Rutger Hauer and Blade Runner - "30 years ago I saw the future"

  • Published on Oct 24, 2012
  • Rutger Hauer arrives early at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Milan. There, a restricted number of journalists and students met the deep and glacial gaze of the legendary replicant Roy Batty, the character who went down in the history of cinema with "that" sentence that we have all said, at least once in our lifetime: «...I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...». The 30th anniversary of "Blade Runner", milestone of science fiction cinema and unquestioned masterpiece by Ridley Scott, is one of the reasons why Hauer was in Milan. In our report, the Dutch actor retraces the crucial moments of that extraordinary cinematographic experience.
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  • plejaren giants
    plejaren giants 5 days ago +1

    Rutger was the best replicant ever. Even though this story is really the story about us humans on earth. We are the genetically modified humans designed for war and short lifespans. We just can't remember our true past.

  • Bishop Boyd
    Bishop Boyd 6 days ago +1

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  • Junyor Rodrigues
    Junyor Rodrigues 11 days ago

    Nois estamos perdendo grandes atores e atrizes de Hollywood lamentamos ...

  • VIMrussia
    VIMrussia 11 days ago +2

    God Bless Rutger Hayer, he understood so much that he can share.

    • DesertRose122
      DesertRose122 12 hours ago

      Wise man..he was like a Sage...I loved him!

  • FulinYu
    FulinYu 12 days ago +1

    Great actor, great movie, pure magic.

  • Sandra Davies
    Sandra Davies 16 days ago +1

    this film touched me … god bless the poet Rutger Hauer

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez 19 days ago +2

    Very underrated actor.....He was unique.....His moments won't be lost.....

  • J Blank
    J Blank 23 days ago +2

    Still handsome. RIP.

    • DesertRose122
      DesertRose122 12 hours ago

      Handsome and manly till the very end...

  • Cardina Tribe
    Cardina Tribe 26 days ago

    What’s the track used at the start of this video

  • jean bernard degeiter
    jean bernard degeiter 27 days ago


  • sue fox
    sue fox Month ago +1

    my beautiful rutger hauer xx i waa hoping to see him , i never got the chance x god bless your wife and asha

  • Justin Stout ENT
    Justin Stout ENT Month ago +1


  • Jefferson
    Jefferson Month ago +1


  • Outdoors Joe
    Outdoors Joe Month ago +1

    Everyone should play Observer. Amazing game.

  • Rosie Day
    Rosie Day Month ago +3

    He always had that sexy a great talented actor lol x

  • Christopher Cory
    Christopher Cory Month ago +1

    Harris Ford did the narrative in original
    Film before finale cut version.
    I have seen original version beyond sci-fi film memorable character.
    Ahead of it's time. Rest dude !
    Have a time in the other world
    Heaven time to die..
    We want to watch you in
    November 2019. R.i.p.

  • Carolyn Jones
    Carolyn Jones Month ago +2

    Great actor R.I.P

  • Peter Simpson
    Peter Simpson Month ago +2

    You could've warned us. I'd have built a rocket

  • VIMrussia
    VIMrussia Month ago +3

    Rutger Hauer is one of the best actors ever. point.

  • vaskylark
    vaskylark Month ago +2

    Does anyone know if RH has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame? He SO should if he doesn't.

  • DesertRose122
    DesertRose122 Month ago +2

    You were and still are my Hero, Mr Rutger Hauer. You were the best actor in the whole world! ❤️

  • StrainedDig4
    StrainedDig4 Month ago +1

    A role made for an actor made for that role...Priceless and Unforgettable...

  • Fabio Bonetta
    Fabio Bonetta Month ago +5

    It would have never worked without him. He's the heart and soul of the movie, Its true hero

  • Stewart Mills
    Stewart Mills Month ago +2

    We would not have had Blade Runner without Rutger Hauer!
    As great as Harrison Ford was in this role; it was Rutger Hauer who stole the show, there was no narrative and nowhere to go without Roy.

  • Joshua Morgan
    Joshua Morgan Month ago +2

    I remember watching this film for the first time. The moment Roy opened his mouth in that beautiful soliloquy, I was gripped, it's like I existed in a vacuum with him. Then when those final, incredible words "all those moments lost" came, I just lost it and cried my eyes out in the purist grief and sadness you can imagine. When the film finished, I was fucked up pretty bad and felt cripplingly depressed for half the week.
    I watch this movie every so often (I saw 2049 four times in the space of two months) and the speech doesn't effect me as much as it did that first time but I still listen like an eager student at the feet of my master wizard waiting for the secrets of his craft to be told. Amazing.

  • barv02zr77
    barv02zr77 Month ago

    One of only a handful of actors or actresses I would go and see their film, just because they where in it! His humour always seemed to come through in all his roles.

    FAT DAD Month ago +2

    Blade Runner... Hitcher...Hobo With a Shotgun... No Man's Sky... R.I.P.

  • Doc Morridge
    Doc Morridge Month ago +1

    I fell in love with Blade runner right from the opening scene..
    However i liked the Directors cut more with no narative an no flying off into clear blue skys at the end..
    Now who is brave enough to make Counter clock world. into a film.

  • Robert James Slessor
    Robert James Slessor Month ago +1


  • Paul's Gumtree Channel

    RIP Rutger. You reveled in your time !!

  • Phil Martin
    Phil Martin Month ago +2

    RIP Rutger, true bad ass and amazing actor

  • Olgierd Schönwald
    Olgierd Schönwald Month ago +1

    RIP. :(

  • Mattias Lindgren
    Mattias Lindgren Month ago +1

    Rutger hauer one of the greatest actors ever!one of a kind. But not so known by the all cinema audience though. Rutger hauer is and was one of the best actors in Hollywood movie industry. 😎👍🎬📽🎥🎞📹📼

  • E VH
    E VH Month ago +1

    Rust zacht, Rutger

  • Lamar
    Lamar Month ago

    So much blah blah just a movie

    • DesertRose122
      DesertRose122 Month ago

      Many love Blade Runner..don't shit on others' passions, Sir.

  • Vinyl-und Bikecorner
    Vinyl-und Bikecorner Month ago +1

    Timeless, inspirierend und beeindruckend.
    Rutger Hauer, mögest Du in Frieden ruhen!

  • Clovis Borges
    Clovis Borges Month ago

    Deixará lembranças, amigo.

  • jimsim /|\
    jimsim /|\ Month ago +1

    Would you... like to be upgraded?
    I had in mind something a little more radical.
    What... what seems to be the problem?
    Death; ah, well that's a little out of my jurisdiction.
    You... I want more life, fucker/father!
    The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy. Look at you: you're the Prodigal Son; you're quite a prize!

    I've done... questionable things.

    Also extraordinary things; revel in your time.

    Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you into heaven for.
    Man he was great. and if there is a god in heaven he would be sitting proud.

  • Alexander Baev
    Alexander Baev Month ago +1

    Thank you Mr. Rutger Hauer for the emotions you gave us. Rest in peace.

  • Deborah Beck
    Deborah Beck 2 months ago +2

    Blade Runner stands alone in cinema, I'd never undervalue it by sticking it on some top 10 or 100 list of films. Rutger Hauer is the face of the film. As many times as I've watched the film it still chokes me up.

  • La couille Humide
    La couille Humide 2 months ago +2

    R.I.P Roy 😪😔

  • pizzaguy7
    pizzaguy7 2 months ago +2

    ... i don' t think everybody knows this but, the famous speach he made at the end of the movie, he wrote it himself.

  • Dzilla64
    Dzilla64 2 months ago +1

    One of the greats. I will miss you art. RIP.

  • Glen Swain
    Glen Swain 2 months ago +1

    RIP Rutger Hauer

  • murku c
    murku c 2 months ago +1

    God bless you 😢

  • Dieter Denker
    Dieter Denker 2 months ago +3

    Funny: He has a touch of Anthony Hopkins and Richard Harris, which is a good combination.

  • Dhoff
    Dhoff 2 months ago +1

    Best film ever 😎R. I. P. rutger. We love you always 😘

  • Eustaquio Roberto de Paula

    1982,I was 35 yeras old. To this day I remember the fantastic SCENE. Rest in peace.

  • Johannes Liechtenauer
    Johannes Liechtenauer 2 months ago +2

    Saw a dystopian future.

  • SIKE01
    SIKE01 2 months ago +2

    BLADE RUNNER was about replicant ROY BATTY's journey for his humanity...and ending with the greatest death scene ever. when an android becomes human. Rest in Peace.

  • Chris M.R. Santos
    Chris M.R. Santos 2 months ago +2

    This movie is him...its a landmark fiction film making..

  • Arun Phillips
    Arun Phillips 2 months ago +2

    Wonderful actor, very sadly missed!

  • James Tierney
    James Tierney 2 months ago +2

    In life Rutger Hauer died in 2019, in Blade Runner Roy Batty..

  • Wesley G
    Wesley G 2 months ago +3

    Way underrated.

  • Ben Zielke
    Ben Zielke 2 months ago +3

    Such an underrated actor, never got the recognition he should have.

  • Ronald Harrison
    Ronald Harrison 2 months ago

    That music is so bloody irritating and unnecessary!

    • DesertRose122
      DesertRose122 12 hours ago

      The blade runner Vangelis soundtrack? HELL no! Masterpiece!

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 2 months ago

    ´´2012.? ^ ^ ´´

  • Kuldesak
    Kuldesak 2 months ago +1

    I cannot really get any better.

  • John Kappa
    John Kappa 2 months ago +2

    JUST RESPECT to Rutger Hauer and a hell of an interview of Silvia Rossi that going to be a wonderful contribute to Rutger's legacy.. I saw that interview way before his death and I was completely hyped from the background music that added to the atmosphere of the movie as well as Hauer's charismatic expressions.
    I'd appreciate if anyone knows the song title of the background music.. is it from Blade Runner's music compilation cause I cant find it anywhere.. THank U

  • Fernand Ducci
    Fernand Ducci 2 months ago +1