The Crappiest SLI Setup of ALL TIME

  • Опубликовано: 31 июл 2017
  • A heroic and pointless quest to find out just how bad an SLI setup can be.
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  • scanty
    scanty 8 часов назад +1

    1:10 almost?

  • Jeroen Demaeght
    Jeroen Demaeght 22 часа назад

    Belgians unite! That moment when Linus uses a GIF from the worst Belgian pop singer ever, to say "wow"....

  • Boucha Ismail
    Boucha Ismail 23 часа назад

    I can't breath while hearing SLI matching 7100GS

  • ZapbuzZ X
    ZapbuzZ X День назад

    anyone remember nvidia based sparkle brand cards with WoW looking animal people on them? LUL

  • Michael M.
    Michael M. 5 дней назад

    Where is the SLI bridge?

  • SaltyCracker
    SaltyCracker 6 дней назад

    Haha german review website :) We can always do it somehow

  • moonwoolf
    moonwoolf 9 дней назад

    (@German) hat sich noch jemand das 3d mark ergebniss auf der Webseite durchgelesen :D "der Benchmark ist mehr so als Diashow gelaufen"... ich kann nicht mehr :DDDD

  • The Ultimate M Afnan
    The Ultimate M Afnan 9 дней назад

    I also have that card in my potatooo pc PNY Geforce 8400 GS

  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel 9 дней назад

    Holy shitballs computers meat is sucked ass back in those days.

  • SawManga
    SawManga 9 дней назад

    Finally four: (this will be RTX in 2026) 7:28

  • Noxiz Zefanya
    Noxiz Zefanya 11 дней назад

    nviida gs 84000 is artefak in pubg :,(

  • TheMattVlogs
    TheMattVlogs 11 дней назад


  • Matthew Bartlett
    Matthew Bartlett 12 дней назад

    I have a pair of GeForce 7800 (if I recall right) GTX cards with 512MB of RAM each- bet they'd suck, even in SLI, today! LOL

  • Chriseurosong
    Chriseurosong 12 дней назад

    You soLder a capacitor. SOLDER. The word has an L in it. Why are you pronouncing it “saw-door” (to rhyme with Mordor)?

  • Denis
    Denis 12 дней назад

    omg it even worse than my 210

  • Randomness Gamer
    Randomness Gamer 14 дней назад

    Linus: the worst SLI card to exist
    Me: the only SLI card I can afford

  • Benny Vermeulen
    Benny Vermeulen 14 дней назад

    Eddy Wally ftw!

  • Zịt TV
    Zịt TV 14 дней назад

    Make a bad crossfire

  • Rosen Fotenliev
    Rosen Fotenliev 15 дней назад

    one of those already has swollen capacitors hahahaha, probably why it crashed...

  • George
    George 15 дней назад

    Stop stealing video ideas from RandomGaminginHD

  • tiolpX
    tiolpX 15 дней назад

    2:00 so you dont except my radeon rx580 4gb :(

  • kim ruzzel soriano
    kim ruzzel soriano 15 дней назад

    hey linus they said there's a bridge for nvidia SLI i thnik you should try using that to get what you expect with this gpu.

  • OG Loc
    OG Loc 17 дней назад

    This is the only sli that i can buy with my wallet

  • Maxime Larouche
    Maxime Larouche 17 дней назад

    I had multiple sli setup (gtx8800sli, 570sli, 670sli, 1080sli) and one crossfire setup (3870 crossfire) and the only setup that worked well for me was the 670sli. Always paired with a high end intel cpu. Even if on paper sli sounds great, you better get a single very fast gpu. Man, i dont understand people with like 3 or 4 ways sli. Must be so bad

  • nin1ten1do
    nin1ten1do 18 дней назад

    2:14 You just cant make it good,. anyway.. did you see dat *Condensator's * ? On lower GPU is fucking BROKE you Idiot! WTF how dare you even put on internet some so bad and stupid this is epic and you are LIVING MEME "!

  • Andrew Cobb
    Andrew Cobb 19 дней назад

    The way you treat hardware man, I don't think it's really shocking that nothing ever works in your videos

  • daniel belanger
    daniel belanger 19 дней назад


  • Jan Jaspers
    Jan Jaspers 20 дней назад

    Eddy Wally, The Voice of Europe! You guys...

  • goodstuffohhyeah
    goodstuffohhyeah 20 дней назад

    7:19 puberty?

  • James Hogge
    James Hogge 20 дней назад

    Going from a green PCB to a black PCB is always an upgrade though :/

  • Jonathan Lumley
    Jonathan Lumley 20 дней назад

    I'm sure that capacitor just "fell off" the board. It's totally obvious that nobody knocked it off, or anything like that.

  • Secerko's Kitchen
    Secerko's Kitchen 20 дней назад

    Lol noobz.

  • Tobias Carlsson
    Tobias Carlsson 21 день назад

    I had a 6200 on my Sempron student-budget rig 2006, playing WoW and raiding MC... Well it worked. Kinda. It runs Quake 3 Arena pretty good.

    MAROUN ALROUMY 21 день назад +1

    5:29 Y TF2?

  • Davidjp1983
    Davidjp1983 21 день назад

    u niggaz got your shit fucked up. the best setup is with a 3dfx voodoo2

  • Vovical
    Vovical 21 день назад

    SLI isn't really worth it. Very pricey and many report little to no performance increase, sometimes a DECREASE.

  • Brett Augustine
    Brett Augustine 21 день назад

    Lmao @ test bench shitting itself

  • Skipper3894
    Skipper3894 21 день назад

    Where you did find windows xp iso for burn. I know softlay (if i recall name right) but i'm looking for more trustforthy sites... I'm looking 64-bit and media center editions. I already have 32-bit home but speciality and rarety of 64 and media center intrest me.

  • Captn Crunch
    Captn Crunch 22 дня назад

    3:20 made my day had me burst out into laughter Good 1

  • mighty slime
    mighty slime 23 дня назад

    That’s my card

  • mighty slime
    mighty slime 23 дня назад

    Just download more vram

  • Francis Dolbec
    Francis Dolbec 24 дня назад

    5:15 What a quick "#outofideas"! Needed to slow down the video to 0,25x and spam the play/pause button many times to be able to read it! And it took me many tries before getting it ha ha ha!

  • fingin pvp
    fingin pvp 24 дня назад

    so... im running a 7100 in sli... on windows 95...

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 24 дня назад

    4:20 well, of course, the germans. I mean, did you expect any different ;p
    7:20 uhhh after SP2 ... it worked great (didn't bother to buy it before that^^)

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 24 дня назад

    HEY i had a *TNT 2 PRO* back in the day - which DOES FEATURE a *geforce chip* !! suck on that, linus! ... 32mb of POWWAAAAAA (which never broke lel

  • Unreal21 Gaming
    Unreal21 Gaming 24 дня назад

    i have 3 geforce 7100gs cards

  • eLJaybud
    eLJaybud 24 дня назад

    How did they get away with selling this POS? It's the kind of shit that has destroyed other companies like 3Dfx and Cyrix.

  • eLJaybud
    eLJaybud 24 дня назад

    I nearly bought two of these at the time... thankfully I completely forgot about it until now. My ASRock Beebox N3000 system probably outperforms these. :D

  • wasteeandglory synominofaparanoid
    wasteeandglory synominofaparanoid 24 дня назад

    ive been here with a m2n sli with some wierd ali chipset with 2x 7700 ... did about the same thing and back then the 7700 whas a big deal.
    Linking cards after the voodoo2 always been a pain in the ass. (least that worked out of the box)
    if you dont like puzzles or cant deal with wierd computer problems i sugest you dont try sli/crossfire. its defently at a level you need to know what your doing
    even with a good expensive hardware i always had something wierd going on. the worst part of it that new games usualy always require driver updates to run in sli/crossfire that dont happen, usualy needing to find some obscure hacked driver etc.

  • Jacques von Romburgh
    Jacques von Romburgh 25 дней назад

    the caps on the 2nd card look swollen.... is it only I that recognized this???

  • Joe Berenguer
    Joe Berenguer 25 дней назад

    Ting is a canadian company but sucks it blocked bey th big 3 in cnanda

  • Thekeyman1
    Thekeyman1 28 дней назад

    They look Gastly. This is the reason why some people tight PC gaming was inferior to console gaming. Things change

  • The Algorithm
    The Algorithm 28 дней назад

    I just found a 9500 Gt, a VT 4350, and a VT 3450🤣it’s actually funny

  • Crimson Ghost
    Crimson Ghost 29 дней назад

    I prefer my Voodoo 2 SLi setup. I get nearly 30 fps in Quake 1.

  • Thepcmaster 1.0
    Thepcmaster 1.0 Месяц назад

  • Hari
    Hari Месяц назад

    More gpu content please!!!!

  • HeavyTankSama
    HeavyTankSama Месяц назад

    want funtimes whit the worst products visit and try to buy oversuper priced cheap ugly stuff

  • Sky Marbles
    Sky Marbles Месяц назад

    I actually found these still being sold in a store in germany. What?

    • Sky Marbles
      Sky Marbles 28 дней назад

      +0 XD , no . not even a hardware store sausage xD

    • 0
      0 28 дней назад

      Did they bundle with sausages and an apology letter?

  • TheMashed Avenger
    TheMashed Avenger Месяц назад

    SOLDER... theres an L

  • RectalDiscourse
    RectalDiscourse Месяц назад

    Lol dickbutt

  • Portable Refrigerator
    Portable Refrigerator Месяц назад

    linus has to start using antistatic gear.

  • Ryan 240SX
    Ryan 240SX Месяц назад

    Do a budget sli setup

  • jonnathon Clayton
    jonnathon Clayton Месяц назад

    my first motherboard had support to sli between any nvidia graphics card and the on chipset nvidia gpu core, it was actually worse than this

  • JotaDeeMeO
    JotaDeeMeO Месяц назад

    I HAVE THAT FREAKING CARD.... as decoration.

  • Don Kenney
    Don Kenney Месяц назад

    I bet doom 2 can play on it

  • Jesse Hill
    Jesse Hill Месяц назад

    I feel like that replacement cap lead to instability. I have a lot of this old hardware lying around and have gotten a lot of it to work fine. Albeit not the same cards. I do have a Pentium II based IBM machine that blew out capacitors around the CPU and 3 out of 5 times it boots gives me smiley ASCII characters around the screen after POST. It wouldn't surprise me if that capacitor not being exact spec being a stability problem. I've also had RAM that did some WEIRD stuff. I'd try the experiment again with a period correct board and perhaps two 7100s that don't have bad caps. I say do this experiment again.

    • Jesse Hill
      Jesse Hill Месяц назад

      Oh and BTW, that IBM machine works. It's very unstable... but works. Moving over to a similar model IBM that had an identical Pentium II CPU (Deschutes) worked a hell of a lot better. Both running PC100 SDRAM with identical CAS latencies. I think there were a few variables off with this experiment.

  • Blök Möp
    Blök Möp Месяц назад

    @2:08 The lower card looks like all of its electrolyte capacitors are bulged.

  • Kajifox
    Kajifox Месяц назад

    So where do I get that Linus dickbutt wallpaper?

  • NetRolller3D
    NetRolller3D Месяц назад

    Didn't the GeForce 7xxx-series require cherry-picked pair matching, with the manufacturing week, factory location and VBIOS version matched? IIRC you couldn't just "buy a second card" for SLI until the 8xxx-series; you had to buy both at the same time, specifically paired up for SLI use - just like those early dual-DDR1 boards.

    JULIAN ESPINAL Месяц назад

    It actually ran crysis

  • Francesco Saccone
    Francesco Saccone Месяц назад

    New 99999th anniversary!

  • King Julian
    King Julian Месяц назад

    It can run Crysis!

  • Frederik Hounsvad
    Frederik Hounsvad Месяц назад

    This is quite fun in 1.75 speed

  • Isaac Anastas
    Isaac Anastas Месяц назад

    That's the graphics card in my 2009 Mac.

  • john Clinton
    john Clinton Месяц назад

    I Ha one of they Crds back when I had windows vista and it never worked

  • Andreas fpv
    Andreas fpv Месяц назад

    Ahh it worked lol

  • karunamoorthy soupramaniane
    karunamoorthy soupramaniane Месяц назад

    Hi Linus is there anything in AMD RX570 similar like SLI? If possible could you please please please make a video. Thanks.

  • Pinochet
    Pinochet Месяц назад +8

    This is the new GRTX 4080 TI

  • Vîctor Lavín
    Vîctor Lavín Месяц назад

    5:28 i need that Linus wallpaper

  • unemployed
    unemployed Месяц назад

    this video destroyed my plans.

  • Woldhardestgamer
    Woldhardestgamer Месяц назад

    Lol ting wants 10$/gb of Mobile data, what a complete rip off is this?
    I just looked it up... going with my german company i pay like 62€ for unlimited data use...
    Wtf is wrong with Canada or that company?

  • Jimmy Moye
    Jimmy Moye Месяц назад


  • Extreme Grief
    Extreme Grief Месяц назад


  • Sean’s Extra iPhone Apple
    Sean’s Extra iPhone Apple Месяц назад


  • MK3424
    MK3424 Месяц назад

    3:26 RIP Eddy Wally.. 1932-2016

  • Remkake
    Remkake Месяц назад

    Funny how I have one of those little worthless Nvidia Cards lmao

  • James Carthew
    James Carthew Месяц назад

    Ah, but can the 7100GS run SLI under Linux?

  • RVN
    RVN Месяц назад

    Cheers that's basically my computer

  • Erin O'Neal
    Erin O'Neal Месяц назад

    OMFG I have a low-profile 8400GS! I used it for my go-to if my card back then broke because it actually worked decently at low settings to get me through in it's day, and had both VGA and DVI ports. Now I hang onto my low-profile GTX750TI for the same reason, and my 8400GS for nostalgia. Looks like I gotta get another and build an old XP copy for kicks!

  • Boden Ständig
    Boden Ständig Месяц назад

    I still have an old system standing around that features a 7900 GS. Was a good card back then, the power-saving version of the highest-end GPU.

  • thdevilmancometh
    thdevilmancometh Месяц назад

    Im lost, thougt u need a sli bridge to connect the cards, not a software switch. How does this voodoo work?

  • Fooie
    Fooie Месяц назад

    My main rig has a GeForce 9600 GT.

  • uzimonkey
    uzimonkey Месяц назад

    Hey wow, I think I have 2 of these cards and a Windows XP machine. If I were a masochist I might try that for myself.

  • who what
    who what Месяц назад

    Linus how do you sit like that? Did you shove your balls back up inside?

  • kl4x
    kl4x Месяц назад

    lol scream mouse

  • dudeboy10g plays
    dudeboy10g plays Месяц назад

    do gtx 1030 sli

  • Rein Lind
    Rein Lind Месяц назад

    I still use these for 3D graphics with windows7.:D

  • Jason Yip
    Jason Yip Месяц назад

    What about 3dfx's Voodoo2 from 1998? It is too bad I don't know where my Diamond Monster 3D SLI setup went.. ohh yeah... Windows 98.. Check out the 3dfx commercials.. I still get a laugh..

  • John Cate
    John Cate Месяц назад

    I never tried this, but I did once Hybrid Crossfire an HD3470 card with the Radeon 3200 on a 780GM chipset. It actually worked, but the performance was sucktastic. Years later, I tried the same trick with an AMD A10-6790K APU and an HD 6670 card. That combination worked, but the microstutter was so bad that it was almost unplayable.
    I don't think SLI or Crossfire with anything but high-end hardware is worth the effort except for laughs.