Flying Out 2 Subscribers for Valentine's Blind Date!!

  • Published on Feb 11, 2018
  • Since Natalie's call to her crush didn't work out too well in the last episode, we decided to fly out one of our Instagram followers from Canada to LA to go on a romantic blind date with her.
    Lucas' Instagram: @lucasocamp
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  Year ago +2636

    If you guys wanna potentially partake in adventures like this in the future... Then make sure you find us on Instagram @YesTheory Peace and love!

    • Katannako Kororiki
      Katannako Kororiki 8 days ago

      I really like it. Its super super great. Waiting for more blind dates. Kamsamidaaa

    • Nathan Vriens
      Nathan Vriens 4 months ago

      What ever happened to Natalie and her channel?

    • ManAlterKeinFreierName
      ManAlterKeinFreierName 11 months ago +1

      is there an update about these guys :D

  • Mark Skater
    Mark Skater 4 hours ago

    MATT is so funny

  • Fahmida Fatima
    Fahmida Fatima 9 hours ago

    13:22 its from the dollar store

    Wait , how much would this be at target

  • Holger Gilruth
    Holger Gilruth 10 hours ago

    If I wish I could have a date I would probably get the date with the smart guy in the back of the car (left side) as you pick up the guy

  • Elijah Branstetter
    Elijah Branstetter 12 hours ago

    While I was watching Matt train him I fr thought he was gay. Like he slapped his butt so many times lol. Matt it's okay to come out of the closet

  • its all beans and burgers
    its all beans and burgers 18 hours ago +1

    BReAtH iN


  • -Hitmaniac-
    -Hitmaniac- Day ago

    They picked the worst joke

  • jim shorts
    jim shorts Day ago

    I love you guys so much. To much butt slapping tho lol

  • Deep Thought 101

    209 watcher... I wonder if they are still dating

  • Nicoletta Lampa
    Nicoletta Lampa Day ago

    The main reason why I can't wait to become 18 is that I'll finally get a chance to be picked
    Still, it would be like a 0.3% chance

  • Docplayznba 30
    Docplayznba 30 2 days ago +1

    Yes Theory: "How old are you?"
    Him: "20."
    Yes Theory: "Here's a glass of wine."
    Him: "It's a red." lmao

  • ilovesquish m
    ilovesquish m 2 days ago

    This guy seems like he's alrdy apart of yes theory. He needs to join and be in every video from now on haha

  • ilovesquish m
    ilovesquish m 2 days ago

    How is it that everyone they meet is always very attractive. Lol I don't get it. But I'm glad 😁

  • anushka srivastav
    anushka srivastav 2 days ago

    OMG this the best date ever. So funny. Where do I sign up for this

  • TheMordor God
    TheMordor God 2 days ago

    "And some brrrrread" 😂😂

  • luca presser
    luca presser 3 days ago

    Underage drinking???

  • Scott Clarke
    Scott Clarke 3 days ago

    That Preme bogo 😍

  • Maximilian Kohler
    Maximilian Kohler 3 days ago

    Let that guy sing 😄

  • Yusuff
    Yusuff 4 days ago

    11:23 We all felt that "mission aborted" kiss.

  • Maza Rearick
    Maza Rearick 4 days ago

    Take a shot every time Matt hits that guy 😂

  • Tall Kid Ben
    Tall Kid Ben 4 days ago

    I know I’m waaaaay late commenting but this guy should be in yes theory

  • Benjeih Retes
    Benjeih Retes 4 days ago


  • Demureststorm88
    Demureststorm88 5 days ago

    Only yes theory

  • Matthew Bryan
    Matthew Bryan 5 days ago +1

    This channel is v homoerotic sometimes honestly. And I'm here for it

  • subham dhar
    subham dhar 5 days ago

    I literally woke up to this video. Yes theory you guys are making me get a YES ,I CAN DO tattoo on my bday

  • ShadowDragon905
    ShadowDragon905 5 days ago

    Guy is wearing a fucking supreme sweather worth a 1000$

  • Analiz Kate Baluca
    Analiz Kate Baluca 5 days ago

    literally was laughing the whole video ahahahhaha

  • mohammed farzaan
    mohammed farzaan 5 days ago +10

    Matt was definitely raised by the overly friendly 'straight' homies

  • dippybud
    dippybud 6 days ago +6

    Pretty sure this is a video about Matt finding love...

  • Kazanna 12488
    Kazanna 12488 7 days ago

    Matt fondling his balls was pretty entertaining

  • Sam Travels
    Sam Travels 7 days ago

    Great episode, more more more...

  • 100SmilesAway
    100SmilesAway 7 days ago

    He looks like Casey Frey

  • Scrongul
    Scrongul 8 days ago +1

    The way they wake him up and his reaction,,, beautiful

  • I said, whoever threw that paper your mom's a hoe


  • Katannako Kororiki
    Katannako Kororiki 8 days ago +1

    I like your channel guys. Have you been in Deutschland for a video? hahaha lol

  • Frit Zer
    Frit Zer 9 days ago

    I feel so lonely hahahahahaa

  • Frit Zer
    Frit Zer 9 days ago

    Hahahahahahaha woow

  • Sartto
    Sartto 9 days ago

    13:07 Killed me

  • James O
    James O 10 days ago +6

    Oh he’s from my city, darn how could a guy as good looking like him be single lordy

  • Billy M
    Billy M 10 days ago

    When. They all start screaming 😂

  • Unique corn
    Unique corn 11 days ago

    The cutest

  • 603_ Riders
    603_ Riders 11 days ago

    dood looks a lot older than 20

  • florcamo
    florcamo 13 days ago

    OMG he's from argentina!!! YEEEEEY!!!

  • Unknown Julia
    Unknown Julia 13 days ago

    dislikers probably be the guys who wasn’t chosen for the date 💀

  • Megan Carreau
    Megan Carreau 13 days ago +1

    OMG hes from calgary i live like 3 hours away from there in edmonton! Alberta represent! :)

  • Maddie Pasco
    Maddie Pasco 13 days ago

    Soooo, did they start dating, or...? Cause I really want to know. 😂

  • Beast
    Beast 14 days ago

    2k € hoodie, cool :D

  • Tomat o
    Tomat o 14 days ago

    Finally another person from Argentina in North America

  • Brenden Samuels
    Brenden Samuels 14 days ago

    The best yes theory video

  • Maria Leonora
    Maria Leonora 15 days ago

    probably the cutest thing i've ever seen in my entire life. can yes theory find me the love of my life? u,u

  • lazywolff
    lazywolff 15 days ago

    These guys are the gayest straight men i've ever seen

  • Aljeen Plaza
    Aljeen Plaza 15 days ago

    Come to Philippines!

  • Gabrielė Ka
    Gabrielė Ka 16 days ago

    Bring back this guy??????

  • Kantar de Kraker
    Kantar de Kraker 16 days ago

    5:31 "Breath in" ... *breaths out*
    "Breath out" ... *breaths in*

  • iVictor
    iVictor 17 days ago


  • Sandra Provencher
    Sandra Provencher 18 days ago

    Fuck Mitchel


    12:40 is he french?

  • Lily Johnston
    Lily Johnston 19 days ago +1

    "John Green is the only person who made me start to read books" Same! I know it is bad but most other books don't have the same feel as his books making it boring... sorry readers and authors... don't hate me

  • marbella love
    marbella love 19 days ago


  • Supersaiyan Gaming
    Supersaiyan Gaming 19 days ago

    Wait did he drink wine when he’s 20 years old omg what a rebel

  • Megi Ćosić
    Megi Ćosić 19 days ago


  • jom atok
    jom atok 19 days ago

    Any updates on these two? I know I'm late lol

  • Altaranalt
    Altaranalt 20 days ago +10

    "Aren't you from France?" This guy lol, he's great.

  • Agent Arizona
    Agent Arizona 21 day ago

    Her: he’s probably thinking about another girl
    Him: 4:12

  • Adela
    Adela 21 day ago

    I’m the only one that wants to know what happened after?? I mean are they still together or not?😩

  • OzTheWizardOfPorn
    OzTheWizardOfPorn 22 days ago

    He doesn't look 20 at all.

  • Subscribers Hack
    Subscribers Hack 22 days ago

    One like & subscribers= 2 new subscribers!✔👍😘🤩🤗😚😚😙😗 🙏

  • Dominik Pham
    Dominik Pham 22 days ago

    As I've read before Matt is the most gay straight person I know

  • C Thomas
    C Thomas 22 days ago +4

    I think he and Matt should have gone on a date after that workout routine :)

  • S.W.A.T Productions
    S.W.A.T Productions 22 days ago

    7:21 got me dead

  • Edgar Aguirre
    Edgar Aguirre 23 days ago

    11:27 "Matt is grabbing my balls" wth

  • alex Yeet
    alex Yeet 23 days ago

    Stress theory

  • Joseph Armfield (Student)

    Isn’t he 20 so he was under aged drinking

  • M.jason buendia
    M.jason buendia 24 days ago

    When he started singing 😍😍

  • Tara Ann
    Tara Ann 24 days ago

    i hope they are still together omg

  • Maria M
    Maria M 24 days ago +2

    4:25 that butt slap tho😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ewan Zinchuk
    Ewan Zinchuk 25 days ago

    When he said he lives in Alberta I was happy since I’m from Alberta. Then he said he’s from Calgary and I lost all respect.
    This post made by Edmonton gang

  • xDiaSenDx
    xDiaSenDx 25 days ago

    Please help me to stop watching this. It's so adorable

  • Madison McTighe
    Madison McTighe 26 days ago

    ok this guy's from calgary I'm from calgary, boys if this doesn'y work out... I'm jus sayin

  • Loli Mobilia
    Loli Mobilia 26 days ago +1

    Vamos argentina 🇦🇷

  • Mrwrenchifi
    Mrwrenchifi 27 days ago +2

    Yes theory episode of someone from my city. Cool.

  • Shr00b
    Shr00b 27 days ago

    I don’t blame her for not wanting to move to Calgary, there’s nothing to do here.

  • ᗷᒪᗩᑕK ᑕᒪOᑌᗪ

    11:19 Iiii giiiiiveeenn uuuuup...

    ok only Linkin Park Fans will get that one

  • SkyGamez
    SkyGamez 27 days ago +4

    Is it just me or does Matt look like Dave Franco

  • Winter Wonderland
    Winter Wonderland 28 days ago

    I’d be an asset on your team yes theory lmao like you guys should hire me I’m 22

    GOREELA IS PLAYING 29 days ago

    this guy belongs with you people

  • Slasher Nalgas
    Slasher Nalgas Month ago

    Can u pass down the 36 questions of love plz 🤣

  • Julilolmo 19
    Julilolmo 19 Month ago +3

    That guy is perfect for Yes theory

  • r.picassio
    r.picassio Month ago


  • em1ownerify
    em1ownerify Month ago

    That girl is wwwoooooooowwww

  • mklemmingen
    mklemmingen Month ago +1

    That guy looked nowhere near 20 wooow

  • Zoe Irene
    Zoe Irene Month ago

    Matt is so funny swear hahah

  • xNoahz
    xNoahz Month ago

    What happened?

  • Tuta 2005
    Tuta 2005 Month ago


  • Ignite Legend
    Ignite Legend Month ago

    those have to be the ugliest flowers ever

  • Angus Kockott
    Angus Kockott Month ago

    this made me smile

  • Amnxy
    Amnxy Month ago


  • Grant Lanier
    Grant Lanier Month ago

    during the workout that looked like some kinky shit

  • The King Zoot
    The King Zoot Month ago

    And that's how I met your mother kids

  • Lucas Hommet
    Lucas Hommet Month ago

    12:30 il parle bien français le con!😂