Top 10 Products That Killed Competitors

  • Published on Nov 12, 2015
  • The free market can be a competitive place, where some products claim victory over others. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Products that Killed Competitors. For this list, we'll be taking a look at the products that overcame their rivals, either by taking over an established brand or by edging out a product from the same era. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)
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Comments • 7 545

  • Alvynn jethro Evangelista

    1:31 did they invite you?

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval 7 days ago

    Fortnite killed gta online

  • lil gamer xxxoctavio s
    lil gamer xxxoctavio s 26 days ago +1

    Video games killed toys

  • Mike Adams
    Mike Adams Month ago

    After IE paid for restraint of trade which was to late for netscape

  • Jenner Comedy
    Jenner Comedy Month ago

    Apple killed microsoft

  • samuel velasquez
    samuel velasquez Month ago

    April first no its a joke

  • GamerKing 2005
    GamerKing 2005 Month ago

    Blockbuster 1985-2010

  • Gao XiangShuai
    Gao XiangShuai Month ago

    Internet explore kill Netscape and now chrome kills both internet explorer and edge.

  • liebnub
    liebnub Month ago

    GameCube kinda killed N64

  • Gargie396
    Gargie396 2 months ago

    And now android killed the iphone.

  • 8senor origins
    8senor origins 2 months ago

    7:21 this might be one of thr only times tails had a vice that makes sense

  • Marco Diaz
    Marco Diaz 2 months ago

    Facebook killed Google+

  • Fr0zenKaos
    Fr0zenKaos 3 months ago

    huawei killed apple in 2025

  • Dave *
    Dave * 3 months ago

    Mp3 players killed walkman

  • Joe Adams
    Joe Adams 3 months ago

    Goodbye blockbuster,hello netflix.

  • Bruva Galathos
    Bruva Galathos 3 months ago

    1:14 Hey. At least Hotmail actually woks on my phone, unlike Gmail.

    Yeah, a Google developed email app not working on a Google developed operating system. That's fucking rich.

    Also, I dunno how i feel about Netflix overtaking brick and mortar video stores due to the licensing issues associated with digital streaming services, which sometimes makes it impossible for some users to even watch certain movies and TV shows legally.

  • K Lo
    K Lo 3 months ago

    Social media killed reality and human interactions.

    JOSH JONES 4 months ago +1

    Pornhub killing xxvideos

    OWEN ROURKE 4 months ago

    Fortnite killed PUBG

  • Ultimate 50's
    Ultimate 50's 4 months ago

    Wait I thought Internet explorer was such crap that it would never have a chance.

  • Ultimate 50's
    Ultimate 50's 4 months ago

    Wait I thought Internet explorer was so crap that it never had a chance.

  • Brynden RV
    Brynden RV 4 months ago

    what? smartphone camera? lol

  • Ty Nguyen
    Ty Nguyen 4 months ago +1

    Nintendo kill Tiger

  • Ty Nguyen
    Ty Nguyen 4 months ago +1

    When you want movies, to watch at home, where you gonna go ? Blockbuster

  • Darby Reviews
    Darby Reviews 4 months ago

    i miss blockbuster

  • Marco Diaz
    Marco Diaz 4 months ago +1

    iOS and Android killed Windows Phone

  • Im a dead channel
    Im a dead channel 4 months ago

    Sega killed Nintendo

    Plot twist:Nintendo Killed Sega

  • Itsiwhatitsi
    Itsiwhatitsi 4 months ago

    Disney own all the competitors

  • Itsiwhatitsi
    Itsiwhatitsi 4 months ago

    Minecraft killed young kids

  • Itsiwhatitsi
    Itsiwhatitsi 4 months ago

    Automation killing workers

  • AAS 51
    AAS 51 5 months ago

    My dick killed small dicks

  • shoes seohs
    shoes seohs 5 months ago Netflix > Netflix streaming

  • Floor Roolf
    Floor Roolf 5 months ago

    Netflix streaming killed Blockbuster ?

  • Mil e uma Receitas de Miojo

    When I was a kid I always want work in a video rental store as a teenager, but them Internet piracy and Netflix came along and this dream vanish. Thank you progress!

  • Karl Manning
    Karl Manning 5 months ago

    Air BnB killed hotels!

  • Adam The Blue Yoshi
    Adam The Blue Yoshi 5 months ago


  • Charles Melton
    Charles Melton 5 months ago

    No ps2 didnt kill the dreamcast sega killed the dreamcast because the dreamcast wasnt selling in japan so they scrapped it the dreamcast was winning

  • Legendary Zelda
    Legendary Zelda 5 months ago +1

    video killed the radio star

  • TechBlitz テック電撃戦

    but Asus or Acer killed Dell.

  • Jeff Assassin
    Jeff Assassin 5 months ago

    Both red box and netflix killed blockbuster I wish blockbuster was still around.

  • ZionKube
    ZionKube 5 months ago

    You forgot this one
    RU-clip Killed Dailymoneter

  • TheGuru IsCooking
    TheGuru IsCooking 5 months ago

    Google is slowly killing Microsoft. First the email and now web browsers. Next will be the Google phone over windows phone and Google Chromebook over windows computers

  • dave lee
    dave lee 5 months ago

    video killed the radio star.

  • admin _yuki
    admin _yuki 5 months ago +1

    EA is killing small developers

  • harshit singh
    harshit singh 5 months ago

    mojo plays killing watch mojo

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight 5 months ago

    Anyone remember Circuit City??? Was it BestBuy that ruined them are their own arrogance??????

  • Angel Farfan2009
    Angel Farfan2009 5 months ago

    3-2-1 Penguins! Killed VeggieTales.

  • AuraGuardian is my fav youtuber

    11:38 Pixar! If anyone got that tell me.

  • Colin Steinberg
    Colin Steinberg 5 months ago +1

    Google Chrome killed Internet Explorer

  • Brennan McCloskey
    Brennan McCloskey 5 months ago

    Nintendo handhelds killed Sony handhelds.

  • Deadbäss
    Deadbäss 5 months ago

    Google killed Yahoo
    HP killed Compact
    Über killed Taxis
    Amazon killed virtually most retail stores
    Minecraft killed ROBLOX ..then ROBLOX killed Minecraft
    Forza Motorsport killed Gran Turismo
    IPod killed Zune
    Nintendo killed Atari
    Best Buy killed Circuit City

  • Pejman Kermanshahi
    Pejman Kermanshahi 5 months ago

    Last comic standing fake .
    judges are over ruled by the producers....
    Funny people are tossed off the show...So they can cast a ...
    black comedian ..a gay comedian ...a female comedian (whatever the producers want)
    .one year a disabled comedian won the whole thing...because it makes for “feel good tv.”
    Icould go on and on...
    Dat Phan (the 1st winner) can’t get roars from a crowd...he’s not funny...but what was important is he was an Asian comic
    NBC is casting for a reality show... it’s not about comedy.

  • Gabriel Castillo
    Gabriel Castillo 5 months ago

    Kills: Every other RU-clip channel

  • TheDreReichDude
    TheDreReichDude 5 months ago

    Our first ever Windows-compatible PC with a mouse and CD-ROM drive was a Gateway, we got it in mid 1996. Yep!

  • Expert Care
    Expert Care 5 months ago

    Graphic games killed pixelited games

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr 5 months ago

    Sanpchat killed Twitter

  • I hate fornight and i like to play old games

    T-series killed PewDiePie

  • priestpilot
    priestpilot 6 months ago

    I still use hotmail (in the sense that I still have a hotmail address)! I just didn't want to start using a different email address. I also have gmail, but I actually don't really like it.

  • വസീലി സയത്സേവ്

    CD's killed magnetic tape... DVD's killed CD..... Blue Ray killed DVD......
    Special mention , flash drive killed CDs, DVDs, Bluerays......

  • Coral Layla
    Coral Layla 6 months ago

    IBM.. irritable bowel movements

  • the Irish man
    the Irish man 6 months ago

    DVD killed VHS

  • polite critique
    polite critique 6 months ago

    Number one should be how Islam beat christianity

  • daveshen0880
    daveshen0880 6 months ago

    Also PS4 killed Xbox One.

    • thhrj dh
      thhrj dh 6 months ago

      Not really Xbox is still going

  • Tatiana Jones
    Tatiana Jones 6 months ago

    My thing froze!

  • Will Price
    Will Price 6 months ago

    Watchmojo. Com killed richist

  • Sean Nixon
    Sean Nixon 7 months ago

    Got one-- you guys sampled it. Uber and Lyft kills the taxi and limousine industries.

  • Facundo Castan
    Facundo Castan 7 months ago +1

    Video killed the radio star

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 7 months ago

    Xbox killed PlayStation and the online Xbox store killed physical Xbox stores

    • thhrj dh
      thhrj dh 6 months ago

      Not really Playstation is still going and people still buy physical copies.

  • Luke Cague
    Luke Cague 7 months ago

    Everyone; "I miss Blockbuster so much"
    Everyone; *loads up Netflix*

  • Luke Cague
    Luke Cague 7 months ago

    I use hotmail over gmail

  • Arham Mujtaba
    Arham Mujtaba 7 months ago

    Samsung killed Apple

  • iiAlert
    iiAlert 7 months ago

    Electronics killed books.

  • Max Romero
    Max Romero 7 months ago

    Instagram and Snapchat killed Facebook and Twitter

  • Kami J Covers
    Kami J Covers 7 months ago

    I remember when I was like 5 being so excited to go to blockbuster and picking out a movie we would never return and we were going to return them and found out our local block buster was closed

  • Trane Crowley
    Trane Crowley 7 months ago

    Social media killed Society

  • Proto Official
    Proto Official 7 months ago

    People killed dinosaurs

  • Carl Minor Sr
    Carl Minor Sr 7 months ago

    Then Dish Network bought Block Buster to compete with Netflix online rental and shut the stores down one at a time.

  • seleneoana
    seleneoana 7 months ago

    Video killed the radio star

  • Bastion Sea
    Bastion Sea 7 months ago

    I still use Hotmail and Firefox, and try to stay away from Google products

  • MrAussieUK
    MrAussieUK 7 months ago

    VHS killed Beatamax. DVD killed VHS.

  • Thais Gregorio
    Thais Gregorio 7 months ago

    They are not products but:
    Life killed: my dreams

  • Jordan McGuffey
    Jordan McGuffey 7 months ago

    Blockbuster was the best I miss it. Toys are Rus was amazing to I miss it a lot.

  • mining king
    mining king 7 months ago

    Netflix killed blockbuster

  • Samuel Velasquez
    Samuel Velasquez 7 months ago

    gmail is a joke you know cuz it was released on april 1

  • howtobebasic1
    howtobebasic1 7 months ago

    10:47 thats true cod killed the metal of honor series ;(

  • Sarah Barker
    Sarah Barker 7 months ago

    Not all rental stores are gone. Family Video is somehow still alive and kicking.

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 7 months ago

    PS2 killed all the competition.

  • Justin Brester
    Justin Brester 7 months ago

    Amazon takes over the world

  • Melissa Haletky
    Melissa Haletky 8 months ago

    I loved Netflix even before it was a streaming service. You didn't have to take it back to the store, just put it in your mail box.

  • William Kendrick
    William Kendrick 8 months ago

    also the iphone didn't kill the blackberry, the blackberry killed the blackberry. also its still around you fucking idiots.

  • William Kendrick
    William Kendrick 8 months ago

    i dunno wtf you're on about, i still use my fucking hotmail account... it has no numbers i was so early adopting it!

  • PokéMaster 10 20
    PokéMaster 10 20 8 months ago

    Sonic killed himself
    R.I.P. Sonic

  • PokéMaster 10 20
    PokéMaster 10 20 8 months ago

    Nickelodeon killed Cartoon Network
    Or CN killed itself.
    Either one works.

  • PokéMaster 10 20
    PokéMaster 10 20 8 months ago

    Nintendo Ds. killed PSP

  • Stephanie Lopez
    Stephanie Lopez 8 months ago

    Marvel killed DC

  • Pappa R
    Pappa R 8 months ago

    video killed the radio star

  • Shalese Jaiman
    Shalese Jaiman 8 months ago

    Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and RU-clip Red are killing T.V

  • Wriel Blancarte
    Wriel Blancarte 8 months ago +1

    What about that time when video killed the radio star?

  • Garth Davis
    Garth Davis 8 months ago

    Not So Fun Fact: Red's went out of business long before Toys R Us. So did FAO Schwartz.

  • Garth Davis
    Garth Davis 8 months ago

    Transformers killed other action figures.