• Published on Jan 6, 2017
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  • MM 12
    MM 12 9 days ago

    fukushima is a hoax as well as is more or less everything.

  • MM 12
    MM 12 9 days ago

    Stacked TNT in massive quantities is all it is - if there was real nukes don't you think some nutcase would have used one by now!

  • Luke Malic
    Luke Malic Month ago

    who is the australian guy comentating ?

  • Ann Tierney
    Ann Tierney Month ago

    Even if the government made it illegal to build a nuclear bomb, wouldn’t at least one of the millions of people over the past 70 years try and succeed at building one? Have to believe they would have.

  • White Devil from the Illuminati 223 my nibba

    Lucifer is not the sun..

  • Mike Liston
    Mike Liston Month ago

    Stupid System Marionettes always call this Kind of Naked Truth Uploads as "a conspiracy theory" Now we have 87 stupid sheeps right here, which had disliked this great Upload!!!

  • Ridley Rids
    Ridley Rids 2 months ago +1

    It’s painful. The world is under a spell.

  • petercoxable
    petercoxable 2 months ago +1

    Uranium is not a problem. The Hiroshima bomb (Little Boy) contained Uranium, which is why the fallout wasn't a problem. Maybe you morons should research the real killer, PLUTONIUM. Little boy contained no Plutonium. Todays Nukes are powered by Plutonium, which produces a much more powerful blast and deadly fallout.
    Try touching a spec of Plutonium (a man made Element) and see what happens.
    Another conspiracy Theory, with zero research to back it up.

    • petercoxable
      petercoxable 2 months ago +1

      paulanderson79 I just can’t stand conspiracy theories. All this video talked about was Uranium. So I was just informing them of Plutonium, which this Nuclear hoax never talks about.

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 2 months ago

      You're confusing fission bombs, which are plausible, with thermonuclear (hydrogen fusion) bombs, which aren't.

  • bradyspace
    bradyspace 2 months ago

    Nuclear materials are remarkable and producing heat. So flash heat, and incinerating plutonium type shrapnel would make the most sense. Essentially they fire bombed cities with one "big boy" rather than carpet bombing. With that said.... look at the materials they have deemed environmentally unfriendly, such as aspestos, the most fire proof material ever devised by man. If Hiroshima was covered in aspestos, it wouldn't have been touched.

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 2 months ago

      *asbestos, and it isn't the most fire proof material.

  • Martin Logos
    Martin Logos 2 months ago

    If you seek truth you shall find it. It starts with the obvious problems the mainstream wont acknowledge- Immigration, radical feminism etc.
    If you keep searching due to more questions, you will find out that there are big agendas at play, orchestrated mainly by Jews. Talmudic so called Jews. You come to the conclusion that the whole system is corrupt and fucked.
    Then, if you still have questions, its inevitable that sooner or later you will start seriously questioning what we are living on/in and what has been made just to scare us and keep us in shackles.

  • Jeff Sanders
    Jeff Sanders 2 months ago

    The narrator sounds a lot like the kid from terminator judgment day just grown up. which is crazy cuz what movie comes to mind when thinking about nuclear bombs (Other then Dr. Stangelove)?

  • NarrowTruth
    NarrowTruth 2 months ago

    @39:15 🎯

  • Paula Smith
    Paula Smith 2 months ago +3

    Flat earth is biblical fact and common sense.

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 2 months ago

      Err, yeah. Explain the physics then.

    • SCP Alapítvány
      SCP Alapítvány 2 months ago +1

      There is no information in the Bible about the shape of the Earth..

  • killi mimes
    killi mimes 3 months ago +1

    You must have wackadoodle tattooed on your forehead

  • Scott Keeler
    Scott Keeler 3 months ago

    So.... No wonder Israel, Pakistan, and India aren't signed up with the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and are being sanctioned by the UN.

  • Joe Bigs
    Joe Bigs 3 months ago


  • Joe Bigs
    Joe Bigs 3 months ago +1


  • Joe Bigs
    Joe Bigs 3 months ago +2

    Streets are the first to be cleaned for trucks to move

  • KQ Proud American Woman

    Was that a photo of Washington DC? Was that when DC burned down?

  • Greg Jay
    Greg Jay 4 months ago

    interesting, there is only 1 force, the electric force so my guess would be stolen Tesla technology Check an Australian fella named Wal Thornhill he has proven unequivocally that the universe is electric.

  • George Escott
    George Escott 4 months ago

    crack heads scare me...not the united states animators....

  • The Guillotine
    The Guillotine 5 months ago +2

    This is worse than the flat Earth movement. Just cause u don't understand nuclear physics, doesn't mean it is not real.♿

    • Lewis K
      Lewis K 29 days ago

      If they were a hoax that would be great cos then there really would be no more nukes!
      As for the Earth being flat. Does it really matter what shape your home is if you are burning it down? 😁

    • Drew Milliot
      Drew Milliot 4 months ago +1

      Scary that I had to scroll down this far to find the first sane comment.

  • Follower-of-Jesus- 253
    Follower-of-Jesus- 253 5 months ago +2

    So if nuclear weapons do not exist, than what about all these horrible nuclear power plants all over the U.S. and world? Are nuclear power plants a hoax too??

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 2 months ago

      No.. Nuclear power plants are real. As are research and medical reactors. Fission bombs (of the type allegedly used against Japan in 1945 at the end of WWII) are plausible. Thermonuclear (hydrogen fusion) bombs are not.

    • G. Confa
      G. Confa 3 months ago

      The process of producing energy out of radioactive materials and to divide the atom and cause a chain reaction are very different. Chernobyl didn't explode in a nuclear fision reaction, neither Fukushima, the problem is how they expelled the material into the atmosphere.

    • Son of Jacob
      Son of Jacob 4 months ago +1

      The plants may exist. But does not prove they are able to make nuclear bombs from them

      BETA BUM GAMING INC 4 months ago

      And im not talkibg for jyst the USA either but the world we need to wake up and see the real issues of what's wrong with this planet

      BETA BUM GAMING INC 4 months ago

      I know as much as I*

  • Robert Spitznas
    Robert Spitznas 5 months ago +3

    They sure think they're slick... Fear propaganda. Lucifer is so arrogant,he is exposing himself.... Realize Real Lies with Real Eyes

  • Žmogus Hibridas
    Žmogus Hibridas 6 months ago +1


  • FireFirePow
    FireFirePow 6 months ago +7

    Yeah, ever since I was even a child the Hiroshima/Nagasaki aftermath footage never really made sense to me.

    STRATEGIC THOUGHT 6 months ago +1

    The cameras on the models don't even flinch. Don't you think that might be a little obvious? It's laughable to me that nobody even thought about that, that the cameras would be obliterated. They are completely Motionless.

  • NorthWest Firefighter
    NorthWest Firefighter 6 months ago

    He felt HEAT from 40 miles away from the bomb? 😳 yeah right!

    • TheThruster24
      TheThruster24 2 months ago +2

      Richard clarke You can feel heat from fusion 93 million miles away but 40 miles isn’t believable?

  • Matt Duckworth
    Matt Duckworth 6 months ago +9

    OMG are you all trying to say that we didnt drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that we never blew up any nukes and neither did any other countries? WOW I have heard some crazy conspiracies but this one takes the cake

  • Tyler Sane
    Tyler Sane 7 months ago

    Yup its just a dick measuring contest when it come down to it xD lol we use any other weapons we have made if nukes were real nobody woulda stopped using them! I think they got giant bombs but the after effect is faked because that's the scary part! Not being blown to dust in a matter of seconds! I'd rather die in the blast anytime over dying by radiation poisoning lol.

  • T Cat
    T Cat 7 months ago +5

    Nuclear weapons are fake because I made one and it didn't work.

  • D rock1212
    D rock1212 7 months ago +2

    This is the dumbest hoax video I’ve ever seen. Let’s hope just all hope your right.

    MOJUKIN LOVER 7 months ago

    I really don't know but yep there are many inconsistences. Carpets fire bombing in Nagasaki and Hiroshima seems possible. One things for sure ..we all know that nearly everything our government s tell us are lies.. complete and utter bullshit mostly. Thank God today the 4/12/17the world is waking up. This can be seen to be true as the agenda is picking up speed and are pushing hard. The Bomb is of course the end he seems to me that if countries like Iran or any terrorist groups etc would have certainly used one by now. It is a possibility that there maybe A Bomb but to the extent that we are being told is oat likely a lie. Anyone seen the tourist info on Hiroshima.. there is no evidence of decaying isotope what so ever which we are told is impossible.. lies lies lies...
    PS it's possible to create the same mushroom cloud with TNT.. lies lies lies.

  • Jay Velasquez
    Jay Velasquez 7 months ago +1

    Hoax this hoax that, just how soon can one safely step foot and film on ground zero without the hazards of radiation? How soon? Days? Months? Years?

  • Steviyah 4
    Steviyah 4 7 months ago


  • Nathan Reed
    Nathan Reed 8 months ago

    Just started the video, saw the Glendon’s Map in your logo..... Subscribed!
    Typo Edit: “Gleason’s Map” I bloody hate the touch keyboard and spellchecker!! Ugh

  • Pete Dabbing
    Pete Dabbing 9 months ago

    13:09 "their aren't many of us left".. He means, people that went running in the woods during nuclear testing..

  • Isaac Torres
    Isaac Torres 9 months ago +1

    FDR was an illumanti viper..who allowed pearl harbor to happen

  • wavedoods
    wavedoods 9 months ago

    Bet you think the earth is flat too .. lol

  • BadwolfGamer
    BadwolfGamer 9 months ago +2

    What is your opinion on the cast and crew from the movie known as "The Conqueror" developing cancer after supposedly filming in an area which was radiated with nuclear fallout, apparently a lot of mormons developed cancer and a lot of their livestock died of cancer too.
    Perhaps pure coincidence?

    • Arts of Mars
      Arts of Mars 10 days ago

      Perhaps that is the conspiracy bullshit. More claims without evidence. If you claim nuclear weapon exist, prove it. Till then dont be a cult disciple of any religion like nuclear weapon church of the chosen sheeple.

  • Claudia Bothner
    Claudia Bothner 11 months ago

    is there some global mass prayer- and meditation group for the world leaders and their closest influencers/advisors? let us peace- and love-bomb , pray for their healing of fear-based thinking .

  • jesse bongo
    jesse bongo 11 months ago +2

    Every physicist on the planet seems to be commenting here...remarkable !!!.

  • Darren Finnerty
    Darren Finnerty 11 months ago +2

    What about nuclear power plants .... ???

    • Lewis Higgs
      Lewis Higgs 4 months ago

      Hydrogen plants.

      BETA BUM GAMING INC 4 months ago

      Ever been in one? I haven't and I don't believe nothing i hear and half of what I see cause i do know everything since I've been a kid has been a lie all started with Santa lol now nothing is what it seems for real tho

    • Jessica Dunn
      Jessica Dunn 6 months ago

      I'm curious about that too!!!

  • Freak Azoid
    Freak Azoid 11 months ago +7

    So, using this logic: Henry Ford was a Freemason, so that proves that automobiles are a hoax.

    • D D.
      D D. 8 months ago +2

      Freak Azoid there’s probably a much more efficient & logical way to travel but were so dumbed down & believe everything they preach us they cash in were limited to 15 gallon tanks, increasing gas prices, an 8 hour charge per 200 miles before highly surveyed & scheduled rail 🤷‍♂️

  • Randal R
    Randal R Year ago +11

    gravity,NUKES,Meteors,Asteroids,Space,NASA all lying wonders.

  • Randal R
    Randal R Year ago

    yeah, if NUKES do exist, then when the nations make war with God (Jesus) @ Armageddon (Judgement of the nations-fullness of the gentiles (unsaved-unbelieving)
    they can use them on God. What fools they are!

  • Randal R
    Randal R Year ago

    @2:45 the narrative text says Fire twisted the beams steel, not so, bldg fire does not melt steel, a blast furnace does.

  • Randal R
    Randal R Year ago +4

    A lone bomber? it was three I was taught. lone bomber got into Japan, why dint they try that in Germany, lone bomber to Berlin and hit the Vatican lackey Hitler.
    This world is so full of lies and deceptions, it's got to be ruled by the devil.aka father of lies.
    Did not in Pearl harbor the flop film they have three bombers, like a spear? The spear that pierced him on the cross. DJT is the tip of the spear.
    Sanhedrin I heard has issued, minted two different TEMPLE coins with TRUMP on the front of each.
    Hope you have understanding.

    • TheThruster24
      TheThruster24 2 months ago +2

      Randal R Imperial Japan hardly had any aircraft capable of intercepting a B29 at high altitude, they reserved fighters for large formations of bombers and considered lone aircraft to be reconnaissance. They had also never dealt with nukes before and didn’t have a reason to suspect it was anything but camera equipment like the dozens of lone aircraft that flew over before that.

    • Bernát Kun
      Bernát Kun 2 months ago +1

      the war in europe ended before the nukes were ready, duh
      and btw who told you, that any movie should be factually correct? they are not obliged to. neiter is this video obliged to.

  • Accidental music
    Accidental music Year ago

    Uranium h35 don't be confused

  • Accidental music
    Accidental music Year ago

    Nukes are very real unfuseable metals BOOOM

  • Michel Folco
    Michel Folco Year ago +4

    Meticulously researched from mums basement.

  • Michel Folco
    Michel Folco Year ago +1

    And another nutcase... Every conspiracy weirdo seems to be heavy breathers for some weird reason.

    • LAGN EUK 015845991
      LAGN EUK 015845991 5 months ago

      You trust your government and your not a nut? Lol U R A Statist Lol

  • Iron Goose
    Iron Goose Year ago

    What do the people in Japan say about those cities being fire bombed instead of nuclear bombed?

    • theTRUman
      theTRUman  Year ago +2

      Iron Goose there are interviews with japan natives who were children claiming it was in fact a fire bombing.

  • JonesyFit
    JonesyFit Year ago

    I haven't finished the video yet, but what about all the deformed people and babies from those explosions in Japan?

    • TheThruster24
      TheThruster24 2 months ago

      LAGN EUK 015845991 No one claims that napalm caused birth defects, the birth defects are a result of agent orange invented in the 1960’s. Napalm is literally just a mixture of gasoline and soap.

    • LAGN EUK 015845991
      LAGN EUK 015845991 5 months ago

      Napalm. Same as Vietnam.

  • jerry esters
    jerry esters Year ago


    • theTRUman
      theTRUman  Year ago

      jerry esters very interesting

  • Rrobert Dee
    Rrobert Dee Year ago

    How do you know the temp of the core of the earth? You been there?

  • Baco Miric
    Baco Miric Year ago +9

    If nuclear weapon exist, there should be no one living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki regardless of strength of such weapon. We see the opposite picture.
    Life is taking place as usual.
    We should see so called nuclear test sites where they show us nuclear weapons in action. Everything is smashing, shaking apart from camera that is filming.
    Only camera is unmovable.
    It's a joke. It's a carpet bomb but very strong nothing else and world leaders use it as a propaganda weapon to attack all countries who won't give up their oil to USA.

    • Lord bucket head Polling
      Lord bucket head Polling 2 months ago +2

      @Baco Miric if you even knew basic physics you would understand that it’s a fission reaction that’s uncontrolled. What else powers out nuclear power stations or is that a hoax too? I would like to see what you have to say

    • Lord bucket head Polling
      Lord bucket head Polling 5 months ago +3

      @Baco Miric the radiation released after the nuclear blast at Hiroshima is still deadly in its initial days but it is spread over a much larger distant and is not constantly releasing alpha particles unlike Chernobyl where it’s is still to this day emitting for more radiation than a nuclear blast

  • The Bipolar Bear
    The Bipolar Bear Year ago

    Thunderf00t was awesome, once again!!

  • The Bipolar Bear
    The Bipolar Bear Year ago

    Thunderf00t was awesome, once again!!

  • mark boggs
    mark boggs Year ago

    Do you think that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed? If so, what happened to the bomber crews who did it?

    • theTRUman
      theTRUman  Year ago +1

      mark boggs anyway...the bomb crew....they took a vow of secrecy, did the job, got paid, then went home and had sex with their signigicant other on top of a pile of cash, never to be spoken of in relation to the bombing again. Is that a good enough answer...cuz thats prob EXACTLY what happened

    • theTRUman
      theTRUman  Year ago +1

      mark boggs look at all my uploads. I love questions and I love helping. And thats exactly what I did in my first couple responses...until I realized all you wanted to read was "omg...youre right! You!!!"

    • theTRUman
      theTRUman  Year ago +1

      mark boggs its one thing to discuss...its another thing to ask questions with the assumption the hoax is a hoax.

    • theTRUman
      theTRUman  Year ago +1

      mark boggs no....oil paintings prove nothing

    • mark boggs
      mark boggs Year ago

      theTRUman. I know fu*k all about this. I only started investigating it a few days ago. I just asked you to explain something which I do not understand about this and you are not interested in discussing it?
      Um... LOL? Oil paintings and wine prove that nukes were set off in 1945. Don't they? Oh wait. You don't like questions. Sorry... I guess I'm on the wrong channel. My bad...

    BLUBLUD Year ago

    Hydrogen doesn't implodes

  • John Brooks
    John Brooks Year ago

    I used to go to the Hornet/Mustiness reunion. One of the sailors tiled me the bomb was loaded up and went the other way. I thought he was crazy then. I was wrong.

  • Troy Thomas
    Troy Thomas Year ago +4

    I suppose Nuclear Power Plants are actually millions of Gerbils running on wheels?

    • Bilal Khalid
      Bilal Khalid 4 months ago

      You are 100% correct.

      BETA BUM GAMING INC 4 months ago

      It's where all the LSD went mk ultra is controlling our brains

    • A O
      A O 9 months ago

      Nuclear power plant fake too... Coal burning inside

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 Year ago +1

      +Stacy Stroker - That's a fair point, and I do agree that MSM keeps well away from anything so controversial such that it might offend the paymasters. I genuinely don't have any alternative theories to offer because I've no evidence to support any claims I might make. I am not saying you're wrong, I am merely looking for conclusive evidence supporting that which you and many others cite. Thanks for considered and sensible dialogue. It makes a change not being bombarded with abuse - RU-clip seems to be a good source of abuse. I am not terribly worried about reactor waste to be honest. The most highly reactive isotopes have short half-lives and thus decay rapidly. Depleted uranium itself can be stored in a pool of water a couple of feet deep. I am genuinely torn on this whole subject and I welcome dialogue such as this.

    • Space Dementia
      Space Dementia Year ago +1

      paulanderson79 this is not from mainstream sources. Msm will not touch this except to deny it’s being used. If you have another theory as to why these horrible mutations are happening, I will gladly give it some consideration

  • Matt Holton
    Matt Holton Year ago +7

    Claiming that nuclear weapons do not exist is a foolish idealist hope. The physics of how they work is quite easy to understand and the evidence for their existence so overwhelming that it is foolish to pretend otherwise. I wish such weapons did not exist, but unfortunately they do.

    • D D.
      D D. 6 months ago

      Hydrogen & oxygen implodes

    • D D.
      D D. 8 months ago +2

      Matt Holton they say the physics of how “gravity” works makes sense and has evidence of existing - they’ve got nothin.

  • sizigi13music
    sizigi13music Year ago +9

    Days after American sokiders are walking the streets with out radioactive gear??? The land is supposed to be uninhabitable for decades

    • Bernát Kun
      Bernát Kun 2 months ago

      Their gear would have been in fact radioactive if they walked on ground zero days after the detonation - which they couldn't do, as Japan was yet to capitulate, which didn't happen until months later.

  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson Year ago


  • axelfoley20
    axelfoley20 Year ago +17

    Radiation is heat. Galen Winsor would go around the country eating uranium. Uranium can be dangerous but for the most part it's safe to even handle by hand. The reason they try to make it out as being very dangerous is because they can then hold a type of monopoly on it and keep the price high because it's an amazing resource. It can create a lot of heat and thus create energy with almost no energy needed to start.

  • Eric T. Vogler
    Eric T. Vogler Year ago +1

    Cue banjo music

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones Year ago

    I haven't researched it yet, but according to 'history' (his-story) what do you all think happened in Hiroshima?

    • theTRUman
      theTRUman  Year ago

      DTA 4321 thanks

    • DTA 4321
      DTA 4321 Year ago

      +theTRUman cluster bombs

    • theTRUman
      theTRUman  Year ago +1

      whatever the term is for a bunch of little bombs being dropped all at once across the entire city. scatter bombing?

  • CodeNameBravo
    CodeNameBravo Year ago +1

    I was thinking it was the sun before you said and could tell when they used composite layers.

  • Perry Clark
    Perry Clark Year ago +8

    the old films of Hiroshima and Tokyo reminds me of the fires in California and various places, jmo

  • Victoria M
    Victoria M Year ago +1

    the pictures from Japanese cities remind me of Nor+So Cal areas with lots of twisted metal! magic fires, magic embers ...yeah

  • Ben Leffel
    Ben Leffel Year ago +4

    Low effort trolling. 0/10.

  • Nicholas Ennos
    Nicholas Ennos Year ago +5

    Philippe Hubert's test for the age of wine showed there was no caesium 137 in the atmosphere before the first nuclear power station accident at Chalk River in 1952. So all nuclear bombs before 1952 were fake. No doubt all nuclear weapons since 1952 are fake too.

    • LoveWisdomHarmony
      LoveWisdomHarmony Year ago

      incorrect. since the cause of the poisoning comes from the corruption of food and medication, todays cancer and leukemia does not come from some Voodoo radiation in the past, or cancer and leukemia would be the highest in the past and getting better and better as time passes, it just does not correlate with reality, also cancer and leukemia look at dr bergman, how ever plenty of studies and cases in the past show how harmful things are sold as healthy... and every time people assume we wont be fooled again... people put their trust in the institution that fooled them not once, not twice, but so many times that counting becomes pointless.
      radiation exists in wide variety :P electromagnetic, thermal and light, UV, microwave, electric... :P too much can be harmful... but it requires a steady source as radiation is absorbed by everything that has less radiation then the original object, it shares its radiation like thermal energy, different energies have different wave lenghts and hence reflect and pierce through things too a different degree... i have seen far to much contradicting evidence when it comes to radiation and humanity simply does not have enough data on long term effects of radiation on the human body, especially the nervous system...
      radium supposedly caused a bunch of ''harm'' but so little supporting evidence exists... it is not difinitive enough since other chemicals and radiating technologies can cause similar effects, enough to fake the little ''evidence'' that does exist

  • Hawaiiguy Kailua
    Hawaiiguy Kailua Year ago +1

    How could anyone believe they use a bullet chamber with separated uranium types in a conventional bomb, then when they want to create the nuclear detonation they shoot a projectile from one side of the uranium along the closed chamber into the other uranium. Thats makes zero sense as all they explained is that somehow kinetic energy is the source of the "chain reaction" At less than 2,000 fps, I don't think so.

    • DTA 4321
      DTA 4321 Year ago

      +paulanderson79 most people do...

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 Year ago

      +kgbme - you're missing the point.

  • ACMilan2016
    ACMilan2016 Year ago +1

    @theTruman is radiation a fraud too? Like Cell phone, computer radiation? Is that bad for you or no?

      BETA BUM GAMING INC 4 months ago

      Dont think no one ever claimed thst to be fake but what it is is a way to keep espionage on their enemy know where there enemy is at all times to their ultimate goal which they failed with mk ultra which is now the new 5g that the oh so naive ppl think our world is fine and dandy... We are their goal before the population as a whole wakes up and. Imean the whole planet. Government ties is really why the government lies cause there's never been a war on drugs or nuclear weapons but a war of poor working ppl vs the rich make every one confused and they all sit back profiting off their scare tatics and propaganda

  • Im.The.Savage
    Im.The.Savage Year ago +11

    This video was created after fighting a losing battle with methamphetamine addiction.

    • Lord bucket head Polling
      Lord bucket head Polling 5 months ago

      @Michael this comment was made ON NO FACTUALLY CORRECT GROUND

    • bigsid54
      bigsid54 8 months ago +1

      Gosh Mr. Savage is still asleep, and don't wake him because he is too dumb for an awake state...

    • Michael
      Michael Year ago +5

      This comment was made after fighting a losing battle with border control, low IQ, bad hombre culture, and a knack for believing what ever it is you’re told because you are an imbecile.

    • Lola Rodriguez
      Lola Rodriguez Year ago +2

      Joseph Savage 😂😂😂😁🤣🤣😁

  • Bucky Lastards Network

    If you want a quick lesson on how explosive forces create differing colours; examine how a shooting star works: Its simply a tiny particle hitting the UPPER Gases "Density" in the Atmos; coming from an almost non Atmosphere and heating up instantly and burning up at the same time:
    The"fiery feared" mushroom cloud of explosive forces; or rather directed explosives happens because the substances/forces take the easiest route from A to B; which is to travel upwards; going from the ground; formed from matter; to liquid to gas to vaporization as they speed up then slow down by the natural repelling gases we live under: Drop water and it will curve into itself into a ball/globule of itself; and splash on a surface; where most of it will splat upwards; outwards; into smaller globules and all will come downwards following the easiest route: A to B
    People think that there is no Atmos; or it has to be a solid thing to seperate two equally repelling forces when this is not the case; or some think "re-entry" doesnt happen; but all you have to do is stick your own hand out a car window as it travels 30; 40 or 60mph and try and hold it there: Feel that force?
    Now imagine that 60mph is 00mph where your hand is free swinging about/dangling and the wind hits it at 6,000mph: Now do you get it?
    You may feel a burn; but it will tear right of and engulf the rest: For me this explains the foundation of an Atmos to any layman or professional IMO: At 60,000ft up; the gases density actually boil human blood/water outside of a protective environment/airtight suit:
    Splitting a uranium atom is actually splitting the NUKLEUS of the Atom: The energy required to split and atom is equal to potential forces INSIDE it which bind it together: Atoms or rather the NuClues of atoms are bound by a NuKeClear Nuclear aka UnClear Self Sustaining Fission process and Blah de Blah Blah Blah:
    When a uranium-235 atom absorbs a neutron and fission's into two new atoms, it releases three new neutrons and some binding energy and Blah de Blah Blah Blah:
    The Atom; well actually a Neutron has never been observed by a human being; ever:
    Also; I hypothesize that actually the forces required to do such an impossible destruction are equal to the energy that is INSIDE & OUTSIDE of the Atom; thus it is equal to the entire power of the whole observable Solar System:
    For me; if you impossibly split an REAL atom; then the next atom ruptures; or explodes and then the next 2 the next 4 and the process keeps going in the blink of an eye:
    FOLKS....We live in under a very nefarious Scientific Dictatorship and I say this with ability to back it up:

  • Bucky Lastards Network

    Just to put things in perspective: Heres a `small` explosion in Ukraine just 2 years ago I think it was: This would make ISIS jealous :>)
    The Country or Location which offensively fires an ICBM at another; is a Goner: No disputing this will change it: A smart nation will never use such methods even if a Nuke was possible: How many predominantly Islamic Countries are there? Now how many of those claim to have the "Nuke"? Strange isnt it....

  • bad.rasta
    bad.rasta Year ago +11

    do we exist?

    • Bilal Khalid
      Bilal Khalid 4 months ago

      You exist but you are flat... Not round.

    • vernon padilla
      vernon padilla 7 months ago +1

      bad.rasta You are a figment of my imagination. You simply do not exist.

  • Brian McClain
    Brian McClain Year ago +3

    Smugly reading the FDA disclaimer aloud proves absolutely nada.That FDA disclaimer is standard on all vitamins and nutritional supplements. The FDA only approves on clinical trials that literally cost hundreds of millions of dollars to conduct and can only be done on synthetic patentable DRUGS. Natural stuff isn't patentable, so cannot undergo clinical trials due to prohibitive cost and cannot get FDA approval, anyway. You clearly know very little about supplements, the supplements (or drug) industry, or the U.S. regulatory environment.

  • v3ktör147
    v3ktör147 Year ago +1

    THICC 22 :)

  • Kenny Osele
    Kenny Osele Year ago +1

    T H I C C

  • SuperGikes
    SuperGikes Year ago


  • spiderruin5
    spiderruin5 Year ago +48

    Welcome everyone on the FBI watchlist :)

    • C V
      C V 19 days ago

      No doubt.
      Everyone with a brain, and using it.

    • Love Truth
      Love Truth 3 months ago +1

      Hahaha hello FBI, NSA, CIA. Please leave a like on this comment when you are an agent and read this comment. Leave a dislike if you are an agent and believe your own government employed you for moral correct reasons 😂

    • Robert Spitznas
      Robert Spitznas 5 months ago +1

      More fear propaganda

    • Texasforever
      Texasforever 6 months ago +2

      Make them earn that pay check.

    • vernon padilla
      vernon padilla 7 months ago +3

      A list of curious people.

  • Billie Smothers
    Billie Smothers Year ago +2

    Where is mi tin foil hat

  • Collaborative Filmworks

    General MacArthur admitted it (in not so many words):
    “Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear -- kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor -- with the cry of grave national emergency... Always there has been some terrible evil to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.” - Douglas MacArthur

    • Lyndell
      Lyndell 2 months ago

      Even in children's programs.

  • Robert Curl
    Robert Curl Year ago

    This is hilarious. Asking people if they've heard nukes are fake without commenting if they're really pretty not is by far the greatest scientific survey ever! Icing on the cake was asking veterans worked with them how he knew it was a nuclear weapon LMAO

    • Robert Curl
      Robert Curl Year ago

      CatchCanista it blows my mind how dumb some people can be about this kind of stuff.

    • CatchCanista
      CatchCanista Year ago

      King Rob the military veteran burned him, this guy has no actual experience with nuclear facilities so he couldnt refute the veteran

  • jimmy johnston
    jimmy johnston Year ago +2

    'Galen Widsor' looks like Anthony Hopkins.

  • Supercrossed Up
    Supercrossed Up Year ago +2

    A fire isn’t going to reach the temperature needed to weaken a steel beam so much that it gets twisted. Does a fire blow out ever single window? No.

    • Joe Morrell
      Joe Morrell 5 months ago

      Don't let the 9/11 sheeple hear you talk like that...

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 Year ago

      London blitz 1940s blew out many windows and destroyed buildings en mass

  • alex m.e.s.
    alex m.e.s. Year ago +55

    Nuclear Bomb is like the satellite, modern Fairytale

    • Lyndell
      Lyndell 2 months ago


    • Dan
      Dan 2 months ago

      What are you trying to say? How is that shilling in any way, shape or form? Are you retarded?

    • Jimmy Johnston
      Jimmy Johnston 2 months ago

      @Dan Nobody claimed that was true. False logic, and a straw shilling.

    • Dan
      Dan 2 months ago

      Just because you haven't seen it in person doesn't mean it doesn't exist you lunatic.

    • Peckerwood
      Peckerwood 2 months ago

      @Dan I agree, I can look up on any given night and see sattelites literally everywhere. I have never seen a nuke in person but the government says they are real so I know they have to be.

  • andrew curran
    andrew curran Year ago +3

    The ignorance and fuckwittery here is astounding. Step away from the internet and get yourself a girlfriend. Or at least study some degree level physics, so you can understand nuclear physics and effects of large atmospheric energy releases.

    • DTA 4321
      DTA 4321 Year ago

      +Michael its all theoretical

    • Michael
      Michael Year ago

      andrew curran maybe they count on the fact that nobody really understands physics because for one to understand physics, one would need to be equivalently good at dungeons and dragons. All fantasy, all imaginary attacks, no tangible weapons.

  • Daniel Ebbeling
    Daniel Ebbeling Year ago +7

    Does this apply to fission power plants ;also?

    • Bernát Kun
      Bernát Kun 2 months ago

      @A O wtf dued go to highschool pls

    • A O
      A O 9 months ago

      Working with Coal...

    • paulanderson79
      paulanderson79 Year ago

      No. Different beasts entirely.

  • Mort Business
    Mort Business Year ago +5

    I reckon if I made a RU-clip video called, "AIRCRAFT CARRIERS ARE A HOAX!!!" ...complete with keen arguments about Battlestar Galactica models and special effects fakery, and pseudophysics "proofs" that jet aircraft can't possibly land on moving ships... and of course, selectively cherry picked a bunch of edited public footage with oh-so-enlightened "But do we REALLY know?" pseudoscientific heckling... such a video would go viral in a week, and then the real ridiculous virus of copycat millennial morons with some pot, a basement. and a desktop would proliferate dozens of "Aircraft Carriers: the Impossible Hoax!" junk begging the Sheeple to "Wake up!" and understand that aircraft carriers couldn't possibly exist since none of us have actually ever seeeeen one. And the ones we have seen are just props-- they're fake! Come to think... AIRCRAFT CARRIERS ARE A HOAX!!! ...shit, I never knew....

    • LAGN EUK 015845991
      LAGN EUK 015845991 5 months ago


    • bcar86007ify
      bcar86007ify Year ago

      Tuokool So then what was the purpose of Operation Domjnick? What were they bombing the firmament with?

    • Staying Lit 420
      Staying Lit 420 Year ago

      Mort Business Always gotta include marijuana.

    • Tuokool
      Tuokool Year ago +3

      Everything is tying in. Nasa, Antartica, Nukes, Einstein. It all makes sense once you see. BTW, some of that "nuke" footage looks so fake now, clearly layered and models in many. Just like Apollo looks now, very fake.

    • Billie Smothers
      Billie Smothers Year ago +1

      Dude, I think you have struck Utube gold!!!

  • Julie Ann
    Julie Ann Year ago +28

    Before I watch this, I thank you for the title alone... I heard somewhere a quote &. it stated "there will never be a nuclear attack, it kills business"... from there I knew the truth immediately.. its like it clicked... and so with that... again I thank you...

      BETA BUM GAMING INC 4 months ago +2

      God i feel so dumb cause i just figured thatvout yesterday just cause I hate my life whatever but I was like i wish they blow us up but they ain't gonna do shit cause they greedy and want all the money... Than it also clicked the elites are all the government's of the world cause whats always really been the war between the rich and the working poor I was making way better money 13 years ago than today im homeless and can't find a job. So I've been doing research and its just crazy and all makes sense keep all the countries against each other everyone second guessing everyone while they collect off the profits of war and scare tatics of nuclear weapons and religion who are "they" that we dont know and all these secret societies hmmmmmmm we ppl. In. Every country has the revolutionary right to overthrow our government when we've become weary of them

    • Claudia Bothner
      Claudia Bothner 11 months ago

      But Kim II doesn't look as though feeling too good , hope he has calming, mature, healthy advisors.

    • scott dyet
      scott dyet Year ago

      What nuclear weapons seem be part of controlling the masses the Western power's Vs the Eastern block countries the situation has changed today you have a modern Russia China theres a cold war mentality even modern times tensions ratcheting up you can't see an end to it

    • theTRUman
      theTRUman  Year ago +3

      Yup. They are just a dear tactic, cuz they make no sense....for anyone...even the evil agenda

  • zardozyo
    zardozyo Year ago +16

    Lots of individuals that have no capacity for critical thinking.

    • Bernát Kun
      Bernát Kun 2 months ago +1

      exactly, therefore they all watch dumb conspiracy videos on the internet instead of learning fuckin BASIC CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS

    • griffineagle7
      griffineagle7 Year ago

      get them to think there ain't such a thing at a time they desperatly want to use them ?? yet they will convince those tellinfg it wasn't a nuclear bomb they just launched if true !

    • VelcraDeFang
      VelcraDeFang Year ago +4

      Poor nick, the ladies don't like him because he is a prick.

    • Nicholas Ennos
      Nicholas Ennos Year ago +6

      They are called women

  • TheRange
    TheRange Year ago +23

    It is VERY strange that despite the bombing Japan now loves the USA. mmmmm........

    • Luh Shine
      Luh Shine 6 months ago +2

      because japan was overthrown

    • Jason Long
      Jason Long Year ago +1

      I've thought the same...something is off

    • mckavitt
      mckavitt Year ago +3

      TheRange The US has bombed many places & been embraced afterwards whilst rebuilding all the damage their bombs have done, due to their special charm, GIs giving out candy & bubble gum to children in ruined streets, Coca Cola & great propaganda as to how nice they really were... despite all the destruction they acknowledged committing.

    • Lapse Time
      Lapse Time Year ago

      they think that Russia did it.

    • NewEarth Son
      NewEarth Son Year ago +1

      TheRange I also believe this to be odd myself.

  • Alex D
    Alex D Year ago +95

    The earth is a young, enclosed, motionless plane. You lose credibility when you bring up billions of years and other fairy tales. Other than that, a well done documentary. 🙂

    • Paula Smith
      Paula Smith 2 months ago +1

      Amen! Flat earth is biblical fact.

    • D D.
      D D. 5 months ago

      god worden fakenews

    • D Mars
      D Mars 6 months ago

      @Kenneth W. Lovette Guess you never heard of the Annunaki and the Bible is plagiarized from centuries of other religions....especially the Egyptians.

    • god worden
      god worden 6 months ago

      Alex D It’s absolutely not young. There are bones of giants in the ground and the pyramids have been standing for ages.

    • NorthWest Firefighter
      NorthWest Firefighter 6 months ago

      Amen Alex!

  • TheGCW
    TheGCW Year ago +3

    Eat plenty Magic Mushrooms and You will experience a Nuclear Explosion within..... and the Truth will Make you Free... from this Hell io centric Hoax, where flowing fields of Fear-fortified, Fake flavored, Fable filled Foods are Fixed and Forever frying foul, for A Feast to Feed a Family of fools, Fallen Fatal, frozen with no flowering of Freedom.... IOW.. a Fake house intends complete deception by design.

  • Andy Passmore
    Andy Passmore Year ago +18

    So concrete and steel buildings can survive an atomic bomb at ground zero?
    Meanwhile at the World Trade Centre 9/11....
    LMFAO Talk about taking the piss eh? P.E.I. Man-Canada is correct: 'Its all mind games and BULLSHIT'

    • Patricia O'Connor
      Patricia O'Connor 2 months ago +1

      People need to just use there common sense the only way they can effect the atom is in a gigantic cylatrone spinning the atoms not a small stationary cylinder

    • Just4kGaming
      Just4kGaming 8 months ago +1

      Didn't think about that. Good one.