🇺🇸 Kosovo: Independent (Under US Flag) ❓ DENIAL of Ethnic Cleansing ❓❓

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
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  • Bunjaku Bunjaku
    Bunjaku Bunjaku 18 days ago

    Kosova Albanian

  • Kujtim
    Kujtim Month ago

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  • Besim Sejdijaj
    Besim Sejdijaj Month ago

    Graham you should read the history of holocaust of albanians 1912-1913 Serbs killed and massacre 500.000 Albanians
    | Robert Elsie | AL Art | AL History | AL Language | AL Literature | AL Photography | Contact |

    Robert Elsie
    Texts and Documents of Albanian History

    BACK | AL History

    Prishtina in 1933

    The New York Times:
    A Trail of Blood
    As the Ottoman Empire crumbled, leaving Kosovo in a state of anarchy, the Serbian army under King Peter invaded from the north and occupied all of it, much of Macedonia and some of Albania. Hideous massacres, recorded by Leo Trotsky [cf. Trotsky 1912], Leo Freundlich [cf. Freundlich 1913], and Lazër Mjeda [cf. Mjeda 1913], were committed against the Albanian population. Village after village was razed to the ground, with the inhabitants being bayoneted or burned alive. The Conference of Ambassadors, meeting in London from December 1912 to August 1913 to discuss events in the Balkans, confirmed the independence of Albania itself, but agreed to recognize Serb rule over Kosovo, thus excluding 40 percent of the Albanian population in the Balkans from Albania itself. It was a tragic mistake that haunted the Balkans right to the end of the 20th century. The New York Times reported on the ongoing events in its edition of 31 December 1912.

    Servian Army Left a Trail of Blood. Thousands of men, women, and children massacred in march to sea, say Hungarian reports. Executions a daily sport. Terrible atrocities the result of deliberate policy to exterminate Moslems. Special cable to The New York Times.
    London, Tuesday, December 31 [1912]
    A Budapest dispatch to The Daily Telegraph gives details of atrocities in Albania and elsewhere, as contained in reports gathered for the Austro-Hungarian authorities. The correspondent says:
    “On the march through Albania to the sea the Servians did not only treacherously murder and execute armed Albanians, but their beast-like cruelty did not stop at falling upon unarmed and defenseless persons, old men and women, children and infants at the breast.
    “The Servian officers, intoxicated by their victory, declared that the most effectual pacification of Albania would be the total extermination of the Mohammedan Albanians. This mot d’ordre was quickly adopted by the Servian Army of occupation and put into practice.
    “Between Kumanova and Uskub [Skopje] some 3,000 persons were done to death. Near Pristina [Prishtina] 5,000, exclusively Arnauts [Albanians], fell beneath the hands of the Serbs, not in honorable fight, but by unjustifiable murder.
    “To carry out these crimes the maddened soldiers even invented new methods of cruelty to satisfy their lust for blood. In many villages all the houses were set afire, and as the unfortunate inhabitants fled before the flames they were shot in the sight of their wives and children, and afterward the helpless women were forced to watch their children literally carved to pieces with bayonets.
    “Executions were the daily diversion of the Servian soldiers. In every house in which arms were found all the inhabitants were killed, being shot or hanged. On single days as many as thirty-six executions took place.
    “The former Secretary of Premier Pasitch, Herr Tomiatch, says that during a journey from Prisrend [Prizren] to Ipek [Peja] he saw nothing, but villages burned to the ground. The wayside was lined with gallows, from which the bodies of Albanians hung. The road to Diakowitza [Gjakova] was a “gallows alley.”
    But the tale of the atrocities which were perpetrated in Albania was by no means exhausted. The deeds done in Prilep, Kosovo, Weschitza, it is said, exceed everything which the Albanians had to suffer under Turkish rule.
    An Albanian of note, who fled from Prisrend to Graz, in Styria, and who studied in Austria as a youth, relates the following story:
    “Whoever denounced an Albanian to the Servians was sure the man would be shot. It happened repeatedly that persons who owed money to Albanian Mohammedans informed on them, designating them as traitors. They were invariably hanged and the debtor was enabled to purchase the house and farm of the victim at an absurdly low price.
    “In Uskub unarmed Albanians were simply shot down by the Serbian officers in the street and if only a hunting knife was found in a house the owner was shot, no mercy being shown.”
    At Verisovitch [Ferizaj] the Servian Commander invited the fugitives to return and lay down their arms. After they had done this 400 persons were cut down. In the whole of Verisovitch only half a dozen Mohammedan families were left alive.
    At Pana the Serbs killed their prisoners, while at Varos and Pristina the population was slaughtered.
    The Servian officers themselves say they hunted out the Albanians, and one officer boasted that he shot down nine Albanians in one day.
    Even outside the boundaries of Albania the Servian soldiers perpetrated all kinds of atrocities. In the fortress of Nish, where many Turkish prisoners were brought, tragic scenes occurred. A man was trampled to death there for insubordination.
    A doctor of the Red Cross says:
    “Wherever the Albanians were found they were slain without mercy. Women, children and old men were not spared. I saw villages in flames in old Servia every day.
    Near Kratovo Gen. Stefanovitch placed hundreds of prisoners in two rows and had them shot down with machine guns. Gen. Zivkovitch had 930 Albanian and Turkish notables killed near Sienitza because they opposed his progress.”

    [Article from The New York Times, New York, 31 December 1912.]

  • The Truth
    The Truth Month ago

    Thank you America for all you've done. Also i thank everyone who helped Kosovo become an independent country!

  • adam nikqi
    adam nikqi Month ago

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  • adam nikqi
    adam nikqi Month ago

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  • Dmc Dmcnot
    Dmc Dmcnot Month ago

    Kosovo and Metohia ❤

    GOD BLESS USA 2 months ago

    Hey Graham you Serbian gay

  • moj dzeri
    moj dzeri 2 months ago

    This is 10th time to see this link shared by Albanians. ..and flags and glory to his name.
    If we talk about the same man...he knew geography relations of Balkan nations and our disagreements better then how married man should treat his wife and family. Advisers should have told to him to keep notes...not calendars 🙈. If you got panic attack on March next year cause spring didn't look promising with Hillary, info that Serbia has extra tapes was not true!!
    I admit that I like the way he reads, looking straight and listing papers down, if I knew that...any university would look like a piece of cake to me. He admits he has "secret life" and if so...video you share around comes from his true life or secret one?
    However if you ever wonder why Serbian people didn't want Hillary for the President. ..well...we got info that she also kept a calendar when she was good or bad girl...but we got seriously scared when we heard there are over thousands emails...she took it on higher level..and we all know what angry woman can do on that scale. Billy boy should stop reading that emails, it's never-ending story, and we worry about his appearance today.

  • dalibor ilic
    dalibor ilic 2 months ago +1

    Graham Phillips
    You have our respect,GIPSEYS from serbia ... and KOSOVO IS SERBIA!!!

  • Macho 1
    Macho 1 2 months ago

    Fuck you

  • kosovo serbia
    kosovo serbia 2 months ago +2


  • Free-Spoken Media
    Free-Spoken Media 2 months ago +1

    Montenegro recognizes Kosovo's independence. I'm sure all the other neighboring countries were the bad guys. Why don't they have issues with anyone else except Serbia? Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, they were the bad guys right? Wrong. Serbia was always the aggressor. They are always the ones with the problem. Nobody else seems to have problems in the region, only Serbia.

    • Free-Spoken Media
      Free-Spoken Media 2 months ago

      +Lelemud Palamudić that's because of Republika Srbska or else Bosnia would be one of the first to recognize Kosovo. That's a good point though.

    • Lelemud Palamudić
      Lelemud Palamudić 2 months ago

      Bosnia not recognize Kosovo. Even we have strong visa regime between Bosnia and Kosovo.

  • Free-Spoken Media
    Free-Spoken Media 2 months ago

    Americans are worshipped by Albanians because they were saved from genocide.

  • Real King
    Real King 2 months ago

    Lol, graham is shame for all journalist's

  • Artenis Sollaku
    Artenis Sollaku 2 months ago

    The Albanian nation has always been cut off by the great powers said otherwise Albania is fragmented for the interest of other states in the various conferences that have made these states in the name of peace and stability by destroying an indigenous people throughout the Balkans.

  • Ивица Милошевић

    Thank you man, we respect your work. Greathings from Belgrade, Serbia.

  • vlad imir
    vlad imir 2 months ago

    www.eparhija-prizren.com/sites/default/files/kosovo_crucified.pdf …
    ru-clip.com/video/Vt0eaObJVpA/video.html …
    thank you Graham Phillips

  • Nimm Diesen Namen An!
    Nimm Diesen Namen An! 2 months ago

    I think Greham Phillips missunderstood "cleansing" - "ethnic cleansing" involves killing "area cleansing" is the term you search for and yes its true there are just a few of those serbians left.

  • Смелый Русский

    Привет из Самары дорогой Грэм.

  • Cooler Descartes
    Cooler Descartes 2 months ago

    You are looking crimes yes?
    Here you go:

  • Sha Cloon
    Sha Cloon 2 months ago +2


  • Bulgarian English Property Translation

    Why does RT not have a RU-clip channel in Portuguese? It is one of the most popular languages ​​on the planet.

  • Dmitry
    Dmitry 2 months ago

    You see any American troops? No!

  • Dean Deki
    Dean Deki 2 months ago +8

    @Graham Phillips: Can you ask some Kosovo historians, how come all the cities and villages have Slavic origin names on Kosovo? OK, Urosevac was so obvious, that they've changed it. But most of the others are still ethnologically of Slavic origin. And no, I am not a Serb or their supporter, to state it very clearly at the beginning. Just want to know, since Albanians are claiming that they were there waaaay before Slavs came.

    • Dean Deki
      Dean Deki Month ago

      @+Fisnik Shala, so why did not you re-establish old Albanian names after you are in position to do it now? That is the 1st thing every normal nation would do. Why do you still use names of Slavic origin??

    • Fisnik Shala
      Fisnik Shala 2 months ago

      I will tell you why its because serbians after invadet kosova they started putting serbian names on streets and citys to make the West belive that kosova is serbians territory and its rightfully theirs.but kosova its not it newer was and it will newer be serbias territory

    • Zak Novak
      Zak Novak 2 months ago

      great point brother,,,,,,but its a known fact,,,,but these cunt albanians,,,who are a fake society of goat fuckers think different ~ let me tell you why,,,,according to scientists,,,albanians tend to have sex with donkeys ,,and this has affected their brain in a very disturbing way,,,,,,

  • Super77
    Super77 2 months ago +6

    Тек ћеш Свете да упознаш подмукле лажљиве измишљене такозване албанце...Косово и Метохија је Србија и остаће Србија ...Такозвани албанци ће добити своју лекцију коју заслужују ...Америка у време Клинтона и Британија у време Блера су биле ненормалне државе окупиране од корпоративних лудака секташа...

  • Marija Kostovska
    Marija Kostovska 2 months ago +2

    arnauti grozni ste

    • dzh dzh
      dzh dzh 2 months ago

      +Marija Kostovska Pa znas kako,mali smo mi, jedna tacka u svijetu,i zahvalni smo im. Opet bolje pusit Amerima nego Rujama.Btw svidja mi se kako Zaev vodi Makedoniju.

    • Marija Kostovska
      Marija Kostovska 2 months ago +1

      +dzh dzh mislis da te nisam razumela? htela sam da kazem da pevise pusite 'urac amerima hahhahaahha

    • dzh dzh
      dzh dzh 2 months ago

      +Marija Kostovska Nismo se bas najbolje razumijeli,nisam mislio na cigarete 😄.Fina si Marija,steta sto vjerujes u jeftinu propagandu.Makedonka si? Castio bih te nekad tuljumbama I bakljavom kao pravi Albanac Kosovar Siptar Arnaut 😊. Ljubim te 😘

    • Marija Kostovska
      Marija Kostovska 2 months ago +1

      +dzh dzh pusi ga ti, vi ste najpusacka nacija na svetu. ne znam kako do sada ne dobiste rak na pluca od toliko pusenja.

    • dzh dzh
      dzh dzh 2 months ago

      Pusi ga arnautima

  • Shadow
    Shadow 2 months ago +6

    40 000 Serbs lived in Pristina, now you cant find 40 of them! They are not Serbs from Bosnia or Croatia, they are Serbs who lives for centuries in Kosovo.

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 2 months ago

      +Verica Cvetkovic I nije kosmet nego Republic of Kosova

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 2 months ago

      +Verica Cvetkovic dobro im rade sfaka qast jednom ste vi tako kralli allbance

    • Verica Cvetkovic
      Verica Cvetkovic 2 months ago +1

      Na samom jugu Kosmeta Goranci redovno bivaju plackani od strane Albanaca iz Albanije. Takodje Albanci na Kosovu plackaju imovinu Srba i niko nije nikad uhapsen.

    • Shadow
      Shadow 2 months ago +1

      +Mentor Raçi Mnogo je doslo iz Albanije i oni su narusili dobre odnose Kosovskih Srba i Albanaca. Treba da se proveri gde je ko rodjen i svako ko nije rodjen na Kosovu da se vrati tamo gde je dosao.

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 2 months ago

      +Shadow na kosovu posle rata dosao ceo svet ne samo iz Albanije da radi ko u bondstil ko u unmik policiji ko u oebs ,ne znam da su albanci iz albanije dosli na kosovu mozda ih ima svega 1 % dosli da rade ne mozete nikome da mu zabranite da dolazi da radi ima i srba iz beograda koji poslovno rade na kosovu ne moze niko im zabraniti

  • Brian Friedman
    Brian Friedman 2 months ago +8

    Truth will come up no matter what. No one should believe in CNN version of anything and that is the official version of Kosovo story

  • Ed Sina
    Ed Sina 2 months ago

    Kosovo/Dardania was always Albania and will always be. Go and get your salary in Moscow Grahamovic 😂

    • Shield Head
      Shield Head Month ago

      Kosovo should change name to Dardania.

  • Brotha Box
    Brotha Box 2 months ago +6

    Islamic state of Kosovo.Terrorists protected and sponsored under USA/EU goverments.

  • 123 123
    123 123 2 months ago +7

    Below is an excerpt from an article written by the New York Times published in 1985.
    *"One professor said most of the students - Kosovo Albanians - were children of peasants, who were often illiterate. Most study Albanian literature, language and history he said. The local economy cannot absorb them, he added, and the large numbers of educated, nationalistic and unemployed youth would be a combustible mixture even if there were no nation across the border that could play on these frustrations"*
    Below are excerpts from a report published by Human Rights Watch in 1998, one year before NATO's military intervention.
    *"Twenty-two Serb civilians were reportedly executed by KLA members in the village of Klecka. See: Humanitarian Law Violations in Kosovo, Human Rights Watch, October 1998"*
    "September 9, 1998
    The bodies of thirty-four people, including both ethnic Serbs and Albanians, were found in an artificial lake near the village of Glodjane. The evidence strongly suggests that they were killed by the KLA. See: Humanitarian Law Violations in Kosovo, Human Rights Watch, October 1998"

    • Free-Spoken Media
      Free-Spoken Media 2 months ago

      +123 123 I can agree with you that the KLA did in fact commit acts of terrorism against innocent Serbians. They don't hide this. They are on record saying it themselves. I don't like Thaci or Haliti. They are war criminals who, like you said, killed honest Albanians to rise to power. They assassinated Kosovo's democratically elected presidents (Rugova's) closest friends and arguably him as well. They are western puppets, installed by America. They should be in jail. That being said, it doesn't change the fact that Serbia's war crimes against Albanians far outweigh that of the KLA's. Just look at the numbers. Serbs were the aggressors from the beginning. The KLA was a reactionary organization funded by the CIA. They couldn't have gained the sympathies of the Albanian people if Serbs were not brutally oppressing Kosovan Albanians. Don't forget, Albanians in Kosovo have been a majority for at least 100+ years. The only legitimacy that Serbs can point to when it comes to the dying mantra of "Kosovo is Serbia" is 1389 and some churches they built there. We're talking ancient history here. The reality is Albanians make up 95% of Kosovo's population. Given the current situation, Kosovo should merge with Albania. 30% of Macedonia is Albanian. Albanians don't another war but they will never accept another Serbian occupation. 10% of Switzerland is Albanian. There are up to 5 million Albanians in Turkey. The Arberesh of Italy and Arvanites of Greece are proof that Albanians have been chased out of their lands for hundreds if not thousands of years. There are more Albanians that live outside of Albania and Kosovo than inside. This is proof of the diaspora that Albanians have suffered from. I myself am a war refugee living in Canada. My parents families were ethnically cleansed from Serbia and chased down to Kosovo in the 1800s. We have lost so much territory and have been systematically divided for ages.
      Let's not get hung up on the past and look at the current reality of the situation. Kosovo is recognized as independent by over 80% of European union. Kosovo is 95% ethnically Albanian. How on earth could you possibly project a future where Kosovo is Serbia? It will never happen unless Serbia does what it did 90s which is wage another war. Europe won't allow it. The world won't allow it. Their reputation is still tarnished due to their crimes in Bosnia and Kosovo mostly.
      At some point, you have to stop and think; if you're waging war on pretty much all of your neighbors, you may be the bad guy.
      Just because Kosovo's government is corrupt doesn't mean the Albanian people deserve another ethnic genocidal war campaign against them.

    • Free-Spoken Media
      Free-Spoken Media 2 months ago

      +123 123 There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve your ethnicity. That's what nation states used to be until the agenda of multiculturalism, race-mixing and immigration policies became the focus of globalist powers.
      Yes, Tito gave Albanians equal rights and Yugoslavia was a good time for Albanians in Kosovo. None the less, we never belonged. Yugo-slav means southern-slav. We are not slavs. We are Albanians. The only identifiable descendants of Illyrians. We do not come from the Caucasus. Serbs on the other hand do. Serbia has been at war with it's neighbors since the beginning of time. They are the instigators, oppressors, invaders and conquerors. The history is clear.
      Serbs had rights under Ottomans to practice their religion while Albanians were forced to convert to Islam. My 92 year old grandmother tells stories of Turkish troops going door to door asking people what they were. If they didn't say Turkish or muslim, they would get executed. Many people suffered under Ottomans, not just Serbs.

    • 123 123
      123 123 2 months ago +1

      The KLA routinely tortured, murdered and ethnically cleansed their own people - Albanians - who refused to accept and legitimise a death cult whose members were descendents of the Albanian Nazis. Albanian extremism doesn't differentiate between ethnic groups or even their own people when it comes to ruthlessly achieving their aims.
      And if the Serbs were solely responsible for the persecution of the Kosovo Albanians, why then did the KLA force all ethnic groups out of the province?
      Until the 1998-99 war, Kosovo’s Jewish community had numbered about 300 or so. In 1999, men claiming to represent the Albanian separatist Kosovo Liberation Army told the then-president of the Jewish community that he must leave.
      Kosovo has become an ethnically pure state made up of Albanians with violent criminals in the political elite.

    • 123 123
      123 123 2 months ago +2

      The Serbs were oppressed for hundreds of years under ottoman rule. They suffered enormous losses in both world wars.
      The Albanians were given equal rights in Kosovo after WW2 even though they sided with Italy and Nazi Germany, committing atrocities against the Serb snd Montenegrin civilian population.
      I've spoken to Albanians who grew up in communist Yugoslavia and they don't mention oppression. On the contrary, they always talk about equality, the respect of Albanian language and culture. Fair representation in the police force, work places, media.
      In the early 1980s, after the death of Tito, nationalist forces undertook to create an “ethnically clean Albanian republic,” taking over Serb lands, attacking churches, and engaging in “protracted violence” to attain the goal of an “ethnically pure” Albanian region, with “almost weekly incidents of rape, arson, pillage and industrial sabotage, most seemingly designed to drive Kosovo’s remaining indigenous Slavs out of the province.”

    • Free-Spoken Media
      Free-Spoken Media 2 months ago

      +123 123 it is true that the KLA committed crimes of provocation to get the west involved and it worked. Why do you think they did that? You have no idea the kind if oppression Albanians lived under for centuries. Whether it was Ottomans or Serbs, we were always second class citizens, especially under Serbia. When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable.

  • Jose Raul Miguens Cruz
    Jose Raul Miguens Cruz 2 months ago +20

    Kosovo is Serbia!

  • Nummer 1
    Nummer 1 2 months ago +1

    Have u Problem with the Independent Kosova? Ok come take it 😂😂😂..a sorry i forgot u are now all old people u cant do nothing more 😂😂😂😂😂😂so is good this ist come from Got to punished serbia

  • Halit Ibrahimi
    Halit Ibrahimi 2 months ago

    Some info about the author of this vdeo

  • Uskok
    Uskok 2 months ago +1

    Balkan people can be as bad as each other, pointing fingers really makes me laugh and proves how stupid people can be.

  • yuri Lemming
    yuri Lemming 2 months ago +4

    Looking at the map of Kosovo its obviously part of Serbia & not Albania an unnatural map line that severely cuts into Serbia. Crimea is obviously Russian but Kosovo is unnaturally US, why does US occupy an area so far from its coastline

    • yuri Lemming
      yuri Lemming 2 months ago +1

      Bill the traveler Middle East Yinon map is dertainly a wet dream for the zionshite.

    • Bill the traveler
      Bill the traveler 2 months ago +2

      U.S. learned to draw maps from Israel.

    • yuri Lemming
      yuri Lemming 2 months ago

      Ipostle Profit comes first, theft before morals the US way.

    • Ipostle
      Ipostle 2 months ago

      I don't remember republicans objecting to Clinton's war unless the movie Wag The Dog was about Kosovo. A very vague movie

  • BigSmartArmed
    BigSmartArmed 2 months ago +8

    Kosovo - land hijacked by murdering criminals.

    • Halit Ibrahimi
      Halit Ibrahimi 2 months ago

      Some info about the author of this vdeo

  • Dmitriy Alekseenkoff
    Dmitriy Alekseenkoff 2 months ago +1

    Здраствуй, Graham. , Грэм. Дядя Гриша.
    Произошла ошибка. Ты меня заблокировал в ВКонтакте.
    По всей видимости ты получил недостоверную информацию о том что я что-то ломаю. Или каким либо образом могу навредить.
    Грэм, ты можешь мне верить или нет, но данная информация недостоверна.
    Чтобы проверить это можно посмотреть материалы что я размещаю в вконтакт. Или гугле + ( пока его не закрыли) .
    Этим материалам уже не один год.
    И они достоверны.
    Если есть какие-то подозрения - спроси меня прямо.
    Я отвечу.
    О себе: живу в городе Санкт-Петербург . Работаю в государственном учреждении.
    Любые данные готов подтвердить документально.

  • Savio Biogen
    Savio Biogen 2 months ago +2

    Thanks Graham, and hello again.
    If you have a will, and enough time, take a look at this documentary: "It started with a lie."
    It is aveliable on youtube. It is 50 minutes long,
    I think some German jurnalists did it, and it is talking about Kosovo and NATO bombing Serbia.
    Here is first part of documentary, first part is 10 minutes long. You can find all 5 parts on this same chanel.

  • Анатолий Кондрахин


  • Nikola Aleksić
    Nikola Aleksić 2 months ago +20

    Thank you for doing this, Graham!

    • Mentor Pozhegu
      Mentor Pozhegu 2 months ago

      +Graham Phillips You are a fraud. The lack of intelligence displayed here is just monumentally horrid. This is the empirical reason why humanity will never understand the reason things are the way they are. The lack of intellect and comprehension level maturity is just ubiquitous. It goes for the majority of the world.

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  2 months ago +8

      You are welcome my friend!!

  • Zak Novak
    Zak Novak 2 months ago +11

    Thank you my brother !! Thanks dude for visiting where my roots are ! Serbia !!! Not far is Vranje,,,where my folks are from ! Bless you Graham !

    • Zak Novak
      Zak Novak 2 months ago

      +Mentor Raçi how about asking your mother how Zak Novak fucked her in the ass 4 days ago ?? Albanians in Vranje ? Dude,,,,stop drinking your fathers semen ok,,its affecting your brain cells !

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 2 months ago

      tell Graham how many thousand albanians lived in Nis vranje leskovc in 17 or 18 century some were deported some killed today there's no albanian in those cities

    • Halit Ibrahimi
      Halit Ibrahimi 2 months ago

      Some info about the author of this vdeo

    • Zak Novak
      Zak Novak 2 months ago +2

      +Graham Phillips I'm so proud of you !!!!!!!!!! A legend you are !

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  2 months ago +2

      Yo Zak bro!!!!

  • Vierotchka
    Vierotchka 2 months ago

    You should ask them about the tons of depleted uranium that the US/NATO rained on Kosovo, and the direct dire health issues that continue to crop up because of that - mainly cancers and deformed babies - including Italian soldiers: www.telegraf.rs/english/2919524-new-disturbing-data-comes-from-italy-348-soldiers-died-from-depleted-uranium-on-kosovo-and-metohija

    • Vierotchka
      Vierotchka 2 months ago

      +Graham Phillips Always, even when I am very ill! :)

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  2 months ago +1

      Vierotchka you are on fire!!!

  • Bill the traveler
    Bill the traveler 2 months ago +10

    You have made hundreds of street interviews in Donetsk and Russia with people that stop walking away and look at you to answer.
    The body language says, "I'm lying to you and it makes uncomfortable that I'm going to get caught lying to you. I must be moving away from a confrontation. "
    Nice misdirection that he gives about your car.

  • Scary_Smurf
    Scary_Smurf 2 months ago +22

    Hey Graham, come to Banja Luka it's just in the neighborhood and it's an interesting city. You are always welcome here :)

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 2 months ago

      +Lelemud Palamudić and some 1000 serbs who lives well who works well and who have freedom of movement and speech

    • Lelemud Palamudić
      Lelemud Palamudić 2 months ago

      +Mentor Raçi Yes, in Banja Luka Serbs,Bosniaks and Croats live togheter,study togheter and work togheter without any problems. Pristina today have 10 old Serbs who live there.

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 2 months ago

      banja luka nice bosnian city

  • detroit ghetto
    detroit ghetto 2 months ago +2

    Kaliningrad is Germany

    • detroit ghetto
      detroit ghetto 2 months ago

      +Brian Friedman

    • Brian Friedman
      Brian Friedman 2 months ago

      So why don't Germans come and take it then? :D

    • Ayupoff Production
      Ayupoff Production 2 months ago

      Królewiec jest Polska

    • detroit ghetto
      detroit ghetto 2 months ago +1

      +Андрей Волков
      Конченный человек ты, несправедливая псина

    • Андрей Волков
      Андрей Волков 2 months ago

      If Germany give us back 27 million of our people, then we can discuss return of Kaliningrad.

  • ZvezdaSrbijaNikadYugoslavia

    It's clear that they came from Asia, look at their faces, those are not european faces,not even balkan faces

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 19 days ago

      +ZvezdaSrbijaNikadYugoslavia russian womans are beautiful

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 19 days ago

      +ZvezdaSrbijaNikadYugoslavia yes Khabib looks beautiful and russians look weird and drunk

    • ZvezdaSrbijaNikadYugoslavia
      ZvezdaSrbijaNikadYugoslavia 19 days ago

      +Mentor Raçi dude have you looked how khabib looks and how people from moscow look?

    • ХС Кораћ
      ХС Кораћ 2 months ago


    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 2 months ago

      if we came from caucasus as you say we would have good relationship with russians but no you serb are the ones who have good relationship with russians we were AUTOCHTONOUS in the balkans

    MUCKI PROVOKATOR 2 months ago +8

    stoka primitivna.

  • Vitya Frankenstein
    Vitya Frankenstein 2 months ago +8

    будь осторожнее там, албанцы и зарезать могут

  • Helen Demidova
    Helen Demidova 2 months ago

    Oh, Mine!!upside down:appreciation those who ruined..? + there are military bases of USA

  • Bella Donna
    Bella Donna 2 months ago +10

    Берегите себя,Грэг!

  • Срђан Ранђеловић

    Excellent point!!!
    Before the WWII, Albanians were a minority in Kosovo and Metohia. Then Tito colonized them in Serbian houses.

    • Бојан Павловић
      Бојан Павловић 29 days ago

      +Mentor Raçi Nobody is autochtonus nowhere. By your theory God created Albanians on the Kosovo/Albania? I dont mean to say anything bad, but your theory is wrong. Does that mean that modern white americans arent americans because they all have European roots?

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 2 months ago

      +Yebossi Mukewu so now came a siberian serb saying they were 46 households in 1455 ,90 %of siberian servs said that Albanians came in the balkans in 1912 typical siberian serv propaganda

      ALBO ILLYRIAN 2 months ago

      Hahhahahahahah i see often stupid lies from serbs but this one is epic!

    • Yebossi Mukewu
      Yebossi Mukewu 2 months ago +1

      +Mentor Raçi Autochtonous my ass! There were 46 Albanian households in entire Kosovo at 1455. Albanians became weak majority during late Ottoman era(between 1878 and 1908), and an absolute majority after ethnic cleansing by Albanians(who sided with Germans in both World Wars) and huge loss of Serbian lives in both World Wars! All medieval Serbian monasteries, churches and fortresses were there much before self-proclaimed „autochtonous" Albanians came to Kosovo under the tails of Ottoman hourses!

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 2 months ago

      you see 2 serbs discuss one is saying albanians came in after 1912 and another serb saying albanians lived in 17 century and 18 century and then will come third serb who will say Albanians were AUTOCHTONOUS in the balkans 👐👐👐👐very confused serbs

  • Don
    Don 2 months ago +78

    Greetings from Germany ❤

    • Iniesta
      Iniesta 2 months ago

      I know many dons from serbia ahhah nice try

    • Mentor Raçi
      Mentor Raçi 2 months ago

      a lot of russian trolls in comment section

    • Nimm Diesen Namen An!
      Nimm Diesen Namen An! 2 months ago

      KÖNIGSBERG ups sry Kalingrad is Russia.

    • Jeton Bujupi
      Jeton Bujupi 2 months ago

      Germany is Russia

    • Albanian BOY
      Albanian BOY 2 months ago +1

      Deine Mutter = Meine Frau
      Du Hurensohn!!

  • B Kelly
    B Kelly 2 months ago

    Really confused they like the country that killed there own citizen? Strange

    • Perpaim BE
      Perpaim BE 2 months ago

      +dabog14 You such a pussy first of all KLA never fought as and Islamic group we Albanians don't care about religouse we fought as Albanian you see KLA stamp is double head eagle not even a sign of religion, Republic of Kosovo is a laik state and we will fuck anyone who touch Republic of Kosovo

    • Андрей Волков
      Андрей Волков 2 months ago +4

      +dabog14 Same we had in Chechnia, except that Chechens were able to understand the situation and to throw the terrorists out by themselves and reallign with Russia.

    • dabog14
      dabog14 2 months ago +8

      Basically, during 90's, we Serbs were fighting Muslim Albanian terorist groups (KLA or UÇK) , but USA backed them up and said we Serbs were killing poor and innocent Albanian minority in our southern province of Kosovo, and they helped them to gain independence from Serbia. During that period almost all Serbs from Kosovo were removed by force from that territory. Albanians used to destroy even Serbian graveyards, not to mention churches and monasteries. And also, some of those Albanian fighters who were fighting against Serbs, also fought in Syria as part of ISIS. So now we have Islamic ISIS state in the middle of Europe, supported by the US and UK.

  • Alex Fit
    Alex Fit 2 months ago +8


  • The Eagle
    The Eagle 2 months ago +1

    Be safe, Grisha. Kosovo was "independent" for the reason that the Amerikkkans wants to establish havoc in the nearby area. FUCK AMERIKKKA, FROM MANILA!

    I'm the guy from VK btw.

  • призрак Европы
    призрак Европы 2 months ago +18

    Гремушка, спасибо тебе за ПРАВДУ, которую ты несешь везде!