XXXTENTACION - bad vibes forever (Official Video) (feat. PnB Rock & Trippie Redd)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • From the album "Bad Vibes Forever". Out now!
    #PnBRock #TrippieRedd #BadVibesForever
    Official Audio by XXXTENTACION - bad vibes forever © 2019 Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE

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  • mustafa oof !
    mustafa oof ! 11 minutes ago +1

    i will be here when i die or forever even i die 😔😖😰

  • chris johnson
    chris johnson 46 minutes ago +1

    is no one gonna talk about the window opening itself at 1:37.......

    ВЕДЬМАК 1 Hour ago

    Oн умер?

  • xXHuntHunterXx
    xXHuntHunterXx 2 hours ago +2

    Y’all see the windows open at the left 1:38

  • Gabe Charlette
    Gabe Charlette 2 hours ago

    Gool Gool

  • Brianna Secatero
    Brianna Secatero 3 hours ago

    X in 3 days its your birthday I wish you were here to see it though.....😢😢😢😢💔

  • Digbijoy Borah
    Digbijoy Borah 5 hours ago

    Who thinks Pnb Rock looks like Offset in this song

  • Diego Buruhan
    Diego Buruhan 6 hours ago

    Que nunca muera la canción de xxx

  • vMulla
    vMulla 6 hours ago +1

    If y’all claim ,,y’all a fan
    *What day is it in 2 Days* ?
    January 23😇

  • Xavian Martinez
    Xavian Martinez 6 hours ago


  • Faze Bigdog
    Faze Bigdog 7 hours ago +1

    I fill like this is the song of xxxtentacion life the one he really won’ted to show

  • uhhReaperz
    uhhReaperz 7 hours ago

    only song i thing trippie dont ruin it

  • RunningUpRep
    RunningUpRep 7 hours ago


  • igor Cardoso Santos
    igor Cardoso Santos 8 hours ago

    Xxxtentacion legal

  • COD Joycee
    COD Joycee 8 hours ago +1

    RIP x❤😭😭

  • igor Cardoso Santos
    igor Cardoso Santos 8 hours ago

    Yes godd music mi love

  • OpS_Echome A
    OpS_Echome A 8 hours ago

    😫❤️I love this song

  • yJayz
    yJayz 8 hours ago

    X is gone but not for gotten🙏

  • elias vâlentin
    elias vâlentin 8 hours ago

    No es lo mismo escucharte a vos q a xxxtentacion🤐😔😔

  • LarryAnimation HD
    LarryAnimation HD 8 hours ago

    I think I just saw Kyle Lowry in that video

  • LarryAnimation HD
    LarryAnimation HD 8 hours ago

    R.I.P. Legend.

  • alejandro Acuña
    alejandro Acuña 8 hours ago

    is not dead

  • Oof Im cwazy
    Oof Im cwazy 9 hours ago

    Hurts not to see his face a song like this :(

  • zakariyas killir
    zakariyas killir 9 hours ago +1

    that’s sad

  • zakariyas killir
    zakariyas killir 9 hours ago +1

    his girlfriend was crying

  • emanuel meneses bedoya
    emanuel meneses bedoya 9 hours ago +1

    Muy mal video, no aparece xxxtentacion, aparte que en la camisa lo que no siento estafado, que pésimo servicio

  • Salvatore Sgroi
    Salvatore Sgroi 9 hours ago
    Listen also this song⬆️⬆️❤️

  • YI002P Kk
    YI002P Kk 11 hours ago


  • Spyynz
    Spyynz 11 hours ago

    is that it for x? does he still have unreleased music?

  • Roberto Luna
    Roberto Luna 11 hours ago +1

    Weres x

  • 大暴れ
    大暴れ 13 hours ago

    Fans of X sub to me

  • Ghezal Niazi
    Ghezal Niazi 13 hours ago

    Rip X

    LEO DAN SANTOS 13 hours ago +2

    world: xxxtentacion
    xxxtentacion: yes
    world: close ur eyes
    xxxtentacion: okay
    world: what do u see
    xxxtentacion: nothing
    world: thats us without u

  • Terminator_ DANISH
    Terminator_ DANISH 13 hours ago +2


    USE CODE FLESH 14 hours ago

    En realidad sus letras son hermosas 🥺🥺

  • Itz E l l i e :3
    Itz E l l i e :3 14 hours ago

    I miss u bro

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    Baren inc 14 hours ago +1

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  • Manex Zambaretu NR. 1
    Manex Zambaretu NR. 1 15 hours ago

    He mom die for guy of assasinate XXXTENTACION

  • Hamdou Sy
    Hamdou Sy 15 hours ago

    So cute

  • Soledad Leguizamon
    Soledad Leguizamon 18 hours ago

    :' )

  • Nora Abdulfatah
    Nora Abdulfatah 19 hours ago

    I honestly don't get why tf 14k people disliked. They must be bots or either slipped their finger right?🤷🏽‍♀️😒

  • Ridho Syarif
    Ridho Syarif 19 hours ago +1


  • julia frança
    julia frança 19 hours ago

    i miss :(

  • Moose Airsoft
    Moose Airsoft 19 hours ago

    I felt that when he said hmgmgmgmgmgmgmoooooohohohohoho

  • Rag Ash
    Rag Ash 21 hour ago

    Wtf how is x in this

    GÁYONTV DREMXI 21 hour ago

    I am so sorry for him when I was a rapper 😭😫😩😞

    GÁYONTV DREMXI 21 hour ago

    tôi rất đáng tiếc cho anh ấy thời còn rapper của tôi 😭😫😩😞

  • NEXS
    NEXS Day ago +1

    this needs to get more famouse

  • I'am AfNan
    I'am AfNan Day ago +1

    RIP X😔

  • Maillo ϟ
    Maillo ϟ Day ago

    XXXtentacion he didn't die

    Legends never die

  • Jaylen Roberts
    Jaylen Roberts Day ago

    Please i been watching you from the start

  • Jaylen Roberts
    Jaylen Roberts Day ago

    X you said you were not your dead post another video of you actually rapping let us see your face

  • Jaylen Roberts
    Jaylen Roberts Day ago

    Fans to kill themselves

  • Jaylen Roberts
    Jaylen Roberts Day ago

    X is not a mean dead because I saw a video even him admitting he's not dead he said I don't even I had to post the video soon as possible because I didn't want my friends to kill themselves

    • yeah yeah
      yeah yeah 6 hours ago

      Nigga there are more problems then just X dying

  • DudeimDy :P
    DudeimDy :P Day ago

    Can anybody tell me how he's still doing music vids? Awesome

    • DudeimDy :P
      DudeimDy :P 22 hours ago

      @Scarhes not in the vid but hes singing it

    • DudeimDy :P
      DudeimDy :P 22 hours ago

      @Scar it looks like him

    • DudeimDy :P
      DudeimDy :P 22 hours ago

      @Scar idk

    • Scar
      Scar 23 hours ago

      he’s not in the videos is he...

  • badvibes
    badvibes Day ago

    Is it me or did X and pnb sound the same

  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia Day ago


  • Clash Royale
    Clash Royale Day ago

    Let's just be honest. He was a mumble rapper

    • Clash Royale
      Clash Royale 2 hours ago

      @yeah yeah How. I mean besides the obvious name and sorts like that but how did he stand out from all the other mumble rappers

    • yeah yeah
      yeah yeah 6 hours ago

      He is but kinda different then a lot of them



  • Alan Amador
    Alan Amador Day ago