Samsung Galaxy FOLD Unboxing!

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Very excited to check out the New and Updated Samsung Galaxy Fold! I will show off everything you will get in the retail box and also give my FIRST impressions of the foldable phone! Subscribe for more:
    Drop a comment and let me know what you think! More videos to come on the Galaxy Fold.
    Galaxy Fold Review:
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Comments • 845

  • Intermocional
    Intermocional 2 days ago

    People is so sad

  • GD bot
    GD bot 3 days ago

    I fell asleep watching this

  • p scull
    p scull 3 days ago


  • Maryjane Chinenyenwa

    Please how much

  • Max Quack
    Max Quack 4 days ago +1

    Tim “ I’m glad Samsung was the first to come out and make a foldable phone”
    Verizon “boi I was making these more then a decade ago have you been living under a rock your whole life and you just decided to come out boomer”

  • JL Zamora
    JL Zamora 5 days ago

    This device is fubar

  • SkyArk142
    SkyArk142 5 days ago

    when its closed it looks like a 3ds lol

  • Marty Mcfly
    Marty Mcfly 6 days ago

    Does it stay locked if you open it up without unlocking it?

  • Fadi Mado
    Fadi Mado 7 days ago

    The world has to go smaller not bigger with technology I'm a Samsung fan but I don't like this kind of phone is too bulky fat phone just try to put it in your back pocket and you know what I'm talkin about

  • CreaTiffany
    CreaTiffany 7 days ago

    I really appreciate your videos and reviews Tim! Thanks so much for this. I will be purchasing tomorrow. ♥️👍🏾

  • first name last name

    So what is the point of this phone? To brag that you have a phone that folds? This phone is pretentious and not practicle. Waste of money

  • Opening and Closing Logos

    Jeez, that’s super expensive, almost $2,000!

  • Heidi S
    Heidi S 9 days ago

    I wonder how long it will take for Apple to make a foldable phone. I really want this but I am so invested in Apple over Android. I don't think it a good idea to buy the first generation of anything. wait to 2nd or 3rd generation where any bugs are worked out and perhaps a lower price. But then again there is no need to have a second tablet line of you have a phone like this so you may end up saving money in the long run.

  • alicia dales
    alicia dales 10 days ago

    So Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 PERFECT loves the #LUMIy lightblade it is so greaterrrr

  • Mr. Poo
    Mr. Poo 11 days ago

    Can’t put a screen protector on this

  • Epic Texan
    Epic Texan 11 days ago +1

    I am so tempted to get one of these. Have an OG iPhone X and have been an iPhone guy for a while. Damn

  • Skull Crusher
    Skull Crusher 12 days ago

    Can you put a screen protector on it?

  • Bart Kogut
    Bart Kogut 12 days ago

    Great first folding smartphone, but wait 2-3 more years Samsung will master that folding screen, getting rid of all glitches and so on, and that's when it would be worth getting one.

  • Ingmar Thelen
    Ingmar Thelen 12 days ago

    Why would I spent dollar 2000 ... why? A 2-400 dollar smartphone (single screen) is all I need.

  • Noora Queen
    Noora Queen 12 days ago

    This better than iPhone

  • 킹죠
    킹죠 13 days ago

    좆나 사고 싶다 너무 멋있자너

  • Ronnie Burgess
    Ronnie Burgess 13 days ago

    I’ve just ordered this had to pay £30 upfront but I get unlimited data mins text etc 512g also after watching this I’m so excited it’s costing me £102 a month after my 10% discount should of been £114 I look forward to getting it now thank you for the upload (edited) I’m on EE uk network 👍

  • Ronnie Burgess
    Ronnie Burgess 13 days ago

    9:09 is she really nude 🙈😂❤️

  • Rich Scales
    Rich Scales 14 days ago

    theyre not called earbuds... theyre IEMs

  • Rich Scales
    Rich Scales 14 days ago

    should be game changing for $2800

  • Charlie Puth Fan
    Charlie Puth Fan 15 days ago +1

    Oof that mess is not worth 2 thousand dollars.

  • Bogdan Matis
    Bogdan Matis 15 days ago

    Overpriced, bulky and without any additional value features. You just pay an extra 1500 for a doubled up screen

  • Skeelo
    Skeelo 16 days ago

    The future is here

  • Miss MoniBoo
    Miss MoniBoo 16 days ago

    @tim Schofield you are very very attractive 😍😍🤤🤤

  • quidproquo
    quidproquo 16 days ago

    You aren't supposed to push on the display to fold it. I had one for about a week and returned it. You should only press on the hinge to fold it because pressing on the screen may damage it. I found it too small to use other than notifications when folded and cumbersome to open every time and use in tablet mode. Plus the price... I basically rented it for a week by paying the restocking fee.

  • Karla Blair
    Karla Blair 17 days ago

    That look similar to the boostmoble incodnedeo

  • Tech Support scammer
    Tech Support scammer 18 days ago +1

    When they ask u how do u play Fortnite with iPad or iPhone
    you: well yes but actually no

  • palanikumar s
    palanikumar s 18 days ago

    Nothing big interesting we don’t big mini tablet size phone it’s just flip phone model this is kind of horizontal flip.

  • Ibrahem Yacdhan
    Ibrahem Yacdhan 18 days ago

    I want this right now

  • SavageGoku 22
    SavageGoku 22 20 days ago

    That's cool

  • Supreme Gangster
    Supreme Gangster 21 day ago

    Me: I want this phone
    My wallet: Nah b

  • Tiffany Rutherford
    Tiffany Rutherford 21 day ago

    I am a faithful iPhone user but this phone is making me want to switch. 😮 This looks so cool! Then again Apple will probably copy this idea.

    PLAYPRO 21 day ago

    Just like a mini tablet

  • 40oz killer
    40oz killer 22 days ago +7

    Apple needs to come out with something like this. It’s always the same shit with Apple. In a couple of months I’ll be changing back to Samsung

  • George Martinez
    George Martinez 23 days ago

    Can you play call of duty mobile on it though?

  • Justin Ramos
    Justin Ramos 23 days ago

    Am I the only one thinking about the phone case

  • Andrew McCabe
    Andrew McCabe 24 days ago

    What douche he watched his own RU-clip video in his RU-clip video

  • franky pongoh
    franky pongoh 24 days ago

    This samsung is the what im going to buy

  • Ayan Akhlaq
    Ayan Akhlaq 24 days ago +1

    How much is that phone cost

  • Joe Morales
    Joe Morales 24 days ago

    They gotta make it water resistant.....

  • mateo takes walls
    mateo takes walls 24 days ago

    Me when ppl say apples better than Android

  • k rose
    k rose 25 days ago

    I would but I already bought that $1100 iPhone 📱 I’m getting my money worth outta that 1st every last penny

  • Neon shine
    Neon shine 25 days ago +2

    Imma wait till it becomes like 500 dollars :")

  • aubree 123
    aubree 123 25 days ago


  • Future Generations
    Future Generations 25 days ago

    Whats the DAMAGE?

    KING BB 26 days ago

    Zhi lu Wang: Wow awesome!

  • Mr Marine
    Mr Marine 26 days ago


  • road runner
    road runner 26 days ago

    I like the fold but what's it worth to buy

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson 28 days ago

    It's 🔥

  • およしになってねおよしになってね


  • Afrah Khizer
    Afrah Khizer 29 days ago +2

    I never expected a device like this

  • Sandra Fuller
    Sandra Fuller 29 days ago

    Will be getting it just going to be awhile.Got to get through the holidays first and pay off hubby's phone first (at&t next plan)so I can trade in note 10+

  • Michael Nunley
    Michael Nunley Month ago

    I like it, gonna order one for my next phone. Got a sonim xp-8 now and love that too. I'd have to be far more careful with this one.

  • You Tube
    You Tube Month ago

    Millennials won't ever open the phone, they will just use the vertical in its closed form. They don't like widescreen.
    The only thing this phone is missing is a MicroUSB port ...

  • sactownism
    sactownism Month ago

    It is clean!!!