Top 20 Scary Videos You Shouldn't Watch Alone Pt. 2 REACTION!!

  • Published on Oct 31, 2019
  • Top 20 Scary Videos You Shouldn't Watch Alone Pt. 2 REACTION!!
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Comments • 480

  • BlastphamousHD TV2
    BlastphamousHD TV2  Month ago +249

    Happy Halloween 🎃🎃 What will you be doing today??

    • BlueSteel2k Evny
      BlueSteel2k Evny 5 days ago

      BlastphamousHD TV2 there’s a Scary Movie that’s not scary but this girl sees a banana, 2 knifes, gun and a Grenade, she so happens to take the banana n run lmao her dunbass maybe hungry and a minute later she broke her ankle 😂😂

    • Othman Namikaze
      Othman Namikaze 27 days ago see ghost

    • The Gaming Paladin
      The Gaming Paladin Month ago

      bruh, i tried to watch all the Halloween themed shit that i could and everything was behind a paywall on Tubi or Vudu, and my nieces n nephew hog the netflix, cause they're 4,5 and 6 and love shows like Pocoyo and Angry Birds, cant get enough.

    • CrazyVickGaming
      CrazyVickGaming Month ago

      im black and people get sacred of me at night time, so thats why i get free candy bois

    • YT_AZ pop-kid
      YT_AZ pop-kid Month ago

      Joe nama

  • caiz
    caiz Day ago

    Number 6 was terminator

  • GMRooster
    GMRooster 2 days ago

    6:46 damn bro, Blastphamous got possesed, holy crap

  • Sean D.G
    Sean D.G 2 days ago

    That second one is what happens when you hand a dog whistle to a Vree.

  • Endar The trandoshan

    See how not scared PhD is

    Yes this the same guy that was scared of a completely harmless bug

  • SourkinzGaming
    SourkinzGaming 4 days ago

    First clip is Easter Bunny

  • Tokyo ghoul fan
    Tokyo ghoul fan 5 days ago

    When bae shes home alone 9:14😄😄😄

  • Bree Downs
    Bree Downs 7 days ago


  • Caleb Stiles
    Caleb Stiles 7 days ago

    funny and scary

  • GoldenNinja
    GoldenNinja 7 days ago +1

    At 6:00 he could of been trying to catch a ride 😂

  • 989 99999999999999999999999999999

    Do drugs you become a fast naked demon

  • RYZZ Cousins
    RYZZ Cousins 8 days ago

    damn he really doesn't like this Chanel huh

  • Super Payton Mars
    Super Payton Mars 9 days ago

    8:36 holy shit it's the freakin Terminator!

  • WOLFIE __91
    WOLFIE __91 10 days ago

    Number do people not see that the "person" don't got a dick or a vagina? And that speed he running at is impossible I mean he ain't Usain Bolt is he?

  • AlDo ChAvEz
    AlDo ChAvEz 10 days ago +1

    What kind of drug makes your eyes glow in the dark

  • Eleini Williams
    Eleini Williams 11 days ago

    What a coincidence I have scrabble right in front me while I'm watching this video.

  • Seth Tyler
    Seth Tyler 11 days ago

    #6 was funny but it got scary once he got close but funny again after they drove but honestly I'd be scared

  • * Bandar_san *
    * Bandar_san * 12 days ago

    9:07 I am brebe alin and I am the fases man alive.

  • anarchist _x
    anarchist _x 14 days ago +5

    9:05 for those who dont know humans dont have eye shine,animals do, the only "shine" humans have is the red eye not white shine

  • Cheyenne Raney
    Cheyenne Raney 14 days ago +1


  • Juan Mejia
    Juan Mejia 15 days ago

    Wtf is that a gnome

  • Paradox Gaming
    Paradox Gaming 15 days ago +1

    how the hell did it run that fast?

  • SHayden
    SHayden 16 days ago +1

    Glad you're not such a scaredy cat anymore...

  • Diogo Pinheiro
    Diogo Pinheiro 16 days ago +1

    me when i see my bae with another men

    • Alize20 Hackett
      Alize20 Hackett 9 days ago

      When you bust a date n yo pimp said jus rob him😂🤣🤣

  • Tiny
    Tiny 16 days ago

    Again, why do they use their great great grandmas cameras?

  • Darian coleman
    Darian coleman 16 days ago


  • Cyrish Velasquez
    Cyrish Velasquez 16 days ago +4

    "Save your ANUS"🤣🤣😂

  • Bob thesolider
    Bob thesolider 16 days ago

    He’s became a veteran at this

  • Inori Yonaka
    Inori Yonaka 17 days ago

    Idk, been a while since i've watched bhd but, he seems soooo......bleh now. Not trying to be mean but, like, the way he reacts to these isn't fun anymore or even genuine. Like it just makes me wonder why he "reacts" to these when he's just saying "boo" like it kinda ruins the whole mood of the video.. But it's just my opinion.

  • Robert Wilosn
    Robert Wilosn 17 days ago

    I would light that all now 🔥 be out of town real quick

  • ReeciPeeci
    ReeciPeeci 17 days ago

    Blastphamous u always been one of my favorite youtubers since middle school. But like... I took a break from the channel.. And uhhh... WHY TF DO U LOOK LIKE STEVE HARVEY?!

  • Tactical Tavon
    Tactical Tavon 18 days ago

    Niggas fast as shit look out usian bolt

  • Jonjie Blase
    Jonjie Blase 18 days ago

    Not in the mood feels hahah

  • Hotbread100
    Hotbread100 18 days ago

    17:37 that is definitely just a naked man 😂

  • Hotbread100
    Hotbread100 18 days ago

    Ohh that one where they playing the board game was a little freaky, BHD idk if you know a human's limbs can only be so thin right?

  • Chaardvark
    Chaardvark 19 days ago

    Not gonna lie the night vision video looks fake, I mean the zoom in part looks like the cameraman paused the video and added the "alien" in post, that coupled with the audio just makes me think it's fake

  • Bicboi0501 KΔϺI
    Bicboi0501 KΔϺI 19 days ago

    This is what happens when bhd doesnt have a chair

  • themightykhan2
    themightykhan2 19 days ago

    these used to be funny ... but now are just obviously staged

  • Falkon Dezigns
    Falkon Dezigns 19 days ago

    Spooky shit happening, *let me grab my 0.1 megapixel potato*

  • Ricky Hanayama Fanai
    Ricky Hanayama Fanai 19 days ago +1

    10 minutes in and already 5 Ads popped up... Come on Man

  • Kermit
    Kermit 20 days ago

    The guy said no way ni**** what is that sh**...! In Spanish also ur welcome

  • deaditequeen
    deaditequeen 20 days ago

    Wow. Seems so bored and over it.

  • Ginger Vela
    Ginger Vela 21 day ago

    You so handsome!😁

  • north Storm
    north Storm 21 day ago

    That nude dude was a skinwaler look them up

  • GreenCat97
    GreenCat97 21 day ago

    The video with the naked guy is funny and all, but humans do not have the “eye shine” in their eyes. It is in dogs, cats and other animals because of a difference in the retina. But humans eyes are not supposed to glow in the flashlight like that. Which makes it very creepy.

  • Matt Sardina
    Matt Sardina 21 day ago

    Just came back to his videos after about 8 months. Wtf happened to this cat? Not funny and a bit too cocky. Kinna annoying. Miss the old Blast. But i guess if hes doing better and he's happy, good for him. Just...damn. I'm all about Dashie now anyways...

  • Kamryn ththtmc
    Kamryn ththtmc 22 days ago +1

    Ya like no effort in this one😂

  • Jon Gill
    Jon Gill 23 days ago

    love your facial expressions

  • John Blues
    John Blues 23 days ago

    Around 2:58 mark the sound in the video playing you hear is from Half Life, the sound the headcrabs make. Fake and edited quite badly.

  • Sparks fah
    Sparks fah 23 days ago

    The reason why number 6 is scary to me is because he's completely nude and had eyeshine. Humans aren't supposed to have eyeshine when light is pointing at us in the dark

  • Jax -_-I
    Jax -_-I 23 days ago

    I watched this with my feet and arm hanging off the edge of my bed

  • Sheri Merenda
    Sheri Merenda 23 days ago

    8:39 do a flip

  • Crispy Skeleton
    Crispy Skeleton 24 days ago +2

    19:32 Blastphamous sounded like Big Smoke from GTA San Andreas!

  • David Ruiz
    David Ruiz 24 days ago


  • talop deedoo
    talop deedoo 24 days ago

    #8:39 these HOES high!!!!! yoooooooo!!!! back UPP!!!

  • Kathy Hines
    Kathy Hines 24 days ago

    In the clip at around 9:03ish, that was marked as clip #6 on the original video, when that "dude" was sprinting at the car? TERRIFYING! I have seen a 2nd clip from that incident that you actually hear he/it screaming hes'/ its' going to kill them! It is ABSOLUTELY horrifying!

  • talop deedoo
    talop deedoo 24 days ago


  • Jonar dins
    Jonar dins 24 days ago

    Mr rabbit on allis in wonderland

  • CoolieGT
    CoolieGT 25 days ago +1

    The guy at 9:00 is the terminator

  • Crux Real
    Crux Real 25 days ago

    throwback to when he was watching this screaming, pissing off his neighbors and being scared of his cats lol. #wherethebeardcomefrom