Studio Ghibli Inspired Art!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • I haven't done a proper full watercolour painting in a while, so let's see how this goes!
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Comments • 367

  • Edite Santos
    Edite Santos 11 days ago

    your painting looks amazing! this inspired me a lot to stop being afraid of watercolor!! thank you for the video c:

  • jennifer half
    jennifer half 11 days ago

    Why do the tree's look like that????

  • julia hoang
    julia hoang 25 days ago

    Baylee Jae: "...the far background, where the mountains and stuff are, the hills I should say. It looks like "
    Me : "Bob Ross?"
    Baylee Jae: "Brocolli!"

  • RiZza Tv
    RiZza Tv 26 days ago

    Try the blue rubbel krepp von schmincke it’s soooo easy to remove

  • Nikkie J.
    Nikkie J. Month ago

    This is really pretty. I still have to watch all of the Studio Ghibli movies. Even though I haven't watched them yet, I love the animation.

  • Raevus 89
    Raevus 89 Month ago

    I love Studio Ghibli 💖

  • jena and chill
    jena and chill Month ago

    Love ittttt

  • Kwitie Chan
    Kwitie Chan 2 months ago

    So gooddd SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEE 💓💖💕💗💗💞

  • Lilac Samurai
    Lilac Samurai 2 months ago

    I want these art books!

  • Elin Jona
    Elin Jona 2 months ago

    omg was it because the masking fluid was old?

  • VeryBlueberrry
    VeryBlueberrry 2 months ago

    I think the term you were looking for was dappled sunlight? Very beautiful scenery and kudos to you for getting creative! Painting with paints scares me, it's too intimidating/advanced for me lmao. This reminds me of a painting I did in high school which also had lots of green and blue, it was of the inside of a greenhouse, and when you peeled the tape and said how satisfying that was I got flashbacks lol (I also used tape for the white frames/supports of the greenhouse so I had to do a lot of tape peeling)

  • Elegance In Crafting
    Elegance In Crafting 2 months ago

    "Can I copy your homework? Sure but change it up a bit" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dead Baylee LMFAO still watching but had to comment this LOL

  • MS Frank
    MS Frank 2 months ago

    I'm a simple girl: I see Ghibli, I click.

  • Mollie Tenpenny
    Mollie Tenpenny 2 months ago

    It's almost like Anne of Green Gables. 😀😍👩🏻‍🦰

  • Dead Sheepy
    Dead Sheepy 2 months ago

    Everyone else removing masking tape: *satisfying*
    Baylee: *S C R A P E*

  • Kimberly Christie
    Kimberly Christie 2 months ago

    The term for the sun shining through the leaves might be "dappled light"?

  • uwu
    uwu 2 months ago

    You're adorable omg-

  • Amy O'Rourke
    Amy O'Rourke 2 months ago

    Ugh bailey!!! Your artwork is improving so much lately!!! It’s really beginning to show how much you have been studying and learning :))

  • Artist Otaku
    Artist Otaku 2 months ago

    Does anyone know where I could find Studio Ghibli artbooks? I would love to have them for inspiration and ofc cuz I love the movies!

  • DeadWolfius -Kun
    DeadWolfius -Kun 2 months ago

    I love how your art literally appears on the page 😂 seriously I like it it looks like you're doing you're art without a sketch and that looks cool

  • HetaliaRussiaFan 01
    HetaliaRussiaFan 01 2 months ago

    OMG i love it Baylee Jae! > w

  • Jaime
    Jaime 2 months ago

    I am soooo In love with this piece 😍😍😍

  • Starryy Skiies
    Starryy Skiies 2 months ago +1

    I hope this one becomes a print or something! I'm in LOVE with this one!

  • Lia Jo
    Lia Jo 2 months ago +1

    One time I couldn't find my masking fluid, so I used rubber cement. I was so mad at myself cuz it wouldn't really come off at first like you had in the video. It got so frustrating that I had to go stuff it in a corner. A month later, I finally feel okay enough to continue, and the rubber cement came off so easily. No clue why cuz it was dry the forst try

  • Ceit De Vitto
    Ceit De Vitto 2 months ago

    It's really nice!

  • Sara Crowe
    Sara Crowe 2 months ago

    Baylee, this is beautiful!! 😍

  • Sabah Virani
    Sabah Virani 2 months ago

    Love your channel! Did you know the RU-clip algorithm in Jan 2020 will be using AI to shut down child appealing content to demonetize and disable comments, the ai will use things like color etc, and this is potentially going to kill art channels!

    • Sabah Virani
      Sabah Virani 2 months ago

      Great!!!! I’m so glad! Your channel rocks!

    • Baylee Jae
      Baylee Jae  2 months ago

      Yes, I actually have a video being released today where I will discuss it.

  • Victoria Pyles
    Victoria Pyles 2 months ago

    If you're only using water colors it's just easier to leave the white of the paper for white. Watercolor white is not very opaque. It's mostly used for mixing and it should still be used lightly because it's so easy to muddy everything up. But you're using multimedia and the white you used was gouache. So different techniques apply 🤷 as long as it looks good, and you're happy with it, who cares lmao

  • Richie Kongwang
    Richie Kongwang 2 months ago

    Woah this looks awesome!

  • Amy Sue West
    Amy Sue West 2 months ago

    Awe, this turned out great. :)

  • LoftyOasis
    LoftyOasis 2 months ago

    beautiful 💙

  • Mistery Maiden
    Mistery Maiden 2 months ago +1

    So for future reference, when masking fluid is being that hard a rubber cement eraser will be the best way to get it up

  • Victoria C
    Victoria C 2 months ago

    you're "supposed" to use the white of the paper and I admit, I am an advocate for this because I primarily use watercolors and love the way it looks.. but I do use white gouache A LOT too and very often combine gouache and watercolor within entire paintings. I love the way it looks with the white of the paper and it takes some practice to get used to thinking that way but I cheat all the time ;) lovely job btw!!

  • Oxidine Illustration
    Oxidine Illustration 2 months ago +1

    I love love loved this video so much! It turned out beautiful.

  • Jill C
    Jill C 2 months ago

    Last time I used masking fluid literally the same thing happened. Grrrr so annoying. Especially since it takes forever to dry. I’ve just about sworn mf off.... *sigh*

  • Roushon Chowdhury
    Roushon Chowdhury 2 months ago

    If it's the black velvet silver brush then I agree. I have one and it's the greatest thing of life.

  • autumn mcdermott
    autumn mcdermott 2 months ago +1

    I love your picture you rock.. here my ideas for you..
    1.A nice pokemon frorist pictute.
    2.A team rockit pix with makeing them look a bit more normal.. lol.
    3.make a chartoon seance from the following.
    The legand of korra
    Avatar the legand of aang
    Doctor who
    My littel pony.
    The house of anubis.
    the ancient magus bride
    Some aliens from ben ten

  • Bloody Leia
    Bloody Leia 2 months ago

    In one of your vlogs you said you were procrastinating because you were afraid of your next art piece, but let me tell you this came out beautifully and you can tell it’s ghibli inspired and it even inspired me to try painting again because I’ve been doing a ton of digital art and I think I need to get back to traditional for a bit and put more of me in my art. Great job on this painting, can’t wait for your next!! 💕

  • Makeup&fanart
    Makeup&fanart 2 months ago +2

    Tip for lifting watercolor where you don’t want it: Mr. Clean magic eraser. It’s a watercolor painting eraser!

  • Waresforcoin Art
    Waresforcoin Art 2 months ago +2

    Real talk I think this may be my favorite Piece I’ve seen you do I need a copy will it possibly be in the next print/pin Release or red bubble? I need it!

  • Aimz360
    Aimz360 2 months ago

    Gouache isn't cheating, it's your friend. Also, even though i have never seen that particular masking fluid in motion or one that old, best way i was told to get it off is via a textured tea towel.

  • Liz Johnson
    Liz Johnson 2 months ago +3

    Not your favorite art piece??!! OMG...that looks awesome. I would definitely hang it up and display it! I love watching you create art. You make it entertaining for sure! You are delight to watch! Thank you for sharing!

  • Amber
    Amber 2 months ago +1

    omg Love this!! fantastic work!

  • Whatever
    Whatever 2 months ago

    So as I understand there are different types of masking fluid. Some that is made to rub off and some that sticks to a rubber cement eraser. Maybe you had the second type? (or it was just too old/separated?)

  • Ella Karatzas
    Ella Karatzas 2 months ago +1

    Please do more landscape focused art

  • Jade Bennett
    Jade Bennett 2 months ago +2

    this is literally my favourite art work you have done i love it so much i look at it and feel more relaxed and comfortable. Would love to have a print please please make one. love your work

  • Soekieloekie Kaassoufflé

    I heard other's quoting as well you don't suppose to use white paint but use the white of the paper.. but.. with art.. is there a suppose to do or don't at all? 🤔
    I find the white of the paper often too white and often I prefer smooth washes then keeping things white.. white paint exist so why the hustle 🤷‍♀️ never really understood that quote. do what you want and suits you in art there are no rules only free expression.

    • Soekieloekie Kaassoufflé
      Soekieloekie Kaassoufflé 2 months ago

      @MetalMagpie 🤔 I misunderstood you before. arches cold press don't have much structure in the paper and on that I don't see a clear difference so on that paper can use watercolor and gouache togheter fine but I can imagen with other papers the difference is more visseble

    • MetalMagpie
      MetalMagpie 2 months ago

      @Soekieloekie Kaassoufflé You won't see paper structure through gouache (unless you water it down) because it's opaque. But you will see paper structure through watercolour. That's what the difference is. Watercolour allows you to see the paper, whereas gouache covers it.

    • Soekieloekie Kaassoufflé
      Soekieloekie Kaassoufflé 2 months ago

      @MetalMagpie I have schmincke horadem gouache and I don't see paper structure through the paint actually.. at least not noticeable enough for me to notice. that perhaps differs with the brand of paint being used 🤷‍♀️ but to be honest I don't have much white areas in my paintings so I don't have much problems with it at all

    • MetalMagpie
      MetalMagpie 2 months ago

      The reason people say to not use white paint with watercolour is to keep a uniform texture. Watercolour doesn't cover the texture of the paper, whereas gouache does. So if you use white gouache, those areas will be a different texture to the areas where you only used watercolour. It's most noticeable on the cold press paper, which has a strong texture. But as you say, art has no real rules. So if you don't mind the texture (or actively want texture variation in your painting) then no worries. :)

  • Crystal Franklin
    Crystal Franklin 2 months ago

    Your hair is! Pretty in pink, guuuurrrrl! I love it and the curls are super cute! Awesome video too! I love your personality, style and attitude and it's great that you don't limit yourself or your art by doing what "everyone" says you should or not doing what they say you shouldn't. Art should liberate, never hinder or limit. You're the creator and it's your art, so yeah, go you! Your picture came out awesome!

  • ureshii Tashinimu
    ureshii Tashinimu 2 months ago +11

    I use acrylics with WATERCOLORS and I MIX THEM TOGETHER
    ANyProBLeMMM 🔪

  • TaraBoo Art ARMY
    TaraBoo Art ARMY 2 months ago +3

    Studio Ghibli backgrounds are the best! I can never get over how absolutely beautiful their scenery is. Yours does a great job of combining your own style with that classic Ghibli look!

  • Owli Sketches
    Owli Sketches 2 months ago


  • Kay
    Kay 2 months ago

    what brushes did you use :0

  • Teacup Girl
    Teacup Girl 2 months ago +2

    Watching scenery come to life is so satisfying ~ I really enjoyed all of the video, it would be great to see more art of water colour scenery! 🌱❤️

  • Bristles Digital Media
    Bristles Digital Media 2 months ago +1

    This is actually one of my favorite pieces you have done

  • KungPowKirby
    KungPowKirby 2 months ago

    I use that masking fluid and love it. Yours does it look super old. It should dry to an almost turquoise color - not brownish. Also did you let it completely dry before you start painting? If not that might be what caused the paste like consistency.

  • CosmicKaori
    CosmicKaori 2 months ago

    personally I found that windsor and newton masking fluid will still have a hard time with not ripping the paper, i recommend Qor, it comes off super easy and doesnt rip the paper

  • Hapito
    Hapito 2 months ago

    Yeah I have that same Masking fluid and even new it chews at the papr or simply rips off an entire layer.

  • winterprism
    winterprism 2 months ago

    I think the black ribbon actually makes her stand out but not as obviously as a terra cotta dress would have

  • Allison Brommer
    Allison Brommer 2 months ago +1

    Huge fan of studio ghibli and I think you definitely matched that style. As for the girls dress i like the blue but it might have been interesting to paint the ribbon the terra-cotta color.

  • AmmyWolf
    AmmyWolf 2 months ago

    Just a little advice. You needed more water and try a wet on wet method for big block of area. It will let your art be best streaky like this piece is.
    Also it's not a purist attitude it just in general it looks better to have natural white showing than adding. plus it makes you think in advance and actually get a understand your composition. If all the professional watercolor artist recommend using natural white of the paper maybe that something you should actually consider it than just them purist.