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SATURN: THE ANCIENT SUN GOD By David Talbott ⚡️ VOL I, No. 10 April 22, 1997

  • Published on Feb 17, 2021
  • There is a reason the world is so confused. Modern man no longer interprets the written accounts of ancient man correctly, because it’s too unfathomable to imagine our planet was once in a different celestial location in antiquity. The gods were not people, they WERE the planets, visually brought to life by “the spirit of God” - Plasma Electricity building up potential and discharging through the cosmos with awe inspiring sights for our ancestors! -⚡️EUE⚡️
    Original work written and posted on a public forum by David Talbott - April 22, 1997.
    Narrated by Electric Universe Eyes Feb 10, 2021
    Images/ video credits: Google image search, Ryan Darger of cosmicaxis.net, & NASA/JPL-CALTECH/SSI and others. No infringement intended. FAIR USE. For Educational Purposes.
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  • IAmOneWithGod
    IAmOneWithGod Year ago +9

    * 4077 BC - Saturn lights up.
    * 3147 BC - World flood, Jupiter on a steep mountain, 240-day year.
    * 3067 BC - 2750 BC - Mars (with Mercury) closes in on Earth 10 times.
    * 2860 BC - Jupiter enter the asteroid belt, loses its mountain form.
    * 2349 BC, September 8 - Contact by Venus, fall of the Absu, appearance of the Moon, 260-day year.
    * 2193 BC - Contact by Venus, 200 years of drought, 273-day year.
    * 2150 BC - Jupiter catches on fire.
    * 1936 BC - Contacts by Mars, Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed.
    * 1492 BC, April 19 - Disturbances by Venus (Typhon), Exodus, 20 years of cloud cover, 360-day year, axial inclination to 30 degrees.
    * 1442 BC - The sun stands still for Joshua (Venus).
    * 806 BC - 687 BC - Nine Mars contacts.
    * 776 BC, February - Mars, Venus, Mercury ballgame.
    * 747 BC, February 27 - Mars jars Earth. 365.25-day year.
    * 686 BC, March 23 - Mercury jars Earth, second Tower of Babel.
    * 685 BC, June 15 - Venus and Mercury (Phaethon) start to blaze.
    * 685 BC, July 9 - Jupiter wakes from death.
    * 685 BC, July 14 - Jupiter releases a plasmoid bolt.
    * 685 BC, July 25 - Plasmoid bolt lands at the Sun.
    * 685 BC - Earth's axial inclination changes.
    * 684 BC - A new Great Year starts March 8th (old equinox date).
    * AD 600 - 800 - Red ring of the Absu fades.
    * AD 1700 - Last sprinkling of Absu dust.
    * AD 1840 - Ecliptic pathway last seen.

  • the Absurdistic Freedom

    We had a conjuction last year that consisted out of Saturn, and Pluto, together with Ceres and the Sun 22 degrees Capricorn, in the house of Saturn, that same day that we had our first outbreak in Thailand. I always thought that Yama might be Pluto. There was a vulcano eruption that day before in the Phillipines, Pluto is a vulcanic deity right? Right after Saturn made a whole spin around the sun excactly 29 years after the vulcano last erupted. Saturn and Pluto are both rulers of death, plagues, famine and diseases. I wondered if Helios is an image of the four horsemen of doom? Sometimes it felt like Jesus Christ was actually Helios, and sometimes also Janus or more. So i found that they were Saturnic /winter deities who were actually Satanic.. :)

  • Caroline McGreal
    Caroline McGreal Year ago +9

    I've come to learn recently that the true Hebrew 7th day Shabbat (Sabbath) is not set on the Saturday of the Gregorian weekly calendar. The true Hebrew 7th day Shabbat is governed by the Moon. The first day of the Hebrew month starts on the day of the sighting of the crescent moon by two witnesses, The first day is a set apart day; not a true Shabbat day and not a work day eather, you treat it like a Shabbat day but you are aloud to do cooking and cleaning around your home but No Trading or Commerce, so the first count for the Shabbat starts on day 2, so each Shabbat then will land on the : 8th, 15th, 22, & 29th of every Hebrew month, consequently this means the True Hebrew Shabbat (Sabbath) will always fall on a different day of the week on each month of the Gregorian calendar.
    So you see; the pagan day of Saturday has nothing to do with the True Shabbat (Sabbath) day of Almighty Yahuha Elohim of the Bible; and His people who follow Him and keep His commandment and keep His Shabbats.

    • Ben Winter
      Ben Winter Year ago

      The Holy Grail is the squatter man . . God giving us his dead son . . burnt offerings

    • Ben Winter
      Ben Winter Year ago

      Caroline . . go back through the back catalogue of the Electric view YT channel . . lots of interest there in terms of timelines of events & proven fraud in our calendar . . Vatican etc , it's an trip

  • Obsidian- Radio
    Obsidian- Radio Year ago +2

    Thank you so much! :-)

  • ben ferriggi
    ben ferriggi Year ago +1

    brilliant video mate !

  • philopolymath
    philopolymath Year ago +6

    But there is ONE text...the most ancient of all, A most honest and plain spoken humble account. which was most carefully fastidiously preserved and protected from the priests politicians and academicians which undermines them all and illuminates and unites ALL the mysteries of our rebirth and most dutifully and faithfully credits our forefathers and mothers and THEIR SURVIVING CHILDREN who alone as MASTER SEA PEOPLES, MASTER BUILDERS, MASTER ASTRONOMERS. Masters of LAW and MORALITY were able to venture abroad and rekindle Freya's LIGHT and began to restore man. Sumerian Greek Phoenician (Tunis was Odin's real life seafaring or 'Neef tunis' which the Greeks made into a god NEP-TUNE)'Chaldean Zoroastrian Aztecs Incas (INKA is Odin's real life brother who sailed west) Olmec ALL are ADOPTED children of ATLAN.

    • Robert Hayes
      Robert Hayes 5 months ago

      There is land beyond the poles i just know it

  • Doom Father TM
    Doom Father TM 9 months ago +1

    If you go back far enough then actually the current sun was not present at all and Saturn was the sun

  • StarAca8
    StarAca8 6 months ago +1

    Kemet/Egyptians told us that our Sun left in the story of RA leading upon getting older & etc.

  • Enrique Cafuentes
    Enrique Cafuentes Year ago +3

    Saturn and the sun eclipsed at some point.

  • Freeman Vashier
    Freeman Vashier Year ago +3

    You get through this disaster ok bro? We went 12 hours on 50+ off here in W Houston area

  • Eno Shadowwalker
    Eno Shadowwalker 7 months ago +1

    Did saturn use to have a orbit closer to the sun

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  7 months ago +1

      An axial alignment (or realignment of planets) seen from the earth view gives rise to that notion of Cronus eating his children… Jupiter being hidden away until he is revealed again, reining as the new king, before he passes kingship down to his son/sun Apollo

    • Eno Shadowwalker
      Eno Shadowwalker 7 months ago +1

      @Electric Universe Eyes could the point is you have to look before you can see.
      The riddle seems to be in saturn eating children and noah.
      Thanks for the great video

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  7 months ago +1

      The ancient described Saturn as the primary sun, then Jupiter, then the Sun. Earth along with the smaller inner planets were moved out of their original places.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  7 months ago +1

      I believe it orbited further away, with Earth closer to Saturn than in our present day.

  • Enrique Cafuentes
    Enrique Cafuentes Year ago +4

    The all seeing eye is Saturn

    • Coat of Many Colors
      Coat of Many Colors Year ago

      @Ben Winter Cool, thanks

    • Ben Winter
      Ben Winter Year ago

      @Coat of Many Colors It was interesting. . I know as other YT ers like indy Neidell talked about Swiss links to Tolkien & that . . if I remember that talk about Finn links i will link . .

    • Coat of Many Colors
      Coat of Many Colors Year ago

      @Ben Winter I know Tolkien trained with British Intelligence for a short time. But the official story is he left without joining them. What's your source that he traveled as a member of British Intelligence through Finnish Karelia?

    • Ben Winter
      Ben Winter Year ago +2

      The pyramid/Birkeland current plasma bridge /Tower of Babel . . was God/Saturn . . giving us his son Christ/Mars . . who was already dead on the cross (!) . . his 'son' . . was actual our z pinch verdant twin planet , who died for our sins on the synchrotron cross

    • Ben Winter
      Ben Winter Year ago +1

      Eye atop of the holy mountain . . the evil eye . . the eye of Sauron etc modern , Tolkien as an member of British intelligence travelled through Finnish Karelia just prior to ww2 kicking off there . . the LOTR is interestingly based (in part of puzzle) . . on the Finn Kalevala 'myth' cycle . . which actual in Finnish pagan details the Sun swap between Saturn & Sol . . Tolkien/Brit intelligence & co were smart . . make no mistake

  • Kronos -
    Kronos - Year ago +6


  • AGON 17
    AGON 17 Year ago +3

    Inca in Peru Called Quetzalcoatl “Amaru” “Amaruca” translates to “the land of the feathered serpent” which is where the name “America” comes from

    • Robert Hayes
      Robert Hayes 5 months ago

      MPH was a genius and im surprised we still have his books tbh

    • Robert Hayes
      Robert Hayes 5 months ago

      Yea sir goon connection

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago

      @AGON 17 I really like Hall’s writings

    • AGON 17
      AGON 17 Year ago +1

      @Electric Universe Eyes I read that in a book called “the secret teachings of all ages” by manly P Hall super interesting stuff but don’t know the validity

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago

      ⚡️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⚡️ Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  • Jake Mars
    Jake Mars 5 months ago +1

    Wait, Atum Is Saturn???

    • Jake Mars
      Jake Mars 5 months ago

      @Electric Universe Eyes Do you think outside cosmic force activated Saturn or was It Independently?

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  5 months ago

      Yep - A primeval cosmic god, Atum is the sun god as creator, the substance from which all creation unfurled. The stationary “original sun” of antiquity - Saturn

  • philopolymath
    philopolymath Year ago


    • John i
      John i Year ago

      Thunderbolts are so ahead of the rest of the world!

    • John i
      John i Year ago +1

      @Electric Universe Eyes Cocaine is a powerful Drug!

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago

      I now see your other comments :)

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago +1

      Stupid and careless? I’d love to hear your thoughts more than a simple word. Why? What do you know that can be helpful to the discussion?

    LORD FIBONACCI 10 months ago +2

    EA Utu Shamash Shanish Charya