Rutger Hauer and Blade Runner - "30 years ago I saw the future"

  • Published on Oct 24, 2012
  • Rutger Hauer arrives early at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Milan. There, a restricted number of journalists and students met the deep and glacial gaze of the legendary replicant Roy Batty, the character who went down in the history of cinema with "that" sentence that we have all said, at least once in our lifetime: «...I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...». The 30th anniversary of "Blade Runner", milestone of science fiction cinema and unquestioned masterpiece by Ridley Scott, is one of the reasons why Hauer was in Milan. In our report, the Dutch actor retraces the crucial moments of that extraordinary cinematographic experience.
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  • llllllllEbrllllllll
    llllllllEbrllllllll 9 hours ago

    00:00 - 00:40 amazing!!!!! please, please, i wanna information about track from first 00: 40 seconds.

  • Typhoon Ninja
    Typhoon Ninja 4 days ago

    I wasn’t born when blade runner came out but I remember seeing it with my father on t.v when I was young and I remember the tears in the rain part and I fell in love with the movie.. I’m so glad I shared that experience with my father. The movie is a beautiful thing I watched when growing up and it made me who I am today and what I enjoy. I’m only 23 and I’m glad I seen this movie. It means a lot too me

  • Brett Soyars
    Brett Soyars 5 days ago +1

    I will be honest. Rutger Hauer almost reminds me of Richard Harris in his older age.

  • Jordan Stone
    Jordan Stone 9 days ago

    Brilliant performance and yes it was 30 years ahead of it's time.

  • Noel Halligan
    Noel Halligan 9 days ago

    One of the greatest films of all time! This film takes you on a journey that you never want to end !

  • PIERCED6966
    PIERCED6966 13 days ago

    My all time favourite movie, vangelis made this iconic with his sounds and music.

    KABOOM 16 days ago

    there are so many things about this movie that touched me, who are we? what does it mean to be human? where are we going? why are we going there?

  • Trey Greene
    Trey Greene 22 days ago

    that man is too cool!

  • MCP/ChronicBuzz
    MCP/ChronicBuzz 26 days ago

    The focus shouldn't be on "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe" but on "...all these moments will be lost in time".

  • Paulo Leal
    Paulo Leal Month ago

    In fact, Rutger Hauer was the protagonist of Blade Runner!!
    Rutger Rauer, do you dream of electric sheep?

  • Ray Bey The Asshole

    I loved Blade Runner, the first time I saw it. When I finally got to see it's cult following, a few years later, I can relate.

  • Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan Month ago

    Oh snap - what is the music playing in the beginning of the video??? (the drums drop in at 00:26)

    • Mark Sullivan
      Mark Sullivan Month ago

      it almost sounds like a rework of the end theme from the soundtrack...almost

  • Parko Boy
    Parko Boy Month ago

    So pretentious 😒

  • MAIL
    MAIL Month ago

    Avec l'age, il a des faux airs de K.Kinski, surtout lorsqu'il sourit,
    et aussi, ressemble à Claude Riche par moment

  • cube t8
    cube t8 Month ago

    A voice from Observer)

  • william suthon
    william suthon Month ago

    Fucking brilliant in porters

  • brisman1963
    brisman1963 Month ago

    3:33 Anybody else get shivers up their spine? It gets me every time.
    Thank you to all who were involved in the production & financing of the timeless masterpiece that is 'Blade Runner'.

  • Sorin Nicolae
    Sorin Nicolae 2 months ago

    i saw it so many times......and from far, Rutger Hauer....was my hero......from then i saw any movie of him. Thanks for all , Rutger.....we expect your movies

  • はたなおと
    はたなおと 2 months ago

    Roy is arrive⁉️

  • Point Curation
    Point Curation 2 months ago

    We are already on the path to creating replicants, already on the path to a new age of slavery. Blade Runner is a glimpse into that.

  • Me noT mE
    Me noT mE 2 months ago +1

    He is so HOT. No matter his age. I love him.

  • Jorge Senna
    Jorge Senna 2 months ago

    Lendário !!!
    Excelente ator, ótimo documentário.
    Pbs e abs...
    RJ Brasil.

  • Gestalt MS Records
    Gestalt MS Records 2 months ago


  • Doom Sayer
    Doom Sayer 2 months ago

    B l a d e R u n n e r . #1

  • Faux Manchu
    Faux Manchu 3 months ago

    The movie where the AIs are more humane than the humans.

  • KHDecoder
    KHDecoder 3 months ago +1

    The new Master Xehanort voice

  • Jared Clark
    Jared Clark 3 months ago +1

    It truly is one of the most incredible films ever made. If you have not seen it, save som money buy a nice 4K HDR tv and Blade Runner on 4K. It’s one of the best experiences a movie lover can enjoy at home.

  • jobje Rabbeljee
    jobje Rabbeljee 3 months ago

    0:55 shares a pinch of schizoism with A Hopkins

  • Chriskros1984
    Chriskros1984 3 months ago

    Rutger Hauer one of my favorites .

  • Jörgen Pinoy
    Jörgen Pinoy 3 months ago

    You still see a bit of Roy in his eyes...

  • fandude7
    fandude7 3 months ago

    Rutgers Hauer is a great actor. Blade Runner would not be great without him.

  • Panecea Tiki
    Panecea Tiki 3 months ago

    Blade Runner 2019

  • papiXchuko
    papiXchuko 3 months ago

    It’s the hobo with a shot gun!

    CARLOS EDUARDO Paiva 3 months ago

    Epic movie and so ahead of its time , even though we approach 2019 all the elements of Blade Runner is so actual in mostly of its essence, unfortunately the New Blade Runner lost all those moments , like tears in the Rain ! Thanks Mr Rutger Hauer and Roy Batty !

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 3 months ago

    Blade Runner came true in some ways

  • tekoppen
    tekoppen 4 months ago

    *Reminds me about grandma. Must call her.*

  • BMT115
    BMT115 4 months ago

    His voice is soothing....

  • HugeK
    HugeK 4 months ago

    i cant describe how happy this video makes me

  • Vlad 117
    Vlad 117 4 months ago +1

    Blade runner made realize what boring and empty life I have.

  • Kel Solaar
    Kel Solaar 4 months ago

    What is the music that plays at the start etc?

  • Lasse Kviesgaard
    Lasse Kviesgaard 4 months ago

    Tears in the rain scene is one of the best ever. Hauers performance and Vangelis music makes it something special

  • Dora H
    Dora H 5 months ago

    That was really interesting, especially when talking about "seeing into the future"... He and the rest of cast were both great and identical.
    He's been to my country, Hungary filming in the first season of The Last Kingdom, in which I was an extra for one day in that season. Sadly I didn't get to see him as I was in a compeletely different scene. Still, I'm glad he got to work here :)

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 5 months ago

    I saw this in the Theatre at release. It was and still is a incredible movie. A “must see” movie.

  • kaxitaksi
    kaxitaksi 6 months ago

    Can't believe why he's not got more casting at movies.

  • Victor Victor
    Victor Victor 6 months ago

    Why do we Cherish People that Don't care about anything other than Themself and their Career the Human Being is Completely Lost .

  • Marcello Antonio Ledda
    Marcello Antonio Ledda 6 months ago

    I saw my future: _hobo with a shotgun_

  • Marco Ruggiero
    Marco Ruggiero 6 months ago

    soundtrack anyone ? it seems a particular remix of elmadon ars but it seems impossible to find :(

  • Chillionx
    Chillionx 6 months ago +1

    I wonder what he thinks of the sequel

    • Ken Masters
      Ken Masters 2 months ago

      ''I sniff and scratch at it. It looks great but I struggle to see why that film was necessary. I just think if something is so beautiful, you should just leave it alone and make another film. Don't lean with one elbow on the success that was earned over 30 years in the underground. In many ways, Blade Runner wasn't about the replicants, it was about what does it mean to be human? It's like E.T. But I'm not certain what the question was in the second Blade Runner. It's not a character-driven movie and there's no humor, there's no love, there's no soul. You can see the homage to the original. But that's not enough to me. I knew that wasn't going to work. But I think it's not important what I think.''
      - R U T G E R H A U E R

  • Slow Swimmer
    Slow Swimmer 7 months ago +1

    After finish watching Blade Runner, watch "Flesh n Blood" followed by "The Hitcher" (don't mention it)

  • MadamFoogie
    MadamFoogie 7 months ago +1

    I fell in love with Channel Zero - Butcher's Block, and adored his performance. But I had no fucking idea he played Batty!!
    This is amazing. No wonder he was so captivating! Now, I can die a happy Madam.

  • Daniel Morse
    Daniel Morse 7 months ago

    Close to our future.

  • Ronald McReynolds
    Ronald McReynolds 7 months ago +1

    I have been a fan of Rutger's since I first saw him on screen. I believe he is one of the most underrated actors of all time. I find him mesmerizing. It is not Harrison Ford who leads the story which is Blade Runner, but Rutger's character.

  • Vasco Abreu
    Vasco Abreu 7 months ago

    Thanks for your performance, your last words in the movie were supreme, i´ll see that movie many times and that moment that I keep in my mind all those years, I like H. Ford but you were better, I think

  • Demetrios Mustakas Jr.
    Demetrios Mustakas Jr. 7 months ago

    Rutger Hauer is on my short list of fav actors. There are the obvious for action movies (Arnold, Sly, etc) but the short list of really good, really fun actors and their movies RH is up there for me.

  • neonpop80
    neonpop80 7 months ago

    Music credit??

  • Pawel Jankowski
    Pawel Jankowski 7 months ago +1

    It was 300 years ahead. Total Recall with Arnold is even more far. I even dont talk about Dune

  • Lisa
    Lisa 7 months ago

    I love this man not only for having a bart simpson shirt, but also for giving use one of the best cinematical moments in cinema

  • Garantia COBIA
    Garantia COBIA 7 months ago

    I saw him about ten years ago at a bar, he ordered coffee and he winked and smiled at the guy who was serving him, he looked to be polite and modest.

  • Nicholas Maude
    Nicholas Maude 7 months ago

    I know Rutger Hauer is Dutch but i'm impressed with his English fluency. Anyway his character Roy Batty was understadardable but Luv on the other hand was a vicious and violent sociopath.

  • Lars
    Lars 7 months ago

    I was one who said 'great'

  • Joel S
    Joel S 8 months ago

    A tremendous actor..

  • E.P. Huigens
    E.P. Huigens 8 months ago

    I'm only two years older than Rutger, and i can say, i've seen almost all his movies and followed his entire carriere.Every film of him for me is meeting an old friend, especially where i'm from the same nationality as i am.I wish him all good for whatever years we both have left, and thank him for the joy he brought me.

  • frederichant
    frederichant 8 months ago

    I can't see this scene without a tear...Again and again...i Love it. Thanks Rutger.

  • Russell Wiley
    Russell Wiley 8 months ago

    sea beams dancing off the shores of Orion....

  • godaz7777
    godaz7777 8 months ago

    Rutger Hauer:Questions...../ how does [Jesus] fit into this particular memorable film from [1982] ?//

  • Vinay N
    Vinay N 8 months ago

    "Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? that's what its like to be a slave". Science fiction was better in the 20th century. Hollywood is now a slave to pure money and can only live on the reflected glory from past series such as Deep Space 9, Star Trek Voyager, and TNG. They are afraid to make new science fiction in case it does not make money, and anyone with any talent or creativity is frozen out. The new Bladerunner movie however is great.

  • DiscothecaImperialis
    DiscothecaImperialis 8 months ago

    "I find it simple"
    And a blonde beauty turned her back on him
    guess what :P

  • Russell Silber
    Russell Silber 8 months ago

    Time to Die

  • onvemyway li
    onvemyway li 8 months ago

    what a legendary actor..i cant believe he is 74 old now. I think his official group on facebook deserve more awareness and engagement😔.Just search Rutger Hauer official on facebook and talk to him. he will be happy.

  • Internet Connection
    Internet Connection 8 months ago


  • Garlands Evergreen
    Garlands Evergreen 9 months ago

    "Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc"

  • Tyrone Koumoundouros
    Tyrone Koumoundouros 9 months ago +1

    I love it
    It's all just tears in the rain.
    Right Beth

  • russell brown
    russell brown 9 months ago

    Incredible actor, and he "owned" the film. I think Harrison Ford's amazement was genuine.

  • Zira Prod
    Zira Prod 9 months ago

    39 second intro for 7 min video

  • Suzy Lux
    Suzy Lux 9 months ago

    cool guy. just cool.
    one little nitpick: scene would've been nothing without the music. And how many films can you say that about. Lots. But of the best ones, just a few.

  • Alex Sokolovsky
    Alex Sokolovsky 9 months ago

    he's got real close to being a Perfect movie hero.. i still watch his movies in 2018th ! and will continue to do so)) if they dont take out my eyes)) Split Second, Blind fury, and ! BR ! are the best imho.. just perfect .. as i said, he's got real close

  • uttaradit2
    uttaradit2 9 months ago

    There's Bladerunner rifs in Hitcher his next best movie.

  • Frank P.
    Frank P. 9 months ago

    Rutger Hauer uttered *the best line in movie history* :
    "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

  • Brad Thurkle
    Brad Thurkle 9 months ago

    I’m a massive fan of Rutger. Blind fury was a great movie he did aswell playing a blind man with great sword skills saving the day. He’s so so talented and very unique and when he said I played half that character in blade runner I believe it,and I’m glad he did because it was such intriguing character that you wanting more of wanting to what was next. Awesome and Harrison Ford was just brilliant. These 2 great actors just completed each other for an iconic movie I can watch over and over again still thinking this movie is fresh. Way before it’s time.

  • SpookeyR
    SpookeyR 9 months ago

    I saw Blade Runner in the theater when it first came out. I was seven years old. Throughout the entire film I kept repeating the same thing over and over, to myself - "I don't even know what is going on; but, I know it's cool."
    I was mesmerized and I loved it!

  • pecosRoy
    pecosRoy 9 months ago

    hauer thanks his lucky stars he didn't fuck up his big chance. he even alludes to this sentiment in the interview...

  • Itzdat Managgen
    Itzdat Managgen 10 months ago

    *I think his greatest work is and always will be the voice-over for the Lurpak ads!*

  • Christopher T Munro
    Christopher T Munro 10 months ago

    Rutger Hauer, truly a modest man and a great actor. Perhaps one of the most underrated actors of our time.

  • William Paterson
    William Paterson 10 months ago

    A Machine loves and appreciates its life and it's existence and it has the gall to tell a human being about the Gift of life ! What a Brilliant summation. May Peace, Joy and above all, LOVE be in YOUR hearts ALWAYS 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Sam Nigam
    Sam Nigam 10 months ago

    Loved him in Blind Fury, Blade Runner, Flesh & Blood and The Hitcher.

  • yyrgx hernandez
    yyrgx hernandez 10 months ago

    the best fucking movie in the history of all fucking cinema

  • Karen Hannegan
    Karen Hannegan 10 months ago

    I saw this film in the theater. Totally beyond words.

  • BladeRunner BladeRunner
    BladeRunner BladeRunner 10 months ago

    This movie is a big tripp on human soul THE ONLY ONe

  • david wiese
    david wiese 11 months ago

    I saw the film in NYC the day it debuted in theaters. I was absolutely stunning then, and still is today.....ICONIC.

  • jakesyma
    jakesyma 11 months ago

    Batty didn't get what he wanted (more life)... but Rutger will. At least some kind of 'temporary immortality'.

  • Forest S ott
    Forest S ott 11 months ago

    Blade Runner is an obvious cinematic masterpiece . I feel honored to have seen so many other commentaries stating also that indeed Rudger's final scene, '...the death of Roy' is the finest cinematic scene ever shot . A certain triumph for Rudger & career legacy .

  • Jonny five
    Jonny five 11 months ago

    One of the greatest performance on film.
    He was absolutely memorizing

  • Nicolas DUBOS
    Nicolas DUBOS 11 months ago

    Best "villain" (" " cause is he realy the villain here ?) ending of all time !

  • Shia Tuhaczek
    Shia Tuhaczek 11 months ago

    Roy deserved to be the protagonist of "Blade Runner", with Deckard being the vilian. That would have really interesting.

  • Shang Tsung
    Shang Tsung 11 months ago

    I didn't know that Rutger Hauer is a Simpsons fan.

  • Jos Ron
    Jos Ron 11 months ago

    A truly great actor

  • DesertRose122
    DesertRose122 11 months ago +1

    BladeRunner is really one of cinema's greatest cult movies, and Mr Hauer is the best actor this movie had. They were and are all great, but Hauer stands out for me much more. He's an unusual person, and I mean this in a good way. Unconventional. Interesting. Never boring. The Hitcher is my favorite 80s thriller also. As for Mr Hauer, he's still got it, still got that sense of mischief and energy for acting. I wish all actors could be this good. This man's face is like a work of art . So expressionfull and real, in a world of plastic visages. There will never be another Rutger Hauer and nor will there ever be another character quite like Roy.

  • ChrisOl01
    ChrisOl01 11 months ago

    1:08 funny that he pronounced van Gogh like that. the only reason people say it like that is because it's hard to pronouce his name for non-dutch speakers. He of all people should be able to say it.

  • Kellerkind
    Kellerkind 11 months ago

    Wow I didn´t know that Anthony Hopkins played in Blade Runner!

    • Aglaya Majorem
      Aglaya Majorem 11 months ago

      Kellerkind lol he does resemble him a lot here.

  • LBrobie
    LBrobie 11 months ago +3

    Blade Runner and Ladyhawke are two of my favorite movies of all time. Because of him.