How To: Easy 5-Minute Makeup Tutorial

  • Published on Oct 4, 2017
  • We’re always on the hunt for quick and easy makeup routines that will get us out the door not only looking and feeling pretty but also on time. Watch Kim Soane, Bobbi Brown's Executive Director of Artistry, as she shows you all the steps for a quick morning routine, perfect for those days when you are running late for work or school.
    - Instant Full Cover Concealer:
    - Full Coverage Face Brush:
    - Skin Foundation Stick:
    - Bronzing Powder:
    - Bronzer Brush:
    - Art Stick in Electric Pink:
    - Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil:
    - Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Vanilla:
    - Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Taupe:
    - Eye Opening Mascara:
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Comments • 720

  • Gabriela Popovici

    I saw video much better made from non professional people... Sorry

  • Corie Rodriguez
    Corie Rodriguez Day ago +1

    You can look fantastic with a natural makeup at any age remember less is more .

  • Jackie S
    Jackie S 3 days ago

    excellent video...sprinting to Bobbi Brown counter :)

  • Susan Benjamin
    Susan Benjamin 4 days ago

    i don't usually put much stock into whether or not people are wearing makeup but i have to say, you do look more professional after your five minutes. i'm thinking 'who would i rather talk to about money?' and it's your after photo.

  • Aadya Srivastava
    Aadya Srivastava 5 days ago +1

    Please do one video with a brunette too... Almost all her tips wouldn't look good on us... Otherwise great tutorial 😊

  • Dee M
    Dee M 6 days ago

    It looks great.

  • brianna and braelynn
    brianna and braelynn 7 days ago +2

    Fanstatic job this was a wonderful video. Thank you for this

  • SN Think-Different
    SN Think-Different 7 days ago

    You are beautiful with and without makeup.

  • La Pèrdua De Pes Dietista

    your voice is so relaxing i think it is perfect

  • V Wiggins
    V Wiggins 9 days ago +1

    Dear you really don't need that much makeup you actually do have a natural look and a glow about you you are truly blessed

  • marivi moya
    marivi moya 13 days ago

    Love it! Gorgeous earrings!

  • Glenda Menger
    Glenda Menger 13 days ago

    2 questions 1. How do you keep your makeup from getting on your clothes and 2. are you using the same brush for all the these blending .

    • Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
      Bobbi Brown Cosmetics  13 days ago

      Thanks for your questions, Glenda. Using a powder helps to set your makeup for better wear. And, for this quick, 5- minute face Kim uses our Full Coverage Face Brush and Bronzer Brush. We invite you to come chat with our online Bobbi Brown Artists for help with your own personalized regimen. Click here (and even upload your photo) to get started:

  • Olya Mor
    Olya Mor 13 days ago +1

    Your have such a great skin naturally. You don’t need the foundation at all!

    • helen campbell
      helen campbell 13 days ago

      Olya Mor: She does indeed have nice skin but I can see why she applied foundation. It was light with a lovely sheen. Foundation is always the canvass for make up. So many lightweight ones out there that match your own colour. Above all foundation does protect your skin against pollution and wind both of which can have an adverse result often causing your skin to dry out. This is where women are the luckier sex.

  • Bel Fiori
    Bel Fiori 18 days ago

    Yes! I'm Italian I have them too! :)

  • Karen M.
    Karen M. 18 days ago +3

    5 minute tutorial 9 minutes and 42 seconds long

  • theditti1010
    theditti1010 19 days ago

    I am jealous. I would like to be blonde blue eyed Director ...

  • Kris Pinto
    Kris Pinto 20 days ago

    What color pink is she using on the lips and cheeks in the ‘crayons stick’

    • Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
      Bobbi Brown Cosmetics  20 days ago +1

      Thanks for asking, Kris. Kim is using our Electric Pink Art Stick. This multi-tasking product is perfect for lovely color on your cheeks and lips. We also love our Crystal Lip Gloss over top on the lips to add soft shine. View both products here: and

  • Mirela
    Mirela 21 day ago

    Je bas..toliko korektora ne ide ispod oka osim ako nemate 20.god

  • D F
    D F 22 days ago

    Super cool .
    Fast and easy ! Thank you !

  • Ingrid Smith
    Ingrid Smith 28 days ago

    All that make up costs about $300 at least and then you rebuy about every month

  • Ingrid Smith
    Ingrid Smith 28 days ago +1

    Everything is great. She doesn't need a lot of goop.

  • Mortthemoose
    Mortthemoose Month ago +7

    Would love to have my make up look like this, but I cannot afford Bobby Brown

    • theditti1010
      theditti1010 19 days ago

      Yes it's expensive for me as well. I think it's a luxury category.

  • Tina Kaur
    Tina Kaur Month ago

    Thank you so much for sharing these great make up tips. Have been watching all your videos and sharing it with family and friends. Thanks again.

  • MyWorld
    MyWorld Month ago

    I watched this video many times and never get bored. Because I am always on the go and I dont really like so much product on my face and I love simple make up, this video is truly inspiring. Thank you so much.

  • Katja Nemethi
    Katja Nemethi Month ago

    5 minutes?? This vid is 10 minutes..

  • Judy J
    Judy J Month ago +6

    THE BEST makeup tutorial EVER . Thank you so much.

  • Paula West
    Paula West Month ago

    Bronzer over the full face hell no!

  • 입체발성콩발탈

    I think your original face is more natural and beautiful than the after one.

  • London59
    London59 Month ago

    Maybe best not to apply mascara on a bumpy train.

  • vijaya lavanya Hundi

    The products are toooo costly !

  • Vegan Peasant
    Vegan Peasant Month ago

    I'm a 39 yr old woman and I think I deserve to buy myself my first Bobbi Brown item! If I had money I would have bought nothing but Bobbi Brown but for 2 decades now all I've heard is BB makeup so before I hit 40 aside from losing a lot of weight, I'd like to own my makeup set of BB items, dammit! Having kids has depleted my money and beauty!!!

  • Phyllis Smith
    Phyllis Smith Month ago

    Great demo - wish you did one for someone with olive complexion - but will definitely check out Bobbi Brown makeup

  • Jessica Peutz
    Jessica Peutz Month ago +2

    It's a good tutorial and I was ready to buy the products but Bobbi Brown cosmetics are not cruelty free.

  • Saaed Alenizi
    Saaed Alenizi 2 months ago


  • Debbie J.
    Debbie J. 2 months ago

    Great tip about brushing the hairs on your eyebrow down first. Thanks! Is that foundation stick too matte for someone in their late 60's?

  • Sharon Tackett
    Sharon Tackett 2 months ago

    I need a bronzer!!!!

  • Beth Lovett
    Beth Lovett 2 months ago +1

    You have Beautiful Skin!

  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee 2 months ago

    She is beautiful and has a great powerful presence

  • Jeanette Park-Patterson

    Sadly Bobbi Brown Cosmetics are not cruelty free

  • Karel anton
    Karel anton 2 months ago

    She is pretty whitout makeup.....

  • inane
    inane 2 months ago

    Tornado watch brought me here.😂

  • m. mache
    m. mache 2 months ago

    Darling I love your makeups beauty eyelashes eye brow lipsticks superb linings perfect love it you are fully recommended by mo RAAD Artists and judges on RU-clip International public sector voted 300k like Congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on RU-clip International? Mo?

  • CJ Tee
    CJ Tee 2 months ago

    I feel sorry. The before is way better.

  • Monica Ross
    Monica Ross 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for giving us a tutorial for mature ladies that looks polished.

  • Kimmy Mac
    Kimmy Mac 2 months ago

    Omgosh I need these products 😳

  • Miriam B.
    Miriam B. 2 months ago

    This is awesome and I love this natural look. This is the kind of routine that would work for me. I need my makeup to look very natural as it easily looks fake on me.

  • Nhelley dela Rosa
    Nhelley dela Rosa 2 months ago

    It’s not 5 mins it’s more than that. Not including the cuts in between.

  • Tracey Cole
    Tracey Cole 2 months ago

    Great, fantastic tutorial. Not over done, age appropriate and achievable for a hack like me!.. thank you.

  • Meggers M
    Meggers M 2 months ago

    This woman is beautiful with and without makeup. It's nice to see a woman that isn't in their 20's or early 30's that already has the face shape of a supermodel doing this. She's a beautifully real woman keeping it authentic with great tips. Love this.

  • Lori Ann Kearse
    Lori Ann Kearse 2 months ago

    You have a kind face

  • Jada Lee
    Jada Lee 2 months ago

    "I just want you to picture this riding on a train."😂" At first your like it's big and I don't want to put this close to my eye..." 🤣 Too cute 💓

  • Lahna Flore
    Lahna Flore 2 months ago

    A 5 minute face in a 9 minute video...

  • Spiritdove
    Spiritdove 2 months ago

    like wearing a mask video is 10 min

  • WyldWolfette!! !!!!
    WyldWolfette!! !!!! 2 months ago +1

    I think you look good without the makeup!

  • tom gi
    tom gi 2 months ago

    Hiiii and Byyyyyyyyye

  • Martha Arozqueta
    Martha Arozqueta 2 months ago

    What is the name and brand of the magic all face brush u used

  • María Verónica Muñoz

    For me, she looks much more younger without makeup!!! Jjajja...

  • Keslyn Nguyen
    Keslyn Nguyen 3 months ago

    I love 5 mins make up. Very nice

  • Platypus
    Platypus 3 months ago

    sorry but that seems more than 5 minutes:(

  • cat power channel
    cat power channel 3 months ago +1

    It’s not 5 minutes, it’s 10!

  • Lisa Sommers
    Lisa Sommers 3 months ago

    Hi Kim! I just happened upon here and took the time to watch your are a natural! Both in front of the camera and with the make-up tips! I have never bought any BB products but know that they are high quality, so after seeing you and this demo, I will go out and try some products! Thanks!

  • Alicia Laumann
    Alicia Laumann 3 months ago

    A 5 minute makeup results in a 10 minute tutorial. All the concealer/powder/bronzer results in too much makeup, she it looks good on a video or photo, not for real life. The mascara is applied wrong, she applies it again and again. Make up experts strongly advise to apply once, let it dry and then see if an additional coverage is needed, after the initial brushstrokes are dry. Forget about this tutorial.

  • Jean White
    Jean White 3 months ago +1

    Why do you not pull that hair back away from your face as you apply cosmetic work...

    SALTY H2O 3 months ago

    Too thick ..that would make me look older

  • Debbie Drum
    Debbie Drum 3 months ago

    is it non comedogenic?

  • MC
    MC 3 months ago

    Finally someone like me. Love our video. I also know what you mean with your eyes. I have an Italian father too! Totally get it.

  • Marie
    Marie 3 months ago

    Great tutorial, I like the make up very much, but instead of black mascara I think brown mascara would be better because you're blond ! Kind greetings from France ! Sorry for my bad English !

  • vera britto
    vera britto 3 months ago

    Is it worth torturing bunnies just so you can put some powder on your eyes? Bobbi Brown (Estee Lauder) is NOT CRUELTY-FREE. Bobbi Brown (Estee Lauder) carries out tests on innocent animals. That's what greed does to people. Underneath this "everyday look" is the every day suffering of countless defenseless, little animals. You can look up PETA's database of cruelty-free companies here:

  • Maria Pignataro Nielsen

    But the 5-minute makeup took up a 10 minute video!

    • M P
      M P 3 months ago

      Because she had to explain, if she is alone and routined it will defenitly work! Greetings from Austrai:-)

  • R Paul
    R Paul 3 months ago +1

    You r gorgeous...n I love your style of doing makeup..

    • ocsteved
      ocsteved 3 months ago

      beautiful woman....

  • Elizabeth Detrich
    Elizabeth Detrich 3 months ago

    Love the tutorial, at 52, I have the foundation stick (LOVE IT) but use less and in strategic areas only. Applying too much is aging, a little goes a long way; I only use the bare minimum over 50 SPF and my moisturizer.

  • Kris Rose
    Kris Rose 3 months ago

    She has perfect skin without makeup

  • Ashley Paolillo
    Ashley Paolillo 3 months ago

    very pretty!!!! your eyes are stunning!

  • frannysingblues
    frannysingblues 3 months ago

    That foundation makes you look like you are wearing putty.... shows all your wrinkles, just horrible.

  • Judy Lucas
    Judy Lucas 3 months ago +1

    The best product is this group is the concealer. Works under the eyes, and for those of us with Mustaches that show through thin fair skin, put it on there. Put your regular makeup over top I use a flat brush to smooth out both of these areas. The makeup specialist in store actually gave me a darker color for the concealer and then my makeup matches my skin really works. Don't like the foundation brush. Too hard to put on the face and move around. Bronzer save for night time. but if going for the natural look, its the opposite in the day time. also, the art stick lipstick also used on the cheeks - talk about germs. again too hard to control - and imagine all of these colors on your fingers. Eye lid base is a must - the color sticks for shadows do crease - prefer powder. Surprise she didn't talk about using mascara bad coat first. Its the go too. If you have bags under the eyes, recommend waterproof.

  • Brenda Rose
    Brenda Rose 3 months ago

    Being a blonde myself, I could tell she had eyeliner on and some eyeshadow even before the tutorial began. She didn't demonstrate the eyeliner or say that she had it on, but it was certainly a part of her final look. Wish we could know what's real and what's just a completely fabricated advertisement. Kim is adorable, however.

  • Joji1999
    Joji1999 3 months ago


  • Amy Ziegler
    Amy Ziegler 3 months ago

    THE BROW ADVISE! Thank you. and echo the comments about seeing women over 35 doing natural makeup! Yes yes yes.

  • Melissa Lawrence
    Melissa Lawrence 3 months ago

    Too bad Bobby Brown tests on animals.

  • Stephanie oconnor
    Stephanie oconnor 3 months ago +2

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! for 1st expressing the importance of cleaning hands first. It's so vital and nearly nobody on here mentions it. Face naturally has germs and bacteria even when you've cleaned your face first. Your hands carry a LOT of additional germs,bacteria. This is the quickest way to encourage face problems, pimples, etc.

  • Sharon Flynn
    Sharon Flynn 3 months ago

    One of the best I’ve seen stunning x what colour was the art stick ? X ah I see electric pink !! Gorgeous x

  • Maria Rios
    Maria Rios 3 months ago

    Very nice make-up, looks very natural.

  • Mike and Lee Flowers
    Mike and Lee Flowers 3 months ago


  • Bucket Head
    Bucket Head 4 months ago +1

    I can't afford all this very expensive makeup, but GIRL!! I loved how you simplified everything for those of us who are wayyyyy too busy to sit in front of a Vanity all morning spackling a bunch of crap all over the place! THANK YOU FOR THE UPLOAD!!!

  • science wins
    science wins 4 months ago

    I look awful with the makeup stick. It looks cakey, brings out the pores and accentuats the wrinkles. It might be ok for 20somethings but 40 + its a no-go.

  • Edwardian Lady
    Edwardian Lady 4 months ago +1

    It also helps when one has had a facelift, lol.

  • Karen Campbell
    Karen Campbell 4 months ago

    I can't use that much mascara on my lashes, they're so thin it would look like one big thick lash lol. I actually have to wipe some on the mascara off the brush before I put it on.

  • Julie Zaugg
    Julie Zaugg 4 months ago

    You are so pretty to start with, but these are great tips.

  • Sampriti Datta
    Sampriti Datta 4 months ago

    Very nicely done. I'm an Indian woman, and I don't use a concealer or mascara and couple of those eye contouring products that you used cuz I'm naturally a light wheatish colour with a tad darker eyelids, I just use eye shadow of whatever shade suits the time of the day n occasion but I really loved it.
    I've never used a blending brush but I think I'll invest in one now!

  • Gerda Van Haute
    Gerda Van Haute 4 months ago

    quiestion : I have very long eyelashes but I want them to look fuller. I am blond so the tips of the eyelashes are light, so I only want to make them look fuller and coloured till the tips , not longer. Which mascara do you recommend,

  • Gerda Van Haute
    Gerda Van Haute 4 months ago

    first, your skin is flawless , you can do with less, second, I do more or less the same, only I am older and have wrinkles around the eyes so there I use very light stuff and only concealor where it's dark, this tip of combing the eyebrows down is very good ¿ and THIRD .: YES, the bobby brown make up is awesome, I purchased some other stuff now because it' s cheaper but it doesn´t even come close to the quality of Bobby Brown make up. OH, and I will do it in my car at the parking lot. I am running to El corte Ingles to get that Art stick and long wear cream shadow stick.

  • Linda Walker
    Linda Walker 4 months ago

    You said this was five min makeupwas it five min .eh nop??????

  • Robbin Welch
    Robbin Welch 4 months ago

    Loved this tutorial. I am blonde and everything shown makes perfect sense.

  • Ishaq Khan
    Ishaq Khan 4 months ago

    I love your make up technic ..

  • Marcia Proven
    Marcia Proven 4 months ago

    Just a comment - the First Lady would be SO beautiful if she used less eye make-up... her eyes look too small

  • Judy Berends
    Judy Berends 4 months ago

    I like the tips for eyebrows especially. Thank you .

  • Christine McCarty
    Christine McCarty 4 months ago

    I have been doing makeup for years because our Mother introduced it to us girls early on, and therefore all of us do buy and use makeup. Some women did not have the same introduction to makeup .Therefore, it would naturally be more difficult for those to understand how easy it really is to apply makeup once you get used to doing it, but it is really fun to do it, it is fun to look for the products that are out there, and there are so many, and then to play with them to make your face look pretty.

  • Harasha Bafana
    Harasha Bafana 4 months ago

    This is a wonderful demo - thanks! We need something practical & productive like this - so that we can get on with our Work :) Let's bring back the natural look - too many fussy, over-the-top, time-consuming makeup shown by the younger ones on YT.

  • April Lane
    April Lane 4 months ago

    I like the look however would of liked to of known shade of foundation and shade of the eyebrow pencil and concealer?

  • Patricia Kelly
    Patricia Kelly 4 months ago

    Beautiful xx