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Too $hort, Mistah F.A.B., & Yukmouth | Drink Champs (Full Episode)

  • Published on Feb 6, 2018
  • The trio-later joined by Benzino-talk battling, the Bay Area scene, the sexual assault allegations against Short, and more.

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Comments • 1 923

  • Maحmood Sayz
    Maحmood Sayz 3 years ago +48

    Yukmouth humble cool individual. Salute legend.

  • Yikes516
    Yikes516 3 years ago +69

    Much Respect to the Bay Area. So much talent has came outta there and some bomb weed . Shout out from NY

  • Instrumentally Infinite
    Instrumentally Infinite 3 years ago +203

    *The way Yukmouth laughs is hilarious!*

    • Michael Oubre
      Michael Oubre Year ago

      @Maurice Linzie man no disrespect but how old are you and where you from if u dont mind me asking ?

    • Aaron Irons
      Aaron Irons 3 years ago

      RIP 👑 JACKA

      ONESnTWOS 3 years ago

      Truuf Huurtz Daym really homie? You got the words twisted forreal. The way we use blood n cuz is family G. We all bleed the same blood, and we're all related either family or friend, so we're all cousins. So there ya go my friend.... blood or cuz....In the bay we keep it family, whatever race you are or no matter where you from, we all together.

    • treach091
      treach091 3 years ago

      Hell yea he sound like my hmeboy😂

    • The Real Frisco
      The Real Frisco 3 years ago

      Truuf Huurtz Lol relax bruh. You sound like you jealous. The world been biting our style that's a fact! Saying blud and cuh don't mean shiet no more these days. Crips is wearing red and bloods is wearing blue mah nigga lol that color bangin is dead. Crips killin crips and bloods killin bloods so wtf is the point?? LOL! Respect to the OG's though but these days it means nothing. The world love the way we talk, act and spit that game. Even NORE stole some shit too! We are special mah nigga LOL! Ain't no place in the world like us. Look at LA now. They jocking our style. LA niggaz doin our music and doin sideshows lol. So please chill with that bruh bruh.

  • F C
    F C 3 years ago +6

    This is the best Drink Champs so far!! Love the stories they brought up and the freestyle by Mistah F.A.B. We need more like this one!!

  • Khaled AbdulAleem
    Khaled AbdulAleem 4 years ago +102

    F.A.B killed that freestyle off the top. That was Drink Champs History!

    • Yung Stat
      Yung Stat 3 years ago +2

      Khaled AbdulAleem facts bro shit was lit off the fucking dome

  • Brian
    Brian 3 years ago +18

    Yukmouth needs his own episode

  • Sebypoo
    Sebypoo 3 years ago +16

    By far one of the best interviews ever made by Nore top 5 easy.

    • Luis Chavez
      Luis Chavez 9 days ago

      Thanks for the replies fellas! I have a lot to catch up on. I really enjoyed Memphis bleek and biggs Burke not too long ago

    • Killa Skrilla
      Killa Skrilla 10 days ago

      @Luis Chavez the one with Rick Ross was dope too. (the real rick ross)

    • Killa Skrilla
      Killa Skrilla 10 days ago

      @Luis Chavez dayum theres so many. Any Fat Joe episode, DMX last one of course. Trick Daddy. Ja Rule, Ice T, LL Cool J, Redman, the one with Shaggy and Gillie was funny af too. Theres probably 20 of em i forgot to mention but thats off top. This one definitely top 5 tho.

    • Killa Skrilla
      Killa Skrilla 10 days ago


    • Luis Chavez
      Luis Chavez 25 days ago

      What are some other good ones?

  • Tony Gudgrape
    Tony Gudgrape 3 years ago +6

    That Yankee stadium story. Had me in tears yo lmao

  • Peel.I.am
    Peel.I.am 3 years ago +3

    My great grandfather moved to Oakland from Arkansas back in the late 50's or early 60's. He even had a funeral out there and here. My love for Oak-town is deep!

  • Cam Life
    Cam Life 3 years ago +17

    I'm not even finish watching.. I'm about to roll another.. and finish. but I stopped at 1:30:25.. I love short ,yuk, n.o.r.e. but I wasn't too familiar with F.a.b. He sparked something with his talk about educating your kids. Because of that, I give him the same respect as my legends.

    • Jatarrio Whitaker
      Jatarrio Whitaker 3 years ago +1

      @Sebypoo I AGREE!

    • jacob price
      jacob price 3 years ago +1

      FAB is one of the best off the top spitters ever

    • Sebypoo
      Sebypoo 3 years ago +5

      Yukmouth needa come back for his own interview

  • Darnell Wilson
    Darnell Wilson 4 years ago +19

    I used to hate fab freestyles but after listening to him that's a talent I can't hate no more lol!!

    • thefatalveli1
      thefatalveli1 3 years ago

      FAB is my top 3 freestyle (of the top) MC with ESG and LIL FLIP

    • Mr 12
      Mr 12 3 years ago

      Darnell Wilson I gave you an up vote but Fab was always 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Mase Burner
      Mase Burner 3 years ago +1

      Darnell Wilson. RU-clip his battle with Royce the 5'9! F.A.B. up there being modest but he Body Bagged Royce!

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 3 years ago +4

    This was dope! Im from the Bay all facts!

  • Tron
    Tron 3 years ago +67

    Yukmouth Thugged Out Albumlation is still one of my favorite albums 20 yrs lata.. Thats a double disc I'll put up wit some of the greatest

    • Eric Walton
      Eric Walton 2 years ago

      Yes it is

    • Stephen
      Stephen 2 years ago +1

      Yup even people that dont like Yuk give him props on that one

    • Latrice Casey
      Latrice Casey 3 years ago +1

      Me too boo

    • Jerry Adams
      Jerry Adams 3 years ago +4

      Man back when murder Dog magazine was the underground... they loved that album

      BLKRTISTRY 3 years ago +2

      I'm still Bumpin that too

  • Raz Forh
    Raz Forh 3 years ago

    This interview was amazing. Thank yall. Hip hop still lives cuz of these kinda moments

  • Travion Kaneon
    Travion Kaneon 3 years ago

    Much respect to NORE, one of favorite interviews on drink champs.

  • mark White
    mark White 4 years ago +46

    They should let yuk come back cause I wanna hear some rap a lot j prince stories

    • K D
      K D 4 years ago +2

      Marcus Whiteley short and fab been on b4 so it will probably happen

  • jarl-caysen
    jarl-caysen 3 years ago +4

    yukmouth lowkey a legend here. they kept alluding to him knowing and being involved in some deep shit

  • Jeh Ceeeh
    Jeh Ceeeh 3 years ago +2

    Love NORE’s growth!

  • AceTheShooterTV
    AceTheShooterTV 3 years ago +6

    Damn I wasn’t expecting that freestyle to be so damn GOOD! 🔥🔥

  • A. Brown
    A. Brown 3 years ago +2

    Real g’s Respect ✊ luv

  • Boe'nealTV
    Boe'nealTV 3 years ago

    I can't explain how this show makes me feel man I was smiling through the whole show and most of the Drink Champ Shows I'm smiling through the whole thing man it just makes me feel so good to witness this yo I'm so proud of Nore idk man I just like to see my people win yo and that's what's going on here all of these brotha are wearing the W right now and I love it

  • slim canseco
    slim canseco 4 years ago +112

    Oh now i see what efn does😂😂😂 he gets the interview back on track

      ONESnTWOS 3 years ago

      Somebody gotta maintain the show!

    • G Santoro
      G Santoro 3 years ago +1

      that and he knows his history and when shit gets off track he can mention something historical and get everyone back to a loose interview and away from drunk and talking jibberish

    • JERU
      JERU 3 years ago +2

      Somebody finally realized what his purpose is, being telling ppl in these comments for a minute

    • Candace M. Braddock
      Candace M. Braddock 3 years ago +1


    • Filipino Black
      Filipino Black 3 years ago



    I love the fact that after all the beef, love wins!!

  • Mya Sando
    Mya Sando 3 years ago

    F.A.B is hilarious definitely one of the best interviews

    NU REBEL TV 4 years ago +152

    Yuk said the whole Detroit looks like west Oakland....😂

    • The Hamilton family
      The Hamilton family 3 years ago

      @AQUAPHREESH193 and dont forget about steady mobbin

    • The Hamilton family
      The Hamilton family 3 years ago

      @AQUAPHREESH193 shot callin and big ballin was my shit

    • The Hamilton family
      The Hamilton family 3 years ago

      @MrBayish they must have fixed west oakland up since i moved. When i lived in the north right off san pablo, west Oakland looked horrible

    • The Hamilton family
      The Hamilton family 3 years ago

      He aint lying. West Oakland look like a deserted city lol

    • Tony Gudgrape
      Tony Gudgrape 3 years ago

      Facts lmao

  • Khaled AbdulAleem
    Khaled AbdulAleem 4 years ago +32

    2:22:00 Great story about Short vs Luniz. One of the GREATEST MOMENTS EVER on Drink Champs

      BLKRTISTRY 3 years ago +1

      @jonathan fiel cell Block had a Dope azz Roster..they all could Rhyme well

    • Rafael Perez
      Rafael Perez 3 years ago

      Khaled AbdulAleem 88stvl

    • jonathan fiel
      jonathan fiel 3 years ago +4

      that was the best part of the interview. everyone from the bay remembers that beef and thought the town drove short out to atlanta which wasn't the case. with all due respect to the luniz i thought bad n fluenz was the better rap group outta eso. rappin ron was no joke on the mic r.i.p.

      AQUAPHREESH193 3 years ago +3

      Khaled AbdulAleem you da goat i was waiting for that lol that shit caused alotta drama even after it was supposedly squashed

  • Mannwel Anderson
    Mannwel Anderson 3 years ago

    Thank you drink Champs you guys always make my day keep flowing homies ima keep watching and liking

  • EsDeeCee 44
    EsDeeCee 44 3 years ago +5

    These dudes hilarious 😆

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth 3 years ago +1

    Yooooooo by far this is the best it’s like literally looking at my brothers & they homies just talking everywhere drinking like this is home for me I fkn love it NORE want these same men from yuk to benzoto Short to fab just add e40 and jada and tech nine and Master p with these men I know they all finna have stories for daaaaays i looove this NORE big fan of yours!!{

  • TheMg44563
    TheMg44563 3 years ago


  • thefatalveli1
    thefatalveli1 3 years ago +6

    1:23:33 Too Short said the REALEST shit... Rest In Peace Mac Dre !!!!!!

  • Trevor Cunningham
    Trevor Cunningham 3 years ago +3

    You doing good Nore. But understand this, even though you've come far. You can still go farther! Keep pushing an don't settle! Audi 5000 G!

  • Shalonda Thirdkill
    Shalonda Thirdkill 4 years ago +1


  • Snb Nbmg
    Snb Nbmg 3 years ago

    Salute to NORE for bringing a few of the bays legends on the show!!! That’s love !!

  • Ricco Law
    Ricco Law 4 years ago +97

    Best podcast out. Please do The Diplomats next. Also let's get AZ, Nas, Bone Thugs, Warren G, DJ Quik, and Twista on the show

    • Odell Goodman-Bey
      Odell Goodman-Bey 3 years ago

      Indeed also Field Mob, Goodie Mob, Common, Flaco Bey A.K.A. Yasiin Bey A.K.A. Mos Def, Mama Mia, Rah Digga, Lyte, Bahamadia etc

    • Richard Eason
      Richard Eason 3 years ago

      Cutty Slim morning starts

    • G Santoro
      G Santoro 3 years ago

      can't have quick without sugafree,amg,2nd ll none and pimp house paya click. and maybe problem for the yougsters

    • D Boy Tha Mack
      D Boy Tha Mack 3 years ago

      mikedabeast360 #Facts

    • aermax 7321
      aermax 7321 3 years ago

      ......quik ...eiht ....bg knockout and Goldie loc same table wasted talking that way back when .wind breaker n. khakis day

  • Laset livingstin
    Laset livingstin 3 years ago +1

    I love how Too $hort tells stories & break shit down...

  • Da1uvDAll
    Da1uvDAll 4 months ago +1

    One of my top 5 of drink champs shows. Junt was fire. Oakland remind me of memphis we damn near got da same slang. Salute

  • A c130
    A c130 3 years ago +12

    my favorite drink champs episode ..nore gotta make the ..you gotta relax shirts

  • patrick kabinda
    patrick kabinda 3 years ago

    Damn, Mistah F.A.B sure knows how to tell stories. You're it bro.

  • Shaun Thompson
    Shaun Thompson 4 years ago +21

    this interview is golden

  • Bryan Turner
    Bryan Turner 3 years ago +1

    Another favorite on Drink Champs Salute

  • shibby mccoy
    shibby mccoy 4 months ago

    3 generations of
    Bay Area Hip Hop..thank you N.O.R.E. for this interview

  • Jetpackwale 90
    Jetpackwale 90 3 years ago +1

    This was one of the best drink champs ever

  • Rickey Gee TV
    Rickey Gee TV 3 years ago

    Glad that you finally got Too Short on here !

  • Triphecta Entertainment
    Triphecta Entertainment 4 years ago +14

    By Far 1 of the best Drink Champs episodes. I want to see 40 with them & add in Dru Down..Town Biz ESO 90th & MAC!!

    • A Jizzoj
      A Jizzoj 3 years ago

      Triphecta Entertainment Eso 82300 Bancroft ave

    • scuuba90
      scuuba90 3 years ago +1

      Triphecta Entertainment add the Double R too,need more OGs from The Bay

  • MoneyBoy YB
    MoneyBoy YB 4 years ago

    Great interview. Next time get factors from each main city in the Bay to get the whole perspective, either way keep up the work #DrinkChamps

  • 9999 4life
    9999 4life 3 years ago

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE OF DRINK CHAMPS 💯 This episode is so inspirational #TOWNBIZZZ WHAAAAAT!!!!

    • Whatever Bro
      Whatever Bro 3 years ago

      9999 4life I don’t think there ever was beef. Media full of shit. I remember too short constantly making songs with east coast artists.

    BIGG MIXX 3 years ago +2

    OKAAAAAY. The game is on tilt. 1ST EPISODE 2 DROP BARS! Dope show hilarious as hell. The mista fab tellin short how 2 introduce him to JZ. Epic. Real hip hop stories.

    • sixx shot
      sixx shot 3 years ago

      BIGG MIXX .... He Was telling Too Short too introduce him to Jay z... Not benzino corny ass

  • TheBoomBoxGuru
    TheBoomBoxGuru 3 years ago +38

    They should bring Yuk back on by himself, they kind of left him out.

    • John Stephanos
      John Stephanos 6 months ago +2

      Nore started respecting him torwards the end when he found out Yuk from the mob and one of the most respected rappers in the bay!

    • Terrell
      Terrell 11 months ago

      @Johnathan Brigante it was really just nore & the other dude tryna play him like he ain’t a legend till nore realized all the bay dudes and benzino fuk wit him

    • Johnathan Brigante
      Johnathan Brigante 11 months ago +4

      They was kinda sonnin him

    • ernest winzer
      ernest winzer Year ago +2

      Real shit

  • David S
    David S 3 years ago +2

    Wow this is crazy all 3 on one interview together!!!??? That's what's up!!!

  • ASAP IncomeTAX
    ASAP IncomeTAX 3 years ago

    Best drink champs so far!! classic

  • scuuba90
    scuuba90 3 years ago +17

    Its solid to see the artists i grew up on rockin with drink champs,NORE is a treal one for this shit

    • scuuba90
      scuuba90 3 years ago

      MakeAPlay Tv nope...where im from we spell it "TREAL"...shoutout to houston though

    • MakeAPlay Tv
      MakeAPlay Tv 3 years ago

      EastBayMoonWalker510 _ trill

  • Goldie Land
    Goldie Land 4 years ago

    They all show love for the bay in a different way. Different strokes for different folks. All is good.

  • Vaugenheim Nughnrn
    Vaugenheim Nughnrn 2 years ago

    That freestyle sealed the deal. Best drink champs episode.....ever!

  • hmongster84
    hmongster84 4 years ago +47

    NORE a fool for this one. I had a ball listening to this interview though. Still waiting on Bone Thugs to get on Drink Champs.

    • aermax 7321
      aermax 7321 3 years ago

      ^^^...........that cleveland clan you waiting on my gees ......."HEAVENS CHOIR"

    • hmongster84
      hmongster84 3 years ago +1

      aermax 7321 Not sure whatchu referring to, but all I was saying was, Nore was haralious and I enjoyed this bay area interview.

    • aermax 7321
      aermax 7321 3 years ago

      ^^^.............real issue!!

  • Tommy Bunz
    Tommy Bunz 3 years ago +262

    I'm from Los Angeles, when people mention the westcoast and don't mention The Bay or Northern Cali I kinda get offended. Northern Cali is very influential to westcoast culture. Shout out to Up Top.

  • jblaze111LA
    jblaze111LA 3 years ago +1

    this is a classic... A few legends from the Bay area... Yall need to interview 8Ball &MJG... true Southericonic legend

  • High Guise
    High Guise 3 years ago +1

    Fab one of the greatest freestylers ever

  • Bruno
    Bruno 3 years ago

    Too Short real OG in the game! Underrated!

  • сергей палто

    Great episode. I also think Yukmouth needs his own episode.

  • Mase Burner
    Mase Burner 3 years ago +5

    Too Short and Yuckmouth on the same platform, historic shit bruh! Drink Champs, ya'll done it again yadadimean! Pop ya colla to that!

  • 3rdEyeVision FVS
    3rdEyeVision FVS Year ago

    I Love Where I'm from... I swear... I been 26 years 10 toes down in the bay and I can vouch on everything they saying

  • Willie Santos
    Willie Santos 3 years ago +2

    Best episode yet!!!! YAY AREA IN THE BUILDING! YARRARRAMEAN!!!!!!!!!! YEEH!

  • Fred Rosario
    Fred Rosario 3 years ago +1

    Classic,u gotta bring em all back

  • SweetJamesJones2akaMuthaphuckaJones

    I just told myself nore needs to get yukmouth on here a couple of days ago and check out what's new on here and bam!!!

  • Terrell Kelley Porter
    Terrell Kelley Porter 3 years ago +3

    That Hov story that Fab told was hilarious and he killed that freestyle! #HandsUp
    They mentioned a lot of Bay cities but forgot one of the dopest "PITTSBURGH" I gotta
    put on for my one of my cities. Love my brotha The Jack! #TheMob

    • fuzzy slippers
      fuzzy slippers 2 years ago

      The p over the sco ? Naaaaa Brodie the tenderloin never died and school street ain’t what it was. There is no way possible Pittsburg is the dopest Richmond niggas make y’all look dry Too short broke it down best. THE SCO THE O THE RICH EPA BACK IN THE DAY 925 need to reeeeeelaaaaax 100%

    • Luck GOod
      Luck GOod 3 years ago +1

      Terrell Kelley Porter your city doesn’t have an “H”

  • Matt barnes
    Matt barnes 2 years ago +1

    F.A.B is the one smartest dude!! Just the way he talks.!! Big ups

  • Paccmayne702 Aka Enrico Gates

    The best drink champs ever #WestUp

  • jwilliaful
    jwilliaful 3 years ago

    "I think mr. Fab take my raps way too serious!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dee Roberts Deemegaman

    Finally a dope interview!!

  • KingVance
    KingVance 3 years ago +1

    Fabs freestyle was 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ayesha Go.
    Ayesha Go. 3 years ago +1

    Love Drink Champs. Never change.

  • Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese 3 years ago

    1 Luv to NORE for representing hip/hop to the fullest

  • Juan Stockton
    Juan Stockton 4 years ago

    Shout out to EFN for knowing his shit! 👌

  • ted Jones
    ted Jones 3 years ago

    Mistah f.a.b.spit that🔥🔥

  • MrRoachClip84
    MrRoachClip84 3 years ago

    Drink champs get a big W for this one 💯💯💯

  • Joshua Feaster
    Joshua Feaster 3 years ago

    Best podcast show !!! Fab Yuk & Short Dog 🎤💯

  • Cacktown Visions
    Cacktown Visions 4 years ago +45

    No work today this is what I need for today Legends of the Bay Time to roll up an kick back

    • Mr. Savoury
      Mr. Savoury 3 years ago

      Daconnect5 lmao boy

    • JD5
      JD5 3 years ago

      Cacktown Visions man you know damn well you ain't stop working to watch some men! Stop saying things for attention boi

    • Juan Stockton
      Juan Stockton 4 years ago +1

      Yup, perfect for day off finna chill, spark smthn and enjoy!

  • Omar Scruggs
    Omar Scruggs 3 years ago +13

    never been to Oakland but i always heard its like Philly. 2 of our teams even went there. the Philadelphia A's went to Oakland and the Philadelphia Warriors went to Oakland

    • Lossii Burns
      Lossii Burns 5 months ago

      Philadelphia warriors was San Francisco warriors b4 they went to Oakland

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson 3 years ago


  • Liam jarman
    Liam jarman 3 years ago +17

    The only bay area legend that was missing was dru down,shit would have been epic

    • Jenniferg Barnard
      Jenniferg Barnard 3 years ago +1

      Andre Nickatina kid

    • scuuba90
      scuuba90 3 years ago +1

      Richie Rich, Spice 1, B Legit

    • camino41510
      camino41510 3 years ago +2

      Liam jarman man.... you said it but you know yuk had to test them waters from they back in the day beef.

    • Sebypoo
      Sebypoo 3 years ago +2

      he needa have mac mall n yukmouth

    • dgbsea 4
      dgbsea 4 3 years ago

      Liam jarman 40?

  • Bombay Rell
    Bombay Rell 4 years ago

    Respect to them guyz!!! From Bmore

  • Marquayus Raevon
    Marquayus Raevon Year ago

    Best Drink Champs episode to this day!!!!!!Oakland in this thang like yeeeeeeee

  • Roc_Lauren
    Roc_Lauren 3 years ago

    This an excellent episode

  • anthony bernard
    anthony bernard 3 years ago

    One of the best drink champs ever

  • Kay Mill
    Kay Mill 3 years ago

    This is one of the best drink champs ever

  • Sneaker RC
    Sneaker RC 4 years ago +24

    As some one that's from the Bay..thank you.

  • African BJ
    African BJ 3 years ago

    This my favorite episode...Facts

  • Cool Person
    Cool Person 3 years ago

    Best drink champs I have seen and I have seen them all .love you nore since 97 noreaga

  • Keith Sonatra
    Keith Sonatra 2 years ago

    Thank you so much drink champs... I'm from oakland... luv yuk but he did diss too short. I won't name the track cuz shyt is real smooth now after this and yuk is in my t0p 5 for personal reasons.

  • The Looney Channel
    The Looney Channel 3 years ago +10

    Bay Area in this thang... East Oakland 510 all day... #TooShort

    • Ellie
      Ellie 3 years ago

      Jaye Jackson 💯💯💯

  • Quan Hall
    Quan Hall 4 years ago +31

    Great interview felt like I was in Oakland

    • Quan Hall
      Quan Hall 3 years ago

      Truuf Huurtz ouch damn that's hard but I understand I'm from Brooklyn but I've been living in Baltimore for 5 years, that's all I see

  • Anthony Campbell
    Anthony Campbell 3 years ago +1

    Just watched this again...this is sorta classic y’all.

  • Adrian Grant
    Adrian Grant 3 years ago +1

    That Fab freestyle was CRAZY!

  • HaygoodThaMoBB
    HaygoodThaMoBB 8 months ago

    This top five drink champs 🥃✊🏿

  • Epik
    Epik 3 years ago

    This interview has to have the most interruptions known to date...still EPIK👌🏾💯

    • jacob price
      jacob price 3 years ago

      Ice T was the worst. All he did was get interrupted. They were blowing party blowers after every sentence. N.O.R.E. cool, but he needs to let his guests talk

    HAMMSTAR310 4 years ago +46

    This interview was lit. #drinkchamps
    Nore get Ras Kas on there! Barz

    • Omar Hendricks
      Omar Hendricks 3 years ago

      I've been request Rass for over a year now man my number 1 requested guest hopefully Nore gets him one here

    • D WILZ
      D WILZ 4 years ago +1

      Rass Kass official.

    • imyanigmw
      imyanigmw 4 years ago +3

      Hell yeah, Soul on Ice one of the most slept on albums of all time

    • George Kumria
      George Kumria 4 years ago

      JEFE310 He really needs to get Eminem D12, and Royce Da 5'9 on there, I have been dying to see that for a while now.

  • Austin Arellano
    Austin Arellano 3 years ago

    "Mac Dre got a different kind of love " much love for too short for saying like that for a long time too short and 40 never really acknowledged Dre like that. So much respect to the good at og short for that. God bless. RIP Too Short.

    • Fuego DiBiase
      Fuego DiBiase 2 years ago +1

      Austin Arellano what the fuck you mean RIP too short?!?...smh...and back in the day 40 and Dre had beef over the fact that Lil Bruce and Mac Dre went at it with each other on the super sig tapes and plus they hoods the crest and the hillside Never got along but that’s also the reason Lil Bruce went to thizz after 40 kicked him off sick wid it... that’s also why niggas who really knew was looking at 40 hella sideways when he came out with that tell me when to go... talking about thizz face and ghost ride the whip and shit🤔🤔🤔..... but yeah... that’s jus a mini lesson real niggas know I’m keeping it 💯💯💯 but yeah rip to the Mac Dre and the jacka

    MRBOOM TOWN 4 years ago

    Nice pod gotta respect the OG's

  • Turkey Bacon
    Turkey Bacon 3 years ago

    i found a new respect for mistah f.a.b