The "One & Done" rule still needs to go, and Lavar Ball's league may challenge it.

  • Published on Dec 23, 2017
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    Through all the trolling, Lavar Ball actually now has a great idea. What do you think about the JBA?
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  • Dom2k
    Dom2k  Year ago +83

    What do you think of Lavar's new league?
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    • Dezz Epson41
      Dezz Epson41 4 months ago


    • Dechef Mane
      Dechef Mane 9 months ago

      And Lavar screwed over the players for his sons.

    • Dezz Epson41
      Dezz Epson41 Year ago

      Dom2k Ayo Domo what beat/Instrumental in thus your video????

    • Rusty Jones
      Rusty Jones Year ago

      1. This will never happen. 2. Terrible idea. 3. Baseball has the best rule: After HS choose pro draft or college and if you pick college, you have to go to college for 3 years.

    • Black Robbin Gaming
      Black Robbin Gaming Year ago

      I will suppport it if it becomes a real thing.

  • Winston Rhock
    Winston Rhock 5 months ago

    18 you can go to war, get tried as an adult, but can’t have a drink or play in the nba. It’s dumb. In other countries, where soccer is the main pro sport kids before 18 (if your that good) can play for a club🤷🏾‍♂️ it’s a money grab on the name of the players. Scouts pretty much know who is a nba player before a kid even graduates high school. True freshman playing better than juniors seniors completely dominating at the college level. Durant and melo at the time could have been straight to the nba prospects but had to waste a year in college🤷🏾‍♂️. Kyrie was a number 1 pick before he even got to duke on draft net. They know.

  • The SportsBook
    The SportsBook 10 months ago

    You know, maybe a league like this could give some sort of compensation if a player is not drafted.

  • Rackman Rarri
    Rackman Rarri Year ago

    Make a JBA video

  • Dr NGO
    Dr NGO Year ago

    #BBB the man is putting in practice in Lithuania with his BBB CLASSIC TOURNAMENTS. the man of the match gets a check and probably gets merch too. He needs to start a talent agency to scout players from all around the world and America. He is optimistic and he has belief in himself!!!! FB gon do a deal to screen the JBA., BBB gon be the major team gear sponsor with team shoes and all that,Jordan will probably get on board coz ain't he all about the youth???or is he not? If Diddy don't buy the Panthers he'd probably wanna buy a JBA TEAM coz he's all about supporting the culture and youth. And if Diddy doin it Jay-Z and Beyonce be buying a team too coz they all about the same thang. . Taco bell will be a food sponsor coz they all about Mexican cuisine and against trumps decision to build a wall. It's gon be amazing watching people in there prime doing what they love and getting 💵💴💶💷💸💱💲💲💲💰💳 fact kids that play sport don't wanna sit in a classroom.

  • Coping Doomer
    Coping Doomer Year ago

    This can be good or bad wow good video

  • Jose A Flores
    Jose A Flores Year ago

    Just pay college players and no more problem

  • Drew Andino
    Drew Andino Year ago

    Yo Dom I haven’t seen one of your videos in a few months but is it me or has your voice gotten much deeper lol

  • Enlightened Soy Boy

    Dom! Having 80 slots can encourage players overseas like Luka

  • DonKrieg95
    DonKrieg95 Year ago

    In the thumbnail, Michael Porter Jr. looks like a light-skinned version of Jimmy Butler.

  • Jerome Villanueva


  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes Year ago

    Ok that transition into the SeatGeek app was smooth asf my dude

  • hirshizer
    hirshizer Year ago

    The league will never happen. The infrastructure, coaching and training facilities of the NCAA are so extensive and provide so much more benefit to a young player than a few thousand dollars a year ever could. The JBA teams wouldn't attract the media attention to fill an NCAA or NBA sized stadium and all the professional sports leagues would kai bosch it in a heartbeat. NCAA caliber coaches are earning million dollar salaries and who's going to pay that? Lavar? You would need to sell/auction the teams to multi-millionaire or billionaire backers who are going to fund their teams and secure their own venues to host games, and you'd be damned if you think the NCAA is letting them use theirs. If I was an investor I wouldn't throw my money anywhere near Lavar Ball. It's a great, stupid idea.
    Another comment made a good point. You have something that could be turned into the JBA tomorrow. The G-League.

  • Dave Toussaint
    Dave Toussaint Year ago

    I'm a old schooler on the NCAA rule.
    What does 99% of NBA HOF/All-Stars/Superstars of the USA had in common? They all went in college to work on their crafts [for at least three years] : Jordan, Bird, Magic, Shaquille, Wilt Chamberlain, etc.
    Yeah, at times, you have a Kobe or a LeBron that came out of high schools and dominate right off the bat, but for every LeBron or Garnett, you have a bunch of Ousmane Sisse, Eddy Curry, Sebastian Telfair, etc.
    I don't think NCAA wouldn't have helped them, on the contrary.
    Look at the 76ers right now, they're been working with their younger guys for a year because they were injured [just like in college, they were practicing a lot] : Embiid, Simmons... Fultz, in the future?!?
    Sorry for my English mistakes.

  • Cody Mousseau
    Cody Mousseau Year ago

    Wassup Dom2k, I think a good idea you can do for a vid is Brandon Roy, talking about his NBA career and life after because that's a really cool story and he was one of the most promising up and coming superstars in the mid-late 2000s who doesn't get a lot of recognition. Maybe it could be the start of a new series about players who's NBA careers were derailed or ended by injuries. I just want a video about Brandon Roy because he's one of my all time favourite players and I think you could do him justice. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more of your content

  • Captain Goku
    Captain Goku Year ago

    Can’t prospect who didn’t get drafted go to the JBA so if I️ go to college for 4 years and not get drafted can’t I️ go to the JBA play until whenever then fall back on my scholarship

  • stephen_kingthe4th

    As a businessman you gotta respect his mentality to go make money for himself. Still doesn’t change the fact that hes a complete idiot for saying he could take Mike Jordan.... like tf... just tf...

  • Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce Year ago

    lavar is basically taking on the shoe companies. theyre gonna come after him.

  • aryan linga
    aryan linga Year ago

    Everyone in JBA doesn't need to go to the NBA though, they have a chance to play overseas or to go undrafted as well

  • Mitchell Lister
    Mitchell Lister Year ago +1

    What people are missing because they are so gullible, do you really think top prospects are gunna risk leaving top tier college coaching for a league that’s paying you to play basketball for minimum wage. I hate when people say scholarships aren’t worth that much because theories people that are #1 in there class and don’t get the favoritism of what athletes get.

    • Ken Nguyen
      Ken Nguyen Year ago

      You would make about 15k-50k if a JBA season is as long as college season and you can use the money from the JBA to pay for college tuition. Yes, 15k is not enough to go to a top tier school like Duke but it would be enough for a solid education at a good college and get a degree. Even if you go undrafted you could try out for a G League team.

  • Def Chef
    Def Chef Year ago

    Many college players get paid already. The best high schoolers make money too. If he wants top guys he gotta pay more

  • Mark the Tenor
    Mark the Tenor Year ago

    I refuse to call this man a genius. I don't think this would succeed because Lavar is his own worst enemy. You can suffer a career ending injury at any point. Here is the thing though. They should just go be undrafted by the G-league. I mean these guys are not willing to get a serious education and pretty much take money from other fields by being in College. Either they take the education seriously and go all four years or they just shouldn't go to college.

  • future hofer
    future hofer Year ago

    Honestly, if I were to be a top high school basketball prospect in the US and wanted to skip college I would go to the g-league, you can make more money and will get more exposure to NBA teams than in the JBA

  • The PuertoRican Gamer

    Haven’t seen a dom video in a while and maaaan you grew

  • 2 Villainy
    2 Villainy Year ago

    I've been waiting for someone to do this for a while now

  • Steff Cuddi
    Steff Cuddi Year ago


  • Divine Mew
    Divine Mew Year ago

    Real shit if you have doubts you are already never going to be the goat Jba and NCAA should be options. They (The player) should know themselves better than anyone else.

  • Emmanuel Igbokwe
    Emmanuel Igbokwe Year ago

    80 slots should be good if the JBA allows players who are between 16-19. Some of them won’t be eligible for the draft so this would allow development of younger players as well. Something you didn’t consider in your video!

  • Rusu Mihnea
    Rusu Mihnea Year ago

    that s acctualy a good ideea Lavar

  • Charlue the Otaku

    If I was a top prospect I'd go overseas. You get to travel across the globe, play against pro-level talent, and learn about another culture and get paid. I dont know why most top prosoects dont.

    • N Marbletoe
      N Marbletoe Year ago

      College is also a great place to learn new things and meet tons of different people. I'd totally go overseas though, Spain or Italy!

  • Istanbeautifulpeople

    G-Leagues don't pay you???

  • CoolBurnz
    CoolBurnz Year ago

    I think the JBA would appeal to 4 year college players that graduate with a degree but still want to pursue a basketball career. If players can make more in the JBA then the d league then I think people will consider it

  • Kəndall
    Kəndall Year ago

    *It's up the G-League to challenge the NCAA.*
    If the G-League lowers its age requirement, high school prospects can test their game against competition that once made it to the NBA, get paid, and make money off their name in likeness with jersey sales, etc. It's much better for them as athletes, and colleges/universities considering that they won't have grown men on their campus that don't go to class.

  • Jordan Sharpe
    Jordan Sharpe Year ago

    The rule is stupid cause it forces you to go to college for a career you know you don’t want. You can say something to fall back on yes but most of them don’t stay in college all four years. It makes more sense to play a few seasons in the nba save some money for your retire an your good. Going to college won’t make you no where near as much money off one season in the nba.

  • clay plane
    clay plane Year ago


  • Neila Arana
    Neila Arana Year ago

    When Liangelo shoplifted Lavar made a league for liangelo??

  • Valerie Martinez
    Valerie Martinez Year ago

    So basically don't go to the JBA unless you know your defiently going to the NBA.

  • Jack Mulcahy
    Jack Mulcahy Year ago

    but for those who skip college and do not get drafted, they could use the money they made from Lavar's league to help them pay for college if they can't make it to the nba. A couple thousand a month is pretty decent money for 18-19 year olds.

  • Issa Dashti
    Issa Dashti Year ago

    Anything that challenges the NCAA's racket is good.

  • Jz115
    Jz115 Year ago

    Snuck that seat geek ad in there real sneaky huh. Ez skip 30 seconds

  • Blitz ThaLeague
    Blitz ThaLeague Year ago

    Why do people blame the NCAA. It's an nba rule. That puts the NCAA in a tough spot off the rip. Plus the apparel companies that really control the money. Lavars league may work but it's gonna need other big sponsors with bbb. And how will they medically cover injuries?

  • Camy Dunks
    Camy Dunks Year ago

    I don't think this will go anywhere, although it sounds good

  • MKpwn
    MKpwn Year ago

    Brah not to hate on you but watching 3 ads in a 8 minute video before the video even got started really is sort of annoying(1:30 till video starts so 18ish%) . I know a man's got to eat, but maybe you can find a way to make them more seamless.

  • CarsonsChannel
    CarsonsChannel Year ago

    Like him or hate him he's on to something. They have a huge platform with Facebook their show makes better ratings than a lot of tv shows.

  • Brandon F
    Brandon F Year ago

    You're almost as good as Coach Nick in sneaking the SeatGeek ad into your videos lol

  • Saidin Rage
    Saidin Rage Year ago

    The NCAA is a fucking scam. They keep all the money their athletes make them but still charge out the ass in tuition, books, student housing etc. For regular students. It's a pure profit business. I just don't want this exact league to have any success because fuck Levar Ball, but a similar idea from anyone else would be cool I guess.

  • James Hornbeck
    James Hornbeck Year ago

    Wow the jba

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown Year ago

    I wish the NCAA would just let play get endorsements, like let them commercials or something

  • Emac2229 Mac
    Emac2229 Mac Year ago +1

    I think the rule needs to go but I don’t think players should go straight to the NBA from high school. They should have to go the G-League for a year or two to develop and get paid. Similar the Major League Baseball idea, it travels the player Professional life and helps both leagues.

  • L?M
    L?M Year ago

    If things don't get well for a player in the JBA theyre probably still good enough for a scholarship then go to college still.

  • 86SuperRay
    86SuperRay Year ago

    Lavar ball is secretly a genius imo

  • Lifu Tao
    Lifu Tao Year ago

    This actually makes a lot of sense, props to Lavar

  • Kenneth Schlueter

    Prediction: Lavar pulls his boys out of Lithuania first chance he gets. Lavar puts the youngest two in his own league so he doesn't have to deal with the NCAA. Who the fuck wants to play against Melo and Angelo in the JBA? Like that has a chance in hell of being unbiased.

  • Jonah Ratner
    Jonah Ratner Year ago

    The biggest problem with this league.... what about facilities , coaches, trainers. Colleges have these elite coaches and trainers . Will Lavar ball be able to get good coaches and trainers? Will he have enough money to pay everyone right at the beginning? Also one plus you forgot to mention is that the players don’t need to have school in the back of their minds. However, without college for some of the non lock draft players , what if they cannot get into another league and don’t have a good enough education to make money? Will there be an age limit for this league? There are just a ton of variables Lavar has to work out.

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K Year ago

    players can get paid more in the g league, and are allowed to join straight out of high school

  • Blue Wookiehobo
    Blue Wookiehobo Year ago

    I don’t really understand the point of this new league apart from it supports the players financially...

  • dpistons149
    dpistons149 Year ago

    Sending kids to college for a couple years helps the nba

  • DigiGod : Digimon Gamer

    the nba already has a G league. lavar talking out his ass. he has no idea what he doing and controll of whats goin on anymore

  • TimDuncan ForLife
    TimDuncan ForLife Year ago +1

    JBA 2k

  • burningphoneix
    burningphoneix Year ago

    It won't work. The NBA's D-League is exactly that and it's not popular, the players would rather go to a college with guaranteed facilities and lots of media attention than wallow in a "minor" league system.

  • Travis Broadnax
    Travis Broadnax Year ago

    NCAA will not care, skill is relative to other players. Elite players will cancel themselves out in the JBA while just above average players will look elite (and get laid) in college...long term loss. We forget college is also about showing you can handle the lights, attention and exposure. The NBA is business disguised as a kid's game. That said, even if it fails, you only have to make a king bleed for the people to lose faith. Starbucks was not the first coffee shop.

  • Ric Flair
    Ric Flair Year ago

    They could STILL attend college WHILE in the JBA

  • Nick
    Nick Year ago

    This idea is going to flop

  • J Rizz
    J Rizz Year ago

    1:20 is the real start.

  • Mr. Hater
    Mr. Hater Year ago

    This is dumb college is what develope players 4 year attendees are better players than one year college players thats why the league weak asf now

  • Idris Council
    Idris Council Year ago

    I just want the JBA to work well.

  • Joe abu
    Joe abu Year ago

    Lavar does not have enough money to do this himself, there is someone else behind the scenes with the money and the influence to get it done and make it successful

  • NotZay
    NotZay Year ago

    I feel as though the JBA is the worst of both worlds overseas you get more money and in college you get more exposure against top level competition

  • Mark Graham
    Mark Graham Year ago


  • iownalx23
    iownalx23 Year ago

    Ball got taken out of college before the institution could suspend him. LOL.

  • Trey Magathan
    Trey Magathan Year ago

    The best way the NCAA can halt the JBA in its tracks is to provide royalties for players that both the NCAA and School they're enrolled in whenever they make money off of their names whether it be commercials, advertisements, jersey sales, etc.

  • slickeddy2000
    slickeddy2000 Year ago

    Brandon Jennings went overseas. Had a solid nba career played more than 5yrs. But never reached that iconic level. We need a once in a generation talent with size to come out the G.League

  • Kevin Riddell
    Kevin Riddell Year ago

    Lonzo sucks

  • Young Xanax Code
    Young Xanax Code Year ago

    LiAngelo should play football. the guy
    couldve started at LB at UCLA

  • Michael The goldfish

    I think it should be 3 years like the NFL does so players can actually develop and then have the option to play a senior year

  • Lu Scorpio
    Lu Scorpio Year ago

    I don't think Lavar Ball's league is a bad idea, but I don't agree with the fact that the one and done rule should go. To me, most players out of high school have not the maturity necessary to go straight to the NBA, and most of the time, going to the NBA straight out of high school does more arm than good. Even for the guys who became legends (not named LeBron James), it took years to be built mentally and to became stars in the NBA. If guys like Kobe or KG went to the NBA after at least one year in college, they would have had more maturity in their game and mentally to have an enormous impact straight away. Look at all the guys who failed because they were not ready mentally, Kwame Brown, Sebastian Telfair ... . I can understand the fact that the decision should be theirs, but most high school players are just not ready to go to the NBA straight away. Imagine how destroyed Lonzo Ball would have been if he did so, and it would be worse for LaMelo (if he ever goes to the NBA) ...

    KAHLIL BURTON Year ago

    Great way to break things down dom2k! Bless

  • Julian
    Julian Year ago

    Not every JBA player is gonna go NBA, they might even go overseas.

  • Jakes Paul-sack17

    I think it’s a brilliant idea and I really hope it goes well.

  • Ilias Chatzi72
    Ilias Chatzi72 Year ago

    If i was a TOP Prospect i wouldnt go there. If you make the leaugue you will miss millions because you are wearing BBB stuff . Michael Porter could be the GOAT and not get paid for a single shoes and all that just for 50k no thanks

  • Alexius Marcus Vigor

    A couple of good points in this video, but can't the players play longer than a year in JBA? If the league grew a little bit, it could become basically the same thing as NCAA, the only two differences being that the players are not being educated and they are getting paid. That would also attract players to the league that are not sure if they gonna make it to the NBA after their first year.

  • NekoPlays Escanor

    JBA Comissioner Lavar Ball

  • Manuel Alvarez
    Manuel Alvarez Year ago

    I miss the old intro music

  • MWJ '90
    MWJ '90 Year ago

    Hey man, good job with the music on this one. Please keep it up 👍🏾

  • Kiki
    Kiki Year ago

    But what about the G-League?

  • Cameron S
    Cameron S Year ago

    Once the players turn pro by signing a contract with the JBA, Nike, Adidas, UA, and others will still be after these kids, and thus letting them wear that brands shoe. This whole thing can turn basketball on it’s head

  • Caleb Prior
    Caleb Prior Year ago


  • Timi Oloko
    Timi Oloko Year ago

    If they can get serious investors it can actually work and what people failing to realise it just a league for those who want a one and done not for those who want to go college

  • mikevickisabeast
    mikevickisabeast Year ago

    You bring up a great point. If you're not a top prospect and go to this league, your chance for a scholarship is done. The league really only makes sense for 10-20 players. Everyone else will play a year and then have nowhere to go with not much money to show for it

  • Reggie Miller The Baby Killer

    Assuming they get 3-10k per year, that is a good chunk to put away for college if a player doesn’t get drafted.

  • Sir Z Gaming
    Sir Z Gaming Year ago

    I couldn't wait to hear you talk about this.

  • Creative Username

    I support this but there’s a lot more to a sports league than just paying the players. Idea sounds good but other than that it’s gonna be near impossible for them to establish this and maintain it in the long-run vs. the mainstream basketball marketplace. Remember slam ball?

  • Courtical Hoops
    Courtical Hoops Year ago

    Can't 16/17 year olds only be able to work 20 hours a week?

  • George Spanos
    George Spanos Year ago +1

    Why are you showing Ben simmons all throughout this video

  • FergieGoesHard
    FergieGoesHard Year ago

    I think the JBA should have players from the ages of 17-21 in it.

  • Harambe
    Harambe Year ago

    Bro you have waaaayy too many sponsors in the vid compared to other channels

  • Mj Gould
    Mj Gould Year ago

    This is the first video I disagree with u

  • Xavier Stamp
    Xavier Stamp Year ago

    Nike is tryna have the G League be like the JBA and it makes more sense for a player to sign to the G League. It’s basically the JV of the NBA, playing against previous college stars/pros.


    What do you think about Brian Bowen and the ncaa incident and if he’ll be drafted next year?

  • Mark Potze
    Mark Potze Year ago

    I don't know if this league would ever actually work, but if LaVar keeps pushing the idea and it really starts making sense, he'll force the NCAA's hand and they're going to make changes to their rules and player rights.
    Even if it's a bit of a stretch for the JBA to come to fruition I fully support it out of rhe sheer impact it could have