Ariana Grande's Hair Evolution | Cosmopolitan

  • Published on May 19, 2016
  • Ariana Grande's hair has gone through quite the transformation over the years. Needless to say she rocks every style. Check out her stunning hair evolution!
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Comments • 20

  • Lauren Gnyp
    Lauren Gnyp 3 years ago

    a legend

  • junkfood1991
    junkfood1991 3 years ago

    This os more like the evolution of her weaves or extentions

  • hailey Bxb
    hailey Bxb 3 years ago

    wtf. ..her hair was and still super ugly and damaged

  • disney 2
    disney 2 3 years ago

    I loved 2016

  • Katherine Castro
    Katherine Castro 3 years ago +2

    Now do Justin Bieber's hair evolution✌🏼👱🏼

  • Sara Camila Rentería Arboleda

    me gusto mucho mas la del 2013 y 2014

  • sizzlinaaliyah
    sizzlinaaliyah 3 years ago +2

    I watched this just because Ariana Grande is amazing and nothing else.

  • Alexa
    Alexa 3 years ago

    I liked 2010 better

  • Luiza Nicolella
    Luiza Nicolella 3 years ago +1

    Her smile evoluted to

  • Courtney Lynn
    Courtney Lynn 3 years ago +1

    They missed the grey hair phase

  • No Add
    No Add 3 years ago +4

    She got more and more beautiful

  • Eleanor Kate
    Eleanor Kate 3 years ago +13

    what evolution? she went from red hair to ombre always in the same half up half down??

    • Eleanor Kate
      Eleanor Kate 3 years ago

      +multifandom she had 3 hair colours, not that much for 5 years😂😂 fair enough she has nice hait but not really a hair evolution having 3 different hair colours...

    • multifandom
      multifandom 3 years ago +1

      +Hopelessly Gazing LMAO get your salty ass out of the comments, when you say 'everyone' it really isn't everyone.. and I doubt most people change their hair this many times in 6 years so if you didn't want to watch the video you didn't have to :)

    • Eleanor Kate
      Eleanor Kate 3 years ago

      +May Ad you messing? everyone did the red hair trend when rihanna did it and then everyone did the ombre trend which all happened in the last 5 years

    • No Add
      No Add 3 years ago +1

      Which is more than what most people go though in 5 years

  • Skylarssy
    Skylarssy 3 years ago


    • Steve Rogers
      Steve Rogers 3 years ago

      +Vanessa Garcia Mexico isn't the only country that speaks Spanish....

    • Skylarssy
      Skylarssy 3 years ago

      +Vanessa Garcia escribe bien antes de hablarme 😂 don't say that I'm jealous, you don't even know me lmao I bet you're 10 yr old, If u are jealous that's your problem not mine. I don't waste time in bullshit like you stupid Kid. USE YOUR BRAIN pls and you think that I'm Mexican bc I talked in English?😂 what a pity

    • MeritxellLovesBeauty
      MeritxellLovesBeauty 3 years ago