Premier League Predictions: Man United vs. West Ham, Liverpool vs. Chelsea & more | Premier League

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • ESPN FC's Paul Mariner and Mark Donaldson predict every Premier League fixture from this weekend, including: Leicester vs. Newcastle, Tottenham vs. Huddersfield, Brighton vs. Bournemouth, Burnley vs. Cardiff, Fulham vs. Everton, Southampton vs. Wolverhampton, Manchester United vs. West Ham, Crystal Palace vs. Manchester City, Liverpool vs. Chelsea and Watford vs. Arsenal.
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Comments • 282

  • Nirmal Jose
    Nirmal Jose Month ago

    Shut up deluded kids! You both are not pundits if you predict a match based on your biased intuitions.
    I was waiting for Arsenal to win, to comment here!

  • Zingo
    Zingo Month ago

    Last time Chelsea lost at at Anfield was hmm lemme guess... 2012. Since then Chelsea collected 2 wins and 3 draws. It's 2-0 to Chelsea

  • Nicholas Clarke
    Nicholas Clarke Month ago +2

    Already wrong about the Leicester, Brighton and Fulham games already 🙄

  • nevermind
    nevermind Month ago +2

    for what do you need those "experts" if all they do is pick the bigger club? how about talking momentum, which team is fighting for relegation and might put in the extra 10%?? Boring predictions, I say Crystal beats ManCity 2:1 because of their focus on Tuesday

  • Allwell Amadi
    Allwell Amadi Month ago

    Arsenal is away, so we know who wins.

  • Matthew Mcbratney
    Matthew Mcbratney Month ago +1

    Pundits don't have a clue but I end up watching anyway

  • Ashutosh Patra
    Ashutosh Patra Month ago

    Nicol's a nightmare when they don't win😂

  • Luis
    Luis Month ago

    Im not saying Chelsea will win but keep in mind Chelsea already played liverpool twice this season and havent lost yet.

    • wahomeg25
      wahomeg25 Month ago

      chelsea beat a heavily weakend liverpool team in the cup game. At stamford bridge shaquir missed a sitter which he should have scored to make it 2-1 to liverpool. Lets not act like at anypoint chelsea have beaten liverpools best team at any point. liverpool have played bayern, city and psg at home none have beaten us yet chelsea will haha

  • Kaisari Mkuu
    Kaisari Mkuu Month ago

    Maybe espnfc should be limited to this prediction segment. Their round table analysis is shitty. It's just a bunch of fans talking football. They are absolutely not professional pundits. ESPNFC needs to improve, unless the network just doesn't give a damn about football (soccer).

  • S j
    S j Month ago

    this fat fuck Donaldson has literally nothing intelligent to say

  • cris u
    cris u Month ago

    Chelsea haven’t lost at Anfield since 2012, but we will see.

  • Abdela Osman
    Abdela Osman Month ago +1


  • kay M
    kay M Month ago

    Espn most useless pundits

  • Frank Francis
    Frank Francis Month ago

    fuck u for saying hazard is playing for the move, you dickhead that don't even know anything about football you fat shit fuck u

    STEAMPUNK Month ago +10

    I don't think palace will cause any danger to city.
    Did he forget palace beat city in city's home a few months back which brought Liverpool into the title race.

    • nevermind
      nevermind Month ago +2

      all they do is go with the bigger club, they have no idea about football, do they even watch the league?

  • Real Is Real
    Real Is Real Month ago +1

    Chelsea to beat Liverpool

  • James Humphreys
    James Humphreys Month ago

    As a Cardiff fan, I'm going for a Burnley win.

    • Bhagwan Rawat
      Bhagwan Rawat Month ago

      Anthony Spencer united who???Leeds..or Barca's training ground ballboys

    • James Humphreys
      James Humphreys Month ago

      +Anthony Spencer I'm from South Wales, Cardiff were the first professional team I watched, as my uncle was a Cardiff ticket holder, I watched many seasons at Ninnian park; My mum side of the family came from Sunderland, I also support them; I supported Arsenal as my big four team, in the 2000's

    • Anthony Spencer
      Anthony Spencer Month ago

      Why cardiff why not united ??????

  • Alvin J Agolla
    Alvin J Agolla Month ago +4

    I remember chelsea was the reason why Liverpool didn’t win the premier league Jane they had Suárez I wonder if they can upset them again

      EDUN SAMUEL Month ago

      We won Salah makes the difference 2-0

    • Mpeli Ngonywike
      Mpeli Ngonywike Month ago +1

      Same applied to United when played at Anfield . . . Havent lost there for years, and everyone knew what happened . . . Current Chelsea is too weak to resist a defeat

    • Eden Hazard
      Eden Hazard Month ago +1

      Torrens1996 we will see

    • Torrens1996
      Torrens1996 Month ago

      +Hermon hazard they won't

    • Hermon hazard
      Hermon hazard Month ago +2

      They will

    SWIRLY4LIFE Month ago +2

    Chelsea can barely win against Slavia Prague. 3 points for liverpool

    • sachin devprasad
      sachin devprasad Month ago +4

      Chelsea rested Emerson, Kanté, Hazard, Hudson Odoi and Loftus Cheek

    • DePeaceHunter
      DePeaceHunter Month ago +3

      Chelsea playing away while resting most of their main players. only when they brought on the main players they start scoring. And Slavia Prague is a decent team, they got to quarter final beating Sevilla which is 5th in Laliga. We shouldn't underestimate chelsea based on this game

  • James Dooreh
    James Dooreh Month ago +4

    I think we (Arsenal )are going to win , maybe 2-1

  • abdulaziz yalahow
    abdulaziz yalahow Month ago +3

    Hahahaha did y’all hear 👂 about Liverpool Fc not so much that shows y’all how we will win this beautiful premier league championship and the champions league championship in shaa allah (God willing)

  • Enterthedarkness23
    Enterthedarkness23 Month ago +2

    Leicester 2-1 Newcastle
    Tottenham 3-0 Huddersfield
    Brighton 2-2 Bournemouth
    Burnley 3-3 Cardiff
    Fulham 0-1 Everton
    Southhampton 1-2 Wolves
    Man United 2-1 West Ham
    Crystal Palace 1-3 Man City
    Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea
    Watford 1-2 Arsenal

    • henare101
      henare101 Month ago +1

      sachin devprasad and? Were you right? 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Kamal Thapa
      Kamal Thapa Month ago +1

      Fuck really chealsea gonna win Liverpool at Anfield?
      Arsenal away games have been so poor so I don't see Arsenal winning to Watford

    • sachin devprasad
      sachin devprasad Month ago +2

      Chelsea will beat Liverpool

    • henare101
      henare101 Month ago +2

      No way are Liverpool losing at home, maybe a draw but not a loss. I’m a Chelsea fan and I’m worried we’re gonna lose at a field and not make top 4

  • abdulaziz yalahow
    abdulaziz yalahow Month ago

    ‪@GNev2 This is @LFC Remember that once we start winning ain’t no stopping US & y’all know it anyways I hope you get ready to start to apologizing on Saturday cause I’ll whoop @ChelseaFC Ars 2 @LFC 5 YWNA we got this premier league the champions league championship (GOD WILLING)‬

  • Jessica Agriani
    Jessica Agriani Month ago +3

    Chelsea's in a good form, it's Anfield but I have a feeling Chelsea might win this. Them win or draw. Win for Liverpool? I doubt it

    • Jessica Agriani
      Jessica Agriani Month ago

      +Torrens1996 You're right it's not but lately their performance (Hazard and Odoi in particular) has been superb. I have faith on Jurgen and the boys but terrified and nervous is an understatement.

    • Torrens1996
      Torrens1996 Month ago

      This ain't Europa league

  • Ric Kyi
    Ric Kyi Month ago +7

    I think Liverpool will definitely beat Chelsea by 3-1 this time. Trust me Kopites! #ynwa There's no way Chelsea will get even a point against Liverpool. No doubt this match is one-sided Liverpool win. I'll be shocked if Liverpool doesn't win this game against Chelsea because in terms of defence, Liverpool are much better. In terms of attack, Liverpool are much better as well whereas Chelsea have to only depend on Hazard. And goalkeeper, Alisson is better than Kepa. It's only the midfield that will be a crucial battle, that's all I can say🤷‍♂️

    • Pedro Mark
      Pedro Mark Month ago

      I agree ,but if hazard be like he was against West han ,i dont now ,he can end the match by himself,or Liverpool wins easily

    • Torrens1996
      Torrens1996 Month ago

      +Alvin J Agolla I remember when Chelsea fans said they will win the league this season yet they bottled it

    • DePeaceHunter
      DePeaceHunter Month ago +2

      I'm liverpool fan but I really really hate overconfident/arrogant comment like this. I hope I won't see too many of them cause they're definitely bad omen.
      Believe in your team but at the same time acknowledge that no matter how good your team is theres always chance for opponents to cause upset. So never underestimate them

    • Ric Kyi
      Ric Kyi Month ago +1

      +Alvin J Agolla I think this squad showed more than last time so it's different.

    • Alvin J Agolla
      Alvin J Agolla Month ago +4

      I remember when Liverpool was supposed to win the league with Suarez and Chelsea crushed their dreams

  • Afghan Boss
    Afghan Boss Month ago +17

    Chelsea routed the whole squad today, it means they will be fresh and fully rested against Liverpool. On the other hand, Liverpool is been playing the same squad for weeks but somehow getting the result. But I don’t see Liverpool winning against Chelsea.
    Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea or
    Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea 👊

    • VicStar
      VicStar Month ago

      Afghan Boss thought u were gonna win :(

    • Afghan Boss
      Afghan Boss Month ago

      VicStar 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thanks to Alisson

    • VicStar
      VicStar Month ago

      rahul mahbubani 4hours ago

    • VicStar
      VicStar Month ago

      Afghan Boss lol

    • Nishil Bright
      Nishil Bright Month ago +2

      +ALPHA BOY Chelsea haven't lost in ages at
      anfield. Unless Sarri does sth stupid it should be a tight game

  • zaf Patel
    zaf Patel Month ago +1

    Liverpool v Chelsea is gonna be a draw no way liverpool will get 3 points against Chelsea because they can't attack like City doo that's why its gona be a 0.0 draw

    • Pedro Mark
      Pedro Mark Month ago +1

      No?it will be 2x2 or 2x3 for Chelsea .hazard hat trick

    • zaf Patel
      zaf Patel Month ago

      +Blue Chief lets be honest talk sense here ARSENAL PLAY FANTASTIC FOOTBALL MILES MILES MILES BETTER THAN LIVERPOOL even Chelsea play miles better than liverpool . Liverpool gameplay is truly awful lol Salah wn he gets the ball within 3 seconds he's lost it its like hes been drunk the night before . Liverpool will draw against Chelsea simple as that.. watch the game on Sunday carefully and see how liverpool can get a good one touch passing game going .

  • Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía

    Leicester win
    Spurs win
    Burnley win
    Everton win
    Wolves win
    United win
    Liverpool win

  • Chris Long
    Chris Long Month ago +9

    Whats funny is iam calling it now mancity will draw against palace. And liverpool will win

    • Sasha
      Sasha Month ago

      You're fixated on the mighty Reds
      Its fascinating actually.Stay strong,sounds like you're disturbed.
      Dont be Salty,seriously though

    • avb6100
      avb6100 Month ago

      +Sasha Mighty murderers more like. JFT39

    • Sasha
      Sasha Month ago

      +avb6100 Haha.
      you really ARE shook to the core.
      You're obsessed with Liverpool.
      Focusing All your time on the mighty Reds.Support your team if you even have one and dont be so SALTY.

    • Sasha
      Sasha Month ago

      As I've said the mighty reds are marching on despite the obvious jealousy that have the likes of of you spouting your ignorance of the game.
      We got you rattled and shook to the core
      Don't be Salty..

    • PreeStyle Smith
      PreeStyle Smith Month ago +1

      +avb6100 The other guy is simply believing in and supporting his team. Why the childish comment?

  • Joe bigman
    Joe bigman Month ago +1

    U are stupid if u think man city will win easily

  • Akwesi Appiah
    Akwesi Appiah Month ago

    Why do I feel this is Liverpool's last time to win the EPL? They better do so.

    • Mas A
      Mas A Month ago

      Are you fucking stupid? City are not gonna win the league 10 times on the bounce Liverpool will challenge for years to come

  • Addie 1784
    Addie 1784 Month ago +18

    The way how he said " Fullham are in trouble"

  • XV
    XV Month ago +8

    I kinda found it rude how you disrespected Huddersfield like that, after all they’re still a football club with fan
    Btw not a Huddersfield fan

    • Lone Wanderer
      Lone Wanderer Month ago +1

      Do you really think they can get result against Spurs?

    • Lone Wanderer
      Lone Wanderer Month ago +1

      Do you really think they can get result against Spurs?

  • Mr Chow
    Mr Chow Month ago +11

    "Palace toothless upfront" a fair comment. But 0-0 exists.

  • Aiden Cho
    Aiden Cho Month ago +3

    Stevie Nicol is the most deluded pundit in the world

    • Blue Chief
      Blue Chief Month ago +2

      Cool story bro, go comment that in a video that Steve Nicol is in.

    • YNWA !
      YNWA ! Month ago +3

      Justice Prevails 😂

    • Justice Prevails
      Justice Prevails Month ago +2

      no one likes ur comment.

  • Binny Thapa
    Binny Thapa Month ago +43

    All these pundits are questionable and barely professional at work but I seem to keep watching them anyways

    • 4231jerome
      4231jerome Month ago +1

      Binny Thapa yeah I know what you mean. I often get frustrated watching extra time how little they actually talk about football
      But I keep coming back

    • Afif Majid
      Afif Majid Month ago

      Its cause this generation aren't used to that 80s style of banter, and I've been watching them for seven years now

  • Sir Klopp
    Sir Klopp Month ago +1

    I feel we're not going to drop any points at home in our remaining games. It's on the road that we could turn into a tricky draw here and there.

  • steven clark
    steven clark Month ago +1

    Leicester win
    Spurs win
    Brighton win
    Burnley win
    Everton win
    Southampton win
    Man utd win
    Man city win
    Liverpool win
    Watford v arsenal draw...

  • sl_ 7_10
    sl_ 7_10 Month ago +2

    Leicester city 2-1 Newcastle
    Tottenham 3-0 hundredsfield
    Brighton 1-1 bournemouth
    Burnley 1-0 cardiff
    Fulham 0-2 evarton
    Southampton 1-2 wolves
    Man united 2-0 westham
    Crystal palace 1-1 man city
    Liverpool 3-0 chelsea
    Watford 1-3 arsenal

    • sl_ 7_10
      sl_ 7_10 Month ago +1

      +Shivan Jethwa it can happen

    • Shivan Jethwa
      Shivan Jethwa Month ago

      Everything I agree expect the Man City one 😂😂

  • gragnese meally
    gragnese meally Month ago


  • Arsenal Hassan
    Arsenal Hassan Month ago

    ESPN FC they hate arsenal.

  • Magical Mkhi
    Magical Mkhi Month ago +2

    Tottenham 2-0 huddeŕsfield
    Man utd 1-1 West Ham
    Liverpool 3-2 chelsea
    Crystal palace 1-2 Man city
    Watford 2-3 Arsenal

    • Blessing Andrea
      Blessing Andrea Month ago

      Watford to win die minute goal, 1:0 Watford to win

    • Will Allen
      Will Allen Month ago

      Arsenal will draw Away at Watford

    • Senyorty
      Senyorty Month ago +1

      Man U will win chealsea will lose y’all stupid as fuck

    • YNWA !
      YNWA ! Month ago +4

      sachin devprasad Lol you sound desperate at this point 😂😂

    • Joseph Markey
      Joseph Markey Month ago +2

      +sachin devprasad no they won't

  • Alex Blatte
    Alex Blatte Month ago +6

    mariner thinks torreira injured hes been suspended

  • Rodrigues Capita
    Rodrigues Capita Month ago +6

    Chelsea will win2 - 1 to cancel Liverpool hope for the title.
    Hazard means everything 😂🤣😂

    • Ernest Chan
      Ernest Chan Month ago

      +Bhagwan Rawat you will rebuild for much longer after hazard leaves this summer

    • Ernest Chan
      Ernest Chan Month ago

      yeah he missed everything hahahha

      EDUN SAMUEL Month ago +1

      Victor Cousin we won 2-0 Salah makes the difference

    • Bhagwan Rawat
      Bhagwan Rawat Month ago

      FAWSKI JANIE almost entirety of chelsea fans knew we would not win pl..Sarri said it from the was evident with so many flaws..we were not in title contention.....but we are rebuilding our's only a matter of time before we go for the epl again...

  • amine TN
    amine TN Month ago +4

    Probably, Liverpool will chock and bottle it all in the last game of the season.
    Mark my words!

      EDUN SAMUEL Month ago

      Justice Prevails thanks for standing up for us

    • Justice Prevails
      Justice Prevails Month ago +5

      they might but at least they still challenging on the last day. can you say the same for ur team?

  • amine TN
    amine TN Month ago +2

    I don't think that Sarri slow football style can resist against the aggressive Klopp's pressing and pace.
    But maybe if Sarri adapt and play a pragmatic direct football, he can do something.

    • Torrens1996
      Torrens1996 Month ago

      +Ayoub Nait 2-0 SaRrisMo FooTbAll 😂

    • wahomeg25
      wahomeg25 Month ago

      you disnt though and lierpool finished that game the stronger team missing two sitters +Ayoub Nait

    • Bhagwan Rawat
      Bhagwan Rawat Month ago

      Sarriball ...though not yet tailor made for high pressing systems like liverpool has...that was why they did not press very high when against chelsea..back in the will end in a disaster for liverpool if they leave spaces to attack.

    • Bhagwan Rawat
      Bhagwan Rawat Month ago

      Rebecca Myers yeah when morata goal was given wrongly offside..but u do remember 4-0 or the fa cup u were horrible against barca at home..nowhere closed to goal..chelsea were much better against them last year when iniesta was also in the side..

    • Rebecca Myers
      Rebecca Myers Month ago

      +Ayoub Nait we beat chelsea last season ad a united fan and this season at the bridge

  • Thanos
    Thanos Month ago +15

    Arsenal will win. They need to win, Everton was a wake up call

    • steven clark
      steven clark Month ago

      +Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía I was thinking Watford is hardly out of London lol but I still think they will draw..

    • Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
      Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía Month ago +1

      Arsenal is lame away from London.

    • steven clark
      steven clark Month ago

      I think Watford v arsenal is a draw ..

  • Bruno Dacruz
    Bruno Dacruz Month ago +9

    Time for liverpool to end the Chelsea hoodoo Liverpool to win 2-0 or 3-1

    • Torrens1996
      Torrens1996 Month ago

      +Gavin Odem just like Chelsea fans said they will win the league this season 😉

    • Gavin Odem
      Gavin Odem Month ago

      Bruno Dacruz Just like you said you would at the league cup 😉

    • Wayde Belgrave-Haynes
      Wayde Belgrave-Haynes Month ago +5

      Still sad about 2014 I see..

  • sachin devprasad
    sachin devprasad Month ago +18

    Man utd 2-0 West ham
    Brighton 2-0 Bournemouth
    Leicester 3-1 Newcastle
    Fulham 0-2 Everton
    Burnley 1-0 Cardiff
    Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea
    Crystal Palace 0-1 Man city
    Tottenham 3-0 Huddersfield
    Southampton 1-1 Wolverhampton
    Watford 1-1 Arsenal

      EDUN SAMUEL Month ago

      First result out.... NEW CASTLE WON LEICESTER CITY 0-1

    • Blessing Andrea
      Blessing Andrea Month ago +1

      Good predictions

    • Victor Cousin
      Victor Cousin Month ago

      +CEANG2995 I will come back to say hi to u. Mark my words Liverpool will win.

    • _ KingBall
      _ KingBall Month ago

      +Flamingoat You're crazy go to a mental hospital

    • _ KingBall
      _ KingBall Month ago

      +Joseph Markey My prediction to as a Chelsea fan

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka Month ago +9

    West ham 2 - 1 Man U
    Liverpool 2 - 0 Chelsea
    Spurs 0 - 0 Huddersfield
    C Palace 0 - 3 Man City
    Watford 1 - 2 Arsenal

    • rafael Nadal
      rafael Nadal Month ago

      sachin devprasad Bournemouth 4 0 Chelsea go cry man city 6 0 Chelsea so embarrassing

    • rafael Nadal
      rafael Nadal Month ago

      K. Benzema Is God suck Eden hazards dick and swallow he's spunk

    • rafael Nadal
      rafael Nadal Month ago +1

      Ichsuka west ham 2 1 man utd your high in crack cocaine

    • rafael Nadal
      rafael Nadal Month ago

      Ichsuka spurs 0 0 huddersfield your fucking dillisional mate

    • Chm Murni
      Chm Murni Month ago +1

      Crystal palace ALWAYS TRICKY GAME FOR CITY.. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE.. last year draw vs city in palace stadium and this season city lose from crystal palace at etihad.. i predict crystal palace vs city draw 1 - 1..

  • Khadar Alidirie
    Khadar Alidirie Month ago +1

    I think Chelsea see Liverpool as an easier team as in matchup wise NGL probably a 2-1 to Chelsea I think we would have more difficulties playing arsenal, man city and man utd so it's gonna be a cracking game

    • dara goulding
      dara goulding Month ago

      +awadzi selase that time they played them at anfield was basically liverpool B.Moreno,Lovren,Clyne,Mignolet even Camacho played.Stupid comparison

    • dara goulding
      dara goulding Month ago

      +sachin devprasad history means nothing as proven this was a squad Vs squad battle and the best team always comes out on top in these matches

    • YNWA !
      YNWA ! Month ago +1

      Lol Liverpool ass fucked Arsenal and you think they’re tougher than them 😂

    • awadzi selase
      awadzi selase Month ago +1

      +lfc salah11 They be already played Chelsea once at anfield

    • lfc salah11
      lfc salah11 Month ago +4

      +sachin devprasad in case u didnt know liverpools team isnt the same any more

    G UNIT SOILDER Month ago

    Newcastle can get a draw v leceister...Everton Tottenham Burnley all to win...Bournemouth to pull off a win at least v Brighton

    • steven clark
      steven clark Month ago

      +EDUN SAMUEL yeah 1-0 good header by Perez but bad defending by Morgan lol..

      EDUN SAMUEL Month ago

      DePeaceHunter they took all 3 points

      EDUN SAMUEL Month ago

      steven clark they lost to NEWCASTLE 0-1

    • steven clark
      steven clark Month ago

      +DePeaceHunter I just see Leicester being to good,there playing great since Roger's came in...

    • DePeaceHunter
      DePeaceHunter Month ago

      i hope so. I hope newcastle can nick at least a point

  • Aditya Ashok
    Aditya Ashok Month ago +120

    I normally find ESPN FC quite silly, but these 2 actually make a good pair. More of them 👍🏼

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago

      With their great predictions

    • Kaisari Mkuu
      Kaisari Mkuu Month ago

      I agree.

    • steven clark
      steven clark Month ago

      Results it depends who it is but they have done mostly what I would pick except one..

    • iShavedYesterday
      iShavedYesterday Month ago

      Not a fan of fatso.

  • Magical Mkhi
    Magical Mkhi Month ago +25

    That guy on the right is a clown, doesn't even justify his pickings. Get alexis on

    • Magical Mkhi
      Magical Mkhi Month ago +1

      +Blue Chief I weren't angry that he picked watford because even I think that we won't win but the way that he did it bugged me but now that you explained his role to me I understand why, thanks He also said that fulham are in trouble but they are already relegated.

    • Blue Chief
      Blue Chief Month ago +2

      +Magical Mkhi The guy on the right isn't an explayer, he was always a broadcaster/commentator, the way the show is set up is for the ex player (Paul Mariner in this case, on left) to make their pick and explain why, while the other guy just makes his pick, he isn't supposed to explain, and Alexis and the other dude don't really explain their picks in detail either, because they are not given the chance to do so really.

      But can you really blame him for picking Watford? No, Arsenal is terrible away and Watford is no push over, so i can easily see why he chose that, add to the fact that Arsenal just played today and has the return leg at Napoli to think about, it's not hard to see an Arsenal loss, I don't think they will lose, but wouldn't surprise me if they did.

    • Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
      Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía Month ago +2

      +James Hetfield Arsenal is likely to lose at San Paolo

    • Magical Mkhi
      Magical Mkhi Month ago

      +thor7789 I know that he's an ex- player and that's why he's on there but if he wasn't he probably won't be a pundit because he doesn't justify or explain his opinion. The way he picked watford he said 'sod it' that for me doesn't show any football knowledge because he didn't even reason it with a few words and he's an ex-player anyone can pick the opposite of what another guy picks or pick the favourites .

    • thor7789
      thor7789 Month ago +1

      I think that’s because we’re supposed to hear the ex footy player talk. 👍

  • F K
    F K Month ago +19

    Sorry just can’t see Liverpool losing any of their remaining fixtures the worst would be a draw this weekend against Chelsea tbh

    • Ernest Chan
      Ernest Chan Month ago

      +Marian M waiting

    • Ernest Chan
      Ernest Chan Month ago

      +sachin devprasad marked

    • Marian M
      Marian M Month ago +1

      Joseph Markey Hate the truth babyboy, huh?

    • rafael Nadal
      rafael Nadal Month ago +1

      sachin devprasad man city 6 0 Chelsea you Muppet

  • joshua akotia
    joshua akotia Month ago


  • Neymar Jr
    Neymar Jr Month ago +8

    I too can pick the favourites to win

  • LJ W
    LJ W Month ago +2

    Fulham are in terrible?lol

  • philip m
    philip m Month ago +48

    Liverpool will win every game left this season, mark my words

    • Ernest Chan
      Ernest Chan Month ago

      +awadzi selase lol

      EDUN SAMUEL Month ago +1

      awadzi selase we did not lose we won 2-0

    • Uncle that hurts
      Uncle that hurts Month ago +1

      +awadzi selase hey just reminding you
      lol 2:0

    • Jimmy Green
      Jimmy Green Month ago

      That’s a bold statement but possible

    • Alan Cool
      Alan Cool Month ago

      Don't to confident like past years 🤣😅

  • lewis zimbovora
    lewis zimbovora Month ago +14

    Man city all the way