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I've studied nuclear war for 35 years -- you should be worried. | Brian Toon | TEDxMileHigh

  • Published on Jan 31, 2018
  • For the first time in decades, it's hard to ignore the threat of nuclear war. But as long as you're far from the blast, you're safe, right? Wrong. In this sobering talk, atmospheric scientist Brian Toon explains how even a small nuclear war could destroy all life on earth -- and what we can do to prevent it. A professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Brian Toon investigates the causes of the ozone hole, how volcanic eruptions alter the climate, how ancient Mars had flowing rivers, and the environmental impacts of nuclear war. He contributed to the U.N.’s Nobel Peace Prize for climate change and holds numerous scientific awards, including two NASA medals for Exceptional Scientific Achievement. He is an avid woodworker. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

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  • Sabina Jyrkinen
    Sabina Jyrkinen 3 months ago +10169

    "We're just one misunderstanding, one mistake, or one fanatic politician away from a nuclear conflict" hits a bit too close to home under current circumstances

    • Oregon girl 🌲
      Oregon girl 🌲 3 days ago

      Calm down if your under the age of 30 your trippin lol this has been happening way before your birth.. same thing w maybe Jesus will come back soon?? No one knows not even the son so chill drink a Heineken listen to some good music n enjoy your life.. living in fear which by your comment you are is not healthy.. you must chill

    • J Henry Phillips
      J Henry Phillips 12 days ago

      Blame yourself. I vote Libertarian.

    • Totally Unfiltered
      Totally Unfiltered 12 days ago


  • xtrnuno41
    xtrnuno41 Month ago +227

    It is a good thing we had people like Stanislav Petrov. A man who may have saved the world in 1983.
    It was his job to report if there was an attack on USSR. The system reported an attack and he didnt report to supervisors, due to thinking it would be an error of the system and it turnend out, it was.
    The right man at the right place at the right time. Respect for this man.

    • John Cooter
      John Cooter 8 days ago

      In the late 1970's, General Hartinger, called Loring Maine, to verify it was in exhistance when a test header on a computer disc pack had not been written correctly, that was a simulation, of inbound ICBM's for Cheyanne Mtn. (N.O.R.A.D.). Similar to "War Games",
      The movie. Many persons have shown great restraint from removing volumes of O2 and N2H3 from the atmosphere. Most flight officers are engineers and scientists, then political survivalists. Several have had to tell Mr. Trump, NO I won't do what you say it's an unlawful order. Familiarize yourself with the U.C.M.J. ( uniform code of military jurisprudence).

    • a frickin american
      a frickin american 14 days ago

      @Why Not good thing there is no red button. There is the nuclear football though.

    • nokaut456
      nokaut456 15 days ago

      @Why Not with a young girl pants...

    • Tim M
      Tim M 16 days ago +2

      You think that is bad read about Vasily Arkipov's story

  • CNO Bill Bradley
    CNO Bill Bradley Month ago +278

    I am 68. Former Navy. I'm not afraid to die. What makes me cry though is the thought of my children and my grand children may not get to live a full and worthwhile life.

    • Sammy D
      Sammy D 3 days ago

      @Brad Spring who Are you calling the hu-man race? I am a man not racing for anything

    • Sammy D
      Sammy D 3 days ago

      @Brad Spring well that is some authoritarianism you have going there. You disagree it is a right to have at least one kid. Who decides who has kids?

    • Brad Spring
      Brad Spring 4 days ago

      @Sammy D
      I don’t really care about how many offspring one creates. I’m 71 and really don’t have a vote on what humans do. I have 2 children and only one crated 2 children. So that just replaces my wife and I. But I disagree that anyone has a right. I just agree to disagree. My father by the way was also in the navy and was in WWII. He is still alive at 101.
      Thank you for both your service!

    • Sammy D
      Sammy D 4 days ago +1

      @Brad Spring we have the right to at least one child! At current average age, that will probably replace the parents before they die. Depending on age

  • zgft L
    zgft L 7 days ago +3

    Wow, this man is a genius. We need more people like this for Humanity 👏💯.

  • Gorgeous George
    Gorgeous George 23 days ago +40

    This was eye opening to me. I genuinely believed nuclear war probably wouldn't affect me in the sleepy North of Ireland.
    How wrong I was.

    • Keith Suleski
      Keith Suleski 4 days ago

      I take it you've never read On the Beach.

    • Peter McLelland
      Peter McLelland 21 day ago +1

      Mr Rip Van f**king Winkle ! zzzzz !

    • Kevin Barnett
      Kevin Barnett 22 days ago +3

      Russian T.V is already showing animations of a nuclear attack scenario on Ireland .

  • rj smith
    rj smith 2 months ago +4607

    I’ve studied nuclear war for 5 minutes, and I already knew we should be worried.

    • J Henry Phillips
      J Henry Phillips 10 days ago

      Now integrate e to the x

    • John Douglass
      John Douglass 14 days ago

      @Erik Larson ,

    • Pedro Paramo
      Pedro Paramo 17 days ago

      @Shane Kasper Good point, I agree, so keep worrying because none of the nuclear powers on earth will disarm. What the speaker in this video proposes is simply impossible.

    • Shane Kasper
      Shane Kasper 17 days ago

      @Pedro Paramo that's my point. If you have them you can't trust anyone so you have to keep them.

  • Robert Rothman
    Robert Rothman 2 months ago +82

    "We hardly give nuclear war a thought...", this is the most dangerous and scary part for humankind. At least during the Missile Crisis 1962, the media and governments were seriously alarmed. Now, we are fools rushing in - we are doomed.

    • Mal Bowker
      Mal Bowker 20 days ago +1

      @J Silva and if you were then what do you think you can do about it?

    • Ricky Wheeler
      Ricky Wheeler 25 days ago

      Doomed if you fail to place your trust / life / soul in God's hands by repenting form all sins and asking him in prayer for forgiveness, and life eternal with him. What could be better? Pride or unbelief keep many in the state of "doomed". Doomed does not apply to those who trust and are faithful to God/ Jesus.

    • bobfall
      bobfall Month ago

      @J Silva improve your circle

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 10 days ago +4

    Doesn't take me 35years of studying nuclear weapons to know they are unthinkable 🥸

  • original joey mac
    original joey mac 26 days ago +44

    I'm a child of the cold war. I asked my Korean war combat wounded veteran father as a little boy what would happen he told me son don't worry about it you won't even see the flash. My father was a very wise man.

    • Wessex Druid
      Wessex Druid 15 days ago

      @Arm And You presume AEGIS works, 100% of the time. It doesn't.

    • Wessex Druid
      Wessex Druid 15 days ago

      @Kenny Halperin Explain yourself, please.

    • Kenny Halperin
      Kenny Halperin 15 days ago

      @Wessex Druid theory, not FACTS!

  • Grant Burris
    Grant Burris 2 months ago +14

    We can all agree that the threat is great. Whether it is accidental or intentional makes little difference. We die just the same. Now, all we must do is convince our adversaries of the dangers. No small job. Then if we successfully achieve that we can turn our attention to the next danger. That chunk of rock with our name on it. We still face the same probability of demise as the dinosaurs. There's no end to the worry if we think about it enough. And... there is very little if anything we as individuals can do about it.

      MSTKL DESIGN 3 days ago

      exactly...thats why i live my life as best i can, do what i enjoy, and let things be...aint nothing i can do about all the true worries of life (that have been around forever too btw)

  • agentd36
    agentd36 11 months ago +6166

    Finally, something calm and relaxing I can watch.

  • Wuthering lives
    Wuthering lives Month ago +13

    Never new it was this close and serious. Thank you for the info and yes we should be worried.

  • Crazygirl
    Crazygirl 2 months ago +26

    I’m watching this with the volume off and subtitles. Honestly, find is messed up people are laughing. It’s pretty scary given how close we are to this being a reality any day :( it could be hours, days, weeks. I don’t know.. hoping everything de escalates .

    • virupaksha walla
      virupaksha walla Month ago +1

      Better die laughing. Cry and you cry alone, smile the world smiles with you ☄🔥☂️🌝

    • Martin Thompson
      Martin Thompson 2 months ago +1

      @Captain Peppers In principle that's true, but if you were waking along the street and saw the mushroom cloud you'd run for your life. The survival instinct is strong.

    • Captain Peppers
      Captain Peppers 2 months ago +5

      Honestly, there is nothing you or I can do once the nuclear missles are launched. It’s hard to accept but I’d rather be taken out by the blast because surviving them and once the mushroom clouds have settled, you’re left with ashes and fallout. If the radiation doesn’t kill you then dehydration, malnutrition, or even psychological effects can go against you.

  • keith courson
    keith courson 26 days ago +33

    Well, this TEDx talk has aged well.

  • jdewitt77
    jdewitt77 Month ago +1

    This is a very sobering presentation and should be seen by everyone in the world, especially all national leaders. These weapons should never have been built and some type of method should be found to get rid of them permanently. The problem is how do you verify that all nations have indeed gotten rid of them. This is a real serious issue.

  • Hoan Zone
    Hoan Zone 3 months ago +1805

    From pandemic to nuclear winter ..... Just when we thought it couldn't get worse

    • B
      B 24 days ago

      @Solid Snake don't let the bots hear you. Ha.

    • B
      B 24 days ago

      @Punit Shirodkar oh I have been there and back for some time. I live good. Yeah! Ha.

  • George Martinez
    George Martinez 24 days ago +6

    I used to give classes to the Marines about NBC warfare. I had access to different documents then what this man did. The flash from the H-bombs will be hundreds of times larger than what he shows. The blast shock wave will be hundreds of times larger, also. A good movie to see that shows what the H-bombs do, is, believe it or not, is War Games with Matthew Broderick. There are different scenarios that can trigger all out Global Thermo Nuclear war. When one missel launches, they all go up.

  • Fig Newton
    Fig Newton 29 days ago +20

    If we are even discussing nuclear war, if it’s even the slightest possibility to destroy the place we live then we are insane! Yes insane to be the only species on the planet to pay to live here and yes insane to have things that will destroy it! It’s sad to know we have not evolved past this ridiculousness, it’s sad we have not evolved to the point of loving and helping each other!

    • JJ
      JJ 6 days ago

      @Abu Chai No need to bring religion into this.

    • Fig Newton
      Fig Newton 15 days ago +2

      @Abu Chai all religions are trying to point to salvation, maybe in different ways but still the flow is generally in the same direction. Fault here is everyone thinks they are right, from the subtle to the radical….different religions tend to argue and fight, even amongst themselves.
      Yet somehow, some way the mystics ALL talk about the same thing, from Sufi, Tibetan Monks, Christian Mystics, Hindi Advaita, Buddhist Monks, sages, gurus etc.. teach the inward path. A path devoid of the mind, a path of the heart. Until people can see, then lessons will continue to be taught through pain and suffering.

    • Abu Chai
      Abu Chai 15 days ago

      Read the Quran and things will make more sense. Warning, you would have to bring an open mind.

  • Michael Kiddle
    Michael Kiddle 18 days ago +2

    Watching this in May 2022 and I have realized that there's no point in worrying about something you have no control over

  • Eamonn Doyle
    Eamonn Doyle 25 days ago +14

    What a sad world we live in.

  • James Day
    James Day Year ago +1953

    My dad was an NCO in the USAF. We lived in a trailer park outside Moody AFB GA. The Cuban Crisis of 1962 is the closest we ever came to nuclear war. He was on stand by and sleeping at the hanger for 3 days. It was a Russian submarine commander who during the fog of war with no communication decided to 'stand down' and await to see if the USA had really launched before launching on Miami.... that's how close....

    • Marlene Amry
      Marlene Amry Day ago

      Yes, it's the possibility of an unfortunate
      "misunderstanding" that could set off a nuclear catastrophe at any given moment.

    • a frickin american
      a frickin american 14 days ago

      @James Anthony as well as U.S. missiles placed in Turkey.

    • Phill Huddleston
      Phill Huddleston 21 day ago

      @Francisco Yes but it also ended a war that would have likely ended with far more over all deaths.

    • Chess Lover
      Chess Lover Month ago

      @Derek Grimmell The Japanese also killed thousands in both Korea and the Philippines.

  • Autoxdriver
    Autoxdriver Month ago +31

    Nothing he said s new, but likely new to people that don't ever think about these things. Saying we should do away with nuclear weapons is oversimplifying a very complex problem that statesmen have wrestled with for decades. Just how do you put the genie back in the bottle? Asking your congressman to do away with Launch On Warning without understanding the ramifications is also oversimplifying and dangerous. Doing something that sounds less threatening can actually have the opposite effect. Today the best protection we have against nuclear war is the knowledge both sides have that retaliation will be swift and certain, before the party being attacked will lose the ability to. History shows us time and time again that weakness (perceived or otherwise) triggers wars. Peace is kept through strength. It will be great when we have the technology to verify with certainty there are no more nukes. Until then it is what it is. MAD

    • Wireless Caller
      Wireless Caller 13 days ago

      2022 thousands of wealthy left earth to dark side of moon, others in expensive bunkers, caves in blue ridge mountains full of survivalists .
      Potassium iodine sold out!

    • L T Mundy
      L T Mundy 17 days ago

      Vis sic pacem parabellem.

    • Meme Memeson
      Meme Memeson 18 days ago

      LOL throughout the cold war (1.0) era, the only nation to have explicitly not ruled out the first-strike use of nuclear weapons was the Good Ol United Snakes of Amnesia.

    • Michael Motta
      Michael Motta Month ago +3

      That all assumes rational actors and no mistakes though, when history is full of mistakes and irrational actors.

  • Muhammad Aminu
    Muhammad Aminu Month ago +1

    Thank you so much Dr Osaye,for your full dedication to your work,and the knowledge you compose, I am very happy and proud that I’m cured of cancer ,after a long time of suffering,thanks dr you did good

  • Scoobtoober29
    Scoobtoober29 Month ago +7

    There is an event where a Russian post was getting a warning of an incoming strike. He didn't launch on warning as it turned out to be a false report. That event saved the whole world, now that Bryan explained what would probably happen. Cheers. Thanks for your service.

    • Scoobtoober29
      Scoobtoober29 Month ago +1

      @Counter Culture Holy cow. That is super interesting and scary. Our house was built and a few years later they were about to convert it to a bomb shelter. It wouldn't do anything for that type of strike. I'm in automation and scratch my head at false alarms. That is a real head scratcher. Soviet mentality is evident today and probably the same for back then. Every once in a while a free mind is shown but definitely not rewarded. So sad. Ukraine already understands this. I think and hope the big ones are not used. I think they all understand this as end of civilization would happen.

    • Counter Culture
      Counter Culture Month ago +3

      One man saved the world. Stanislav Petrov, a colonel in the Soviet Air Defense Forces, was instructed to tell his superiors if one of their early satellite warning systems had detected a nuclear attack. On the morning of Sep. 26, 1983 they had. The new system detected 5 nuclear missiles launched from the U.S. and were thought to be headed for Russia. It was later determined to be a false alarm due to an unusual alignment of high altitude clouds reflecting sunlight and ultimately signaled a catastrophic flaw in the new system design. Had Petrov reported the detected launch to his superiors, as he was ordered to do in case of such an event, the Soviets would have launched a massive nuclear counterstrike. Petrov held off in great anxiety because, for all he knew, the missiles could have been launched at the Soviet Union. However, he reasoned that because it was a new system and because it didn't make sense for the U.S. to just launch just 5 missiles (instead of a massive first strike) that he didn't want to be the man responsible for starting WWIII and causing the end of civilization. Petrov also noted that had some of his colleagues been on duty that morning they would have surely sent the notification to superiors because they were military men through and through. Stanislav credited his civilian training for making such a wise yet unconventional decision to not react. Petrov was never rewarded for his world saving decision. He died in 2017. You and your loved ones might want to send his two children a thank you card. We likely wouldn't be here if it weren't for him.

  • Sassy Silver
    Sassy Silver 28 days ago +9

    Extremely relevant right now. That treaty is going in the opposite direction, as countries are expanding their nuclear weapons. I fear it is not a matter of if, but when.

  • Nihilath
    Nihilath 3 months ago +2442

    My grandfather always compared the Cold War and the threat of nuclear war to two men in a pool of gasoline with lit matches held above their heads, daring the other to drop the match.

    • Faisal Adel
      Faisal Adel 22 days ago

      Lots of Grandpas seem to be doing that ha!

    • Nick H
      Nick H 2 months ago

      @Jeff Edney Not exactly the same thing. You see, with two guys holding pistols, the first one to shoot will likely win. The analogy with the gas and the lit matches means that no matter who drops the match, you both burn - which is much more apt when referring to nuclear warfare.

    • Naomi Verdugo
      Naomi Verdugo 2 months ago

      @Jeff Edney Oh, how I miss the days of Ronald Reagan. Stay safe.

    • Jeff Edney
      Jeff Edney 2 months ago +2

      Ronald Reagan used a similar analogy. Two gunslingers standing in the street with their pistols cocked and aimed at each other.

    • Naomi Verdugo
      Naomi Verdugo 2 months ago +1

      That is a perfect analogy. Hats off to your grandfather. Stay safe.

  • T.C.S.
    T.C.S. 24 days ago +5

    I was born and raised in U.S. My mother is Japanese. She was a child in Imperial Japan. She remembers Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Perhaps we should be talking to atomic explosion survivors, THEY understand nuclear war more than those who merely discuss it.

    • Geoffrey Davies
      Geoffrey Davies 20 days ago

      Yes, you are absolutely Right!
      I have read the True Eye Witness account from Doctor Nagai, who was Actually there in Nagasaki when the Atom Bomb was dropped😭
      The Death and Suffering he recounts in his Book, " The Bells of Nagasaki " will move you to Tears I believe as I was!😭😭😭😭😭😭
      A book that was for year's Banned in America!🤔
      I have read on and studied much of the Life and Death of Doctor Nagai!
      He was Honoured the World over and in Japan for his Caring for the Sick, Suffering and Dying from that Nuclear Blast that devastated Nagasaki for over 6 years and still treating and caring for other's while himself Dying from it's effects from his Bed
      A Beautiful Christian Man of Christ Like Love and Faith given in true devotion to the Needs and Comfort of others in their Pain and Suffering 🙏🕊️
      SHALOM 🕊️ ROMAN'S 8: 28

  • Albe
    Albe 20 days ago +2

    The first school I attended was a 4 room stone school house in Baltimore County, Md. The school had a center hall with coat closets for each room. During the nuclear drills we would go into the coat closet and felt protected. The following year at the newly opened elementary school there were no coat closets. That’s when I found out that your desk would save your life.
    Half way thru the 2nd grade we were shown the effects of nuclear explosions. That’s when I realized why worry, if we are attacked, we lived 9miles from the city and 35 from DC, the end will be quick.

    • Bernard
      Bernard 20 days ago +1

      Children shouldn't be faced with such horror.

  • The Punisher
    The Punisher 6 days ago

    I agree with everything that was said in this speech but we need to remember something. We can't hope to have an ideal world.
    Yes, we should build our nuclear arsenals down to 0. But who can guarantee that other nations won't cheat? It's the lack of the trust between nations that makes this an impossible ask.

  • Gary Rock
    Gary Rock 2 months ago +2

    There are people in the U.K that have often said "lets get rid of our Trident nuclear deterrent, it costs so much ", but the most important word is "deterrent". The only reason a mad man would not fire on the U.K is a response in kind. One thing Mr.Toon didn't mention is that all nuclear power stations are also targets, so as to maximize the devastation.

  • Peter Green
    Peter Green 2 years ago +4331

    Einstein said "Man invented the atomic bomb,but a mouse would never have come up with a mouse trap".

  • Justin 'Dr. Yaeger' Todd
    Justin 'Dr. Yaeger' Todd 26 days ago +4

    "The life we leave for our children will be defined by our mistakes."
    -Justin Todd Weaver

  • Mark Torch
    Mark Torch Month ago

    I always figured that being Nuclear capable made other countries Respect you. It serves more like a deterrent. I don't think a country would use it's nuclear arsenal now because the targeted country would just fire theirs. It would be mutual destruction.

  • Diche Bach
    Diche Bach 2 months ago

    A great message, but of course there are many entanglements of reality for which it does not offer sound insights or suggestions.
    I for one would love to see all nuclear weapons and all human ability to build them *poof* instantly puffballed into non-existence. Of course, we all would; probably even the despots and tyrants who lead countries with existing nuclear arsenals would agree. But that is never going to happen. This is the key flaw with this approach to anti-nuke activism, too much focus on the fearful consequences and not enough consideration of real processes which might lead to the progressive reduction to lower levels and perhaps eventually to zero. But even in a world with "zero" nuclear weapons achieved by some amazing form of global consensus and shared interests, what would prevent someone in the future from rebuilding a nuclear weapon, perhaps even an arsenal?
    There are only two means for humanity to be relatively safe from the threat of nuclear Armageddon, one of which has been in effect for some 70 years, the other of which is what this speaker is hoping for and which realistically may take 1,000 years of cultural evolution to achieve, if not more.
    The latter, we might term "Mutual Shared Identity and Global Collectivism," the latter goes by the title of "Mutually Assured Destruction."
    IF humanity ever evolves to the point where there are no nations, no contentious ethnic divisions, no inter-group hatred, fear or hostility, and effectively no need for "military forces" beyond police, then this speaker's mission will be a real possibility and the entire world may indeed willingly decommission all its military weapons, including nukes. But I question if people who have not studied humanity closely really understand what all of that would really mean, or how problematic it might actually prove to be. In any event, it is some heady science fiction stuff, and I don't think it will be happening any time soon. Moreover, the steps to achieving it are not really promoted by harping about nuclear weapons, no matter how true all the points are.
    Mutually Assured Destruction on the other hand, is already doing its work and has been since sometime in the early 1950s. It does its work on the India-Pakistan border, it did its work to keep both the U.S. and U.S.S.R. from ever even considering the use of nukes in combat, and as long as leaders who control these weapons are always relatively sane and rational, it will continue to do its work conceivably forever. It is of course, not a perfect solution, it is indeed no "solution" at all, but merely an observed ecology of deterrence being exerted in two or more directions simultaneously. It is perhaps terrifying to realize that the only reason the world was not brought to an end already, decades ago in the 1960s or even the 1950s is fear, but such is the world as it really exists.
    While I agree with your assessments of the probably consequences of nuclear war, and I applaud your plea for 'better,' I also have to point out that, what you are calling for and apparently expecting is fantastic and very likely unrealistic. Still, Godspeed . . .

  • WeirdscienceTV
    WeirdscienceTV 2 months ago +39

    “Talk to your congressman”- like they listen to us instead of their military industrial complex donors.

    • WeirdscienceTV
      WeirdscienceTV Day ago

      @Raymond Woodberry Yes, people say the “genie is out of the bottle” so to speak. Humanity needs to find a way to work together on a global scale. Letting the pandemic fester as it has, is not an encouraging sign.

    • WeirdscienceTV
      WeirdscienceTV Day ago

      @Marlene Amry Well in this case I have never heard of a US congressman rattling the nuclear saber. We do have putin doing that over and over, it’s like Russia has become a more menacing North Korea under his “leadership”.

    • Raymond Woodberry
      Raymond Woodberry Month ago

      But it has to happen with all countries not just the US or it won't work

  • Dex000
    Dex000 2 months ago +1198

    The only thing that worries me about nuclear war is the possibility of living through it.

    • Azerd
      Azerd 16 hours ago

      I want to live through it, to see and document what happens

    • julie lynn
      julie lynn 2 days ago

      @Apoc 7 same here. I live right by a navy base, so I'd be gone after the initial blast if I'm at home when it occurs.

    • C7os13 13os7C
      C7os13 13os7C 4 days ago

      no 💩

    • Prismak
      Prismak 9 days ago

      I am ready to live a new life full of adventures in a new Far West, with my gun and my horse walking through twilight. I will also change my name in Clint Eastwood, I suppose they won't keep records anyway.

    • SaintsRowBoi
      SaintsRowBoi 12 days ago

      Well the good news is that I just beaten super smash bros brawl with all the characters unlocked, I'm just going to play that until the bomb hits me, maybe if I die while playing ill be in the game

  • sundownersc
    sundownersc 23 days ago +2

    I haven't studied nuclear war for 35 years -- I know I should be worried.

  • ronald painting
    ronald painting 23 days ago +5

    The film "On the beach" was bad enough, but this scenario is beyond all our fears. Now four years on from this lecture
    "The end is nigh" Only madmen in power would threaten the planet because they are criminals.
    Ordinary people in every country on this planet deplore the actions of a few megalomaniacs.
    The quicker we get a one world goverment the better,without polititians but a group of planet
    caretakers. Sir David Attenborough has, through the decades has been telling all of us
    to look after the planet, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

    • waynus
      waynus 22 days ago

      are you overlooking human nature by any chance?? A "one world government" is essentially a brilliant idea to tackle "one world" problems like climate change and global food supply etc but it would undoubtedly attract egotists and narcissists who crave that kind of power............. i fear those kind of leaders would be even worse than the arseholes we have now

  • Noname
    Noname Month ago +12

    "We will be one of the lucky ones, one mili-second of brilliant light and will be vaporized, far more fortunate than the millions who will wander sightless through the aftermath"

      GRENA MAX 099 GAMING Month ago

      Vaporized in a second & Re-born in next second , in the everlasting world. You can not escape. Better prepare for the end less life , we all have to face one day. May Allah, almighty Protect us

  • Superforce Racing
    Superforce Racing 2 months ago +8

    We have to stick together and stand against war! Peace for everyone! No matter your country, your religion, politics! We’re all from earth! We’re all from the same rock! Earth! Spread peace love and positivity! Don’t stay quiet! Speak up and stand for peace!!!

    • Paul Frederick
      Paul Frederick 29 days ago

      Know what's peaceful? Graveyards. The dead don't make a sound. While I'm on Earth I intend to make some noise!

  • Pål Henrik Velde
    Pål Henrik Velde 2 years ago +3410

    Alien 1: The humans have created nuclear weapons.
    Alien 2: So they are intelligent?
    Alien 1: I wouldnt go that far,, they have pointed them at themselves!

    • Ryan Nichols
      Ryan Nichols 23 days ago

      @will richards That's easy to say when the responsibilities are not yours. And when you say there would be no wars. Is that because nobody would have differences or because nobody would stand without conceding?
      I don't believe there will ever be a time where war isn't a part of our world.

    • virupaksha walla
      virupaksha walla Month ago


    • michah7214
      michah7214 2 months ago

      That's actually really funny. Dark, but really funny. .and true.

  • Matly Tamette
    Matly Tamette Month ago

    From the perspective of a small, relatively insignificant country (New Zealand) resident in the South Pacific amongst a system and general populous seeming to act as though it is trying to be everything to everyone, It might all be a matter of space, compression and a larger numbers game. Perhaps masses around the globe might be considered "nuclear dispensable" by both pro and anti-capitalist, hawks and doves, as the enormity of population increase of human beings firmly sets in. Has anyone taken a closer look at David Harvey?

  • Ethan Murray
    Ethan Murray Month ago

    What a cheerful, uplifting speech

  • Maria Molashkhia
    Maria Molashkhia 2 months ago +17

    In case if we all die, I want to say that I love you all,(except them who will be the creator of nuclear end.)
    After war in Ukraine I started to love every piece of stone on footpath. I perceive everything differently, I look on everything like it is the last time I am seeing it and It is kind of sad but it fills me with joy..

    • Maria Molashkhia
      Maria Molashkhia 20 days ago

      @Ivo Juk I know where you are from Russia

    • Ivo Juk
      Ivo Juk 20 days ago

      @Maria Molashkhia ;) we are far away from Russia - approximately range of Strizh drone-missaile i.e. some 1000 km or more.
      Wish you all the luck with big neighbour. You have to have ,your own government very smart when you have such a big neighbour..
      Let us pray for peace on Earth...
      Hug back to you dear Maria and don't worry to much - as you said: enjoy life..

    • Maria Molashkhia
      Maria Molashkhia 20 days ago

      @Ivo Juk I didn't mentioned that it attacked your country, but I need to find out more about Coratia-russian relationship.

    • Ivo Juk
      Ivo Juk 20 days ago

      @Maria Molashkhia :) Croatia was not attacked by Russia. We had (have?) our own local "mini-me Russians" neighbours.
      It happened 30 y ago so I hope this unfortunate war in UA will stop before it spreads.

    • Maria Molashkhia
      Maria Molashkhia 20 days ago

      @Ivo Juk I need to hug you too.. :///
      Once my friend from Italy told me "I'm sorry that your country is near russia".
      So I'm sorry too.. That they (f*...) bother your country.

  • Relic Hunter
    Relic Hunter 2 months ago

    I don’t think we have to study the darned things for ten minutes to know they are life changing and that’s putting it mildly.

  • Anthony Faiell
    Anthony Faiell 2 months ago +920

    Imagine what would happen if we weren't in constant competition with each other and we used this nuclear research to better understand and optimize energy through nuclear fusion/fission. Nuclear research is one of the most fascinating things in the world. And I honestly believe it is our path to reaching the next level of understanding our universe. It's sad that competition and money has driven this research so far off course. Crazy thought, what if everyone just worked together to advance our species, rather than focusing so hard on competing with each other. It's kinda pathetic really to think about how much more advanced we could be without the needless competition.

    • Gopal Sarangi
      Gopal Sarangi 11 days ago

      @Jman I said "Don't live in fantasy world". And yes, there is no solution to the nature of the world. Its designed in such a way so there are conflicts and problems. At max there may be some temporary solution, but its not going to come out from kids dreaming and fantasising that 'imagine what if world was like this'

    • Mark Robertson
      Mark Robertson 20 days ago +1

      I agree with you, Nuclear power is Amazing, fascinating and it could shape the future in an incredibly positive way along with hydrogen power

    • Seramics
      Seramics 23 days ago

      @Dan noringer the problems is the govt of US, not China n Russia.

  • Adam Weissman
    Adam Weissman 27 days ago +1

    Very relaxing stuff. Thank you.

  • Dave Bartholome
    Dave Bartholome 22 days ago +5

    I should be worried, you say. OK, help with me with this: How is my being worried going to help avoid nuclear war?

  • Nicholai Dajuan
    Nicholai Dajuan 9 days ago

    I wonder whether the climate related effects of burning about 25k km2 in Australia in 2019, and the more recent fires in California has resulted in a reassessment of the effects of a nuclear winter

  • dj-john
    dj-john 10 days ago +2

    Very dangerous times to the planet 🌎

  • SJ H
    SJ H Month ago

    "In retrospect, it seems completely logical that once a weapon is invented it will be used. But we forget the blindness and obsfucation of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, when the most destructive weapons were regarded as walls of protection, and when the horror of Armageddon was seen as a deterrent no sane society would risk. But the nations were not sane - rational, composed, aware, but not sane...the Death, when it came, was completely earnest and open. Every weapon was used as it had been designed to be used."
    -Greg Bear, _Eon_

  • Alexei Smirnoff
    Alexei Smirnoff 13 days ago +1

    "One fanatic politician away from a nuclear conflict"
    That aged well...

  • Janne
    Janne Month ago +2

    I learned in a playwriting class fifty years ago that if there’s a gun on the wall when the curtain goes up, it is certain to be fired by the end of the play. I think about that a lot lately.

  • Mark Okrasa
    Mark Okrasa 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for tackling this subject-matter

  • Stuart Doyle
    Stuart Doyle 2 months ago +2180

    I’m praying like crazy that nothing like this happens especially with what’s been happening recently

  • Matthias Burger
    Matthias Burger 27 days ago +1

    The fact that people in the audience are laughing at some points gives me chills. "haha.. not going to happen."

    • Linda J.E.
      Linda J.E. 24 days ago

      They are just nervous-most of us know that such great potential is likely to be fulfilled.

  • Yulia E
    Yulia E 18 days ago +1

    why haven't the atmospheric nuclear weapon tests after ww2 caused any dust to go high in the atmosphere or has it? after all there have been more than 500 such tests.

  • alessandra z kruger
    alessandra z kruger 10 days ago +1

    I agree entirely with this presentation and hope that world leaders come to their senses. However, the deterrent effect of having nuclear weapons would have made Putin think twice before attacking Ukraine. Now Putin is threatening the use of nukes anyway, if the war does not go his way.

  • Dimension Exo
    Dimension Exo Month ago +1

    Yet here we are as citizens of earth 🌎
    Squabbling over petty nuances :
    While the planet is on the brink of total annihilation 😞

  • anti racist baby
    anti racist baby 3 months ago +565

    Well done humanity you never fail to disappoint we might all literally die, given the current cirvumstances

    • Jason Spencer
      Jason Spencer 2 months ago

      @Tammy Wines can you link as story about this? Interested to learn more.

    • FullTimeHypocrite
      FullTimeHypocrite 2 months ago

      fun fact: every single one of us will die eventually. Its the law.

    • Evie Smail
      Evie Smail 2 months ago

      Jesus is alive If you confess that Jesus is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead….You
      Will be saved

    • Gia Fiorari
      Gia Fiorari 2 months ago

      @gladitsnotme 👏💃🏽

  • Gman
    Gman Month ago

    If you would like a good read (chilling) on this very subject....read, "the effects of a limited thermonuclear weapon strike on the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas"
    It was written in 1983. Our politicians and world leaders should read it before bed every night.

  • GencoSchmar 7
    GencoSchmar 7 Month ago +1

    One of the best books on Hiroshima...'Hiroshima Diary - The Journal of a Japanese Physician'
    Incredible first hand account.

  • my love songs
    my love songs Month ago +8

    "A millisecond of brilliant light, and we're vaporized. Much more fortunate than the millions wandering sightless through the smoldering aftermath. We'll be spared the horror of survival."
    - Professor Falken
    War Games

    • The Wolf
      The Wolf 27 days ago +1

      The only way to win is not to play.

  • FallNorth
    FallNorth Month ago +3

    "one fanatic politician away from a nuclear conflict". I wonder why that particular line resonates.

    • Lao Wei
      Lao Wei 29 days ago

      …as long as it still resonates it hasn’t happened yet…

  • John Wireman
    John Wireman 2 months ago +706

    This is the closest we’ve been to a nuclear war since the 1980s. I had forgotten how nerve wracking a Cold War that could turn hot on a moment’s notice could be.

    • Weley Wilson
      Weley Wilson 5 days ago

      @Robert Stutesman gorby is still alive

    • Roy Elmo
      Roy Elmo 5 days ago

      I lived a coupla miles from Pease AFB back in the 50s 60s 70s. There were B52 bombers, then FB111 bombers and refueling jets taking off and landing around the clock. I grew up with jet engines being a big part of my life. I think like anything else, once you get used to it you give it less thought.

    • Robert Stutesman
      Robert Stutesman 9 days ago

      @Awesome Bear Audiobooks you are saying I said the us is something. I didn’t. You went on a ttei page rant over something I don’t feel hit good on ya

    • LH
      LH 9 days ago

      @Awesome Bear Audiobooks yes in some points, the USA, Are bigotery. But, on the other side, in democracy, ppl

    • LH
      LH 9 days ago

      @Robert Stutesman flip in his grave? , he still a live, and living in Moscow. In best health. 🤫😄

  • Drmcx
    Drmcx Month ago +3

    "If you live in a city that has a military base, there is a missile that is aimed at you right now"
    - Me who lives 200 meters away from a major military barracks in my country: "Nervous sweating".

    • John Mitchell
      John Mitchell Month ago

      You should be thankful at least you'll go quick

  • mike isiko
    mike isiko 24 days ago +1

    According this lecturer we don’t need unclear weapons on planet 🌍

  • Sabbie H.
    Sabbie H. 2 months ago

    Wow!!! OMG!!! "We're just one misunderstanding, one mistake, or one fanatic politician away from a nuclear conflict" WOW!!! OMG!!😮

  • Om Shankar
    Om Shankar 16 days ago +1

    You have any insights on Nuclear war references in ancient scriptures? As part of your 35 yes study? Interested to explore.

  • handicapitation
    handicapitation 2 years ago +4025

    "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein

    • Matjaž Urbančič
      Matjaž Urbančič 2 months ago

      Ah yes, an old COD quote.

    • The Nozzle
      The Nozzle 2 months ago

      @handicapitation e=mc2 was used to estimate the explosive yield. But they also had to guess that it would not trigger a broader chain reaction.

    • Israel Nathan
      Israel Nathan 3 months ago

      @james goodwin well I can tell you used your time wisely💀

    • Brock Day
      Brock Day 3 months ago

      @james goodwin wait why I’m confused

  • Ravi ranjan kumar
    Ravi ranjan kumar 18 days ago

    Sir great sir information to nuclear war to all around world thanks sir

  • Samuel Fawley
    Samuel Fawley 2 days ago

    I have been worried for years after I watched both The Day After and Threads.

  • billybatchelor28
    billybatchelor28 2 months ago

    Listening to warnings from the past,thinking about current situation today. Strange,frightening

  • lovesallweneed
    lovesallweneed 6 days ago +2

    Then why the people are staying silent regarding nuclear bombs, presumably stored somewhere in those countries? This is suicidal. Something must be done about this and silence is not an option.

  • Carl G
    Carl G 2 years ago +763

    The fact that we have nukes as deterrents against each other, tells you everything you need to know about the human species.

    • aditya makwana
      aditya makwana 3 months ago

      @Paerigos dude those same powers are the ones owning nuclear weapons this goes had in hand if these countries wanted to wage wars again some small nation than that nation would be destroyed anyways dosent matter if these powerfull countries have nukes or not if smaller countries do not have

    • aditya makwana
      aditya makwana 3 months ago

      @jebes909090 lol

    • dj king
      dj king 3 months ago

      @Plum Fun praise God

  • Kieron john
    Kieron john 21 day ago

    Well if it does happen I hope that every human goes so life can start again and not have to worry about nukes being made again

  • Hafsa Batool
    Hafsa Batool 25 days ago +2

    I think thant this video should be shown all around the world in this situation .Politicians must have some education about the consequences of nuclear war

  • Neeraj Arora
    Neeraj Arora 2 months ago

    All countries should take an oath to not to use Nuclear weapons on earth ever and reserve such things to be used on aliens if required.

  • Yodeed
    Yodeed 8 days ago +1

    Remember the good ole days when we used to use swords, bows, and arm wrestling to decide the outcomes of conflict?

  • ShadyRonin
    ShadyRonin 3 months ago +1353

    Me: reads news that Russia invaded Ukraine
    RU-clip algorithm: You’d enjoy this Ted Talk too!

    • Paul Frederick
      Paul Frederick 29 days ago

      Make Ukraine Russia Again!

    • George Cartagena
      George Cartagena 2 months ago

      I googled "blue shirt" and the algorithm remembered

    • spyingcactus
      spyingcactus 2 months ago +1

      @ashley s that's why I've been seeing a lot of sunflowers 🌻 on people's twitter profile names. I thought that now it's March, people were waiting for the first sunflowers to come out.

    • C
      C 2 months ago +1

      yep - same here, thanks RU-clip!

    • Christine Herrmann
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  • Robert Davis
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  • eddyvideostar
    eddyvideostar 2 months ago +1

    To RJ Smith: Classic is your build-up from the minute - five minutes -- to the fulmination of fear and flatulence.

  • Alexandra Hopkins
    Alexandra Hopkins 10 days ago

    Thank you!

  • moon 7
    moon 7 25 days ago +3

    In 2022 the study will go into practice

  • Jimi Middle Finger
    Jimi Middle Finger 3 years ago +351

    It's a good thing we have such stable leaders around the globe...

    • Doctor Novocaine
      Doctor Novocaine 2 months ago

      @This Guyyy sick burn! ^5

    • This Guyyy
      This Guyyy 2 months ago

      @John Taylor Lol you're replying to a 2 year old comment and you replied with nothing of substance. How does that make you feel?

    • John Taylor
      John Taylor 2 months ago

      @This Guyyy Your response is understandable if your parents are brother and sister.

    • Matt Melchiorre
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      @Doctor Novocaine 😅😅😅😅😅

    • Doctor Novocaine
      Doctor Novocaine 2 months ago

      @Matt Melchiorre his prounouns are he him his..🤣🤣🤣

  • kon pap
    kon pap 14 days ago +2

    How do we stop that madness though ? Why can’t we all just live together as one human race ?

  • Marko Shiva Pavlovic

    Dude you cant stop radiation. Everything radiate. :) Its natural process of so many physics processes. Like electron changing orbital. Like any of QFT waves changing energy state. :) You have so many of known and unknown particles passing through you that do not interact with ordinary matter.

  • William Myers
    William Myers 5 days ago

    My uncle was a US Marine with the first to enter Hiroshima after the A-Bomb. He died of leukemia.

  • MOONSKIN1976
    MOONSKIN1976 Month ago +2

    Worrying means you suffer twice. 🤷‍♂️

  • Etcher
    Etcher 2 months ago +1932

    I'm 44, I was a kid in the 80s. I spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about World War 3 and MAD as a child. I have three kids now, the eldest being 12, the youngest being 8. All three of them, for the first time ever, have asked me separately over the last five days if World War 3 is coming and will nuclear bombs be used. Thanks Putin. Just what I needed after Brexit and Covid.

    • Mr Morse
      Mr Morse Month ago

      @The Nozzle even if that were the case... it still doesn't justify an invasion.

    • Meg-a-Pint
      Meg-a-Pint Month ago

      @Slava Rossiya 🇷🇺 you are stuck n default mode. Resisting growth.

    • Sweet Kicker
      Sweet Kicker Month ago

      @Bartek Gliński thoughts and prayers

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 2 months ago +1

    I’ve studied people for 50 years , and I already know we should be worried.

  • Brent Crabtree
    Brent Crabtree Month ago

    I wonder what Mr. Toon would say today in light of today's events.

  • Hype beast
    Hype beast 26 days ago +1

    Look how well this video aged

  • The Garage Service
    The Garage Service 14 days ago

    4 years ago … he should’ve been a virologist

  • Johnny
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  • FreedomForever2010
    FreedomForever2010 2 months ago

    Interesting claim... which nuclear wars has he been studying for 35 years exactly?

  • Jordan Upchurch
    Jordan Upchurch 2 months ago +1

    Well this is fun to watch considering the current events.

  • Roy Elmo
    Roy Elmo 6 days ago +1

    Rather than trying to escape, go to any place that would be considered ground zero and wait to be vaporized.

  • Orion P
    Orion P Year ago +2429

    My mother always used to say, if there's a nuclear war I hope the first missile lands on my head.

    • Christopher Diedrich
      Christopher Diedrich Month ago

      Wth did you do to make her so angry with you?

    • L
      L Month ago

      Me too

    • Traffic
      Traffic Month ago

      Iam stocking up on nuclear tanning lotion

    • MDM
      MDM Month ago

      Because the living will envy the dead.

    • The Shadow
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  • PK Sell
    PK Sell 22 days ago +3

    A few points here. Nuclear weapons certainly are a scary thing, but it would be MUCH more scary if only the bad countries had them, and none of the good (or less bad) did. Mutual Assured Destruction has been the primary reason we've not turned the earth into a glass factory yet. What is truly the scary issue is considering the fanatics/extremists of the world. If someone is willing to blow themselves up just to kill or injure a dozen or so people, why would they care about the consequences from detonating a nuclear weapon?
    But, despite how scary nuclear weapons are, we still live in the best (not perfect) time in human history, especially in the west. Thousands of years ago you could step out of your cave and be eaten by a tiger, or killed by a rival over your dinner. Just a few hundred years ago you could die a horrible death from crapping your guts out after taking a drink of water or eating poorly prepared food. We're living longer and more comfortably than ever before thanks to medicine and technology. Despite how scary things may seem now, they always have been scary. Don't lose site of how fantastic things are, too.
    As long as their are bad people on the planet we'll have to retain these and other types of scary weapons. Unfortunately, there will always be bad people on the planet.