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  • Published on Apr 28, 2018
  • "Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers"
    "In Alabama it's illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time"
    Idk I just found these facts from Snapple caps
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  • Fifty-Two Handles
    Fifty-Two Handles 17 days ago

    10:45 I don’t get it why can’t he say it?

  • Laura Thiel
    Laura Thiel 19 days ago

    Is it weird I wanna swipe right to the ice cream date just for free ice cream?

  • Harry Beverley
    Harry Beverley 19 days ago

    Hey bab6

  • Jonas Yoakley
    Jonas Yoakley Month ago

    What was the Kike one...?

    • stockart whiteman
      stockart whiteman Month ago

      The name is pronounced "kee-kay" i think but it looks like "kike" which is an antisemitic slur.

  • Alex Niemi
    Alex Niemi Month ago

    Flookoo, I love you, but 5:50 “how *are* you doing?” WTF GO FUCK *_YOURSELF_* you uneducated bastard spawn

  • Isaac Stottlemyer
    Isaac Stottlemyer 2 months ago


  • Kookie monster
    Kookie monster 2 months ago


  • Octavia Blue
    Octavia Blue 2 months ago

    I don't get the last one

  • Viki Z
    Viki Z 2 months ago


  • Kai Peterson
    Kai Peterson 2 months ago

    change it

  • Kai Peterson
    Kai Peterson 2 months ago

    i fucking hate you’re intro

  • Claudette S
    Claudette S 2 months ago

    Now I gotta watch king of the hill

  • - nicohz -
    - nicohz - 2 months ago

    eat my ash

  • Muffinsaur
    Muffinsaur 2 months ago

    Begone THOT

  • Prince Meng
    Prince Meng 2 months ago

    8:26 that is definitely an ass crack

  • Inverted Darkness
    Inverted Darkness 3 months ago +3

    11:00 its pronounced Kee-Kay

  • Kristofer Quem?
    Kristofer Quem? 4 months ago +2

    7:43 - This gets the video demonitized. Fast

  • Untamed Dredgen
    Untamed Dredgen 4 months ago +1

    God I love your laugh

  • Dorian Winston
    Dorian Winston 5 months ago

    crash the kites and divest from kiterael

  • SuperKiller _NZ
    SuperKiller _NZ 5 months ago

    Gotta be honest man, that intro keeps me coming back.

  • Conner
    Conner 5 months ago


  • Duck
    Duck 5 months ago +1

    4:04 I SPIT MY WATER

  • GothKatt
    GothKatt 5 months ago +1

    I don't get the "Kike" one...

  • Ash Ley
    Ash Ley 5 months ago


  • שחר א.
    שחר א. 5 months ago +3


  • Hercules Brofister
    Hercules Brofister 5 months ago

    Definitely the types of people ozzy was talking about when he sang "make a joke and i will sigh, you will laugh and i will cry"

  • Josh Playz Games
    Josh Playz Games 6 months ago +1

    Most girls can only fit 4inches until it starts to really hurt

  • MrShoy
    MrShoy 6 months ago

    I'll just slowly stand up from my chair and run to poop. sorry.

  • IlIIllIlIl Kong
    IlIIllIlIl Kong 6 months ago +1

    Do you wear thongs or gstrings baby

  • Belmin Salihovic
    Belmin Salihovic 6 months ago +1

    "fyoogo alert"...fuego is fuego. not fyoogoe

  • Kahn
    Kahn 6 months ago +1

    That intro cracks me up every time :)

  • Bambi Eyes
    Bambi Eyes 6 months ago

    This is why maury is making billions.. because of idiots who make comments like 0:19

  • Bryan Bogert
    Bryan Bogert 6 months ago


  • Green eggs and lamb Joey

    I feel stupid but I was r/wooooshed by the last one pls explain

    • L̶u̶c̶y̶
      L̶u̶c̶y̶ 6 months ago

      It's a derogatory term for a Jewish person, but I think that the person's name is supposed to be pronounced differently

  • Jay S
    Jay S 6 months ago

    Like is pronounced key-key

  • Pat W
    Pat W 6 months ago +1

    good ol' tinder.

  • Cloud 4.5
    Cloud 4.5 6 months ago

    ‘We have a very slightly non monogamous relationship’

  • Mark ManSteer
    Mark ManSteer 7 months ago

    1:03 Fuck... I'm 7.8 Well next time I guess

  • idktbh
    idktbh 7 months ago

    Did you know I'm a MAGICIAN?!
    Click the gray like button button and it'll turn blue!

  • Juli Richmond
    Juli Richmond 7 months ago

    Fuego= foo eh goh

  • Caleb Hill
    Caleb Hill 7 months ago

    Oof 7 inches don't you think thats a bit much?(wouldn't get with her pussy is to baggy)

  • Sam Purdon
    Sam Purdon 7 months ago +1


  • TerriblyMundane
    TerriblyMundane 7 months ago

    You know, making gross sounds and yelling isn’t comedy

  • Kosmic katt
    Kosmic katt 7 months ago +1

    I love how he makes the noises for the faces and stupid emojis 😂😂😂

  • Tiny Gay Productions TM

    im surprised "bust ya nut and then ya strut" wasn't a thing 3:20

  • Abandoned
    Abandoned 7 months ago

    BEGONE THOT!!!!! weeeeee

  • SaruCharmed
    SaruCharmed 7 months ago

    I think the first guy meant he would like to come in her. Her being the small package... Not his package. xD

  • Alexander DeShazo
    Alexander DeShazo 7 months ago

    "Fewgo alert" mmm boy

  • Droggelbecher
    Droggelbecher 7 months ago

    Kike, do you love me? 🎶🎶

  • All Hail Galax
    All Hail Galax 7 months ago

    2:36 HAHA THAT’S HOW YOU SPELL MY NAME. I’ve never heard it spelled that way other than myself so that’s cool I guess.

  • Joachim Macdonald
    Joachim Macdonald 7 months ago


  • Giovanni Lopez Tovar
    Giovanni Lopez Tovar 7 months ago

    Did this guy just said "Fiugo Alert"?
    Nugga what!

  • Haley Bloodfall
    Haley Bloodfall 7 months ago

    I know I'm late as hell to this but
    T h i n d e r
    Tinder but only for thots

  • Mechanist20 Steamland
    Mechanist20 Steamland 7 months ago

    Master gaming race!!!

  • sponish0
    sponish0 8 months ago

    He seems to be missing that these are all either satire or bots ?

  • SpiCE Boi
    SpiCE Boi 8 months ago +4

    8:27 I think you forgot something that won't get this video removed

  • The Friendliest Gamer
    The Friendliest Gamer 8 months ago

    Jesus. leave Ashley alone. She wears both stop making her choose!

  • Kermit 2.0
    Kermit 2.0 8 months ago +1

    7:41 why is it fucking dutch

  • Ben Jephener
    Ben Jephener 8 months ago

    I wanna meet Greg.

  • Gracie Ann
    Gracie Ann 8 months ago

    I think you missed the meaning of the first one lmao