Radical iPhone 11 Changes! Product RED, Price & Stylus

  • Published on Aug 4, 2019
  • The iPhone 11 is completely different inside! Exclusive parts leak shows new internal layout, product RED color, prices leak, apple pencil support & more news!
    Last iPhone 11 leaks.
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    iPhone 11 clone unboxing.
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    - Wallpapers by AR7: AR72014
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  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro  Month ago +2118

    Would appreciate a 👍, worked super hard on this one. Thank you & enjoy!

  • Indraneel gajavalli
    Indraneel gajavalli 15 hours ago

    I am participating in give away contest suggest my name

  • The World's Jah
    The World's Jah 21 hour ago

    I could really draw with the stylus's

    Edit: i wonder if there will be an apple pencil slot in the phone (near future)

  • Lewin Gowan
    Lewin Gowan 2 days ago

    I subscribed and hit that bell plz can I get AirPods gold it would make my month ps my birthday is in next month

  • Parchi Kaat
    Parchi Kaat 2 days ago

    Hello Youngster i think you should also giveaway something to india's people like me 😄😁🤗

  • Sahra Hussien
    Sahra Hussien 4 days ago

    Hi. Love. Your. Video

  • San San
    San San 4 days ago

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  • Felicity Tannenbaum
    Felicity Tannenbaum 5 days ago +1

    Bros, hunnies, children’s, y’all be making jokes about his death, but I bet you wouldn’t be if he was a loved one of yours. So I think you all making jokes can stfu thanks.

  • Shamoya Mcleish
    Shamoya Mcleish 9 days ago

    iPhone Lovers 😍😍 What color y’all getting ?

    • Zexous MLBB
      Zexous MLBB 7 days ago

      Black because if it gets dirty you could not really see the dirt in it.

  • Flareon Luver!
    Flareon Luver! 10 days ago


  • Kitty Cityy
    Kitty Cityy 11 days ago

    How do you predict this so much I love and hate how your always right everytime I can’t wait to switch too Samsung

  • Dibamny Robles
    Dibamny Robles 11 days ago

    What the heck is radical about this iPhone????

  • AlwaysAPrince
    AlwaysAPrince 16 days ago

    My jailbroken iPhone XR is years ahead in software features of any current iPhone (Even the new one coming out). @ me if you have questions.

  • K.B
    K.B 17 days ago

    I am lucky to have 5s bought new in 2017

  • Dara English
    Dara English 18 days ago

    Love #apple #ios13

  • Dara English
    Dara English 18 days ago +1

    Love #iphones11

  • dave EPISODES
    dave EPISODES 19 days ago

    *_wHo neEdS A sTylUs?_*

  • Paul. H.
    Paul. H. 20 days ago

    bulky camera design on back.. gonna be big issue ..

  • Tia Bailey
    Tia Bailey 20 days ago +1

    I’m sticking with my iPhone XR and I’m hoping that iPhone 13 is better

  • tifking73
    tifking73 20 days ago +5

    Ok, i have an idea. Combine Apple and Samsung to form Sample.

    • Vro
      Vro 18 days ago


  • tifking73
    tifking73 20 days ago

    We need a built-in stylus, eventually.

  • alpacacide
    alpacacide 20 days ago +1

    I sat out the xs series and seems I’ll sit the next gen out as well. Long live my X! Wait that sounds bad...

  • Lexie Cassel
    Lexie Cassel 21 day ago +1

    I’d love an Apple Pencil especially if it sat inside the phone like the note 10+ would be nice to be able to do drawings

    • Lexie Cassel
      Lexie Cassel 20 days ago

      tifking73 I totally agree I don’t like androids software but they make such beautiful phones I love the idea of the note 10 plus just with Apple phones were on par with it

    • tifking73
      tifking73 20 days ago

      I want a stylus for drawing and for taking notes. I used a Note 5 and 7, hated everything about the hardware/software but absolutely loved that stylus. It would be nice though if Apple allowed more customization for the iPhone.

  • TeodorStoev
    TeodorStoev 21 day ago +1

    "It's crazy that they aren't increasing the price with "all the technology " ??????
    Are you fuckign kidding me literally THEY DIDN'T DO SHIT besides one more camera ???
    Look at the phones for 400-500 Euro they are ahead by far.
    I pray nobody buys the new shit phone so the company loses billions and they realize what crap they are making.

  • Mahmud Adam
    Mahmud Adam 22 days ago

    Lunching date

  • Aaliyah Gibson
    Aaliyah Gibson 22 days ago +1

    I think I’ll just stick to my X

    • AILX
      AILX 13 days ago

      Aaliyah Gibson it sucks

  • Willy Pascual
    Willy Pascual 22 days ago

    I don’t like is ugly....

  • Splinter5k
    Splinter5k 22 days ago +2

    i gave you a like. can you please tell me where i can buy that t-shirt-its beautiful!

  • shlomi h
    shlomi h 24 days ago

    I'm waiting for a full screen with a removable camera it's time to learn from Samsung

  • King Kong
    King Kong 24 days ago

    Is the iphone xr be cheaper when the new iphone realese

  • OG
    OG 24 days ago

    Still no headphone jack ? Okay I'm done

    • OG
      OG 12 days ago

      @Bobbye Gentry ya I'm old I'm already 90 so old

    • Bobbye Gentry
      Bobbye Gentry 12 days ago

      The future is now old man

  • Kash Wansley
    Kash Wansley 24 days ago

    I want those air pods

  • Leland branco
    Leland branco 24 days ago

    I have been watching for quite a while. You are the one that has gotten me so into the tech world and now I am fully into it. I would love some Airpods to hear your videos better. Thanks Phillip!

  • زهراء الحسيني

    nice 😍😍

  • Eli Guerra
    Eli Guerra 25 days ago

    My iPhone XR lasts all day plus a cupel extra hours

  • AppleTricks
    AppleTricks 25 days ago

    First of all the video is amazing, and all your hard work has paid off. Personally a big fan of the Product Red color of the iPhone. If there would be a Product Red iPhone 11R. It would be amazing. Thanks, @UCj34AOIMl_k1fF7hcBkD_dw for this amazing video.

  • My Stock
    My Stock 25 days ago

    the CAMERA is ugly...i won't buy it

  • Dodong Jas
    Dodong Jas 26 days ago

    this is really worthy :)

  • Dodong Jas
    Dodong Jas 26 days ago

    this is really worthy :)

  • Dodong Jas
    Dodong Jas 26 days ago

    this is really worthy :)

  • world is now crazy
    world is now crazy 26 days ago

    I dont know about you guys but the cameras look great. I dig it

  • virusdelamuerte1
    virusdelamuerte1 27 days ago

    I bet you the fucking pen will come separated from the phone and it will cost you $200 dollars!

  • DramaLama
    DramaLama 27 days ago

    IF i have to buy a THIRD Pencil after i have already one for my iPad Mini and ANOTHER ONE for my Ipad Pro I WILL womit against one of their stores

  • Melanie B
    Melanie B 28 days ago +2

    The camera makes me uncomfortable it triggers my trypophobia

  • Ben
    Ben 28 days ago +3

    Apple 📱- we ran out of ideas 💡 lets just add a bunch of cameras instead of changing the design.

  • Steven Dub
    Steven Dub 29 days ago +1

    Imagine Steve Jobs never was born? We wouldn’t even be talking about any iPhone right now there should a holiday for him if MLK gets one Steve should have one he made more impact then anyone in this world .

  • Steven Dub
    Steven Dub 29 days ago +2

    Why wouldn’t apple stick with all the different colors, Smh whenever they have something good they always ruin it I loved the fact they had all different colors I thought it was cool so everyone can kinda be unique and pick there favorite color

  • N Word
    N Word Month ago

    this isn't a nintendo ds i don't want a Stylus

  • Austin Heffington
    Austin Heffington Month ago +2

    I signed my first contract with sprint and may be getting this for my first iPhone!

  • ExposedTalent
    ExposedTalent Month ago

    Will the prices of the current iPhone’s go down in September? Looking to get a iPhone Max

  • alan 777
    alan 777 Month ago


  • The Lord
    The Lord Month ago

    This phone is ugly!

  • ARYAN Phones
    ARYAN Phones Month ago +1

    Everything nice in the iPhone,except this UGLY Camera Bump,if it's true,then it's Ugly Camera Back Side Design

  • Tim Eickmeier
    Tim Eickmeier Month ago +1

    With all this new tech im still waiting to be able to customize icons and texting abilities and what not. Give us some theme options, its the only thing I feel is missing that samsung offers.

  • Caden Harker
    Caden Harker Month ago

    "Their Asian suppliers"

  • Ayesha 13
    Ayesha 13 Month ago


  • Kyler Mattson
    Kyler Mattson Month ago

    Ugliest phone I’ve ever seen

  • dish
    dish Month ago

    Prices are still too high I see

  • Duane Everett
    Duane Everett Month ago

    Great Info Cast, clear and candid!