come back and tell me I was wrong. I’ll wait.

  • TheTruthWillSetYou Free

    somebody has had his paws in the cookie jar....🤭

  • Lauren Daw
    Lauren Daw 23 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Lauren Daw
    Lauren Daw 23 hours ago


  • j corn
    j corn Day ago

    there’s a story dominated by every culture where do you fit in the narrative or not

  • Sage Perez
    Sage Perez Day ago

    So true!

  • hendrix4151
    hendrix4151 2 days ago

    i feel different when i get a dose of caffeine from coffee its the happy drug.

  • Simón Rodríguez
    Simón Rodríguez 2 days ago

    Holy cow!

  • Haiden Geary
    Haiden Geary 2 days ago

    This dude is a bad, bad representative of medication. Not to say its for everyone, but if you fail to go to therapy while taking meds, its not going to end well.

  • Shari Sweeney
    Shari Sweeney 3 days ago

    I agree with this video. I also disagree with this video. I have had depression for almost 20 years. I have also always had a strong connection to the natural world; my job as a yoga instructor gives me instant groups and tribes b/c I truly love many of my clients; I eat healthily; .... you get the idea. Despite all this, I depend on medications and therapy to literally keep me alive.

  • Natasha Hartlen
    Natasha Hartlen 3 days ago

    I don't know how to get professional help.

  • Cristina García
    Cristina García 4 days ago

    Brilliant, just like his addiction talk!!

  • Jaswant Parihar
    Jaswant Parihar 4 days ago

    Hello Everyone,
    I am feeling in the same way, 'like no purpose in life' 'no sense of belongingness' etc. In my case, I can describe it in one word 'Loneliness'. So if anyone of you feeling in the same way.. you can contact me on my Instagram which is "" we can talk about it, find our ways, also I 100% agree on meetups which we can do, and form our own tribe.
    We will use real solutions given by the speaker and will help each other in tackling the situation and having a good life.
    I am currently living in Dresden, Germany.

  • Kimberley 123
    Kimberley 123 6 days ago

    Hi 🥰..
    I wonder if there is anyone here who can help me please? 😊
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    I'm a single parent, a small business owner (freelancer) and a student so my time and finance is limited.
    In exchange for translation, I offer writing or proofreading in English (which must be arranged in advance).
    I also offer advertising of your choice in the acknowledgement of the project itself. 💖

  • Kerry Ann Moses
    Kerry Ann Moses 8 days ago

    when you’re depressed you see the world for what it is , real psychos put up a facade of being happy and out going

  • Art Ambient
    Art Ambient 8 days ago

    People are rather nasty, self centered creatures. That is depressing.

  • wildbillo68
    wildbillo68 9 days ago

    wow didn't think of this.... I am alone. and i guess that is why i could be so unhappy lately in life. hummm


    Make this your tribe!!!!


    Let me tell you. In life you must thrive for purpose. Not tribeless. But find your Purpose first and everything will follow. ❤💚❤💚❤💚



  • unusual coconut
    unusual coconut 10 days ago

    anti depressants are fake my opinion

  • Thierry Boissière
    Thierry Boissière 11 days ago

    Good luck with lockdown

  • Vive Malasia
    Vive Malasia 11 days ago

    Could, but is not .

  • Lisa Michele
    Lisa Michele 11 days ago

    You find out just how much a therapist "cares" about you when you loose your insurance. They get paid to pretend to care. Can't tell I've been burnt by a few, ey?

    • Hasensation2124
      Hasensation2124 4 days ago +1

      Lisa Michele therapists aren’t there to ‘care’. And by the way most of them do fucking care, it’s a very draining job to have and as for the 0.1% who aren’t passionate about it, they don’t manage as therapists for very long. Therapists are highly trained and their approach depends on the type of therapy. They’re there for many things, a few being to help you solve problems, change your mindset and provide support along the way. You’re seeing the wrong therapists if all you’re getting during your sessions is encouragement to self pity.

    • unusual coconut
      unusual coconut 10 days ago

      Gotta be careful with some therapist. There are some that care while others don't.

  • Tone Fingerz
    Tone Fingerz 11 days ago

    Its because were not meant to be materialistic consumers. We not even supposed to have depression and anxiety. Were not wild enough. Were to domesticated. We shud be hunter gatherers. Not couch potatoers.

  • untamed000
    untamed000 12 days ago

    The basic solution is all about money, that's it. Even the story of the cow is about money, cause they bought the depressed man a cow so he could use it to make more money & he became happy, problem solved. If we could take our energy and figure out how to produce more money we can be happier about our lives.

  • Kepuryte
    Kepuryte 12 days ago

    What a very wellspoken person

  • Tanya Miller
    Tanya Miller 12 days ago

    Our mental well being needs to be taken from the corporates. They are trying to take our money and no result

  • Tanya Miller
    Tanya Miller 12 days ago +1

    Corporate companies have been profiteering millions on anti depressants

  • Tanya Miller
    Tanya Miller 12 days ago

    Seretonin reuptake inhibitors, mono oxiadase inhibitors and trycylics, no psychiatrist know how they work. They only know they dont work when a person drinks alcohol

  • Braden Dredge
    Braden Dredge 12 days ago

    “That’s very well said, but we must cultivate our garden.” - Voltaire’s Candide. *when that’s literally how you cure depression*

  • Sarah
    Sarah 13 days ago +1

    Im depressed and anxious because I live in Southern California. Enough said

    • unusual coconut
      unusual coconut 10 days ago

      I couldn't relate any more. Once I leave California my depression will go away.Not sure about my anxiety tho

  • Arig Wageeh Elhamouly
    Arig Wageeh Elhamouly 14 days ago

    What if these Cambodian doctors just listened and reflected. I don’t understand this approach. “Fixing” is taboo in our culture because it goes against our much too valued “freedom” “independence”.

  • Trina Burrell
    Trina Burrell 15 days ago

    Who is this guy? I haven’t heard anyone in a long time speak words that are so profound. Especially these days. The words were brilliant and true and his delivery was so down to earth. I’m blown away. There are still some incredible people left in this world. Thank you!

  • SavannahDianne
    SavannahDianne 16 days ago +2

    “We live in a machine that is designed to get us to neglect what is important about life.”
    Don’t neglect the important things. 🖤

  • Michael Laverty
    Michael Laverty 16 days ago

    You can draw a line between the increases in clinical depression and our economy home forecloser's jobs all going overseas for millions of American's. Today those people who were 15 20 yrs into a manufacturing career are all lost working two part-time jobs at Walmart for less than half of what they were earning. these feelings of inadacescy lean hard on a man's self-esteem which affects the family and your intimate relationship with your wife so yes I'm not real sure how some pill like Prozac Or Abilify of Paxil are the answer. I'm of the mind that a new higher-paying job with potential for advancement is the whole ball of wax.

  • MCA
    MCA 17 days ago

    I felt depressed right after I had my internship at a very well known local Pharmacy. It was so profit-oriented, we interns had no control of our own duties/roles but they made us become their slaves instead of encouraging and teaching us to become the best Pharmacists we ought to be.

    • MCA
      MCA 17 days ago

      Many of you will probably think I'm overreacting and should expect that that's what interns do. The company's manager made us do things that aren't in our job description.. instead of focusing on helping patients. I think I realized how I felt so lost, my purpose and drive just diminished. Now that I've graduated, It's my goal to find a tribe who has the same purpose and drive as me, helping and serving future patients.

  • Prepperjon
    Prepperjon 18 days ago

    Terrific Ted Talk! Lol

  • Ambe Chill
    Ambe Chill 19 days ago +1

    This makes me more depressed

  • ry an
    ry an 19 days ago +2

    I am in a healthy relationship, have an outstanding job, have the animals I want, have friends, work out and eat well.
    Despite all this, I got to the point where I could hardly get up. It was so hard to put clothes on or clean something. I was so uninterested in my hobbies but I kept doing them because I knew I should. Started taking medication again with no other changes and I am happy again. I can wake up, get dressed, go to the gym and not feel so tired. I know I need my medication on and off throughout my life.

    • ry an
      ry an 9 days ago

      Bupropion xl

    • Eileen Doherty
      Eileen Doherty 10 days ago

      ry an can you say the name of your meds???

  • Sabrina Lovece
    Sabrina Lovece 19 days ago

    If your depressed. Find the reason, everyone has a deficit somewhere. But, not everyone has the same solution. You cannot give drugs that make us more addictive and don't help in the end. Just quick fixes. I think childhood is 80 percent cause of most anxieties. Unsolved childhood issues. Isolation is another.
    Fear of Failure.
    Fear of being unpopular. Which , with social Media is our biggest fear. How many likes. How many ckicks............... How many nasty or positive comments are left.
    Affects the way we See ourselves. especially an unloved child, will be, in adult life or early adolescence, needy around social Media.
    Needy for likes. Needy for any sign from the outside World that we matter.
    Our cow is definitly social Media. Unfortunetly its a dead cow.....

  • Miha Vatovec
    Miha Vatovec 19 days ago +1

    Return to the childhood or it went sonething wrong,or the way you are living right now makes for you no sense

  • Rebecca Butler
    Rebecca Butler 19 days ago

    So really most important cures too depression is support

  • JC Stump
    JC Stump 19 days ago

    #RU-clip cares more about my inner pain more than my own family & friend's.😔😣💔
    Thank you.

  • Su Yee
    Su Yee 19 days ago

    I searched "Why am I alive?" on google last night. Today, I checked in youtube and this talk is recommended. Thanks algorithms/analytics! Data is everything.

  • Teena Stetic
    Teena Stetic 19 days ago +1

    Had to pause after reading all these comments. I have been struggling for decades with depression and anxiety and this tedtalk is leaving me breathless from sobbing. My prayers go out to my fellow sufferers, and i too hope you find your cow. I had one and she died, life has been soooo much worse since. I often think that for a species that prides itself on our superiority, how fragile we actually are. Godspeed.

  • I hear Ya
    I hear Ya 20 days ago

    AMEN 🙏🏻

  • Maxx O
    Maxx O 20 days ago +2

    I found that ART was my antidepressant.. I tried to tell my friend who had anxiety that it worked for me, and told him maybe he could find something for himself that could work. He got defensive and dismissed it as trivial, and did not even acknowledge that my point was that maybe it is worth considering as an option. He told me he knew better coz he is a doctor and i am not. Thanks for the talk. I feel like at least someone out there is disseminating this message much more effectively!

  • porscheninesixeight
    porscheninesixeight 21 day ago

    Your very lucky to have been able to go out of your bedroom never mind travel to work ,have a job and actually go and meet all these people. Anyone can see and understand your logic. With a brain that is not affected by depression. Of course everything you say is true. A depressed brain will not even want to listen to logic or even be on this planet. You seem to be missing this point. How can a person think or feel what we without depression is so obvious.

  • Yk DXN Mmbr Code 819431859

    Believing in god is the best way to be happy , satisfied, and to make every body around you happy . I know this for real and I've been through hard times. I found the comfort and the refuge only in the path of God. . Alhamdulellah

  • NothingBetterToDoTbh

    This is a good talk but not really helpful. Like he said, we have dismantled the tribe in modern society. Social groups just are not that accessible, particularly if you're already depressed. Even most places I've worked, nobody wants anything to do with each other once it hits 5pm. They're not going to rally around you like in that Cambodian village.

  • Azonto 123
    Azonto 123 21 day ago

    The only real reason they're selling these drugs is to make money, theres evidence that physical training and running gives you more of the same balances you get from antidepressants to your brain but it wont ever become a big thing as they won't push those news as it would hurt their industry and their wallet. They treat the symtoms of the issue/depression/sickness and not the causes. Over time that will do absolutely nothing. You have to meet the needs in your social life, fullfill your goals/meaning and life and work out and you will be happy.

  • R M L
    R M L 21 day ago

    Where do you find your cow

  • Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout 22 days ago

    Not me, us.

  • rmngl drt
    rmngl drt 22 days ago

    Never tried antidepressants for I don't wanna be dependent on those. I think what helped was I was able to pinpoint the cause which was the childhood traumas that I've swept under the rug. It is crucial to acknowledge those issues. Amazingly, I already forgot how those dark times felt. I am now tryna figure out what Im really passionate about. I hope I'll be able to find my ikigai soon.

  • Roman Bystrianyk
    Roman Bystrianyk 22 days ago

    Socrates, who was a classical Greek philosopher, and hailed as one of the most influential thinkers of all time, believed happiness didn't come from external rewards or accolades, but from the private, internal success people bestow upon themselves. (Weller, Chris, “16 of history's greatest philosophers reveal the secret to happiness,” Business Insider, October 17, 2016) His philosophy and studies are showing what is essential to happiness, and contentment is the polar opposite of today’s pervasive buy your way to happiness mindset.


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  • Paula P
    Paula P 22 days ago

    Wow. I dont tell anyone, i keep it to myself but i have deep depression, i live with a smile but no one knows how much pain and sadness is coming out of me. I feel like im Tequila i wanna make all happy but no one gives me a glass, you know what i mean? I feel so damn lonely and i have people around me but i have no one at the same time. I feel as though i am just a machine i just do and give ... i cry everyday in every corner then i wash my face and smile, but hey im hurting and it is killing me slowly........ i pray to God yes i do.. but....

  • Milly Hobbs
    Milly Hobbs 22 days ago

    love that with the Cambodian doctors, I wish it was that easy for me though.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 23 days ago

    Try LSD instead of anti depressants smh

  • vidiansodality
    vidiansodality 23 days ago +1

    There is one other thing. We need physical contact, being in the physical company of others. Just having someone put their hand on my shoulder makes a huge difference. We need to be touched, held, loved. Thanks for posting this.

  • D.E.B. B
    D.E.B. B 23 days ago

    Enough with confusing fast food with junk food. 'Junk food' was originally a term for that which had very little nutritional value; cake, snack cakes, chips, candy, stuff like that. Hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches, are NOT junk food.

  • Underground Music UK
    Underground Music UK 23 days ago

    Hear fucking hear, nail on the head. I've realised recently that My depression is being caused by My inability to look after myself financially. I suffer from adhd and asperger' syndrome and have REALLY struggled holding down any sort of employment throughout My life, similar situation to the cow analagy, I just haven't found what My cow is yet. Been called lazy depsite achieving quite a lot in the face of adversity and that really hurts. Need to stop treating everyone as if they're the same and comparing our lives to eachothers.

  • Mariah Diva
    Mariah Diva 23 days ago

    People in Africa don't have depression, anxiety or suffer of mental health because they worry about each other and if they don't show up to work they will chap their door to know what happen to that person simply because they care about each other they are united and together they fight all those diseases. United they are stronger!!!! 💪💪💪💪

  • Mister Bean
    Mister Bean 23 days ago

    So good!

  • Why Not Now
    Why Not Now 23 days ago

    Huge respect for this guy - remarkably intelligent

  • candy cane
    candy cane 23 days ago +1

    My cat has a better life than me. If reincarnation is real my cat did something good in his past life. I feel like he is my only true friend.

  • Louisville Tech
    Louisville Tech 23 days ago

    i've been bullied and beaten down in middle school i still get bullied i have severe depression i nearly hung myself one day because no one cares about me my pain is the worst it sucks i cry myself to sleep at night i was cheated on twice my ability to talk to girls is bad i'm 18 and still a virgin i hate guys who say that's bad i just wanna die alone.

  • Nini & YangYang
    Nini & YangYang 23 days ago

    Thank you so much! all I can say...

  • Kjell Arvidsson
    Kjell Arvidsson 24 days ago

    there is only one cause for depression. We long for the best time of our life (when we where the center of the world with our mom as infants)

  • Joy Bradford
    Joy Bradford 24 days ago

    Freaking amazing TED Talk! He nailed it!

  • Jeremy Stead
    Jeremy Stead 24 days ago

    Africanization makes everyone disgusted and depressed.

  • George Speaks
    George Speaks 24 days ago

    Fantastic TED talk, well delivered and makes a whole lot of sense. Thank you!

  • Daniel matchem
    Daniel matchem 24 days ago +1

    None of this explains people like Chris Cornell, or Chester Bennington, or Robin Williams, you're not going to give them a cow and make them feel better, they had huge tribes backing them, where is there a cure for artists who apparently have everything, and still can't snap out of it.

  • BigDaddyCool42
    BigDaddyCool42 24 days ago

    I’m depressed and can’t even get the medicine to help because I can’t afford health insurance

  • Intime28 Intime
    Intime28 Intime 24 days ago

    Chemical anti depressants are meant to numb you from the pain society is causing! I was on them for the longest and the only thing I got was a horrible withdrawal when I finally forced myself off. One of the best decisions ever because I finally realized it is not me that’s broken but the world.

  • Music Director
    Music Director 25 days ago +1

    I lived in a large city working four part time jobs with no health insurance due to a preexisting condition working for employers that were awful. My anxiety was through the roof. I decided to move to my home town (population 8,000) found a meaningful job with a great boss that provided health insurance. I am off the Ativan and no anxiety issues. Really appreciate this talk! Spot on!

    • Fezziwig18
      Fezziwig18 24 days ago

      8,000 is a tiny population. Wish I lived somewhere like that. Congratulations!

  • INLOGIX Enterprises LLC

    He missed voltage gated calcium channel disruption caused by electrosmog.

  • slowpoke 60
    slowpoke 60 25 days ago

    I’m all teary watching this. It’s difficult to be open about depression