gerund as object of preposition

  • Published on Feb 23, 2017
  • Dan talks about using gerunds as the object of a preposition. He provides lists of verbs and expressions that are followed by certain preopisitions. Click the link below for a worksheet to help you take notes.

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  • Лера Скрынник


  • Mehrdad Y
    Mehrdad Y 6 months ago

    At 3:44 it is noun+preposition not verb +preposition (The girl had an excuse for spilling the milk)
    At 4:35 it is adjective+preposition and not a verb+preposition
    Could you tell me the general rule?When do we need to use gerund as object of preposition?
    It is interesting: In addition(prep+its object which is a noun=addition) and there is it feeds into another prepositional phrase(addition to)

    • Mehrdad Y
      Mehrdad Y 6 months ago

      @Teacher Dan's videos It is clear Sir.Thank you

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos  6 months ago +1

      Use the gerund (as opposed to the infinitive) when you want to express the idea of a verb as the object of a preposition. "in addition to Running, I also play basketball.'

  • Esra salah
    Esra salah 10 months ago

    Thanks ❤️✌️

  • Sheena Rajesh
    Sheena Rajesh Year ago

    Hello sir, if we have sentence
    He should be studying rather than playing.
    We know that studying is the object but what is playing?

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos  Year ago

      I think 'studying' and 'playing' are both verbs in that situation. they are part of the progressive modal verb phrase 'should be verbing'

  • Danielle Danielle

    This video helped me a lot. Thank you.

  • kalassaf
    kalassaf Year ago +1

    The pictures are funny
    (having a ing problem)

  • Giovanni Antônini Contente

    Helo, my brazilin, Tanks teacher !!!!Só os BR rolezeiro no bagulho porra !!! Biuu

  • Michele Silvestri
    Michele Silvestri 2 years ago

    Sorry Dan, but Be used to need ing form ?

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos  2 years ago

      yes. For example, ... I am used to walking long distances. when I was young, I was used to sleeping late.

  • Kamran Abdullayev
    Kamran Abdullayev 2 years ago


  • Fuad Aghayev
    Fuad Aghayev 2 years ago

    Are there any deference between gerund and infinitive ? I mean meaning ? To or For ?
    What is deference ?

    • Baseron Nesa Sharker
      Baseron Nesa Sharker 2 days ago

      In a gerund to is followed by a verbal with -ing and the infinitive is not just like "To live, is an important thing.

  • Saint-Phard GAGERIE
    Saint-Phard GAGERIE 2 years ago

    It is so clear when it come from you. Good job!