10 EMBARRASSING Ways People Have Died

  • Published on Mar 29, 2017
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Comments • 9 412

  • Bruce D
    Bruce D 21 hour ago

    The chicken story is just disgustingly bad 🤣

  • Creepy Mysteries
    Creepy Mysteries 3 days ago

    me 5 seconds later: oh he said rushing... rushing waterfall

  • VD Das
    VD Das 4 days ago

    You could say the chicken...
    (Puts on glasses)
    Got porked to death

  • C'est Taylor
    C'est Taylor 5 days ago

    I don't think they care, man

  • Mopp Empire v0rt3x14

    #8 has to ve the saddest way anyone could die lol

  • PC Principle
    PC Principle 6 days ago

    someone in the town I grew up in apparently dropped a lawnmower on their head this year, kind of like home alone except messier

  • Michael Key
    Michael Key 6 days ago

    Fun fact, marriage is the leading cause of divorce! Matt you crazy funny!

  • David
    David 7 days ago

    Succame? The word is succumbed.

  • Muhammed Patel
    Muhammed Patel 7 days ago

    Number 4 wasn't too embarrassing, it was more a clumsy accident

  • Nora Galvan
    Nora Galvan 7 days ago

    I’m gonna go to hell for laughing at some of these 😂

  • Erin Melton
    Erin Melton 7 days ago

    The third one the guy died of electrified orgasm lololooo

  • NewWorldJacobite
    NewWorldJacobite 8 days ago

    About half of these can be summed up as death by derp.

  • TheRedNeck Stoner
    TheRedNeck Stoner 9 days ago

    I wanna watch something something nuns

  • Nikki Wesker
    Nikki Wesker 10 days ago

    That chicken didn’t deserve it.

  • Philip Defibaugh
    Philip Defibaugh 10 days ago

    True story, a man went to jail and was charged with assalt after throwing a banana at his girlfriend.

  • Philip Defibaugh
    Philip Defibaugh 10 days ago

    Lol i can't spell lol.

  • Philip Defibaugh
    Philip Defibaugh 10 days ago

    AKA the Darwin Award winners lok.

  • the gamurz
    the gamurz 10 days ago

    69 years old


  • Kiano
    Kiano 11 days ago

    it’s pronounced dro hed a not dro day grah

  • The Father Of The Bassline

    1:31 *Mission Successful*

  • Dismaying MiSt
    Dismaying MiSt 13 days ago

    Some of those were just sad

  • Chuck Smith
    Chuck Smith 13 days ago

    Nice, Illuminati symbolism in the thumbnail preview. Nooooooooo,!!!!!!! Not you to............

  • Jucatorul 2
    Jucatorul 2 14 days ago

    1:33 nice

  • Adrianna Hibbard
    Adrianna Hibbard 14 days ago

    Niagara is not a Russian waterfall and it's 167 feet, not 187......

  • Regina Getter
    Regina Getter 15 days ago

    Honestly.. i firmly believe that when you're supposed to die you die. There's no "if only they had done _____ instead.." like you will die, no matter where you are or what you're doing, when you're supposed to. Maybe some of these and other crazy freak accidents like that were the result of something going awry, something happened, things changed, and next thing you know you're killed by an orange peel. Like Final Destination I guess.
    Or in some of the more ironic cases, like the helmet protestor dying bc he wasn't wearing a helmet, maybe it's like, it's their turn to go and so the universe (or whatever you believe) made an example..? Not trying to be disrespectful just some thoughts I'm having.

  • Regina Getter
    Regina Getter 15 days ago

    Omg the look on Matt's face when talking about the chicken lmao I feel like we were all feeling like that, like you wanna make a joke or a corny pun but at the same time it's hard to enjoy it bc poor chicken 😢
    I can't really feel bad for the guy..

  • Regina Getter
    Regina Getter 15 days ago

    Omg.. the guy who invented a sex machine/device/whatever.. that is one of the saddest things I've ever heard. I'm a woman so I can only imagine how horrible that would be 😢

  • Bethany Cruz
    Bethany Cruz 15 days ago

    Feel bad for the chicken and all the people that died are complete idiots

  • Anthony Stinson
    Anthony Stinson 16 days ago

    Omgggg the chicken I’m never going to look at a chicken the same

  • Simi
    Simi 18 days ago +1

    I believe in destiny since dying by bad luck is just harsh.

  • Alex Oropeza
    Alex Oropeza 18 days ago

    1:47 nice

  • amity 150
    amity 150 19 days ago

    My favorite Darwin award concerns a guy who somehow supercharged his car with a rocket purloined from a military base, trying to set a world land record I think. Instead he went airborne and crashed into a cliff many, many miles away.

  • Christopher Cory
    Christopher Cory 19 days ago

    Unknown images is beyond destination.
    Though streaming thinking editing
    Rivers files
    Excellent ghost.

  • susan nunez
    susan nunez 19 days ago +2

    this series ALWAYS reminds me of 1,000 ways to die lmaooo .

  • susan nunez
    susan nunez 19 days ago

    do you guys think Matthew's eyes get sore from having them wide open like that lol

  • susan nunez
    susan nunez 19 days ago

    F U N` F A C T :
    the more birthdays you have , the longer you live :-)

  • Luisito155
    Luisito155 21 day ago

    *nice* 1:34

  • Bianca G
    Bianca G 21 day ago

    Ok. Between a rock and a hard place. Deserves a like.

  • Audrienna Darlene
    Audrienna Darlene 21 day ago

    Crushed by stone boobies

  • ღ casey whitt ღ
    ღ casey whitt ღ 21 day ago

    I have 4 chickens and when I seen that chicken ..... 😭🐓

  • Haise Sasaki
    Haise Sasaki 21 day ago

    *No one:*

    *Matt: O_O*

  • Bananamelon X9000
    Bananamelon X9000 21 day ago

    Just natural selection doing its duty.

  • Phyllis DeVries
    Phyllis DeVries 21 day ago

    you are amazing, thank you for the information

  • eertikrux
    eertikrux 21 day ago

    DuMb WaYs To DiE

    GDCODYE 21 day ago

    There's people who died trying to fight for a country
    Then there's these people

  • Lydia Ramirez
    Lydia Ramirez 22 days ago

    So there were 2 men who did this? In your other video bizzare deaths it was a Japanese lawyer who did the same thing.

  • kiente karla dambo
    kiente karla dambo 22 days ago

    Another great mystery RU-clip video maker. Gimme more.
    What weird deaths.
    I especially love your facial expressions and choices of words. Hahahahah

  • NdsGaminglive
    NdsGaminglive 22 days ago

    69 69 69

  • Takumi Sunadi
    Takumi Sunadi 23 days ago

    If only that inventor was denki.....sorry bad joke....😔

  • Xerona Andrammellecha
    Xerona Andrammellecha 23 days ago

    The man and his chicken definitely should've made #1. Dying while testing unbreakable glass isn't as embarrassing as dying in the middle of bestiality, while still inside the chicken no less.

  • chaotixninja5
    chaotixninja5 23 days ago

    #9 = Death by boobs!
    #5 = What happens when you go against Quan Chi

  • Ultra Chara28
    Ultra Chara28 23 days ago

    One guy drowned by his own water bed

  • Bill Hawes
    Bill Hawes 23 days ago

    Yeah and smoking marijuana causes your children to be born naked!

  • work in progress
    work in progress 24 days ago

    this feels kind of disrespectful

    CREEPY CLOWNESS 24 days ago

    Also..... why the hell are most of these things happening to people in Spain?!?!?!?!

    CREEPY CLOWNESS 24 days ago

    #3 Maybe that was how Kane was trying to kill Shane McMahon in WWE?

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander 25 days ago +1

    Not a death story, but: my friend tried to prove to me that people don't really slip on banana peels like on TV. She did this by leaving a banana peel on the pavement and jumping onto it. She slipped and broke her collar bone.

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander 25 days ago

    His eyes look like they eat crack for breakfast

  • Booper Dopper
    Booper Dopper 25 days ago

    0:05 That lady's body was found down the river dead from suffocation, And affixiatian.

  • Donald Henson
    Donald Henson 26 days ago

    Unfortunately even if you wear a helmet or use a seat belt or probably going to die ether way

  • Ubisoft Fix Your Game
    Ubisoft Fix Your Game 27 days ago

    5:16 Quan Chi anyone? 😂🤣

  • Kamikaze e30
    Kamikaze e30 27 days ago

    I feel bad for laughing

  • Jason Juneau
    Jason Juneau 27 days ago

    More importantly did the glass break when it hit the ground?......Asking for a friend

  • English-Rose
    English-Rose 28 days ago

    funny how all these deaths are men with bad luck.

  • Angela Hicks
    Angela Hicks 28 days ago

    People suck! Not one person in the office told him "dude, not a good idea to test the glass this high"

  • Chad Chady
    Chad Chady 28 days ago

    I didn't know johnny sins do stuff like this.

  • so good content
    so good content Month ago

    Sorry Matthew cock+cock+rock=death rip chicken

  • Gabriel Kilgore
    Gabriel Kilgore Month ago

    Bananas be like god damn oranges stealing my job

  • Charles Haire
    Charles Haire Month ago

    These are all good Darwin award candidates.

  • Kathryn Boyd
    Kathryn Boyd Month ago

    11:10 "who cares about the strength of the window"

  • Karen Mahoney
    Karen Mahoney Month ago

    Dude you expressions are creepy.

  • happy family toy review

    Things were going swell....

    JAS EGGINK Month ago

    Matthew, you are simply the best! Thank You! JAK

  • Rita Larch
    Rita Larch Month ago

    My word.

  • Melissa Barrett
    Melissa Barrett Month ago

    The chicken wished itself and its defiler dead. Prayer answered! 🐔