• Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • So today we went to saudi arabia it as it was riyadh season and we can't wait to go to the riyadh car show .
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  • Tajamul Hussain
    Tajamul Hussain Day ago

    What I learned from this video is that 50000 Yemeni or Syrian refugees could have a meal on their table.

  • Jag Girl
    Jag Girl Day ago

    Red tracksuit must be all the rage...🤣🤣🤣🤣

    CLEMENT G.N 2 days ago +1

    Lana's lips looked wierd

  • Eman Ahmed
    Eman Ahmed 4 days ago

    Lana really looks like a mother when she putted her hair in other side///btw Mohamed is always on first class and business class

  • ابو عبدالله ابو عبد الله

    سوي تنا عربيه

  • شوق العميري


  • Carma is a bitch
    Carma is a bitch 13 days ago

    عنزة حمرة مع كلب أصفر
    لابقين لبعض كتير على فكرة

  • Shiuly Hussain
    Shiuly Hussain 13 days ago


  • Shiuly Hussain
    Shiuly Hussain 13 days ago

    Look at mummy mo

  • Shiuly Hussain
    Shiuly Hussain 13 days ago

    At 3:48 that part cracked me up

  • Mnoor M
    Mnoor M 13 days ago

    وش جنسيتهم ؟

  • Mehedi Rabby
    Mehedi Rabby 15 days ago

    💛💛💛💛🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩💵💵💵💵💵💸 Dona brooooo plz 01643578976

  • احمد حسين
    احمد حسين 17 days ago

    بدك تاكول خرا تحكي بل عربي منتابعك مابدك تحكي تضرب وباااا

  • حموده حموده
    حموده حموده 22 days ago

    بنفس البيت انتي وهو بدك تقنعيني لهلا ماعملك شي 🤣

  • I love you 2
    I love you 2 22 days ago +1


  • Amine Tataoui
    Amine Tataoui 22 days ago


  • The epic memer
    The epic memer 24 days ago

    اه يا ديوس

  • parikkalat saji
    parikkalat saji 24 days ago

    0:15 too much excitement

  • فوفو الشمري
    فوفو الشمري 26 days ago


  • Hanan Hanan
    Hanan Hanan 27 days ago +3

    الي يشوف الفديو علمود نارين وما فاهم شي لايك😂🤓

    LOOMING & MORE 27 days ago

    Is he a Muslim ????????????

  • اسعار العملات مقابل الريال اليمني

    بعلق وبعرف انه ماحد فاهم ايش بقول لان كلهم انجليزي بس اريد اعرف وش جاب المطوع لاعندهم !! ايه المطوع ابو نظرات شفت الفديو لان فيه صورة نارين مو عشان براط هذا الاهبل

  • هبة انس
    هبة انس Month ago

    حتى السعودية حللت الخمر شعب منحط و.... 😡🤐

  • Anil Vfx
    Anil Vfx Month ago

    Wow your life was soo so good bro everything you have I hope your heart also same big help some people bro

  • It’s Emma
    It’s Emma Month ago

    I am from Saudi Arabia did you enjoy!?🙈❤️🍍🥵💦🤩

  • Haz Graal
    Haz Graal Month ago

    I wish i was in a rich family

    ARMY LOVE BTS Month ago

    الحين هم رايحين مع الخطوط السعوديه او الامراتيه

  • ملاك الروح

    مع اني مابفهم شي عليك بس بحب تابعك 😀

  • Ehsan Hemmaty
    Ehsan Hemmaty Month ago

    I didn't know that we could travel to Suadi Arabia as well.

    CLIP NOVA Month ago

    That's Amazing Fun Flight

  • Rishi Caaseeram
    Rishi Caaseeram Month ago

    Bro you putting on weight man I mean serious weight dont listen to what women say they will tell you know it's not that bad to make you feel better hows a chick meant to give you a bj if she cant find it man with the belly in the way, btw I think your a cool guy dont let the good life affect your health in a negative way if you dont sort it out it will affect your channel dont wanna see that happen to you know 1 is gunna wanna see a teletubbie vlogging it dont bother me but we seem to live in a very judgemental and materialistic society

  • هبه ستااارز

    احكي عربي او ترجم الحكي

    LOWKEE R. Month ago

    Ohhh bro,you left your boy in the other class on the plane,..

  • RoYaL PriNcEEs
    RoYaL PriNcEEs Month ago

    Why you don't come madinah im from madinah saudi Arabia

  • Z
    Z Month ago

    Bruh you in dubai you can go to Saudi Arabia in the car lol

  • •صغيره بس خطيره•

    اعرفكم عندكم قناة عربيه

  • Waad Star
    Waad Star Month ago

    يقول بالمختصر انو اليوم يوم كبير لانو حيروح السعوديه هاذي المره الثانيه الي يروح فيها السعوديه وقعد يدور على نارين وهيا متاخره وسالها ليش لابسه لبسي وتحداهما حجر ورق مقص ويتكلن عن تطور السعودية الجديد الخخ

  • Sonic Cruz
    Sonic Cruz Month ago

    How you going to leave your boy behind
    Money can’t buy class I guess

  • Ibrahim lm10
    Ibrahim lm10 Month ago +1

    Who ever is from Saudi Arabia subscribe my chanel

  • Mohameed Altmimi
    Mohameed Altmimi Month ago

    ليش مايتكلمون عربي

  • غلا ٣٧
    غلا ٣٧ Month ago

    هذوله من وين بعض كلامها فيه غربي من وين هم اصلهم

  • David Anzola
    David Anzola Month ago

    Teen orgy.

  • SeeMCW
    SeeMCW Month ago

    My man looking like a uk post box

  • Leya's Life
    Leya's Life Month ago

    I live in Riyadh

  • Wisal Ahmad Ahmad
    Wisal Ahmad Ahmad Month ago

    New year is coming plz..... giveaway from Peshawar

  • Wisal Ahmad Ahmad
    Wisal Ahmad Ahmad Month ago

    Please do a giveaway video......plzzzz international giveaway...m from Pakistan

  • donit maps tv
    donit maps tv Month ago

    Mo you are loking like spiderman🤣

  • فيصل الا حمد

    😯 اللهم رزقنا يا رب

  • Aaqil Ahmed
    Aaqil Ahmed Month ago

    Are you muslim

  • michelle Dyy
    michelle Dyy Month ago

    It's 2:19am in the morning here and still watching you yala yolo

  • lil Orio
    lil Orio Month ago

    Nice vlog I love u

  • Sos Re
    Sos Re Month ago

    ام مو تشبه ام نارين والله

  • Sae3d Bahabri
    Sae3d Bahabri Month ago


  • Majid Ullah
    Majid Ullah Month ago +2

    The real question is why has Mo been wearing that tracksuit for three days straight and doesn’t Nareen remind you of Bhad Bhabie

  • Kealani Williams
    Kealani Williams Month ago

    Don't EVER!!!!!! wear a jump suite PERIOD. because of your shape, wearing a jump suite doesn't make you look right..... Wear starch denim and a starch long sleeve dress shirt...

  • Sabreen Salah Al Deen

    Rowoah video

  • Jalil Agha
    Jalil Agha Month ago

    Nice 👍

  • maxdenhaag1
    maxdenhaag1 Month ago

    A bunch of ugly people jumping on a plane to Riyadh.

  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair Month ago

    9:39 Lana looks like she dint take a shit in while

  • Leonardo moreira
    Leonardo moreira Month ago +1

    The Next three months saudi is showing himself For the entire world
    Europe: couldn’t care less 😴