The Last of Us | Multiplayer Reveal

  • Published on Jun 5, 2013
  • The official reveal of The Last of Us Multiplayer: Factions.
    Visit the official Last of Us website for more info:
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  • GoRainzy
    GoRainzy 6 years ago

    $60 per year, almost the same as xbox.

  • BraziliansFTW
    BraziliansFTW 6 years ago


  • JPKProductions100
    JPKProductions100 6 years ago

    Sly cooper, Infamous, God of war, killzone :D

  • Chris Albrecht
    Chris Albrecht 6 years ago

    You know the Ps4: there is going to be a online fee just like xbox has. Not saying xbox is better - coming from a Former xbox player - I still think the Ps4 is better than the Xbox one.

  • leonardo morelli
    leonardo morelli 6 years ago

    Until Ps4...

  • dan3odst
    dan3odst 6 years ago

    Dawn , looks fun

  • wolfmenseyes
    wolfmenseyes 6 years ago

    Very disappointing i thought it would be you and a mate exploring the world and not being tied down to any missions.
    I'm still holding off this game right now might want for it to go to the bargain bucket while i enjoy my pc titles a while longer :S.

  • Raynier Reynoso
    Raynier Reynoso 6 years ago

    Holy shit!

  • miro
    miro 6 years ago

    For once the multiplayer in a dominantly single player game doesn't look like shit.

  • LeGros BoucherDODU
    LeGros BoucherDODU 6 years ago

    ''Craft your weapon''
    Xbox you have Minecraft no? :)

  • Jim Weidema
    Jim Weidema 6 years ago

    If you are not a pc gamer shut the fuck up then I said pc gamers so why do you give a fuck stupith faggot

  • Rachamacha
    Rachamacha 6 years ago

    Inspired from that colonies show on discovery?

  • dkrebs11
    dkrebs11 6 years ago

    that was the most opinionated, first world, 1% bullshit comment I've ever seen, congrats. (Also good pcs are probably 10x more expensive than current gen consoles at this point) - I'm not even a pc gamer, I just think you're a douche, cheers!

  • swordking1995
    swordking1995 6 years ago

    am i the only one who wants a hardcore mode where you have to buy your own bullets in between matches and scavenge bullets/materials during matches?

  • Jim Weidema
    Jim Weidema 6 years ago

    Everybody who is crying it's not for pc is poor because they can't buy a console and games fuck pc gamers fucking poor pricks

  • Julz Rüdiger
    Julz Rüdiger 6 years ago

    humans vs infectet would be nice !

  • Julz Rüdiger
    Julz Rüdiger 6 years ago

    u also have to get mgs4 !

  • Artur960426
    Artur960426 6 years ago

    I think it is only game, that can compete with GTA V to game of the year - it is good year for PS3 gamers :D

  • Artur960426
    Artur960426 6 years ago

    And we console gamers have PCs too buahahaha :D

  • ο μπαμπας σου

    this is not call of duty ,this is just more than a bf3 .this is the last of us ...really awesome

  • E.Z.B
    E.Z.B 6 years ago


  • Kid Vorgesz
    Kid Vorgesz 6 years ago

    ola k ase

  • GameN8ion
    GameN8ion 6 years ago

    Beat MGS4, and all the God of wars!

  • Hypo Lyxa
    Hypo Lyxa 6 years ago

    Plus we get to play online for free! Life is good! Welcome to the awesome side

  • Robert Fetters
    Robert Fetters 6 years ago

    This looks ballin

  • chuck norris
    chuck norris 6 years ago

    As for a game like the last of us nothing to help there

  • chuck norris
    chuck norris 6 years ago

    Minecraft is on xbox jail bg if your looking for a pc exclusive planetside 2 is good

  • J-Sun Guess
    J-Sun Guess 6 years ago

    This is why Sony kills it when it come to exclusives. Xbox has 3 maybe 4 exclusives that carry the load for the 360 Gears, anything Halo and Forza. Anything after that is a multiplat game like Call of Duty.

  • Hieillua
    Hieillua 6 years ago

    Uncharted 2, GOW3, The Last of US, Metal Gear Solid 4. At least play these games.

  • jiglypuf123
    jiglypuf123 6 years ago

    Soooo no coop campaign.....???

  • Gooner Republik
    Gooner Republik 6 years ago

    Xbox fans disliked this video....poor losers

  • adam doouglass
    adam doouglass 6 years ago

    hold on Taylor swift, demons souls is the greatest game of all time.

  • Jim Weidema
    Jim Weidema 6 years ago

    Really good multiplayer

    MICHAEL KOVACH 6 years ago

    1:20 He deserved that for not knowing how to properly aim.

  • Thiago Simas
    Thiago Simas 6 years ago

    And then VGA Game of the Year :D

  • tytyw08
    tytyw08 6 years ago


  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz 6 years ago

    Awh shit xbox fans transition to ps3. They are going to mess the game up

  • Kyle Dominy
    Kyle Dominy 6 years ago

    already bought mine last week dude! got ni no kuni and uncharted 3 with it. ive been an avid 360 gamer for 6 years but this ps3 is fucking awesome dude. i'm probably going to end up getting a ps4 now

  • Daniel LeGrone
    Daniel LeGrone 6 years ago

    I hope they add infected multiplayer that would be awesome

  • SuperSkilledGamer
    SuperSkilledGamer 6 years ago

    What does it mean by survive for 12 weeks? I noticed there seemed to be some sort of challenge system? Every week will be a new one. But will there really only be 3 months of content?

  • MrMessiahbolical666
    MrMessiahbolical666 6 years ago

    gta 4 was great if you arent a diehard gta fan. it was a great game. but lacking in features. i feel like they were just testing the new engine really. gta 5 looks like its going to have alot more to offer. maybe even have as much stuff to do as san andreas.

  • camdog124
    camdog124 6 years ago

    Everyone is just going to camp because its one life only.

  • camdog124
    camdog124 6 years ago

    Gamespot 8.0/10 They need to die in a fucking fire.

  • Eric Foreman
    Eric Foreman 6 years ago

    soo..... you are saying it sucks? :P

  • CommandoANG3L0
    CommandoANG3L0 6 years ago

    Funny, that's what people said about GTA 4 before complaining about being disappointed, everyone has likes and dislikes though.

  • dond s
    dond s 6 years ago

    Tactical cover based multiplayer

  • TRITONx32
    TRITONx32 6 years ago

    Oh... My... God... I've been waiting for this day. "Never forget your shiv"

  • neil s
    neil s 6 years ago

    When i buy this Im probably gonna play multiplayer first before attempting the 17 + hours single campaign

  • WaterGurl
    WaterGurl 6 years ago

    Ugh they're not zombies! The humans who are infected, get your facts straight people!

  • Яков Зингер
    Яков Зингер 6 years ago

    It looks very cool

  • Daniel Barrionuevo
    Daniel Barrionuevo 6 years ago

    La unica mierda aqui sos vos pelotudo.. de que carajo hablas de la unica gracia del juego? .. es el primer trailer del multijugador, durante casi 2 años este juego conquisto con lo poco que se vio de modo campaña, salame. Este juego es un 10 con o sin multijugador.. Si no te gusta anda colarte un dedo y deja de romper los huevos aca...

  • WeswardBound
    WeswardBound 6 years ago

    I hope it doesn't turn into a repeat of the roof runners in Assassins Creed

  • WeswardBound
    WeswardBound 6 years ago

    I hope there is a combat roll to avoid those Molotovs

  • Fatherboard
    Fatherboard 6 years ago

    I think when I get it I will not leave home until 2020 ...

  • RorschachPT
    RorschachPT 6 years ago

    lol i prefer the xbox but this game looks f... awesome, i might grab a ps just for this, and grab myself a few other exclusives while i'm at it. I understand your comment, but i think those fanboys are in each side of the "barrier", just because i prefer a console, doen't mean i can't see the good in the other, that would be retarded ;)

  • Alexis Audoin
    Alexis Audoin 6 years ago

    Nope. PC for the win.

  • LostTheGaaaaaaame
    LostTheGaaaaaaame 6 years ago

    I saw a screenshot of that last scene where he can see through the walls, It worried me, But it seems like a game mode where you are on your own, or are the last survivor on your team, it gives you the opportunity to fight back a little better. Seems like it could be fun.

  • Daniel T.
    Daniel T. 6 years ago

    I hope there is more than 3 to 4 people. Just my opinion...

  • Kickash
    Kickash 6 years ago

    naughty dog single player is like the best.

  • jchacon39
    jchacon39 6 years ago

    Like how we have teams to survive

  • sub7even1989
    sub7even1989 6 years ago

    кроваво... мне нравится!

  • UndeadProdigy
    UndeadProdigy 6 years ago

    Almost like the hunger games

  • Julien Thomasic
    Julien Thomasic 6 years ago

    I loooove so much the music

  • GameN8ion
    GameN8ion 6 years ago

    I'm an Xbox fan, however ill be buying a PS3 just for this game, and most likely will have to get all the uncharted and play those too

  • S G M de Paz
    S G M de Paz 6 years ago

    Es una mierda de juego k va a costar una ostia de pasta encima si dices k la gracia del juego es el multijugador solo..... INTELECTUALES .....

  • Kickash
    Kickash 6 years ago

    soooo sexy

  • Hypo Lyxa
    Hypo Lyxa 6 years ago

    I think it is up the each individual to think what THE BEST game is. I don't doubt this game will be great but GTA V will blow my fucking mind. Remember everybody got different taste!

  • hanso bach
    hanso bach 6 years ago

    IGN 10/10
    Eurogamer 10/10
    Eurogamer IT/Sp 10/10
    Edge 10/10
    CVG 10/10
    Destructoid 10/10
    Machinima 10/10
    Adam Sessler 5/5
    thesixaxis 10/10
    Gamereactor 10/10
    VideoGamer 10/10
    ibtimes 10/10
    PS-Lifestyle 10/10
    Digital Spy 10/10
    Digital Fix 10/10
    Post Arcade 10/10
    speciogames 10/10
    Gamingbolt 10/10
    Godisageek 10/10
    OPM 10/10
    Pushsquare 10/10
    PS-Nation 10/10
    Giantbomb 5/5
    Techdigest 5/5
    Gamesradar 5/5
    TheMirror 5/5
    Guardian 5/5
    Telegraph 5/5
    Gameblog 5/5
    CheatCodeCental 5/5

  • Rin Tin
    Rin Tin 6 years ago

    Naughty Dog begs to differ.
    Zombies are the undead that has come back to life!
    The infected are normal people who have been infected by a fungus type virus called cordyceps!!
    Not the same thing at all!!

  • snigelnmjau
    snigelnmjau 6 years ago

    wrong. so wrong. so naive
    so naive...

  • mob2k5
    mob2k5 6 years ago

    Looks great! Have a feeling some people would still try and run around like it's uncharted lol. Crafting during a match seems really cool, can't wait!

  • Ali Daman
    Ali Daman 6 years ago

    WOW !!! Cool

  • MrUpload
    MrUpload 6 years ago

    looks like something new. Really interested to see how it works out!

  • TheDayVee - MUISC
    TheDayVee - MUISC 6 years ago

    this actually looks impressive....

  • Darryle Furlow
    Darryle Furlow 6 years ago

    Waaayyyy better than Tomb Raider online

  • LansTartare
    LansTartare 6 years ago

    ok so clickers. I mean - what about fighting with monsters/non-normal-human enemiers? Survival? Horde? PvE? It was suposed to be a little like DAY Z (developers word) - and I see rather normal looking multiplayer. I will be ok, I suppose but too little for me to buy it.

  • Hamza Deniz
    Hamza Deniz 6 years ago

    i hope its not another cod clone

  • WaterGurl
    WaterGurl 6 years ago

    Oh my god. It's a good thing I preordered this bitch huh?

  • sambeebadass
    sambeebadass 6 years ago

    Same fucking thing and you should probably go to your english class

  • Giak Spad
    Giak Spad 6 years ago


  • Edgar Torres
    Edgar Torres 6 years ago

    Holy crap this looks good.

  • darkbrotherhood27
    darkbrotherhood27 6 years ago

    Somewhat dissapointed I can't play as a clicker, that would have been awesome, but it still looks amazing

  • He Who Laughs Last
    He Who Laughs Last 6 years ago

    Xbox One plays games too?!?! who knew?

  • LymiiTeD
    LymiiTeD 6 years ago

    it will the mp be in open world?

  • gornes simracing
    gornes simracing 6 years ago

    even the music is epic

  • viperg1989
    viperg1989 6 years ago

    Oh yeah baby

  • Rin Tin
    Rin Tin 6 years ago

    This looks so much better than Uncharted MP.
    Too twitchy, with idiots running about in U2/U3 MP.
    This looks more slow and strategic (a good thing I hasten to add) which is perfect for the kind of game The Last Of Us is. Survival action horror game! :)
    Mucho excited!!!

  • Rin Tin
    Rin Tin 6 years ago

    No it doesn't. The Last Of Us has NO ZOMBIES!!
    From day one Naughty Dog have said they are not zombie but they are in fact, THE INFECTED!!

  • Rin Tin
    Rin Tin 6 years ago

    No! The devs are always saying they are NOT "zombies"! They are "the infected"! ;)
    Naughty Dog get quite annoyed when people call them "zombies"!

  • J Almeida
    J Almeida 6 years ago

    My interest is piqued with the 12 week thing-a-majig.

  • Albred
    Albred 6 years ago

    I'm not gonna lie, this looks amazing.

  • sambeebadass
    sambeebadass 6 years ago

    single player does

  • Ben Maries
    Ben Maries 6 years ago

    oh this game, this fucking game.

  • Geo Wrath
    Geo Wrath 6 years ago


  • Alphacino1018
    Alphacino1018 6 years ago

    I feel bad for Xbox. :,(

  • GirlsCanFly
    GirlsCanFly 6 years ago

    Yes! And idiots that compare with other online games ...

  • GirlsCanFly
    GirlsCanFly 6 years ago

    Naughty Dog tendrá un lugar en mi corazón...y en mi billetera

  • Jordan Savoy
    Jordan Savoy 6 years ago

    Here comes jealous xbox fanboys...

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 6 years ago

    Lol? Like CoD "looks" like all FPS's right?

  • R2 M0N
    R2 M0N 6 years ago

    0:57 Gets shot in lungs, still you can heal him