EXTREMELY CHEWY NOODLES! Indonesian BRUNCH Street Food Tour in Jakarta Indonesia

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • I love brunch, especially trying out all the different types of brunch in other countries. This is my first time having brunch in Jakarta Indonesia, and I must say, they sure know how to do their brunch here! The noodle dishes that I ordered for brunch are just incredible, the texture of the noodles are extremely chewy and stretchy, especially mixed with the pieces of the crispy pork!
    All the noodle dishes that I have tried in this video are all extremely chewy, and stretchy, I really can't decide which noodle dish is my favorite!
    I'm also really glad that I got to try out the different types of the Indonesian Brunch, from the flavored porky soup to ribs that fall off the bones and let's not forget the fresh seafood.
    Overall, I must say all the tasty brunch that I have visited in Jakarta are just simply fantastic!
    1. Bakmi Keriting Siantar Pluit
    * maps.google.com/maps?client=safari&hl=en-us&um=1&ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=id&entry=s&sa=X&ftid=0x2e6a1d93ec8522c3:0xb9c1c6174898757d&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D
    2. Soto Medan Pak Syamsudin
    * maps.google.com/maps?oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari&um=1&ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=id&entry=s&sa=X&ftid=0x2e6a1d97f44c7c07:0xe3cd793ae32fa3f9&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D
    3. Bakmi Khek
    * maps.google.com/maps?oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari&um=1&ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=id&entry=s&sa=X&ftid=0x2e6a1d987767b1b5:0x2d1c7741af83e657&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D
    4. Wiro Sableng 212 Seafood
    5. Sop Konro Karebosi
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    detektif garuda 20 hours ago

    Jacki chan 😀😀

  • hannah kim
    hannah kim Day ago

    Yummmm I missed them dearly! I loveee mie kriting!you should try Mie medan

  • gamer izationn
    gamer izationn Day ago +1

    Isnt that bawang

  • abigail xx
    abigail xx 3 days ago

    you're the best for trying 212 seafood because it's really rare seeing tourists try this restaurant. its foods are really great (and it's really cheap considering their big serving)

  • Risakika
    Risakika 9 days ago

    17.38 YOU ARE SO CUTE😂❤

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    dude, how many people told you that you look like Jackie Chan?

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    Master Rai 29 days ago

    Recently found this channel but i am subbing also yeah this confirm we Asians from any countries love our spices 😂

  • Ester Dahlan
    Ester Dahlan Month ago

    I just dropped here...if u want being sweety go to beautika manado cuisine alot of spicy dare your self here. Also you must tried rendang or randang go to sari bundo sati or pagi sore randang is padang cuisine.

  • Azhar
    Azhar Month ago +6

    70% over proud Indonesians
    20% Indonesians
    9.99% other
    0.1% also over proud Indonesians

  • Sarmed Alwan
    Sarmed Alwan Month ago

    I'm surprised pork lard is served in so many places in a mostly Muslim country

    • Nico Nico Nii
      Nico Nico Nii Month ago

      Indonesians aren't mostly Muslims though

  • Des Joy Carbonel
    Des Joy Carbonel Month ago

    I thought indonesian domt eat pork
    Muslim thing

    • Chairosaki
      Chairosaki Month ago

      Not all Indonesians are muslims

  • jonbudi
    jonbudi Month ago

    wuenak tenan bosku

  • Sukma Wika
    Sukma Wika Month ago

    You've too smart to make me hungry. And i'm Indonesian.

  • young k씨
    young k씨 Month ago

    want to try everything that contains pork but i cant oh why WHY

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    Akta Liem Month ago

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    You like Jacky Chan bro haha

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    Cecilia Mariska Month ago +1

    I'm from Indonesia and i know it's delicious :v
    In Indonesia you need to get used to people saying 'ASHIAAPP' LMAO

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    Itu ayam bambang gak ada babi

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    just know that jacky chan doing something than action movie

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    Man, u did my 3 day meals on 1 day. Last time i did that i gained 5kg 😆
    The way u eat those meals is acceptable, 4,5 / 5 points. Great vid!

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    Oh my 212 wirosableng always the best!!

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    I want Mike's life on the aspect of trying all these foods.
    I dont want Mike's life cuz, oof, my wallet

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    The seafood is fozen mikeeee

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    Yaaaaa.... you just killing my tummy...😍😍😍😍 chicken noodles just my love in my life.... 😆 after my husband of course.... 😘😄 I am a noodles lovers...😍😍😍😍

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    In the United States just pick up phillapino pork-griends ( chicharrón) 🤤✌

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    Don't Muslims not eat pork? And isn't Indonesia something like 90% Muslim? How is the delicious lard so prevalent?

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    been in melbourne for 2 years now, missing indo food sooooo bad :(:( also you dont need to worry about mixing food, we mix everything together in indo cause they always taste good!!!

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    "indonesian sweat tea" tried sariwangi yet?

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    Indonesian cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world.

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    Music sucks

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    Wei Hao Huang 2 months ago

    Looks like when people cook they dont use gloves

    • Fap King
      Fap King 2 months ago

      Even chef 5 star hotel or michelin star w/e not using glove.lmao. i nver see professional chef using gloves when cook some food.maybe only some streetfood using gloves

  • Mike Casper
    Mike Casper 3 months ago

    4.50usd for a bowl of ribs? Is that a lil too expensive or it's normal in Indonesia?

  • Johan Yahya
    Johan Yahya 3 months ago

    Indonesian living abroad here. I can fulfill my craving by watching this video.

  • Ace Of Spades
    Ace Of Spades 3 months ago +1

    But Indonesia's majority muslim... Why do they sell pork there???

    • Frederik Stephano
      Frederik Stephano 2 months ago

      Yes our country is largest moslem country in the world but we are not moslem country. We consist of different races, religions, etc and we live peacefully each other. Thats why u still can find restaurant selling pork in the city.

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    are you hiring anyone to go eat the leftovers i would go just to eat the crumbs you don't finish
    sad truth :'(

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    this is typical siantar city style wantan noodle, which the noodle are look curly

  • Penduduk Helheim
    Penduduk Helheim 3 months ago

    We are indonesian, we can actually eat Cracker + sweet soy sauce + rice in our entire days.

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    why da heck didn't u try Padang?.....

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