Abarth 595 Competizione TUNED Elmerhaus REVIEW POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

  • Published on Jul 24, 2019
  • Abarth 595 Competizione TUNED Elmerhaus REVIEW POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL
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Comments • 136

  • Moreno Rantin
    Moreno Rantin 16 days ago

    Our italian cars have a soul, thats why every person like driving it, enginers thinks to the fun part too

  • Marcus Wilson
    Marcus Wilson 18 days ago

    I love how honest you are

  • wareidav
    wareidav 29 days ago +2

    I have the 595 Abarth Turismo.... 165hp.... And a bucket load of smiles per mile !
    An awesome little car... Forgive the gearbox.... It is what it is. Stop complaining and drive the car. And enjoy.

  • Leroy Brown
    Leroy Brown Month ago

    The small cars with the peppy engines are always the most fun.
    If this car wasn't so funny looking, it would be a better seller State side.

  • Daniel Oliveira
    Daniel Oliveira Month ago

    Please do a autobanh run to top speed.

  • Alecks1990
    Alecks1990 Month ago

    a guy bought that
    :D :D :D

  • Michael Noble
    Michael Noble Month ago

    I had a series 4 brand new Abarth 595 in this blue for about half a year but I had to get rid of it but in a fast twist of fate I ended up with a 59 Plate Punto Abarth in red. It has all the pro points of the 595 but being a bigger car it kinda eliminates many of the size issues that the 595 has. I’d never give my Punto up now.

  • muaythai193
    muaythai193 Month ago +1

    Double Clutch Transmission and a better suspension is what this thing needs.

    • veekay
      veekay 2 days ago

      Automatic is for pussies.

  • Vlado T
    Vlado T Month ago +2

    We've done 300+ Hp Abarth using TD04 Subaru turbo over here.

  • Tans K
    Tans K Month ago

    Looks like a super powered fiat 500

  • Stewie935
    Stewie935 Month ago

    I want an abarth there cool little cars. But its still a daddy's girl 500 underneath which puts me off

  • Giovanni Gallo
    Giovanni Gallo Month ago

    Owned a 595 for two years. Sold it, purchased a proper car.. these cars are toys, outdated dynamics, however look good..

    • Joel
      Joel Month ago

      It's a kids car, you can get attwntion by looking like an idiot cause it's loud but the noise gets boring pretty quick to an enthusiast, the car has not much more to it...

  • DefinitivLuca
    DefinitivLuca Month ago +14

    Shifting like auto top nl...
    1....2....3...2...3...2...missing3.....again 2....3...2...3....
    tHaTs A rUbBisH gEaRbOx

    • Booley 1
      Booley 1 Month ago +1

      fr he acts like its a 3speed gearbox

  • Ben McCarthy
    Ben McCarthy Month ago

    Can you review the new one next?

  • Steven Pugliese
    Steven Pugliese Month ago

    It sounds pretty awesome

  • Fields Carlisle
    Fields Carlisle Month ago +4

    The clutch feel and throttle calibration on the 500 is horrendous. Plus that weird shifter location. They definitely need to hurry up with a refresh.

  • Ludak021
    Ludak021 Month ago

    it's an Opel Corsa D.

  • MonsterEnergie6
    MonsterEnergie6 Month ago +27

    5:15 I'd rather say your shift skills are rubbish

  • Stathis Tokmetzidis

    So why did u put go pro and if use it

  • Lucas De hauwere
    Lucas De hauwere Month ago

    Spreek a u b nederlands

  • Shamil 005
    Shamil 005 Month ago


  • Mike Ciulini
    Mike Ciulini Month ago


  • I Got The Reset
    I Got The Reset Month ago

    More manual cars please

  • Norbert Murányi
    Norbert Murányi Month ago +45

    2:26 After door closed by the sound of it I'm done with the impression of this car !

    • S
      S Month ago

      I think some of you are a bit too obsessed with how a car door sounds when closed. And like the above person said, it's plain obvious it's the plastic thing which is making that sound.

    • WoutH
      WoutH Month ago +3

      the sound u hear is that plastic thing above the window, it's not something abarth sells

  • Pezzi
    Pezzi Month ago


  • Mattia G.
    Mattia G. Month ago +2

    I have a used Fiat Bravo with more or less the same basic engine (T-jet), 175 hp, quite funny for 4000€

    • Mattia G.
      Mattia G. Month ago

      @Andrew Samy T-jet is a turbo fire :)

    • Andrew Samy
      Andrew Samy Month ago

      I think this is the FIRE 1.4 engine not the t-jet

  • Leon Chour
    Leon Chour Month ago +2

    Fiat is crap: says scotty

  • Youri Van Niel
    Youri Van Niel Month ago +1

    Got a Fiat Grande Punto with an 1.4 Tjet engine, the same engine in the Abarth without the camshafts, turbo and injectors. But with some upgrades, it is fun too. Mine had 120 HP, now 170hp. Open exhaust, bigger turbo etc.. Love the power and the sound.

    If you want to ride a bigger Abarth, try the Punto Abarth. I know some people got one with over 260 HP. 👌🏻

    • Youri Van Niel
      Youri Van Niel Month ago

      @Mattia G. Yeah, mine had 143hp but i had a huge crack in the manifold.

    • Mattia G.
      Mattia G. Month ago

      @Youri Van Niel 150 with only a remap

    • Youri Van Niel
      Youri Van Niel Month ago

      @Mattia G. Do you have the 150 HP Bravo or the 120hp?

    • Mattia G.
      Mattia G. Month ago +1

      Nice, i have a Bravo T-jet with 175 hp here :)

  • Menno Bosch
    Menno Bosch Month ago

    Hé gap, je rijdt 150 op een binnenweg, idioot. Op de snelweg kan dat minder kwaad

  • MadMax
    MadMax Month ago +1

    how's the feeling of driving a truck with 2 seats ? :)))))

  • carlo sydney
    carlo sydney Month ago +1

    Una lavatrice con il motore Abarth...

  • damnbro
    damnbro Month ago +10

    "It's so cool, it has an exhaust"

  • Byron Brands
    Byron Brands Month ago

    Please do 695

  • Joon-Bum Han
    Joon-Bum Han Month ago +5

    Currently have Abarth. Such a fun car. No plan to sell it.

    • Joel
      Joel Month ago

      @daBruh 00 Cause they realize it is no more than a rich kid beginner car and drift towards proper sport cars or leave the sport car world at once, specially here, were is literally a fashon item that even girls that don't care about cars crave, you will often see them auto.
      In Italy that is very common, usually spoiled kids drive 500s, they are pretty hated on since they are unexpirienced and drive like morons thinking they are better than some dude on a proper car, sometimes you see the casual old bloke that got for his retirement but that is rare and weird and even rarer now that old Italians buy the 124 Abarth, is like they want to expirience the past again, too bad those cars don't have a single thing in common with the classic 595, 695 and 124.

    • daBruh 00
      daBruh 00 Month ago

      Then why some people sell it?

  • Dядφοlдиdιд
    Dядφοlдиdιд Month ago +1

    Test Smart Fortwo BRABUS

  • J0riS
    J0riS Month ago

    You don't have to own a 600hp German car to have fun here's the proof

  • Saint 14
    Saint 14 Month ago

    Onore italiano😂

  • Sobre Pneus e Trilhos


  • Vani Tzogu
    Vani Tzogu Month ago


  • Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso

    A true sports car.

  • Ekki 11
    Ekki 11 Month ago +1

    Another Selbstmordgeraet

  • Egz. Uzm. ALP BOZYER

    Bad Drive !

  • Francis Baymax
    Francis Baymax Month ago +3

    I am gonna buy this little beast one day!

  • Vesko Vasev
    Vesko Vasev Month ago +2

    5-RIVALE !!

  • TheFiagrista
    TheFiagrista Month ago +5

    Mafia, pizza, Mario and abarth

  • oyun Herşey.
    oyun Herşey. Month ago


  • Joseph Coulter
    Joseph Coulter Month ago

    Awesome little fiat lol

  • Wouter Van Es
    Wouter Van Es 2 months ago +1

    It still is a Fiat......I never liked Fiat and I will never like it in the future....horrible cars.....

  • HarryC26
    HarryC26 2 months ago +32

    Love the abarth! People just think it’s a 500 with a body kit but it really isn’t.

    • Moreno Rantin
      Moreno Rantin 16 days ago

      Man its a legal modified 500, it suffers from the roll of dearh, need to be careful.

    • Joel
      Joel Month ago

      It is tho, different engine and bodykit, plus overspriced inerior.

  • Trumpald Don
    Trumpald Don 2 months ago

    2:18 Which model BMW you drive😃??

  • G3R FPV
    G3R FPV 2 months ago +1

    Is it so freaking hard to pronounce? It's called abar-T without th 😂😂

  • Turbo Dashcam
    Turbo Dashcam 2 months ago

    Any Abarth owners out there that can attest to the gearbox being shit?

  • Søren
    Søren 2 months ago +8

    2:26 Shutting the door sounds like stamping on a cardboard box before throwing it in the bin xD

    • S
      S Month ago

      It's that wind deflector at the top, they all make those trashbin noises.

  • OFF_ALEBMW 124
    OFF_ALEBMW 124 2 months ago +1

    POV 124 Spider Please?

  • Laurent Ruquiez
    Laurent Ruquiez 2 months ago

    What is the music at 0:01 ?

  • karamazov75015
    karamazov75015 2 months ago +2

    3:21 Golf GTI

  • RegretS
    RegretS 2 months ago

    I have Abarth Turismo and it's 160hp it's fucking city destroyer

  • scorpion131131
    scorpion131131 2 months ago +44

    i'm owner of basic abarth , 145 HP elaborabile, all i can say , so much fun every day , love this car !!

  • Mc Änce
    Mc Änce 2 months ago +13

    The "th" in the Name is spoken as a "t". its like Abart (h). The Name comes from Karl Abarth who was an austrian race driver and friend of Ferdinand Porsche.

  • Aditya Rachman Permana Muhammad

    Please review Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T.