The Crappiest SLI Setup of ALL TIME

  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
  • A heroic and pointless quest to find out just how bad an SLI setup can be.
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Comments • 5 301

  • Simeon Mladenov
    Simeon Mladenov Day ago

    those bulging capacitors...

  • Kaktus 1414
    Kaktus 1414 3 days ago

    oh, crap

  • Josua D
    Josua D 3 days ago

    shame that SLI is basically unusable nowadays outside of benchmark applications.

  • Alfons Putzeys
    Alfons Putzeys 6 days ago

    My Dell XPS 700, used to have 7900 gs in sli

  • Gallons Of Milk Gaming

    CD drive i think you mean optical drive

  • Om Tapkir
    Om Tapkir 8 days ago

    Well now im happy that something is worst than my g41 chipset! 😌😌😌

  • Firenado
    Firenado 8 days ago

    Is it bad that i have 2 Nvidia 8400 cards just nocking around?

  • Alec
    Alec 9 days ago

    till this day I still game on a gt630, fuck my life

  • Qw3rt
    Qw3rt 9 days ago

    1:04 Linus we all know you didn’t do anything

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH 9 days ago

    "Why even bother releasing this video at all?"

    Because someone sponsored it?

  • cats rule
    cats rule 10 days ago


  • jake20479
    jake20479 11 days ago

    i also use a noctua screwdriver to reset CMOS. its fucking perfect.

  • Ampexxtreme
    Ampexxtreme 12 days ago

    Me: mom can we get a grafix card ?
    Mom: no we have one at home
    Grafix cards at home:

  • slamdeathgrindmachine
    slamdeathgrindmachine 13 days ago

    I don't think ting would work for me I use over 58 gigs of data a month lol

  • Kartin YT
    Kartin YT 14 days ago

    what bird even is this 6:25 background

  • LowFunctioningSober
    LowFunctioningSober 14 days ago

    This whole video is /r/fellowkids material

  • Alexandru BOSS RO
    Alexandru BOSS RO 14 days ago

    **FX 5500 happiness noise**

  • TheSikorskyFlyer
    TheSikorskyFlyer 14 days ago

    0:08 powered by SATAN

  • irr3 is on t1Lt
    irr3 is on t1Lt 15 days ago +1

    2:38 I take ur first born.
    Greetings from germany.

  • Yudi Ato
    Yudi Ato 15 days ago

    These cards are the same Intel HD graphics bay trail
    Quite shitty I might add

  • Sayth Sensei
    Sayth Sensei 16 days ago

    why not just taking the Intel HD familly graphic it's actualy the worst GPU

  • Elijah Corpus
    Elijah Corpus 17 days ago

    I thought those were GT 1030s.

  • Salah Swilh
    Salah Swilh 18 days ago

    i won't forgive you for mispronouncing "le mans"

  • Jack NGA
    Jack NGA 18 days ago

    but can it run crysis?

  • Gab9 Music
    Gab9 Music 19 days ago +1

    Linus, try to SLI two NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950 OCV2 or OCV3

  • Code Designs Inc.
    Code Designs Inc. 21 day ago

    Thats awesome! Talk about nostalgia. I remember my old Voodoo2 - which I don't even remember who made.

  • Lyle
    Lyle 21 day ago

    my old gt 630 alone is probably better than these 2 crap sli cards by like tons and tons lol

    • 9000888sora
      9000888sora 20 days ago

      Its about the same as those. Dont buy low power cards. They are a waste.

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks 24 days ago

    Pretty sure the caps are all bad. Passive cooling on that gpu is a terrible idea.

  • FaoLOr64 Animations and short movies

    finally a graphics card weaker than my hd 5400

  • Jerryc 17
    Jerryc 17 24 days ago

    Linus does not want to play games at 720p
    He lets his employees play i for him

  • Rory Witham
    Rory Witham 26 days ago

    If I recall,the '/cards came out really late, like they had two gens then time warpped then out of nowhere.
    The time was when 8600 GT and ultra were the thing and the second or third sli cards from Nvidia.
    The cut down was a 6200gt and then the 7100 which was a cut down of that.
    Oddly the 6200gt I used to crush Alienware top ultra systems.
    But I had special ones ;).
    The 7100 was very much considered a 2d desktop card, the low of the low and never for gaming, which is probably why you crashed all the time. I suspect that you had to have special drivers.
    That was the thing back then as stock/main wouldn't work on many of the cards and manufacturers would tweak for the best benches, some getting caught out for cheating....
    So in short SLI!?! No these weren't even 3d cards.. least that what the jive was then.

  • now254
    now254 27 days ago

    The bottom left cards looks like maybe all of the capacitores are inn bad shape,

  • Jerin Fons
    Jerin Fons 29 days ago

    me, watching this at 5 am

  • deminybs
    deminybs 29 days ago

    I have a GeForce 6200 DDR2 256MB graphics card lol

  • Werberjerbins
    Werberjerbins Month ago

    that gpu looks just like my wifi card lmao

  • Matthew Yates
    Matthew Yates Month ago +2

    Damnit Linus I’ve been saving all of my landscaping money for 2 7100gs cards but now I have to settle for a 2080 ti. SMH

  • qwerty keyboard
    qwerty keyboard Month ago


  • SkyQuestions
    SkyQuestions Month ago

    But to answer it, you must have a question... SO SOMEONE ASKED IT 🤯

  • Enfield potato
    Enfield potato Month ago


  • Psycho's Family
    Psycho's Family Month ago

    Another Question: The amd radeon hd 7570 has crossfire support but when I went to but that card that was like these grapohics card so how i put crossfire bridge there were no option.!

  • Psycho's Family
    Psycho's Family Month ago

    what are these short height graphics card called.?

  • whatever
    whatever Month ago

    I was playing fortnite while listening to the video and when you said:well everything crashed, my game crashed for real xd

  • Harry Gaming
    Harry Gaming Month ago

    I have 8400 gs and i have completed gta 5 campaign at 13 fps

  • Techman
    Techman Month ago

    wheres the download to that background

  • Bacon Masters
    Bacon Masters Month ago

    Hay it is better than mine

  • Ap opski
    Ap opski Month ago +1

    Why didn't you just play cool math games

  • Kenji Peffley
    Kenji Peffley Month ago

    My friend has a sli gtx 650

  • Tom Hsia
    Tom Hsia Month ago

    Still has about as good of a performance as my old VAIO from the same era, except that one had an onboard graphics...
    Oh, it does perform a lot better than the old MacBook we used to have, that studdered in simple 2d games.

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    I have a radeon r7 igpu with oldest driver and i can play fortnite at 60 fps

  • PinkMoon
    PinkMoon Month ago

    His macho voice was so macho I think I pissed myself a little.

  • yeti
    yeti Month ago

    Sexy ass gpus you got there

  • andrew scott
    andrew scott Month ago

    watching on XP now its great

  • Raniedel Fajardo
    Raniedel Fajardo Month ago +2

    Still way more powerful than my 2gb ram pc that doesn't even have graphics card.

  • Paul Everitt
    Paul Everitt Month ago

    Hey Linus, you may have had a bad board. Why not do a video on SLI vs single board GPUs? This reminds me a LOT of multi-processor vs multi-core computers. Back in 2000ish, you could buy servers that supported up to 4 CPUs that could be added over time. UNFORTUNATELY, each additional CPU yielded only 50% of the prior CPU. Basically 100%+50%+25%+12.5%. Microsoft, FOR SOME REASON, strongly recommended replacing your FIRST CPU with the fastest available CPU before going to a second CPU. Product note: The CPUs would run at the lowest clock speed of the bunch, so don't think you are doing the right thing by getting a 750 Mhz processor for the first slot and putting your 350 Mhz processor in the second slot. You would then have the equivalent of a single 525 Mhz processor.

  • jaceneliot
    jaceneliot Month ago +1

    I was so disappointed by SLI when I tried it. It works with some game (not even AC origins...) . And it's not worth it. 50% for double price and consumption

    DESTROYER64 Month ago

    i have an 8400 gs but i need to replace the fan and heatsink

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7 Month ago +1

    LMAOOO! That was HILARIOUS! Like, WOW, that was painful, but real;y interesting all the same! Hahaha!

  • Toby Gaming
    Toby Gaming Month ago

    I have a question LTT:
    Can you even sli a amd card with a GeForce card

    • PA Flanary
      PA Flanary Month ago

      Yes, one mobo supported it. It worked, just not that well.

  • FatRakoon
    FatRakoon Month ago +1

    "Pinnacle of Piss Poor performance" - LOL I got to remember to use that when describing my VW1600 Trike to people!

  • FatRakoon
    FatRakoon Month ago

    HAHA My first SLI Setup was a pair of Voodoo 2 cards
    Then I got nVidia 6600 cards and used them for almost 3 months.
    I then added an Ageia PhysX Card ( Stil got although I doubt it still works )
    my last SLI Setup that I used in a serious way was a pair of 470GTX Cards ( Still got but use in different systems )

    My SabreTooth 990FX system is still using a pair of 380 Radeons in xFire, but thats a system thats rarely used these days.

  • MikeyB00o
    MikeyB00o 2 months ago +1

    i had 8400s in sli lol

    • PA Flanary
      PA Flanary Month ago

      I can beat that, I had 2 7600s in sli....sigh. thought they would allow me to play Crysis on the cheap. They kinda

  • Clifton Smith
    Clifton Smith 2 months ago

    The perfect SLI set up for games like (Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego)

  • - Mitch
    - Mitch 2 months ago

    This video is a joke -- and it's not the _good_ kind of joke. It's a genuine waste of time. The kind of video that you should have murdered before you spent a _second_ editing footage.
    Jesus this is atrocious.

  • TGMN Nico
    TGMN Nico 2 months ago

    My gt210 is better

  • julien R
    julien R 2 months ago

    RIP Dick Rivers

  • CHI DIEP Tran
    CHI DIEP Tran 2 months ago

    Wow worse then a gt210

  • ObsoletePowerCorrupts
    ObsoletePowerCorrupts 2 months ago

    Those capacitors that need replacing on one of those cards are becoming a meme. I reckon the SLI on older games might have been "just about ok" for those "freebie cards" especially for retro gaming these days when modern cards for new games are in shortage via cryptocurrency mining.

  • Adwaid S Kumar Aviation

    If anyone is try to read what is written in 5:15, its #OUTOFIDEAS .....Managed to read it with 0.25% playback speed..

  • Harish Mohana
    Harish Mohana 2 months ago

    I pay like 5 dollar for 84 days which has unlimited calling and daily 1.5 GB data at high speed and later at 64KBps and it is very good for me

  • maurycy zalewski
    maurycy zalewski 2 months ago

    1 of them had all of its caps worn out

  • Sunny Singh
    Sunny Singh 2 months ago


  • Jay Burkhart
    Jay Burkhart 2 months ago +4

    I still have a H.I.S model GT 8*** series card, although I only use it to scratch my butt. You still want it?

  • Ham Khan
    Ham Khan 2 months ago


  • Mohammed Mahathir
    Mohammed Mahathir 2 months ago

    it weighs less than my cpu i suppose

  • Mohammed Mahathir
    Mohammed Mahathir 2 months ago

    make a crossfireX one??

  • Matt
    Matt 2 months ago +2

    nVidia Hybrid SLI. Lets you run on-board GPU with a discrete GPU. I'd love to see LTT workup since I never had good experience with my trials.

  • Downytr
    Downytr 2 months ago +4

    Demonic voice:RRR RRR GTX 1080TI SLI RRR RRR 4TITANS
    Me:CaN IT ROuN mINeCrafT
    Geforce 7100gs:hold my turdbuger

    ARTUR HENRIQUE Welp 2 months ago

    The 8400GS was the worst vídeo card ever.

  • Wotb Beast
    Wotb Beast 2 months ago +2

    U should make a rig with a GeForce 210

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924 3 months ago +1

    "What's wrong with Abakus?" 🗨🤗🎚

    GAMES MASTER 3 months ago

    abacus, looooooooooool I was dead when I saw that part

  • Happy Fone
    Happy Fone 3 months ago

    would you like to have a gigabyte ga-a55m-s2v mother board

  • arnierc4
    arnierc4 3 months ago

    The 64mb 8400gs was my first ever graphics card. Good times

  • Master It
    Master It 3 months ago

    Do you creat your pc whit your case and logo.

  • Skap
    Skap 3 months ago

    Intel GMA is better lmao

    Joe ENGLAND 3 months ago

    linus ur like the Gandalf of computers.

  • Noelle butcher
    Noelle butcher 3 months ago

    This is actually my first graphics card ..😊

  • depth386
    depth386 3 months ago

    I didn’t know 3D Mark had a 2001 release.

    • PA Flanary
      PA Flanary Month ago

      Aptly named 3D Mark 2001, still got it somewhere, dunno what for.

  • Citroen Games
    Citroen Games 3 months ago

    Hey nobody how is it going?
    Nobody: oh it is going good man

  • Rozzbourn
    Rozzbourn 3 months ago

    I was thinking this would be a pair of 3dfx voodoo 2's in sli.

  • Tronfighter 25
    Tronfighter 25 3 months ago

    Plz send me ur windows xp copy

  • TheJean590
    TheJean590 3 months ago

    I've been playing for 12 years with a crappy geforce 7200gs. Even overclocked it was worse than intel atom's hd graphics 😂

  • Non-fiction guy
    Non-fiction guy 3 months ago

    The nVidia 7100 is better than my Intel HD 450

  • PositroniX
    PositroniX 3 months ago +1

    7:29 I don't understand the point of bleeping out words if you're not actually bleeping them out.

  • Febin Sha
    Febin Sha 3 months ago

    can you please give me graphics card pls...

  • Thomas Lucock
    Thomas Lucock 3 months ago

    3:45 Why am I laughing so much?!?!

  • Honest PC Reviews
    Honest PC Reviews 3 months ago

    quad sli gtx 580's and see if it beats a 2080ti

  • Robi1969 Gaming
    Robi1969 Gaming 3 months ago

    0:50 this is very cool :P btw I think it's super expensive :'(

  • Xray1281
    Xray1281 3 months ago

    Hey I have a question for anyone. I’m trying to build the best pc you can with 90’s parts. But I’ve come across a problem between the voodoo 3 3500 vs the tnt2. They both have there ups and downs would there be anyway to implement both of them? Or is there a better 90s graphics card all together?

    • PA Flanary
      PA Flanary Month ago

      2 Voodoo 2's maybe. Still begs the question why ?

  • Alex V
    Alex V 3 months ago

    linus is the best nerd ever. i wish i had a friend like him