VEGAN NUTRITION BASICS » the plate method

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018
  • Every wonder if your meals are adequately balanced?
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  • Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes  Year ago +403

    Have you heard of the "plate method" or something similar before?

    • Jennifer Marcil
      Jennifer Marcil 25 days ago

      No, never.

    • Karen Jorgenson
      Karen Jorgenson 2 months ago

      Being in the U.S. has been really hard health wise. This feels so much more right. Thank you for sharing and making it so much simpler! ❤️

    • لولي
      لولي 3 months ago

      No ever this is first time I heard

    • Alma Dominic
      Alma Dominic 4 months ago +1

      Yes , would like to know if banana peels contain vitamin b12 and if it's okay to add the peel along with smoothies

    • QueenOfRampage
      QueenOfRampage 5 months ago

      Sure have! I am Canadian as well and grew up learning about the Canadian Food guide. It has changed throughout the years I noticed.

  • Elle Elle
    Elle Elle 22 hours ago

    So gluten-free cupcake and coffee isn’t the life’s shame 🥺

  • Gemma Rhind
    Gemma Rhind 2 days ago

    Thank you so much, you truly have helped me change and understand a vegan diet. Please never change! I don’t know what id do without you!!

  • Goldena Medina
    Goldena Medina 6 days ago

    B12 does not exist in plants. Stick a needle in your ass . Then stick two needles in your ass when you develop diabetes. Then the doctor will stick you with a needle when you have a stroke.

  • jibi ben
    jibi ben 12 days ago

    Hi sadia thanks a ton for this channel. I came across your videos just from a couple of days and now Iam a huge fan of yours. These are one of the best videos about nutrition and healthy lifestyle. All of us are greatly benefiting from your knowledge. Truly inspiring....

  • Livi Bridge
    Livi Bridge 13 days ago

    Oh my God I love your plates and bowls!! 😻😻

  • Soul's Marrow
    Soul's Marrow 14 days ago

    Veganism and nutrition have nothing to do with each other

  • marilyn paris
    marilyn paris 17 days ago

    Hi so to give you an idea of my daily meals can you tell me in a few words what I could add that I'm missing so morning 8:00 I have glass warm water lemon apple cider vinegar and cayenne then 11:00 smoothie apple celery chia tumeric honey lemon beet powder reason why no greens cause I was told not to hypothyroidism so at 2:00 2 Mandarin's with quinoa on side and green tea 4:00 potato crackers with apple cider juice through out the day I snack on ginger and trail mix- (pumpkin seeds oats cranberries and a few tiny chocolate kisses) with green tea At dinner soup (tomato chunks mush carrot green bean corn garlic kidney bean tumeric cumin coriander cayenne salt onion spices) then baby aspirin and water before bed I do take vitamin b12 and D so its sounds healthy but am I short changing myself please help! ps I have hypothyroidism as I mentioned earlier so afraid to touch certain foods like broccoli spinach all these things I love so it puts a damper on my life that I feel I can't eat certain foods I like anything would be appreciated thanks again think your amazing great info

  • marilyn paris
    marilyn paris 17 days ago

    Hi your wonderful thanx so much question can you please let me know a great replacement for certain foods that should not be consumed regularly with someone who has hypothyroidism thanx a bunch

  • Jennifer Marcil
    Jennifer Marcil 25 days ago

    Do you soak your grains and beans/nuts?

  • Jennifer Marcil
    Jennifer Marcil 25 days ago

    I want to move toward 80% plant based and am finding you incredibly helpful.

  • CorinnaxSophia
    CorinnaxSophia 27 days ago

    This is just sooooo hard.

    I have a chronicle Gastritis and through that an irritable bowel syndrom. So my body can't digest whole weat. As a sorbit-intolerant and being allergic to nuts i really have a problem eating vegan, wholesome and in a way that doesn't affect my health negatively.

  • Tripti Sharma
    Tripti Sharma 27 days ago

    Hey ! Sadia Thank you so much for making this so clear and simple , I'm a vegetarian but now , I'm thinking of turning a vegan , I was so confused as I didn't know how to make a proper balanced diet , as in India our eating habits are different, your posts and blog are helping me a lot , my mom and I follow a lot of your routine and try to incorporate your recipes in our diet. thank you again.

  • Words, words, words.
    Words, words, words. 28 days ago

    I have a couple of questions: how do you find the time and money to eat this way? If you are poor and very busy, can you address that? some of these foods and spices are very expensive. Also, I wonder if you can talk about spices that you use and their nutritional vale: what is their role other than making the food more flavorful. Thanks!

  • Words, words, words.
    Words, words, words. 28 days ago

    do I see chocolate melting on oatmeal???

  • Pakurthi Monika
    Pakurthi Monika 28 days ago

    Thnk u soo much mam , bcoz of u nw i eat good food ... I request u a diet for type 1 diabetic .. It will b vry helpful ... Thnx once again ... Luv u

  • Brittany Brown
    Brittany Brown Month ago

    Nutritional yeast is great for getting your B12 needs!

  • Chenalin De Los Santos

    in the Philippines, most citizens' plates are 75% rice 😁😅 but i do agree and believe on this plate portion ❤

  • ce ce
    ce ce Month ago

    the food you show makes my mouth water...looks sooo freaking delicious!!

  • *Theresia *
    *Theresia * Month ago

    Nothing about iron? I'd argue it's at least just as important as calcium and more difficult to get.

  • Brianna Walsh
    Brianna Walsh Month ago

    I'm just starting out vegan so this has been amazingly helpful!!!! Thankyou!

  • Asher Strange
    Asher Strange Month ago

    By the way, Canada's 2019 Food Guide uses the plate method! And the classic glass of milk has been replaced with a glass of water.

  • Annie Heritage
    Annie Heritage Month ago

    Literally THE best plant based nutrition channel on YT.

  • cjlloyd53
    cjlloyd53 Month ago

    If we cant get an adequate amount of B12 from a vegan diet without resorting to supplements then how can a totally plant based diet be a natural diet for humans? I'm trying to decide on the best natural diet for good health without supplements and veganism doesn't tick this particular box.

  • Hisana P K
    Hisana P K Month ago

    Facts. But....

  • Lo Legacy
    Lo Legacy Month ago

    Thank you! this was so helpful!

  • steve eastwoofer
    steve eastwoofer Month ago

    nobody ever ate like this in the history of mankind. use you're brain for one fucking second. we've only had agriculture for 10000 years. we're genetic omnivores, but we didn't have access to global produce and food products.

  • Lana Del Bae
    Lana Del Bae Month ago +1

    Your voice is so calming

  • Caroline Nøland
    Caroline Nøland Month ago

    This video is very helpful. I am planning to go (at least) reduce my meat consumption drasticly when I move abroad in a couple of weeks, and this video has been saved for viewing several times the upcoming period.

  • Y k
    Y k Month ago

    Can we take finger Millet for calcium

  • Viviana jimenez cuellar

    How do you keep your ion high when you are on a vegan/vegetarian diet low FODMAP and Gluten free?

  • Nirdosh Kataria
    Nirdosh Kataria Month ago

    Love love ur vlogs. They r really loaded with information. I have been following u for quite some time now. I m not vegan yet but im trying. I have recently started to consume coconut milk. Can you tell whether we can make coconut milk from young green coconut at home? Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Rosa s
    Rosa s Month ago

    Would you make a video about the Canadian new food guide?
    Where dairy is not as important.

  • Sanne Sanne
    Sanne Sanne Month ago

    Hey, I have a question about B12: I'm a beginner in being Vegan and the thing is that I really love love love Marmite, and eat it as breakfast about 3/4 times a week. Also I consume plant-based milk and other products that have extra vitamine B12 added to it. But is that enough? Should I still take a supplement?
    Thanx a lot, your video's are super inspiring and your recipes are amazing!!

  • Marie Ramirez
    Marie Ramirez Month ago

    Where do you buy your hands full professor

  • Linda Fazio
    Linda Fazio Month ago

    If you can't digest carbs and beans and get bloated , this diet is not for you.

  • Sharon Violino
    Sharon Violino Month ago

    I am so inspired by your videos I can’ t thank you enough. Continued success:)

  • Andrea Barilani
    Andrea Barilani Month ago

    Le combinazioni che lei propone non sono così consigliate dagli esperti del settore alimentare. Infatti la frutta e cereali non andrebbero mai combinati insieme per via di due diverse digestioni...

  • StardustDNA
    StardustDNA 2 months ago

    Around 6:40 so for Omega-3 there are 3 primary types we need. ALA, DHA and EPA. ALA is found in land plants (like chia seeds and walnuts) and a small percentage gets converted to DHA and EPA in the human body.
    However, fish contain high amounts of DHA and EPA... but!! so does edible algae and seaweed (what fish eat, or fish that eat other fish that eat such). This is where all the hype about vegans needing more omega-3 (mainly from fish) comes from, but seaweed and algae supplements/tablets are just fine. No need to eat the fishies.
    We need more omega-3s compared to omega-6s (land plant oils). So remember to eat more healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, algae/seaweed) over oils (cold pressed olive oil, rapeseed, coconut). Need both but in the correct amounts, hope this helps! :)

  • Elvira Ahmetsafina
    Elvira Ahmetsafina 2 months ago


  • Kristen Kaye
    Kristen Kaye 2 months ago

    I love your recipes!

  • Stevie Darling
    Stevie Darling 2 months ago

    6:05 How is “calcium-fortified” Foods different from taking a supplement? It wasn’t originally part of the food and I hear recommendations against fortified foods (ex- don’t get nutritional yeast with added B12, etc)

    • Stevie Darling
      Stevie Darling 2 months ago

      just a bug They say the synthetic vitamins are low quality, not absorbed well, can sometimes be harmful (such as taking synthetic folic acid which increases cancer risk instead of getting folate through a nutritious diet), and most people giving real diet advice advise against eating fortified foods. I like these videos, but they’re not exactly nutritionally sound, like too much oil and fake meat. They’re good for recipe ideas, but best to do your own nutrition research.

    • just a bug
      just a bug 2 months ago

      what reasons have you heard people recommend against fortified foods, might i ask? i'm curious is all since i haven't heard that before. o:

  • Arth
    Arth 2 months ago

    Fruits aren't rich sources of vitamins or minerals. All that they can offer is pretty much vitamin C. Vegetables are a lot better. You could easily have completely balanced diet without any fruits and instead using vegetables. Green vegetables are the best sources of vitamin C.
    BTW This technique is kind of rubbish. You really don't need grains if Your main sources of proteins are legumes which are at the same time also rich in complex carbohydrates. Legumes are also quite rich in calcium, and if You up Your green leafy vegetables then You can meet You calcium needs.

  • Jessica Marie
    Jessica Marie 2 months ago

    The food guide was created for soldiers and became the horn for the rest of us to profit dairy and other industries. Now it has since changed because we finally realized there was no scientific evidence to support it but unfortunately many people still don't understand this.

  • LebensLangesLernen
    LebensLangesLernen 2 months ago

    This is an awesome video - thanks a lot! Wich amount of healthy fats per day would you recommend?

  • Daniela
    Daniela 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for this beautiful video!

  • ThePattiw
    ThePattiw 2 months ago

    Great ideas and inspiring ways to use different food groups.

  • Clara.Valeria
    Clara.Valeria 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for your amazing videos! However, the thing I am struggling with is portion seizing... could you give me any advice on how much to eat in general or how to find out what’s the right amount for me? That would be great! Best wishes :*

  • Butterkeks Gangster
    Butterkeks Gangster 2 months ago

    Awesome video!

  • Nandita Iyengar
    Nandita Iyengar 2 months ago

    Isn't wheat rich in B12?

    • Nandita Iyengar
      Nandita Iyengar 2 months ago

      @Ashley Csornok ohhkkk, but if you don't have deficiency, it's okay right?

    • Ashley Csornok
      Ashley Csornok 2 months ago +1

      It has it, but b12 deficiency is so common among everyone that it's better to be safe than sorry

  • its_n
    its_n 3 months ago

    I eat more fruits than veggies. I eat enough protein and carbs but definitely not enough fats some days. I’m hoping to fix this and eat more balanced meals.

  • Srinivasulu
    Srinivasulu 3 months ago

    I love you

  • Janine M
    Janine M 3 months ago +2

    Really comprehensive, excellent information. And I've been vegan for almost 8 years now. Beautifully done!

  • Hearsley Matthew
    Hearsley Matthew 3 months ago

    Plate method, in Malaysia we called it "suku, suku, separuh" which literally means "quarter, quarter and half". We even made it into a song 😅. Check it out!

  • Tonitot
    Tonitot 3 months ago

    Hi Sadia. I started watching your channel a year ago because its beautiful and calm. You have a positive and raduating energy that commands attention. Your content and lifestyle is something that I aspire. I am a physician but its true that diet and nutrition have not been taught in medical school. I have not really paid attention to the veganism part of your content. How have I missed that! Now on my 2 month plant-based, more informed, doing positive changes lifestyle journey, I have come to have much more respect and admiration to your message because of how I understood veganism. Thank you and keep it up.
    Love from the Philippines! ❤👩‍⚕️

  • julienyanelle
    julienyanelle 3 months ago

    Oh dear, hate when people recommends tofu or soja products.

  • starterchannel
    starterchannel 3 months ago

    Thank you for making a simple and concise guide for vegans like myself who want to make sure we’re eating right, and also for aspiring vegans!!!

  • Anthony Dee
    Anthony Dee 4 months ago

    I feel like you’re a Capricorn

  • Prakash Meena
    Prakash Meena 4 months ago

    So informative! Thanks for creating these vids and sharing them with us!

  • Lucy O'Brien
    Lucy O'Brien 4 months ago

    I'm not a fan of legumes but I want to go vegan, is there a way to make eating them easier