James Harden Becoming The NBA Logo

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • With legendary Laker Jerry West being the original NBA logo, it’s no doubt the league’s needed an update ever since many revolutionary players have changed the game we see today including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and even James Harden as he looks to make his crossovers, stepbacks and brand new one leg fade-aways new ways of changing history.
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Comments • 121

  • S1mple Niko
    S1mple Niko 18 days ago

    The logo should be Gatorade.

  • nate dogg
    nate dogg 22 days ago

    Keep the og logo please

  • Letz Talk
    Letz Talk 22 days ago

    Hey yo I caught that step-back pun

  • Zachary Sanders
    Zachary Sanders 23 days ago

    I agree tbh

    ADEN MONTAG 24 days ago +3

    Allen Iverson is good at dribbler as James Harden

  • rodrigao
    rodrigao 24 days ago +7

    It would make a lot more sence for the logo to be steph, but ok

  • Cheese Chode
    Cheese Chode 24 days ago

    It should be Steve Nash 🙃

  • JS-James12273
    JS-James12273 25 days ago +1


    a basketball...

  • No one
    No one 25 days ago

    H E L L N O !

  • Playflame
    Playflame 25 days ago

    logo should be the jumpman

    WATASHIWA SMARTPHONE GA! 26 days ago +13

    Make Curry biting his mouth guard the logo 😂

  • Legendary Titan
    Legendary Titan 28 days ago

    Pu Jordan there

  • _VyBe_ GrEzi
    _VyBe_ GrEzi 28 days ago +4

    Now with the.... love hearing that at the beginning of every video like if u agree!!😂

  • Janson Hardy
    Janson Hardy 28 days ago

    Nah it should be mj

  • Little Man
    Little Man 28 days ago

    Should be Dirk

  • thewho186
    thewho186 28 days ago +1

    Lol the flop king

    TYRESE MOORE 28 days ago +7


  • PatrickStar99
    PatrickStar99 28 days ago

    It should be kobe

  • Karl Robert Haddock
    Karl Robert Haddock 28 days ago

    They shouldn’t. Cause then they Nuba jersey be useless

  • Kiderino X
    Kiderino X Month ago +2

    Jordan or Kobe should be the next logo

  • Sadaq Abdi
    Sadaq Abdi Month ago +1

    James harden is the GOAT 🔥

  • VINCE Ian
    VINCE Ian Month ago +1

    Just don't change it

  • MaFiAz
    MaFiAz Month ago +14

    CURRY should be the logo for sure.

    • TL-.
      TL-. 27 days ago

      While curry is amazing at basketball, I think that there are better players like Kobe or lebron that would better fit the logo

    • Ahmad Abu-Zir
      Ahmad Abu-Zir 28 days ago +1

      MaFiAz yes, sir it should be

    • Asian Nibba
      Asian Nibba 28 days ago

      That aint it chief

    • Flayvon
      Flayvon 29 days ago

      MaFiAz nah

  • Snipez
    Snipez Month ago +45

    Just make it lebron flopping.

  • Briz
    Briz Month ago +2

    I think we should change the logo in 2069
    like if agree

  • Dabbington 101
    Dabbington 101 Month ago +2

    Kawhi’s buzzer beater should be the logo

  • Yousuf Khan
    Yousuf Khan Month ago +10

    Kobe deserves to be the logo

  • David Vasconcelos
    David Vasconcelos Month ago +116

    If the logo ain't broke. Dont fix IT

    • Joe Mamma
      Joe Mamma 16 days ago

      It is broke... it ain’t Alex Caruso

    • D'original Being
      D'original Being 22 days ago

      @Joostjh *surname*😁👉👉

    • Joostjh
      Joostjh 22 days ago +2

      David Vasconcelos yeah but it is. Just as my mouth after pronouncing your Sir name

    • Sujal Adhikary
      Sujal Adhikary 24 days ago +4

      Its broke

  • QFO
    QFO Month ago +2


  • Aleaha Fomby
    Aleaha Fomby Month ago +3

    I think Kyrie Irving should be the logo

  • I Gots The Caution
    I Gots The Caution Month ago +3

    Kyrie should

  • heatcheck
    heatcheck Month ago +6

    what bout lebron and steph

    • gary
      gary 28 days ago

      heatcheck Stephen Curry

  • ActLegit
    ActLegit Month ago +11

    erm, giannis, anyone?

  • Lemonade
    Lemonade Month ago +10

    i think steph should be the logo

  • Timothy Thomas
    Timothy Thomas Month ago +2

    Jordan jordan jordan

  • Deciphered
    Deciphered Month ago +57

    I think it should be steph, he changed this game faster and more impactful than any other player

    • place holder
      place holder 27 days ago

      @Snusho are you ok?

    • Alexie Cierra
      Alexie Cierra 27 days ago

      Agreed. Damian Lillard would be good too. Stephen Curry has more influences and changed the dynamic of the game

  • Manny
    Manny Month ago

    James Hardon for China the next NBA logo?

  • PTN317
    PTN317 Month ago +1

    It should be the Jordan jump man

  • Mr Invincible8
    Mr Invincible8 Month ago

    Tbh i don’t think he should be cause he hasn’t made an impact on the league like Jordan Kobe Or LeBron

  • Dark Shadow125
    Dark Shadow125 Month ago +43

    Love the pun lmao 0:40

  • Marcus Spencer
    Marcus Spencer Month ago +23

    Jordan should be up next

  • Ion Cristina
    Ion Cristina Month ago +38

    He don t deserves to be the NBA logo...

  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson Month ago +64

    Jordan lebron or kobe should be the logo

  • gamer siblings
    gamer siblings Month ago +2

    Westbrook averaged a truiple double he deserves is

    • Andre Spence
      Andre Spence 28 days ago

      gamer siblings so did Oscar Robinson. It’s cool but they shouldn’t get a logo for it

  • Jayden Muddell
    Jayden Muddell Month ago +14

    Steph curry should be logo as he completely changed the nba

  • Rodrick Heffley
    Rodrick Heffley Month ago +2

    noh fukn wae

  • Jamyl Hurtado
    Jamyl Hurtado Month ago +8

    Harden deserves it

    • Jamyl Hurtado
      Jamyl Hurtado Month ago +1

      @Flopper 03 yeah, he is the best player imo

    • Flopper 03
      Flopper 03 Month ago +2

      He really does tbh 🤷‍♂️

    KING ICECUS AAO Month ago +93

    Kobe desvere it more than james harden

  • Jacob The booty hitman
    Jacob The booty hitman Month ago +28

    Curry deserves it way more then harden

    • Asian Nibba
      Asian Nibba 28 days ago

      Jacob The booty hitman that just aint chief

    • SplashonYO
      SplashonYO 29 days ago

      Jacob The booty hitman nah

  • u got d e l e t e d


  • Dra Wright
    Dra Wright Month ago +3

    I love your RU-clip you guys are so cool

  • King Drover
    King Drover Month ago


  • Lyndon-_- Drilltime
    Lyndon-_- Drilltime Month ago +5

    One of the first ✊🏽

  • JaeOG
    JaeOG Month ago +3


    LAZAR KAM Month ago +6

    Why isn't kyrie or lebron the Logo

    • Flopper 03
      Flopper 03 Month ago +2

      LAZAR KAM lebron I agree with but kyrie are I drunk

    LAZAR KAM Month ago


  • Snag AtRivet
    Snag AtRivet Month ago +1


  • king lee03 gaming
    king lee03 gaming Month ago +2

    Am I first🥴🥴

  • Primary Lotus
    Primary Lotus Month ago +2


  • Sod-Gabe
    Sod-Gabe Month ago +1