Hunger Games Press Conference - Saturday Night Live

  • Published on Sep 24, 2013
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    SEASON 38:
    Moments after Katniss and Peeta win The Hunger Games, they must face the media who have a lot of questions about their performance. Aired 01/19/13
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Comments • 638

  • 384 LS
    384 LS 2 days ago

    " And I've been standing this whole time"

  • Dynestis
    Dynestis 2 days ago

    What a terrible sense of "humor"

  • Tristan Creed
    Tristan Creed 3 days ago

    How's that guy even starving? He lives in the Capitol!

  • Gaylord
    Gaylord 7 days ago

    "No, the other guy with an insane beard!" 😂😂

  • Mickyle Dud
    Mickyle Dud 9 days ago


  • Aura Skyer
    Aura Skyer 18 days ago

    Actually Peeta is the one that is good at talking

  • Victoria B
    Victoria B 19 days ago

    Seneca is captain dozerman

  • Aqeel Ahmed
    Aqeel Ahmed 21 day ago +1

    peeta's walk in the end 😂😂

  • Senrence Shakespeare
    Senrence Shakespeare 26 days ago

    Peeta in a nutshell 😂

  • Snow Cone
    Snow Cone Month ago +1

    In the book katniss is supposed to be shorter than peeta

  • Magma NorseNoh
    Magma NorseNoh Month ago +15

    Person:Katniss have you been using Preformance enhancing drugs?
    Katniss:Absolutley not.

    Person:PeEtA aRe YoU oN Preformance REDUCING DRUGS

  • max mustermann
    max mustermann Month ago

    Beardhunter origins

  • ThatAngelFoto
    ThatAngelFoto Month ago

    Just die already peeta

  • Toma Palecek
    Toma Palecek Month ago

    This was not funny at all

  • zach
    zach Month ago

    Yeeeeeah.. This isn't funny at all...

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter Month ago


  • Kye Perez
    Kye Perez Month ago


  • Goplergop Gop
    Goplergop Gop Month ago

    How can I live without SNL

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer Month ago +1

    In a world where those hairstyles exist, Catnice's name can't be that weird.

  • Ernő Bakk
    Ernő Bakk Month ago

    I prefer this Peeta over the one in the movies

  • Anchy
    Anchy Month ago

    Performanse reducing drugs 😂 but hell, guys, Peeta is my husband and I love him

  • Psychotic Gaming
    Psychotic Gaming Month ago +2

    i laughed so hard when Peta Waddled away 4:47

  • Mehdi nisrullah
    Mehdi nisrullah Month ago

    Is that Bill Hader???

  • Lise
    Lise 2 months ago +3

    "I've been standing this whole time" haha.

  • Lea Rose
    Lea Rose 2 months ago +1

    *Where is Peety* ♥

  • Biman Das
    Biman Das 2 months ago

    performance reducing drug....😂😂🤣

  • Elisa Ekaputri
    Elisa Ekaputri 2 months ago

    4:47 LOL he had to walk away while squating didn't he xD

  • Michael C
    Michael C 3 months ago

    this is not funny at all.

  • Christina Alabi
    Christina Alabi 3 months ago

    Katniss is like a root of a flower or something

  • V J
    V J 3 months ago

    I like Bill H's look, never made it through the movie but this was good maybe I manage, wait how many are there!

  • LDantinhas
    LDantinhas 3 months ago

    SNL made a point about the fact that most part of the invented names on the futuristic and science fiction movies are just...fkg ridiculous. And they are, game of thrones, hunger games, you name it. Just absolutely stupid names

  • Chris_The_Onion
    Chris_The_Onion 3 months ago

    What a waste of talent.

  • Putobungbong
    Putobungbong 3 months ago

    Katniss was like..... "What the hell are this questions?" hhahaha love it ahahahah

  • NoMan'sChannel
    NoMan'sChannel 3 months ago

    this is so not funny =.=

  • Regina Ong
    Regina Ong 3 months ago

    I heard pizza mellark

  • JJm 2
    JJm 2 3 months ago

    Performance reducing drug 😂😂😂😂

  • cool dude
    cool dude 3 months ago

    Katniss was named after a root she picked with her father

  • 2manynegativewaves
    2manynegativewaves 3 months ago

    Whos the lass playing Katniss? Shes awesome!

  • Kat Mlg
    Kat Mlg 3 months ago

    I love Jennifer

  • Nanouk Le Zaf
    Nanouk Le Zaf 4 months ago

    At first I was like "oh my god, this is the best impersonation I've ever seen, Kristen Wiig is so good at playing Jennifer Lawrence !!!"

  • Wettergren
    Wettergren 4 months ago

    Bill Hader is a bloody genius, his work on things like South Park and SNL is severely underrated

  • Pau Marques
    Pau Marques 5 months ago +2

    3:48 looks like Logan Paul
    acts like Logan Paul

  • LilyAllisonKeira
    LilyAllisonKeira 5 months ago

    Ahaha I love Jennifer Lawrence

  • Ankit Yonzon
    Ankit Yonzon 5 months ago

    Y does Bill look at little like Jack Black

  • RonnyDonny13
    RonnyDonny13 5 months ago

    Why do people say Josh Hutcherson is short? I mean 5'7" isn't all that short considering 5'9" is the average

  • Welshy
    Welshy 5 months ago

    0:51 even I know everyone who was dressed up were well fed and didn’t have to worry about that, common snl, do your research

  • Bella Crafts
    Bella Crafts 5 months ago +3

    ERROR: Peetas leg injury was on the FOURTH day!!

  • VZ Matthews
    VZ Matthews 5 months ago

    Man why the gotta do Peeta like that 😂

  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti 5 months ago

    The hungry reporter would have been funnier if he wasn't so fat.

  • Moonima alam
    Moonima alam 5 months ago

    Bill Hader is phenomenal.

  • Bella Crafts
    Bella Crafts 5 months ago +2


  • Janeta Odelia
    Janeta Odelia 5 months ago

    the katniss here really looks like and sounds like the real jennifer lawrance

  • Planet Nashna
    Planet Nashna 5 months ago

    Where is Wes Bentley

  • swarnak Ray
    swarnak Ray 5 months ago

    Women with hair like that drive me crazy..

  • N Rico
    N Rico 5 months ago

    Probably most silly movie ever...super fiction zero meaning...I was thinking who ever wrote & accepted making it we high on drugs...millions spent..millions of goods LIVED it!!

  • AD Queen
    AD Queen 5 months ago

    That's not Peeta

  • Wasek Samin
    Wasek Samin 5 months ago

    that's how pubg came.

  • SovietRussian Sniper
    SovietRussian Sniper 6 months ago

    My god, I think I have a celebrity crush on Jennifer Lawrence

  • Jack Davids
    Jack Davids 6 months ago

    What a waste, this had a potential to be ten times funnier but the talentless snl writers couldn't come up with a single funny joke apart from performance reducing drugs

  • Husnain Javed
    Husnain Javed 6 months ago +1

    Instead of "I've been standing..." he should've said "Can I sit down now?"

  • nasser fhd
    nasser fhd 6 months ago +1

    “When you shave can I eat your beard" 😂

  •  6 months ago

    “our hunger games guy is on vacation” OMG DIEEEEEE

  • Ava Regan
    Ava Regan 6 months ago

    OMG Bobby should of asked Peeta about being a baker and asked if he brought any bread!

  • Mohamed Rameez
    Mohamed Rameez 6 months ago


  • Alwin Krul
    Alwin Krul 6 months ago

    the wasps were disturbing

  • unicorn sprinkles
    unicorn sprinkles 7 months ago

    I thought Katniss was called that because of the katniss root

    MrAOLOL 7 months ago +1

    *I feel bad for Peeta.*

  • sudhanshu ahalawat
    sudhanshu ahalawat 7 months ago

    Jennifer looks pretty

  • Harshita Joshi
    Harshita Joshi 7 months ago

    “When you shave can I eat your beard?”

  • Gatoman300
    Gatoman300 8 months ago

    i knew he wasn't gonna stand up

  • The Random Panda Man
    The Random Panda Man 8 months ago

    I wish this was cannon.

  • hima adi
    hima adi 8 months ago +1

    why the leader is not that mean

  • Tumelo Seeletso
    Tumelo Seeletso 8 months ago

    performance reducing drug hehehhehehhe

  • Harvey Hooke -

    I love how she’s still Katniss in this even though it’s SNL

  • touhid islam
    touhid islam 8 months ago

    What's with your beard?

  • OffdaRoots
    OffdaRoots 8 months ago

    I’ve been standing all this time 👨

  • Lydia F
    Lydia F 9 months ago

    where is that actor from, the one who played the guy with the insane beard

  • EpicIdiot Loser
    EpicIdiot Loser 9 months ago

    does not seem to work for me

  • Leeaaahhh
    Leeaaahhh 9 months ago

    One of the only annoyances I have with the hunger games movies: josh hutcherson is so SHORT 😂 peeta supposed to be towering

  • William Haines
    William Haines 9 months ago

    american comedy is so fucking shit

  • yana romanova
    yana romanova 9 months ago

    taran is surprisingly beautiful as peeta

  • Prince Charming
    Prince Charming 9 months ago

    performance reducing drugs ... I lost it :P

  • Denil Jose
    Denil Jose 9 months ago

    The last question was awesome 👌😂😂😂😂

  • Marco Castaldelli
    Marco Castaldelli 10 months ago

    It’s super

  • Noelle Sung
    Noelle Sung 10 months ago

    darn it i knew i shouldnt drink watee while watching this. now i got water up ma nose

  • Clarisse Couturier
    Clarisse Couturier 10 months ago

    This is hilarious

  • Tinydetectivemilkshake
    Tinydetectivemilkshake 10 months ago

    Jennifer looks so pretty 😍😍 as Katniss

  • Rose T
    Rose T 10 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣"What's with your beard?"

  • K
    K 10 months ago

    whos the actor on the left?

  • Happy Michie Worriah
    Happy Michie Worriah 10 months ago

    We liked her den

  • Save the Rhino
    Save the Rhino 10 months ago

    Wow. This is funnier than starving games.

  • Jan Christoffersen
    Jan Christoffersen 11 months ago

    Had this been in the movie, I would have watched the rest of the series

  • glk785
    glk785 11 months ago

    it's about gangstalking

  • doctorwho35
    doctorwho35 11 months ago

    Jennifer Lawrence is bae!!! 😍😍😍😍💙💚💜💛❤🌈

  • 666LaVey666
    666LaVey666 11 months ago

    I'd love to rape her assholes

  • violetgirl1996
    violetgirl1996 11 months ago


  • 김송주
    김송주 11 months ago

    키 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ돌았나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 외국에서도 저게 말이 나오는구낰ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  •  11 months ago

    this one sucked

  • Not an Actor
    Not an Actor Year ago

    This is such an interesting idea but so terribly done. How does anyone above age 10 find those questions funny?

  • Kimchen 1976
    Kimchen 1976 Year ago +2

    First of all congratulations.
    Thank you.
    I wasn't talking to you😂😂😂