EXTREMELY CHEWY NOODLES! Indonesian BRUNCH Street Food Tour in Jakarta Indonesia

  • Опубликовано: 12 авг 2018
  • I love brunch, especially trying out all the different types of brunch in other countries. This is my first time having brunch in Jakarta Indonesia, and I must say, they sure know how to do their brunch here! The noodle dishes that I ordered for brunch are just incredible, the texture of the noodles are extremely chewy and stretchy, especially mixed with the pieces of the crispy pork!
    All the noodle dishes that I have tried in this video are all extremely chewy, and stretchy, I really can't decide which noodle dish is my favorite!
    I'm also really glad that I got to try out the different types of the Indonesian Brunch, from the flavored porky soup to ribs that fall off the bones and let's not forget the fresh seafood.
    Overall, I must say all the tasty brunch that I have visited in Jakarta are just simply fantastic!
    1. Bakmi Keriting Siantar Pluit
    * maps.google.com/maps?client=safari&hl=en-us&um=1&ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=id&entry=s&sa=X&ftid=0x2e6a1d93ec8522c3:0xb9c1c6174898757d&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D
    2. Soto Medan Pak Syamsudin
    * maps.google.com/maps?oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari&um=1&ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=id&entry=s&sa=X&ftid=0x2e6a1d97f44c7c07:0xe3cd793ae32fa3f9&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D
    3. Bakmi Khek
    * maps.google.com/maps?oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari&um=1&ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=id&entry=s&sa=X&ftid=0x2e6a1d987767b1b5:0x2d1c7741af83e657&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D
    4. Wiro Sableng 212 Seafood
    5. Sop Konro Karebosi
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  • Magic Thinker
    Magic Thinker День назад

    12:58 Thats not Hokkian noodles. Thats Hakka noodles. Khek = Hakka.
    In your other videos that ate Siantar noodles, usually that is Hokkian noodles since Siantar is a place in Medan (North Sumatera) and usually live Hokkian people.

  • Shaun Wyllie
    Shaun Wyllie День назад

    Every night I find myself watching you eat lol you need your own show asap

  • Tiyana Anderson
    Tiyana Anderson День назад

    Do not watch his videos when you’re high.

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    Monika Middleton 2 дня назад

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    Nina Sanchez 2 дня назад

    I am getting hangry! 😩 going to eat my cheap bowl of instant ramen 🍜

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    protizemo s 3 дня назад

    How can someone love broth that much

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    liefde amar 4 дня назад

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  • My Euphoria
    My Euphoria 4 дня назад

    Apapun makanan nya minum nya yaa teh botol sosro 😄 dy tau cara makan kerupuk pake kecap 😂👍

  • Rizka Chinta Osaviany
    Rizka Chinta Osaviany 7 дней назад

    Btw u eat the wrong way, you must to mix the soup with thats noodles 😅

  • qonita azizah
    qonita azizah 8 дней назад

    I do the same like you too

  • Nexx To
    Nexx To 10 дней назад

    Minumnya teh "botol Sosro"😅

  • Catseye Meowming
    Catseye Meowming 10 дней назад

    🤣 why u put kecap manis to ur krupuk

  • Ratu Suroto
    Ratu Suroto 11 дней назад

    You know how to eat krupuk dude

  • MyNameIsErr
    MyNameIsErr 11 дней назад

    You are on on a first date, Mike... and now you're married to your food.

  • Lavender
    Lavender 12 дней назад

    thats not pork, thats frying chicken organ at stomach

  • Emperor Duck
    Emperor Duck 14 дней назад

    can i ask something? all of the countries that have you been visited, which one is "the best" food?

  • farel fausta
    farel fausta 14 дней назад

    You are bangsat kontol

    • Gomblo Bae
      Gomblo Bae 10 дней назад

      im sorry but u dont speak asu lo kentot!

  • apppe
    apppe 15 дней назад

    12:30 badak is basically a sarsaparilla soda which I LOVE *gulping

  • SuwakoFan
    SuwakoFan 16 дней назад

    I cant keep watching these vids. My mouth is super watery and im still 1 week away from my semester to end and going back there :'(

  • Yana saffron
    Yana saffron 16 дней назад

    Yes dip that cracker into the soup. I like it that way

  • Asu Lopper
    Asu Lopper 16 дней назад

    Indonesian brunch?!
    More like Indonesian lunch lunch lunch lunch and dinner

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    Ayub Comp 16 дней назад


  • Ylena Green
    Ylena Green 18 дней назад

    Isn’t the lard basically just like pork scratching from the uk?

  • ImProfesional
    ImProfesional 19 дней назад

    Sometimes breakfast i eat bakmi, lunch i eat rendang, n dinner i eat bakmi again :v

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    Satish 20 дней назад

    @ 18:18 to 18:29 That guy in the background with that PINK fly swatter. They do take those flies seriously.

  • Lieke Widowati
    Lieke Widowati 21 день назад

    Being so far from home and watching this is a very BIG mistake for me! Especially since all here are some of my favorite food, and some are even near my home.
    And I wanna applaud you for eating like a true native! You just need to use your hands more😝

  • Eliza Schulton
    Eliza Schulton 24 дня назад

    im eating a friggin hot dog in us street while watching you eating the foods from my country?!! how could you do this 😭

  • Selmer Reference54
    Selmer Reference54 24 дня назад

    Your contacts in Indonesia really know great dishes there!!!

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    Danar Dyaksa 25 дней назад

    Can you speak Indonesia

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    Nicho Dwitama 26 дней назад

    Mike you can actually order the lard and take it back home for free (in some of the noodle shop i eat)

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    Stephanie Dantzler 27 дней назад

    I just love to watch him eat.

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    Anime 2k 28 дней назад

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      God king 19 дней назад

      What's your point??

  • Stefanus Rianto
    Stefanus Rianto 28 дней назад

    Try Surabaya city as well! It's the 2nd largest city in Indonesia, and it's located on the same island as Jakarta.
    You won't regret it ;)

    LISAWATI mw 29 дней назад

    we can do anything to food in indonesia, no rules, just do anything to the food and we wont curse u

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    fatma wati Месяц назад

    Drooling like a dog here

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    lol im Indonesian but im born in Amercia ive only been to indo once

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    Veny Rizqiana Месяц назад

    Just put the melinjo crackers on the top ... it's make so perfect soup absolutly.
    Wellcome to our country mike n enjoy the food

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    - Jazzck Месяц назад

    Makanan Indonesia the best

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    alvin chan Месяц назад

    Welcome to Pluit

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    Michelle Angelica Месяц назад

    Now i'm craving it. Darn it. Great video btw

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    I am literally salivating the whole video omg

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    Itu mie ayam yakk 😂😂

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    Mas Bit Месяц назад

    Seafood 51$ = 700k+ IDR, seriously?

  • Cindy Pachuau
    Cindy Pachuau Месяц назад

    Drooling!!!! Specially those chillies..And you're outstanding.

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    Chapunk Pratama Месяц назад

    Im from Jakarta 🇮🇩🇮🇩
    I like Mie Ayam ( chicken Noddle )

  • Arga Daneshwara
    Arga Daneshwara Месяц назад

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyy you didn't order crabs with salted egg sauce :((((

  • Machda Aozora
    Machda Aozora Месяц назад

    broo are you have to try ( abang adek lv spacy lv mampus ) i think you must to try that... broo that will be amazing thank you

    • Machda Aozora
      Machda Aozora Месяц назад

      and you must try Martabak too that the sweet cake from indonesia

  • Meila Sanwarno
    Meila Sanwarno Месяц назад

    Mike.. you dont put the potato with the soup :(. it's supposed to be just a side dish... anyway glad you enjoyed the food

  • Sukandi Gunawan
    Sukandi Gunawan Месяц назад

    wow you eat to much , 5 bowl chiken noodle ?

  • samuel atyanta
    samuel atyanta Месяц назад

    that's not how to eat the potato dude, btw i'm from indonesia, and we eat that as it is, not put it in the soup, but it's okay u have your own style, everyone have their style, enjoy your meal in indonesia ^.^

  • Ayahshinta Devia
    Ayahshinta Devia Месяц назад

    Collaboration with Indonesia youtuber

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    Hiruk sauk maling kurupuk 2 месяца назад

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    rizka faulina 2 месяца назад

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    Erli Erlii 2 месяца назад

    Aku nggak masalah abangnya makan pork. Tapi aku sedih tiap liat si abang nggak nuangin kuahnya ke mi :"D
    gatel. Pengen bantuin nyemplungin rasanya.
    Btw kayaknya semuanya enak yaaa :""D

    • Christian Nugraha
      Christian Nugraha Месяц назад

      Beberapa orang emang lebih suka tanpa kuah, termasuk saya sendiri. Kuahnya minum belakangan haha.

  • kenny playz gamez
    kenny playz gamez 2 месяца назад

    Dont worry mike when your indonesia stuff as much food in your mouth dont need to worry about politeness trust me, i mean i eat rice with mangoes (dont judge)

  • prd x
    prd x 2 месяца назад

    Mike, if you visit Wiro Sableng again, try their salted egg crab.
    And you didn't get it wrong. Yes, we put those potato fritters in our soup, but not that much. For the rest of it, we put those emping in our soup.
    Also, Konro has 2 kind of meat.. grilled and stewed. Both with same broth. So you didn't do it wrong by dipping them in the soup. But we got the best of them by pouring soup over our rice, along with the peanut covered meat.

  • Dustin Aris Tides
    Dustin Aris Tides 2 месяца назад

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    INDICATOR lrnts 2 месяца назад

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    Equality for pineapples 2 месяца назад

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