Saoirse Ronan Is Irish Perfection - Funny Moments

  • Published on Feb 26, 2018
  • Saoirse Ronan Golden Globe Oscars Lady Bird 2018 Cute and Funny Moments Compilation 2018 Irish Perfection Ireland
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Comments • 987

  • Steamey Artist
    Steamey Artist Day ago

    Так что правильнее говорить "Сёрша", а не "Сирша".

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson Day ago

    God I love this woman.

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson Day ago

    Terrorist bitch

  • G M
    G M 2 days ago

    08.53....."It´s ironic that I´m an actor"......Since when did actresses become actors ?

  • Philip Mierswa
    Philip Mierswa 2 days ago


  • treemonk
    treemonk 3 days ago

    Please, TURN OFF THE F***ING "MUSIC". Don't you get it ? Some of the dialog is lost in the F***ING MUSIC!

  • electricpigeon28
    electricpigeon28 4 days ago

    Terrible editing.

  • Mr. Now Bahndit
    Mr. Now Bahndit 11 days ago


  • Envy Z.
    Envy Z. 12 days ago

    I love her but the thumbnail is annoying 😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Matz
    Elizabeth Matz 12 days ago

    She was so wonderful when she was young preteen in the Amy heckerling movie called I could never be your woman. I love that movie

  • qbert shnek
    qbert shnek 13 days ago

    extra music for torture

  • Nunnayer Beeswax
    Nunnayer Beeswax 14 days ago

    That's a Dublin accent.

  • Nunnayer Beeswax
    Nunnayer Beeswax 14 days ago

    Ellen is a fucking pervert.

  • brian rhoads
    brian rhoads 14 days ago

    She's a beautiful weird Irish elf and I love her.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 days ago

    Can I lick your asshole?

  • Shura Yashamaru
    Shura Yashamaru 16 days ago

    i'm also a social outcast Saoirse if you read this we don't have to go out for dinner we can stay in the house and watch tv or whatever, so yeah ... hit me up
    Edit : i could kinda roleplay as Harry Potter

  • Micky Deloach
    Micky Deloach 16 days ago

    She keeps sayin he’d be a good “companion” ?? Don’t Irish women like American men?

  • Edward Stow
    Edward Stow 17 days ago

    I will save you princess!

  • Fleurs Sv
    Fleurs Sv 17 days ago

    Susie salmon forever!

  • H
    H 19 days ago

    I want to make sweet, sweet platonic friendship to Saoirse Ronan.

  • briank05
    briank05 19 days ago

    shes American

  • Budgerigar17
    Budgerigar17 20 days ago

    Saorise could actually vote in our election, as far as I know theres no requirement for a U.S. citizen to have a residence in the u.s. to vote.

  • absoftitanium
    absoftitanium 20 days ago

    I like Saoirse Ronan, she's smokin' hot. And brilliant. Beyond that, I'm pretty convinced she would have me laughing fit to piss myself inside of a minute.

  • frincon75
    frincon75 21 day ago

    I swear I’ve never seen a more beautiful woman

  • Kim Taeyeon is my everything

    “Annn gonna tell Portia”

  • Steve Snider
    Steve Snider 22 days ago

    Well I have a thing for Iris chicks already so I’m in love...

  • Barf Salamandruid
    Barf Salamandruid 23 days ago

    Im curious what her ancestry/23 and me results would be because that nose definitely isn't an irish one. Its so beautiful. (Plenty of irish noses are beautiful) but the lower half of that nose doesn't look irish at all, the bridge MAYBE is but definitely not the main part of the nose.

  • Edzel Mejia
    Edzel Mejia 23 days ago

    Dragon Prince is a great show.

  • Jenni Christian
    Jenni Christian 25 days ago

    Niall horan beg to differs

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch 25 days ago

    Keep your head down theres posers everywhere

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch 25 days ago

    I have my own potatoe

  • Lucía Gianneschi
    Lucía Gianneschi 25 days ago

    14:45 is me all the way

  • Godzilla Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

    5 minutes of watching someone talk .... and enjoying it... she's got a different kind of charm without trying

  • Janav Arun
    Janav Arun 27 days ago

    Change your shitty intro music ffs

  • thisdamnthingy
    thisdamnthingy 27 days ago

    I'm off to have a cup of tea and a short bread.

  • ganima galaktika
    ganima galaktika 27 days ago

    Hope she Hope she finds a beautifull woman who gets her.

  • Evan Fields
    Evan Fields 28 days ago

    Ms. Roman, hmmm. I never realised that I had a crush on her.

  • Chanchal Nishanth
    Chanchal Nishanth 28 days ago

    That bit with Ellen was one of the most hilarious TV moment I've ever seen! Fell in love with that girl!!

  • TheCircled K
    TheCircled K 29 days ago

    Americans don't really realize (because they are "american" ie a unified nation of pretty much countries) that just saying "hey wanna go to dinner" to s stranger is weird ...

  • Cillian Brennan
    Cillian Brennan 29 days ago

    Is she wearing a wig in the thumbnail?

  • Christina Kav50
    Christina Kav50 Month ago

    I love her!!

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams Month ago

    I didn't realise she was so COOL 😀

  • John bullock
    John bullock Month ago

    OMG I love her accent

  • Ali Yates
    Ali Yates Month ago

    I...... honestly never knew she was Irish! Every film I've seen her in she's done every accent but her own hahah the lovely bones is still my favorite. Incredible performance by the whole cast imo

  • Dubble77D
    Dubble77D Month ago

    She would be SO much fun to trip with JUST sayin.

  • Nom De Plume
    Nom De Plume Month ago

    I hate Oprah haha

  • Phil M
    Phil M Month ago

    I don't know who this person is, but she is a hoot.

  • DoctorGeniusPHD
    DoctorGeniusPHD Month ago

    In this clip: three interviews intercut at odd intervals for some reason

  • scarlet overkill
    scarlet overkill Month ago

    Aw I love her

  • Apocrypha2012
    Apocrypha2012 Month ago

    I am officially in love with Saoirse.

  • AngeLife
    AngeLife Month ago

    ‘Sore ass’ Ronan?

  • Ronaldo Kuwer
    Ronaldo Kuwer Month ago

    She looks and speaks like an angel.

  • Boot Scoot
    Boot Scoot Month ago

    Oi have moi oiwn poteyytoe

  • Krewl Music
    Krewl Music Month ago

    Bloody hell

  • yogioto
    yogioto Month ago

    I love that accent

  • Alice A
    Alice A Month ago

    Never knew she has such a strong accent! I love her movies especially The Lovely Bones...

  • Nataly Lara
    Nataly Lara Month ago


  • Gray
    Gray Month ago

    I can't tell if Ellen D is really Steve Carrell in disguise or the other way around!? Either way it's an impressive disguise XD

  • Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

    Cute song, girlfriend. But I didn’t understand a word of it, so I’ma continue calling you Soirée.

  • J Dog
    J Dog Month ago


  • Ma be
    Ma be Month ago

    Worst editing ever; get your ADD sorted out!

  • aoteagirl nz
    aoteagirl nz Month ago

    got the nz accent in one

  • Chrysanthemum
    Chrysanthemum Month ago

    I think Ellen along with a lot of americans just don't get that people don't really date outside of America, most European countries have relationships that just start as relationships or end up as relationships after being friendships and you get to know each other as you go along, I dont think she's never been with anyone romantically, I just think she can't really describe it as dating.

  • ktpinnacle
    ktpinnacle Month ago

    Well, she's adorable and talented. I have a son your age you'd be interested in . . . .

  • Daniel Beltrami
    Daniel Beltrami Month ago

    A melhor parte foi a música brasileira no fim "Já viu rico namorar pobre" lol

  • WeatherForecast
    WeatherForecast Month ago

    who the fuck is oprah

  • Junah Moreau
    Junah Moreau Month ago

    No, it's not at all annoying that music is playing over the dialogue.

  • Davina Hovanec
    Davina Hovanec Month ago

    Erase the music... it makes it more difficult to listen to.

  • Nevaeh Rice
    Nevaeh Rice Month ago

    the lovely bones????

  • ᅠᅠ
    ᅠᅠ Month ago

    this music is cancer...

  • SmolBean
    SmolBean Month ago

    My name is Saoirse :¬)

  • Pochi des
    Pochi des Month ago

    i miss skellige

  • BerylL
    BerylL Month ago

    Do you know the angel Craig? He needs to be set up with Saoirse.

  • Ribbon Candy
    Ribbon Candy Month ago

    Love Saoirse, but turn down the background music. It makes it unwatchable.

  • James
    James Month ago

    Shes so precious

  • Jessica Zhi
    Jessica Zhi Month ago +3

    The constant cutting makes you guys look amateurish, just have each thing in solid chunks for fuck's sake. People literally cannot keep track of this many conversations at the same time.

  • bravo 20
    bravo 20 Month ago

    she,s cute as a button,i love irish girls,hey Donna MacManus,how the hell are you,hello from massachusetts!

  • Sherry Patrick
    Sherry Patrick Month ago

    I could listen to her all day.

  • Adriano Moratelli Fonini

    She is adorable

  • Jose Monzón Vera
    Jose Monzón Vera Month ago

    I'm happy now :D

  • Maru Misu
    Maru Misu Month ago

    0:37 "Like I've never..." FUCKED BEFORE

  • Brayden Grimaldi
    Brayden Grimaldi Month ago

    who is she?

  • Jon Burkitt
    Jon Burkitt Month ago

    Butcher 4 or 5 clips and make it look like an actual montage...

  • Johnny Goode
    Johnny Goode Month ago

    Those teeth @ 2:30

  • ElMencos
    ElMencos 2 months ago

    The BBC Radio 1 host looks like a female Mike Myers.

  • RJ
    RJ 2 months ago

    I like the interviews but the background music is so annoying.

  • Starstone Silvermoon
    Starstone Silvermoon 2 months ago

    Shes hot

  • Art by Atlas
    Art by Atlas 2 months ago

    She's grand, quite the charmer :P

    Anyone know who the interviewer at 14:40 is??

  • Anxious Neck Games
    Anxious Neck Games 2 months ago

    She's gorgeous.

  • mrjamila88
    mrjamila88 2 months ago +2

    Love her . Love her accent. Love the Irish ❤️

  • marcelosinico
    marcelosinico 2 months ago

    She would be a great Targaryen for Game of Thrones.

  • Naughty Stun
    Naughty Stun 2 months ago

    I have seem all these interview before.. Is it a obsession??

  • Primus32
    Primus32 2 months ago +1

    She's come a long way from City of Embers. Love her, she really is fantastic. Oh ya, and stunningly beautiful.

  • Halldór Þormar Hermannsson

    Drop that annoying background music and stop cutting a single conversation in to 5 parts

  • HeartOfSky
    HeartOfSky 2 months ago

    Screw George Clooney! LMAO

  • Richard Ikin
    Richard Ikin 2 months ago

    What a delightfully lovely woman she is!

  • SeahawkScott
    SeahawkScott 2 months ago

    She is gorgeous to be sure.

  • Drew Murtha
    Drew Murtha 2 months ago +40

    This editing is horrible. Why break up 5, 4 minute scenes into a bunch of 15 second segments

  • Benedict Perkins
    Benedict Perkins 2 months ago

    The guitar music underscoring the entire thing is maddening.

  • Manu14Smoke
    Manu14Smoke 2 months ago

    So smart girl and so funny. She really rules those show !