Eddie Bravo Explains the "Space is Fake" Conspiracy | Joe Rogan

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • Taken from Fight Companion - February 17, 2019:

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  • Maya's Corner
    Maya's Corner 16 minutes ago

    Nothing eddie says here is as far fetched as thwir reactions would have you beliebe

  • Boss Blood
    Boss Blood Hour ago

    Eddie eddie eddie eddie keep ya head up people may be laughin at us now but one day the shoe will be on the other foot and you wont be able to handle the truth when it comes out then we will laugh at you

  • Boss Blood
    Boss Blood Hour ago

    Shut the fuck up joe who are they the people in control are hiding in plain sight if we could say with any certainty these people are doing it we would wake up look at it subjectively with an open mind

  • coryjamesc
    coryjamesc Hour ago

    Talking about The PLAN has Always been to fake an Alien Invasion.. So guys that are Old or even Dead now, set things in Motion so people who are in power 40 years later could reap the rewards of their so called plan.. How would people in the 60s 70s, know that the people running shit in 2019 would be into their fake Alien invasion plan.. Thats the dumbest conspiracy idea...

  • Harry Cook
    Harry Cook 2 hours ago

    There is real footage of space i don’t know what documentaries he’s been watching, if you look at the sky where I live you can sometimes see satellites moving across the atmosphere. THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT.

    PATRIOT NATION 2 hours ago

    Eddie is such a retard, he doesn't even believe himself!!!

  • Dane Fielding
    Dane Fielding 3 hours ago

    9:43 for Eddie Bravo speaking straight-up facts.

  • Dane Fielding
    Dane Fielding 3 hours ago

    Who needs drugs? Just listening to Eddie talking about his latest conspiracy makes me feel high 😆

  • Chris Hardee
    Chris Hardee 3 hours ago

    he gets more bat shit crazy everytime i see him

  • Shane Liberty
    Shane Liberty 4 hours ago

    The VLT (Very Large Telescope) is real and working. Takes 2 seconds to look it up.

  • Calvin De Klerk
    Calvin De Klerk 5 hours ago

    If Eddy could just stop talking for a second........

  • Jonathan Engleman
    Jonathan Engleman 6 hours ago

    Why can’t they shut up and let him speak? Yeah flat earth is bullshit, space is certainly real, but damn they sound like assholes cutting in every ten seconds and making fun of Eddie.

  • Drew Bravo
    Drew Bravo 6 hours ago

    If NASA could go to the moon 50 damn years ago...then what's keeping them from showing *real time* *real proof* of the round Earth spinning. There is nothing out there that points directly to the Earth being round. Even emergency landings with commercial aircraft. Every single time a plane gets deviated, the route 100% contradicts the globe model. You think I *wanted* it this way?? Fuck no I didn't. I wanted all this shit, to be what they said it was.

  • Drew Bravo
    Drew Bravo 6 hours ago

    That guy in the grey sweatshirt is so clueless. Spielberg screened E.T. at the White House and when it ended, Reagan got up and said to over 50 people.... "Everything on that screen is 100% true"

  • Cliff Tomkulak
    Cliff Tomkulak 6 hours ago

    Eddie Bravo great fighter but your nuts man

  • ruski muejek
    ruski muejek 7 hours ago

    Eddies so set lol its crazy

  • Lala Loopsy
    Lala Loopsy 8 hours ago

    Eddie ‘I love science, I’m an idiot’ Bravo

  • Pussyon thechainwax
    Pussyon thechainwax 8 hours ago

    Lol he did have a point though about the science documentaries all that shit is Cgi 😂 look at a science documentary from the 70's compared to now

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 12 hours ago

    Joe "Questions anyone who Questions everything" Rogan

  • Thomas Knight
    Thomas Knight 12 hours ago

    Typical good guy bad guy the Earth is flat they all know it and the put up a show ,been in a flat Earth 5 years do research

  • Hara Abedi
    Hara Abedi 15 hours ago

    Go buy a telescope and learn some astronomy you idiot.

  • santino g
    santino g 17 hours ago

    Brain low key about to laugh 2:03

  • The Revolutionary Eseibio The Automatic

    Is this the dude who made the bravo choke?

  • The Revolutionary Eseibio The Automatic

    Here’s a song for you… MEGATRON by Nicki Minaj - FREESTYLE REMIX VERSE BY E.C.B.O

  • Lord McLoudmouth
    Lord McLoudmouth 18 hours ago

    I'm an idiot, I dunno, im craaaaaayzeeeee. (Eddie excuse everytime he sais some dumb shit.)

  • Jesus N.M.
    Jesus N.M. 18 hours ago

    Eddie's the man!

  • Deprived Noob
    Deprived Noob 19 hours ago

    Eddie bravo literally kills other peoples brain cells just by talking. Call him gifted.

  • tupac shakur
    tupac shakur 23 hours ago +2

    technically the earth is flat actually it is flat and round at the same time as well as something else we can't see because we're 3 dimensional 2 dimensional beings see the earth as a disc 3 dimensional beings us see it as round however 4th dimensional see it in a way we can't see as were 3 dimensional

  • Trevor Castillo
    Trevor Castillo 23 hours ago


  • funincluded
    funincluded Day ago

    Feminists already believe in patriarchy; a one world gender communist government is already appealing to them and the potential human cost of such a thing is lost on them.

  • Warsame Adam
    Warsame Adam Day ago

    If space is fake the what’s out there ?

  • Timothy
    Timothy Day ago

    The trouble with all these conspiracy theories is that it talks about government as this "general" homogenous "being" that has all these plans and tricks up it's sleeve and has managed to convince everyone else of false truths....the biggest problem with all of the conspiracy theories ever made is quite simple: for ANY of these crazy conspiracies to work, they would need literally thousands of completely agreeable people in government ready to lie to the teeth for these "conspiracies" to stay secret. People that work in government are still people. They still go home at the end of each day and stop giving a f*ck about work no matter what they do, they couldn't keep their mouths shut (humans love to gossip, leak stuff, talk about stuff, post online etc etc) even if they wanted to, and the 21st centuary has proven unanimously that in 2019 with the internet, NOTHING is secret.

  • newportcity1975
    newportcity1975 Day ago

    Eddie Bravo and Elon Musk please that would be fun to watch

  • H&SAnimations
    H&SAnimations Day ago

    it takes a year and a half to lose enough brain cells to understand flat earth

  • Jimmy B.S. Roastbeef

    Earth isn`t flat...it`s more like a hole with a bump inside.

  • Dj Danger
    Dj Danger Day ago +1

    The earth is flat, space is round, sun is square, water is dry, stars are glow worms, red is blue, global fake invasions.
    Look into it..

  • Joe Park
    Joe Park Day ago

    Joe “I gotta pee” Rogan

  • MikeLikesAFondoo

    Eddie Bravo is an idiot

  • Alex Wolf
    Alex Wolf Day ago

    Why are we discovering things about space so slowly if we need those aliens to come and create a one world government?
    What generation of people are going to unleash this one world government? What is the goal?

  • Gilbert Lopez
    Gilbert Lopez Day ago

    Eddie is the bit and you guys are fucking it up by getting mad... it's sad because this used to be funny...

  • BlueSharkBoy434
    BlueSharkBoy434 Day ago

    This is essentially the plot of Watchmen

  • Kishore Kumar
    Kishore Kumar Day ago

    I can't tell if Eddie is making the biggest prank in history or if he genuinely believes our planet is flat. I sincerely hope its the former more than the latter.
    Edit : word

  • Western Defector

    Asks for one example and bravo is just like no, I can't convince you, it takes about a year in a half. Its indoctrination.

  • John Warring
    John Warring Day ago

    I mean Bryan comes across as a real fucking lameass dweeb every time ANYTHING mildly controversial comes up, which is odd because his dad was CIA and he knows the public is constantly lied to. Bryan is also one of my favorite stand ups ever and I'm amazed by his intellect in almost every other aspect (knowledge of history primarily)

  • John Warring
    John Warring Day ago +1

    I don't like where this convo went, I love Eddie and I love Bryan, Eddie could have done a little better, but goddammit if Bryan isn't the most incredibly closed minded person about anything that could be referred to as a 'conspiracy theory'. His dad was in the CIA. He knows there's constant deception. Yet he'll earnestly ask "why would NASA lie?"

  • WarWolfeX
    WarWolfeX Day ago

    Lol didn't the church deny the existence of life on other planets until recently?

  • SurfingFor GrilledCheeseToday

    it be so fun to drink with these guys

  • Rob Ruitenberg
    Rob Ruitenberg Day ago

    Eddy ‘s from another planet

  • Djentleman
    Djentleman Day ago +1

    The problem with that, Eddie, is that there ARE actual threats to the planet. Global warming and nuclear war are two examples that could genuinely be solved under a one-world government, if we as a species focused our efforts on what mattered.

    • Schlomo Shekelsteeler
      Schlomo Shekelsteeler 4 hours ago

      Global Warming? You mean climate change? Yeah.. Real threats brought to you by fake science, shit hockey sticks, fudged numbers and politicians who are pitching a carbon tax straight to their pockets. I believe Eddie before a person who even mentions climate change. No credibility. Keep shilling.

  • Steraz
    Steraz Day ago

    But Mars is studied to be real and round😂 Straight from the flat earth twitter😂😂😂

  • Anthony DeMarco
    Anthony DeMarco Day ago

    Someone get this man a telescope.

  • Mark Owens
    Mark Owens Day ago

    Joe, you and Joey should never have given Eddie the good stuff. He hasn't come back yet. LOL!!!

  • eightypuff01
    eightypuff01 Day ago

    It can't be healthy to be that much into conspiracy theories.

  • Hamza Jay
    Hamza Jay Day ago

    Fuck.. My buddies and I were literally talking about how that would be how we took over the world.. False flag alien invasion

  • Luis Marquez
    Luis Marquez Day ago

    This dumb mother f#*$&

  • Dom Wings
    Dom Wings Day ago

    “It takes about a year and a half of wanting to” lost it lol

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    Shit, he knows my plan. I better take his soul before its too late

  • Žmogus Hibridas


  • rrhull21
    rrhull21 Day ago

    People care about themselves.. actions are always influenced by how do we benefit while I’m alive... and also is better for the future.. but never for our future.. people in power have always been promoted by what benefits them. People will always want instant gratification. That’s why today our tech and process is about getting the quickest result. No one, unless regions promote this

  • Nick Mcree
    Nick Mcree Day ago

    This guys dumb

  • Damien Tong
    Damien Tong Day ago

    Crazy cause thats how it goes

  • dawgsmycopilot
    dawgsmycopilot Day ago

    I think he's right about them wanting to do an alien false flag I just don't think that means aliens aren't real. Just like Tonkin - what turned out to be a false flag didn't mean Vietnamese people didn't exist. Aliens exist I just don't think they mean us any harm. But even Von Braun warned us about them advancing the military industrial complex until the point of an alien false flag.

  • Hurrifan C.
    Hurrifan C. Day ago

    I hope Bryan Callen dies soon

  • Ryan  Brooks
    Ryan Brooks Day ago

    Joe is such a schill

  • Yin Yang Domain
    Yin Yang Domain Day ago

    Ok, Joe, you said it. Russia. Send him to Russia and put him in one of their planes where the go into the Earth's atmosphere and he see's it!

  • Seeker of Gnosis

    Im convinced that Eddie is not a real person.

  • ClownBabyCK
    ClownBabyCK Day ago

    He sounds like Steve-O, weird putting the voice to his face

  • Christopher Nogales

    This is hilarious, every time Rogan asks him a question he starts repeating “The Vatican”.

  • David De La Toba

    Eddie is a Freemason

  • B Davidson
    B Davidson Day ago