What Does It Take to Build the World's Fastest Nissan GTR? Dedicated Motorsports Knows...

  • Published on May 5, 2016
  • On April 3rd, 2016 Dedicated Motorsports broke the GTR Standing-Mile World Record at the "Texas Mile" in Beeville, TX. After months of planning, fabrication, assembly, calibration, aero / chassis set-up, and testing...the dedication finally paid off.
    This video showcases the process from start to finish and gives you a behind the scenes peek at what it takes to build the World's Fastest Nissan GTR. #StayDedicated
    Driver: Mark Johnston
    Fabrication: Matthew Owen & Brad Harmer
    Assembly: Matthew Owen & Brad Harmer
    Calibration: Matthew Owen
    Film Work: Andrew Campbell & Zeik Knight
    Video Editing: Zeik Knight
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    Special thanks to:
    Finspeed Wheel - Foirged Racing Wheels
    Velox Motorsports - Aero Consulting
    Wrap Dynamics: Vinyl Wrap
    AC Motorsports: Transport and Trackside Support
    Motec USA
    AMS Performance
    Magnus Motorsports
    Injector Dynamics
    TiCon Industries
    Forced Performance
    Xonarotor Turbos
    Garrett Turbochargers
    PTP Turbo Blankets
    SPL Suspension
    Burns Stainless
    The Drive Shaft Shop
    Vibrant Performance
    Fabrication Life

    Special thanks to Mark Johnston for having the balls to pilot this beast to 255mph and NEVER LIFT!!!
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Comments • 53

  • EugVR6
    EugVR6 5 days ago

    Brain's and deeeeeeeep pockets

  • xStaman
    xStaman 2 months ago

    Now their are GTR's doing 250 in HALF a mile....

    • Matt Owen
      Matt Owen 2 months ago

      Progression in sports is to be expected. They also get to run a drag radial instead of a rock hard road race tire like we were forced to run. Big difference.

  • elmo z
    elmo z 3 months ago

    Either fabrication skills out the world or lots of money.

  • Jav z34
    Jav z34 6 months ago

    Ik what it takes. A lot of money...

  • Khy
    Khy 7 months ago

    song @3:16?

  • Frank Renda
    Frank Renda 9 months ago

    put an ls in it.

  • Irfan
    Irfan 9 months ago +1


  • idocarvideos
    idocarvideos 9 months ago +1

    what a legend

  • Legolas
    Legolas 11 months ago +1

    AMS took it a step further

  • Shiv M
    Shiv M Year ago



    TAYOTAS Year ago +2

    Is that also Street Legal ?

  • Adam Griffin
    Adam Griffin Year ago +1

    I don’t know, you would have to ask Lyfe Motorsport, they have held the record of Real world Fastest GTR. Beating HKS at world time attack

  • grandpa johnno
    grandpa johnno Year ago +8

    it takes a lot of money

  • PsYLent TnelYsp
    PsYLent TnelYsp Year ago

    sorry iam not american, what is 255mph??

    • Ry Ry
      Ry Ry 9 months ago

      PsYLent TnelYsp about free fiddy

  • spoke1183
    spoke1183 Year ago

    power wasted by turbos being so far from engine if fine your goal is to reach mph record

  • rotordrift1
    rotordrift1 Year ago +1

    I bow before you. Cuz THAT is HEART POUND palace! Nice job fellow Jedi!

  • Узбек Йигитиман

    250 m/h fuck!

  • Daft Hands
    Daft Hands Year ago

    My face hurts... From smiling, lol. 😊

  • Team EliteUK
    Team EliteUK 2 years ago +2

    I wonder if they got the pliers out of the engine🤔

  • AzyPebble
    AzyPebble 2 years ago

    1600hp 800tq da hell

  • glenn zapanta
    glenn zapanta 2 years ago +3

    imagine this motor can go 10,500 rpm omg

  • Varg Sutton
    Varg Sutton 2 years ago +1

    sick editing.

  • Angel Resendiz
    Angel Resendiz 2 years ago +1

    make more videos

  • *
    * 2 years ago

    excelente 😊👍

  • TheFoxfy
    TheFoxfy 2 years ago

    Hooly shit it jumped from 240 to 251 in no time...SHIT ! Hell of a monster !!!!

  • C230k Dude
    C230k Dude 2 years ago +5

    I've done metal works and honestly what They do here is worlds ahead of what I do it's nuts.

  • Tsukasauus 848
    Tsukasauus 848 2 years ago

    BEST !!! 410km/h

  • Nadsenec
    Nadsenec 2 years ago +8

    GTR have top best engine on the world !

    JONNY JO 2 years ago +7


  • Dingus Kahn
    Dingus Kahn 2 years ago +48

    You forgot step 0. Have money

    • Dingus Kahn
      Dingus Kahn 2 years ago

      Jesse V. Gonzalez that's an astute observation.

    • Jesse V. Gonzalez
      Jesse V. Gonzalez 2 years ago

      tdawg719 yep is not a b16 civic

    • Col. Angus
      Col. Angus 2 years ago

      Lots n lots of it.At least half a mill USD :D

  • Tharindu Madushanka Vithanage


  • P3tsG0ld
    P3tsG0ld 3 years ago +19

    0:59 plier fall in :D

    • Mike Jensen-Fogt
      Mike Jensen-Fogt 2 years ago +3

      that's how they "squeeze" more power out of it..... :)

    • TheFoxfy
      TheFoxfy 2 years ago

      That might be the key to success ! Built in plier xDDDDD

  • landeomartini87
    landeomartini87 3 years ago +5

    I have a 4k video of this exact run on my RU-clip channel. The owner of this GTR is the most down to earth gentleman you'll ever meet.

    iPROFITDON 3 years ago +2

    Congrats on the record!

  • CDI Motorsport
    CDI Motorsport 3 years ago +8

    Congrats on the WR !!

  • SaleBillionair
    SaleBillionair 3 years ago +2

    Good job guys keep it up greetz from Switzerland GTR owner

  • DMP Chicago
    DMP Chicago 3 years ago +2

    Dope video man!

  • Every Car Channel
    Every Car Channel 3 years ago +1

    Song pleas

    • Ziek Design
      Ziek Design 3 years ago

      Final song was just an old beat I had laying around

    • Ziek Design
      Ziek Design 3 years ago

      Boys Noize - Overthrow

    • TrwSeama
      TrwSeama 3 years ago

      and the rest of the songs? any ideas? the stage 3 one especially if you know it.

    • Cikmalis
      Cikmalis 3 years ago

      Thank you!

    • Emanuel Strachan
      Emanuel Strachan 3 years ago +1

      Graves & MYRNE - Tiger Blood