Grimes & i_o - Violence (Official Video)

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • 'Violence' by Grimes & i_o, out now:
    Director: Grimes
    Producer: Mac Boucher
    Dop: Neil Hansen
    Edit: Grimes and Mac Boucher
    Production Coordinator: Luke Arreguin
    Creative Consultant: Alexandra Parker
    Choreo!: Natsuki Miya!
    Alyson Van
    Charissa Kroeger
    Isis Woodruff
    Symone Holliday
    Tina Jackson

    Nude Corpse: Hana
    Title Card Image: Popovy Sisters
    Animation: Chiara Feriani
    Graphic: Mac Boucher
    Globe girl: Ryder Ripps
    Styling: Turner Turner
    Hair: Chanel Croker
    Makeup: Natasha Severino
    Art Assistant: Blake Hilton
    1st AC: Jay Janocko
    2nd AC: Michael Carrino
    Gaffer: Drew Valenti
    Key Grip: Tyler Johnson Williams
    LCP: Zane Blanchar
    Grip: Stuart Lock
    Grip: Andrew Petroski
    Grip: Daniel Vasquez
    BBG: Thomas Platt
    Grip Driver: Aram
    SLT: Garret Williams
    SLT: Josh Day
    SLT: Noah Cruz
    Truck PA: Aaron Harper
    PA. Kevin Wilson
    PA. Alex Aaronson
    PA. Jacob Adams


    I'm, like, begging for it baby

    makes u wanna party, wanna wake up
    baby its violence

    but u cant see what I see-
    Cuz u, haha,
    U feed off hurting me, love - hurting me, like,

    u wanna make me bad

    and i like it like that !

    u wanna pay me back?

    pay me back..

    said i like it like that.

    ~🖤 In Memory of Lauren Valencia 🖤 ~

    #grimes #violence #i_o

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  • Duke Zuur
    Duke Zuur 36 minutes ago

    stan loona

  • Maria Ribamar
    Maria Ribamar 2 hours ago

    Perfeitah kar4lh0

  • Никита Алексеев

    Yahoo!!!!))))))Houdini FX cinematic!!!

  • Manzur 007
    Manzur 007 4 hours ago

    Reduce the reverb and allow the arpeggiotor and the rest of the track to come through.

  • Олег Д
    Олег Д 9 hours ago

    Очень понравилось !

  • Christine
    Christine 10 hours ago +1

    00:42 - 01:20 hypnotizing

  • Stephen Key
    Stephen Key 12 hours ago +1

    Killer tune/beat lol

  • Cecilia Cañizares
    Cecilia Cañizares 15 hours ago +1

    this choreography!!!!

  • Maylane Silva
    Maylane Silva 17 hours ago +1


  • Theronizer Thesecond
    Theronizer Thesecond 17 hours ago


  • Bored51 GenX51
    Bored51 GenX51 18 hours ago

    another haunting tune merges with your soul

  • moon shine
    moon shine 20 hours ago +1

    so grimes how much reverb do you want in your next song?
    •._.••´¯``•.¸¸.•` 𝔂 𝓮 𝓼 `•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•

  • Simon Jimenez
    Simon Jimenez 20 hours ago

    This is the song from 2nd chapter of baby?

  • Preqell
    Preqell 21 hour ago

    vergacion no puede ser que me esten gustando las otakus :(

  • Bruno M
    Bruno M 22 hours ago

    The dog at 03:26

  • Michael Cremore
    Michael Cremore 22 hours ago

    If you like this, check out Incubus - Endless Summer

  • And Galstyan
    And Galstyan 22 hours ago


  • Larry Laffer
    Larry Laffer 23 hours ago +1

    Grimes is and has always been amazing.

  • Brayn Cilliers
    Brayn Cilliers 23 hours ago

    I want to be in her world

  • It's Akile
    It's Akile 23 hours ago

    Love the recoil fam

  • paula schubert
    paula schubert Day ago +1

    I Listen this now 200 + I have her Voice in my ear

  • Majesty D
    Majesty D Day ago

    Sounds more deadmau5 and grimes

  • another12inches
    another12inches Day ago +2

    What a brilliant track. It either has no chorus or its all one long chorus.

  • Saaduddin Ansari

    If the next Shadowrun Game comes out, This should be the Song in the Trailer..

  • bradsta1111974
    bradsta1111974 Day ago +1

    Great vid & hypnotic song
    cheers from Australia

  • HoayNakoe
    HoayNakoe Day ago +1

    I'm here because of "Hello, finally introducing Loona~"

  • Gysse Blomster
    Gysse Blomster Day ago

    El vestido es de iris van herpen?👀

  • Jairo Francisco Hernandez Guzman


  • Ben Levy
    Ben Levy Day ago +2

    Her neck must have really hurt after shooting that dance scene.

  • Sebastian Rose
    Sebastian Rose Day ago

    and i like it like that i said i like it like that.

  • mobike pop
    mobike pop Day ago


  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor Day ago +2

    2:56 and 3:29 I love that smile so cute and beautiful!!! I love Claire

  • mattbhagify
    mattbhagify Day ago +1

    Sigh...must do more squats and abs. You can tell her dancers are fierce about fitness. Anyone loving that sword catwalk interlude?

  • Ben Ben Ben
    Ben Ben Ben Day ago

    I get a Moby Porcelain feel.

  • Duke Zuur
    Duke Zuur Day ago

    well i know what to do obviously
    dumb people

  • joe cormier
    joe cormier Day ago


  • walterk1874
    walterk1874 Day ago

    Sounds great!!!

  • walterk1874
    walterk1874 Day ago


  • Theorignalkitsune FoxGoddess

    FKA Twigs, Grimes, Tove Lo, L Devine, DEAN(k-pop) SEVDALIZA.. are all artists that have music and videos that are trance like, catchy and out of this world. They're even better watching them high or on acid.. 😊

  • alexandre Bligh
    alexandre Bligh Day ago

    1:44,,, "I like it like france and I like it like chance" She's cheating on me. BOYCOTT THE FROG

  • alexandre Bligh
    alexandre Bligh Day ago far better video

  • capitandelnorte
    capitandelnorte 2 days ago +1

    The old tracks had some class to them, this is just sweet chewy pop music, what happened

  • Carmalarms
    Carmalarms 2 days ago

    RIP Hana 😭

  • Jean-Luc Antonini
    Jean-Luc Antonini 2 days ago +3

    Perfect song, perfect choregraphy, perfect video. This is Art. Congratulations, Mrs Claire Boucher, you are The Perfect Queen.
    We find your signature so special, in a choreography that shines with its velocity and energy. Congratulations and a great Thank you. De la forme du cœur.

  • Corey Duncan
    Corey Duncan 2 days ago +1

    I knew from the moment the Flesh Without Blood video came out, that she was going to be the new future of music video.

  • Joshua Hoey
    Joshua Hoey 2 days ago +1

    Grimes, as well as i_o, have me straight up enamored and obsessed with this mystical synth pop bop!! 🤪😜

  • Котофей Блинович

    Why everything becomin' so boringly pop-ish

  • biano ci bouie
    biano ci bouie 2 days ago

    I love your music but the fact that you use women who fit the ideal of appeal is frustrating. Get some girls in there who are thick, fat, uneven.

  • imightberong
    imightberong 2 days ago +1

    Will also mention it's badass the way she gives the fighter-pilot-in-the-cockpit ready for go thumbs up, brief&beautiful ;)

  • imightberong
    imightberong 2 days ago

    Innaresting observation. In track 'California' Claire sings "The things they see in me I cannot see myself" ; whereas here she sings "You cannot see what I see, said I love u like that, u cannot see what I see."

  • Jojo'sMediocreAdventure

    Such a beautiful song.

  • Indigo Kid Issues
    Indigo Kid Issues 2 days ago +27

    Can't believe Grimes invented music,shooked but not surprised.

  • Vasya Pupkin
    Vasya Pupkin 2 days ago


  • João pedro Oliveira

    Pop icon

  • ShieldsUp
    ShieldsUp 2 days ago +1

    trump supporters can eat shit and die, oh wait wrong video....

  • Aura
    Aura 2 days ago


  • Tanna Fiore
    Tanna Fiore 2 days ago

    Which “#1 artist” paid for the dislikes on this track....

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    When you realize they have people like me, they fire rises in god's heart and the end was written for a reason. They use me to get to people like you, so watch out for girls.

  • Kyrae Jenkins
    Kyrae Jenkins 2 days ago

    Deadmau5 jizzed in his pants and left the chat.

  • Tyger20
    Tyger20 2 days ago +10

    I wish Britney was still this confident a dancer.