VFX Artists React to STAR WARS bad and Great CGi

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
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    Niko, Clint, and Wren sit down to react to some of the zestiest CGi moments from the original STAR WARS trilogy: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Comments • 9 758

  • ValueOfNothing
    ValueOfNothing 12 minutes ago

    Weren't some of these the new CGI versions?

  • Jacob Reidy
    Jacob Reidy 6 hours ago

    Do more non-CGI videos please. This was your best so far. Thank you!

  • jadestoner
    jadestoner 8 hours ago

    the cutouts are "masks" or "reverse masks"

  • Trent Frederick
    Trent Frederick 9 hours ago

    When the AT-AT falls over after Luke throws in the detonator, an actual stick pushes over the walker from under its back foot. The shot in this video is 15:16.

  • John Cena
    John Cena 11 hours ago

    Where did you get those open ear headphones

  • Patrick Welch
    Patrick Welch 11 hours ago

    And this is what makes these films incredible.

  • Zaque
    Zaque 13 hours ago

    it would be cool for these guys to try to make a short space battle using these methods

  • Martin Jørgensen
    Martin Jørgensen 13 hours ago

    Practical effects are far more fascinating than modern cgi. And they age better imo.

  • 308328928
    308328928 14 hours ago

    The Hoth battle is the best

  • Bulldog D
    Bulldog D 20 hours ago

    The weird thing is... if you watch the original trilogy now, the worst effects are generally the crap cgi additions that were added 20+ years later

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong Day ago

    If they did lightsabers today I bet they can just build a good enough prop. There's some really good ones out there.

  • LunarAlmanac
    LunarAlmanac Day ago

    Summary: "Woah that looks so real!"

  • Leli Dawi
    Leli Dawi Day ago

    Are you even using the original versions? Because when you talk about the lightsabers in A new hope, remember that they were re-done like three times... Later, you use footage of CGI-ships as examples of great work with models...

  • Mxgo
    Mxgo Day ago

    modalorian be like: atst it not yes dead possible not break
    them: *blows up atat*

  • Peter Mauro
    Peter Mauro Day ago

    Do the movie the count down

  • Ephraim lewis
    Ephraim lewis Day ago +1

    (No hate) 7:47 December 28th, 2019
    January 4th, 2019 ???

  • Zac Offutt
    Zac Offutt Day ago

    Why did none of you mention the stick punching up the back foot of the walker Luke destroyed?

    ZSIGGY Day ago +1

    React to the rise of Skywalker and explain it

  • 4D Laquest
    4D Laquest Day ago

    Hello there

  • TheMisanthropist _
    TheMisanthropist _ 2 days ago

    Everytime I hear about how practical effects were done back in the day, I thank each and every one of them for where we are today. Thank You.

  • tinkerintenor
    tinkerintenor 2 days ago

    Ok but at 8:35 are those WIRES showing in the background set against the stars? Was the asteroid set piece being moved by wires or something? Thin bright white vertical lines are visible back there. I’d never noticed them until this video.

  • Adi Aviani1
    Adi Aviani1 2 days ago +1

    A stick pops out from it's back foot to make it fall

  • C7TV
    C7TV 2 days ago

    9:41 “jeddy”?!

  • Bluustreak
    Bluustreak 2 days ago +1

    I now have more respect for tha making of this.

  • Talguy21
    Talguy21 2 days ago

    You know, I heard somewhere that someone on the OT cast thought A New Hope was going to bomb. And going by just some of the on-set shots I saw, I could see why they'd think that. But really, Star Wars was made great in the edit. This is a mind-blowing amount of effort and commitment.

  • vaderbase
    vaderbase 3 days ago

    show how they made the at-st smashed by logs

  • pluot77
    pluot77 3 days ago

    Best explanation of the Star Wars SFX I've seen in all this time.

  • Mario 1023
    Mario 1023 3 days ago

    Have y’all reacted to stranger things ?

  • toaster917
    toaster917 3 days ago

    Please do "The Island of Dr. Moreau" !

  • Rodolfo Pimenta
    Rodolfo Pimenta 3 days ago

    Jedi? pft! Jerry is the real deal

  • goofyfoot2001
    goofyfoot2001 3 days ago

    Someone needs to slap the fuck out of whomever put CGI in the original Star Trek.

  • Duck Moore
    Duck Moore 3 days ago +1

    Breakdown KRULL (score by James Horner👀 by the way). Or David Lynch’s DUNE (👈that might be more fun for you guys. You’ll see why.😉)

  • Artistic Evan
    Artistic Evan 3 days ago

    Mad respect for Phil tippet and the other practical effect artists of the time

  • MarineBis
    MarineBis 3 days ago

    no CGI in this video.... i"d like to see VFX artist speaking about infamous jabba CGI or jar jar

  • i minabrons
    i minabrons 3 days ago

    When did Red get to be the opposite of Blue? I thought Orange was the opposite of Blue.

  • Etienne
    Etienne 4 days ago

    The non-altered cut?

  • swifty1969
    swifty1969 4 days ago

    Jedee.....what's a Jedee??????

  • Blue_Squirrel
    Blue_Squirrel 4 days ago

    They should react to the old republic

  • J H
    J H 4 days ago

    The matte work was super sloppy in pre-Special Edition VHS releases of ANH (and presumably in the theatrical release) - not shown here. I still have vivid memories of this, viewed on a crappy tube TV that somehow highlighted the problem. These were not perfect X-Wing cutouts, but rather rough cutouts, reminiscent of a scrapbook. Not only was the star field obscured immediately around the spacecraft, but the black levels were totally mismatched, revealing the exact polygon shape of the cutout against a darker background. Wish I still had that VHS!

  • OnionLad Food Reviews

    Can I get more please

  • Gavin Hunt
    Gavin Hunt 4 days ago

    You guys should do an Avatar (James Cameron) review that movie is beautiful and still holds up to this day

  • Hey It's Drew
    Hey It's Drew 4 days ago

    jj Abrams has something against space battles. I hated episode 7 for its lack of space battles. and 9 was better but still lacked actual battles In space. and 8 had an intense but stupid battle in the beginning and the rest of the movie was shit.
    so I'm very disappointed In the new trilogy altogether. I came for the spaceness. for the space battles not for the LA de da shit story. ugh

  • Night Uber
    Night Uber 4 days ago

    Call them 80-80s one more time...

  • kens97sto171
    kens97sto171 4 days ago

    Wow. Great video . Love how you explain everything.
    Have to say.. much of these old school effects look better to my eye than the total CGI stuff of today.
    Maybe it's just my find memories of seeing it in the theater.
    Can you imagine what it would cost to do a movie today in this way.

  • Just Fantastic
    Just Fantastic 4 days ago

    The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

  • Fernando Ortiz
    Fernando Ortiz 4 days ago +4

    It's sad nobody my age or younger will ever go to the cinema and actually stare in awe wondering how they did it...

    • Rumble Hat
      Rumble Hat 3 days ago

      Fernando Ortiz I agree. Cgi for me is meh. There is no slight of hand, no trickery to make you think you are seeing something. Cgi is all just overblown, in your face, cartoons. So boring.

  • Albator Dali
    Albator Dali 4 days ago

    4:10 No.. not at all .. On the top of my head i'm thinking taxi driver. It has a way more powerful climax. Star wars is great but its climax isn't what makes it so great.

  • BuddahUK
    BuddahUK 4 days ago

    The Go Motion dragon in Dragonslayer is superb

  • Muggy
    Muggy 4 days ago

    Practical is so much better than computer effects

  • Erin Vinson
    Erin Vinson 4 days ago

    I hope they threw that couch away after all 3 of these guys keep jizzin' in their pants. Cool video though ;)

  • Greg LeVitre
    Greg LeVitre 4 days ago +1

    "Star Wars is fantasy, not sci fi."
    Correction: Star Wars is both fantasy and sci fi.

  • thesupersonicstig
    thesupersonicstig 4 days ago

    Oh thank god I thought this was a Buzzfeed video

  • Jack Moik
    Jack Moik 4 days ago

    Nice one guys, but the second layer of asteroids wasn't painted. The guys at ILM build an asteroid turning device with stepper motors to film multiple asteroids at the same time.

  • Uzair Durrani
    Uzair Durrani 4 days ago

    Jedee? Boy, make no mistake, I WILL slap you.

  • Sarcastic Star Trek
    Sarcastic Star Trek 4 days ago

    @7:22 that's CGI and for the special editions, not the original 77 release - that motion blur you're referencing in that specific shot above the death star, is computer generated; the entire shot is.

    MrCOLBSTAH 4 days ago

    What video is that Rc drone one with the xwing?!

  • Relaxing Nature
    Relaxing Nature 5 days ago

    "a new hope" is NOT the 1977 original .... "Starwars" is the original

  • 2000jago
    2000jago 5 days ago +1

    9:40 - "Return of the"... wait, what!? One person not knowing how to pronounce "JEDI" is one thing, but the fact that nobody corrects you!? Holy fuck!

  • Jon
    Jon 5 days ago

    now react to the remasters

  • Rob Baard
    Rob Baard 5 days ago

    FYI 3.30min return of the jedi, the light sabre did not go flying off due to an accident, it's let loose because at the end of the shot he cuts through the metal beam and turns the sabre off in the one shot.