• Published on Jun 28, 2018
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  • wwe_NBA worldwide
    wwe_NBA worldwide 7 months ago +1715

    I love this vedio. give him a like.👍

    • お腹が空きました
      お腹が空きました 4 months ago +1

      WOW! You like this *_verdio_* too?

    • wwe_NBA worldwide
      wwe_NBA worldwide 5 months ago

      @Jack Rice I want to know the reaction of the people of wrong spelling, and they say mothef*ker tomi it just a test?

    • Jack Rice
      Jack Rice 5 months ago

      i have to use Russian sometimes. i am not very good at it and i know some people among them whose first language is Russian are mocking me and it is not a good feeling.

    • Jack Rice
      Jack Rice 5 months ago +1

      do not listen to their inconsiderate remarks wwe_NBA. their actions make them look like blithering idiots and you only made one small spelling error. perhaps their parents should have beaten them more when they were children, they would behave better.

    • Zhanki _
      Zhanki _ 5 months ago

      Ryan Mulick He likes the nba what do you expect

  • unique brain
    unique brain 4 days ago

    I don't know what happened to Steve..?

  • Дамир Мухаметов

    Last guy was the best! He has amazing, like a Sinatras voice.

  • Will G
    Will G 6 days ago

    That dude who sang At Last.....had every females panties in that audience on full rinse cycle. Like....easy! 🤣

  • Carlos Backup
    Carlos Backup 10 days ago

    I'll commit murder for Nicole, and genocide for Tulisa.

  • Anico coconut
    Anico coconut 12 days ago +4

    Me: Okay class the lesson for today is
    Class:Is !!??
    Me:Never Judge A Book By its Cover

  • RE Silvestre
    RE Silvestre 13 days ago

    #2 should be in number 1

  • Kendalle Simmons
    Kendalle Simmons 14 days ago

    My nigga on da opera shit was high when he discovered he can do dat

  • Cesar Tobar
    Cesar Tobar 15 days ago

    Yo sal is the shit 😂

  • Abhishek Goswami
    Abhishek Goswami 23 days ago

    The 1st guy omg

  • Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell 25 days ago

    I really enjoyed this videos. These singers are breathtaking all of them they are amazing!!! What's God's blessing!!! These people bring so much happiness into my life. Thank you guys to share your superbe voices!!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😘😘😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏😘😘♥️

  • deejee
    deejee 27 days ago

    8:42 thats a reaction right there

  • ong yang
    ong yang Month ago

    Sal fucking killed it

  • Jesus Man
    Jesus Man Month ago +1

    The 2nd guy looks like if Chris Tucker and Kevin Durant had a baby

  • Ruth Parker
    Ruth Parker Month ago

    Just love Sal's voice.

  • Corey Withers
    Corey Withers Month ago

    Is Sals family member sitting by Nick Cannon not the dude from Instagram that talks about his day always talks like he’s from Jersey 😂

  • Dana d
    Dana d Month ago


  • Michael Pachuau
    Michael Pachuau Month ago +1

    Sal....that was like a boss

  • blackpool321
    blackpool321 Month ago

    The first young lad singing country and western was fab ,with an amazing voice ...

  • Sandeep Shankar
    Sandeep Shankar Month ago

    3rd and 4th guys are my reason I'm revisiting again and again. They are true and extraordinary talented guys.

  • Sungsam
    Sungsam Month ago +2

    These were all fucking surprising and amazing.
    Just shows talent + discipline trumps all, even stage fright.

  • Jc Young
    Jc Young Month ago

    The first guy surprised me a lot
    Nvm I think the guy who did opera surprised me too

  • taminislami
    taminislami Month ago

    Sal the winner man , I don't like music but this guy is awsome

  • WhosRasko
    WhosRasko Month ago

    Number 4 looks like a mix of Chris Tucker and Ice Cube

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane Month ago +1

    I wisb Mel b would dress properly. This is a family show!!!!

  • redhairkid
    redhairkid Month ago

    Jahmene has such power in his voice!

  • Gaboon Viper
    Gaboon Viper 2 months ago

    low notes from no. 5 was somethin

  • Karl-Wilhelm Schmidt
    Karl-Wilhelm Schmidt 2 months ago +1

    Wow, best

  • Sean Maverick Bracamonte

    Intro song please thanks

  • Can I get 500 subs with zero content

    I'm sorry, I mean I just don't get the first one...maybe it's just me, but I hated his version. It didn't flow...was it just because it was unexpected?

  • Marvin Reid
    Marvin Reid 2 months ago

    My boy singing country song for them white chicks haha

  • Deb Z
    Deb Z 2 months ago

    Sal was the best! Cool and funny with a solid old school voice.

  • King Snowman
    King Snowman 2 months ago

    Very good compilation which proves that one should never judge a book by its cover.😍

  • Clifton Cheng
    Clifton Cheng 2 months ago

    10:11 that’s kinda creepy

  • Genius Idiot
    Genius Idiot 3 months ago

    The only singer here was Sal.

  • EmmelineSama
    EmmelineSama 3 months ago

    Number 3, though..! 😮😍

  • Glen Alden
    Glen Alden 3 months ago

    Number 1 in its rightful place

  • dr Fahd
    dr Fahd 3 months ago +1


    • dr Fahd
      dr Fahd 3 months ago

      She's so gorgeous this isnt fair ☹

  • Friends fanclub
    Friends fanclub 3 months ago

    First song lyrics plz

  • JWC
    JWC 4 months ago

    He looks like Jarvis

  • Heyboss
    Heyboss 4 months ago

    For sals audition, the audience rlly needs to shut the fuck up

  • colby krauss
    colby krauss 4 months ago +2

    I don’t know why but Sal singing My Way sounds exactly to Tom Ellis’s version from Lucifer

  • VoID-DUO
    VoID-DUO 4 months ago

    I still think of sid vicious when my way comes on

  • becky martin
    becky martin 4 months ago

    all are so very good and surprising,,, but the young man at the end, doing FRANKIE

  • David Cobillo
    David Cobillo 4 months ago

    Sal has a Dj khalid vibes on him when his talking Lol 😂

  • Rafi Kay
    Rafi Kay 4 months ago

    The first third and last were the best and the good thing is that they were all good in different ways

  • harunotodoroki
    harunotodoroki 4 months ago

    The British xfactor judges sound so superficial and fake

  • Gangsta Mack
    Gangsta Mack 4 months ago

    This video should have been titled DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER MF’S!!!!

  • Phoenix King
    Phoenix King 4 months ago +1

    0:32 WHOOOOO!! My boi representing country music

  • Jasmine Mitchell
    Jasmine Mitchell 4 months ago

    Number 3 is so adorable! I love his voice and I hate how everyone judges and laughs at him in the beginning

  • Med Med
    Med Med 4 months ago

    هدا فيديو شامل لجميع الاصوات لتلك السنة وهذا شيئجميل حقا 😘💎

    NOTHING NIGGA 4 months ago


  • Conor Craig
    Conor Craig 4 months ago

    What’s the first guys name

  • shaaneali1
    shaaneali1 4 months ago

    RIP X

  • Franca Luciani
    Franca Luciani 4 months ago

    kuddos to ther pizza guy.

  • Anonymous 787
    Anonymous 787 4 months ago

    I never get tired hearing that Italian dude he got the Frank Sinatra down packed, and only og Italians have that accent here and I fucking love it😍😍😍.

  • Nikki123
    Nikki123 4 months ago

    They are all fab with something original of there own but bless jamaine been so shy and saying he doesnt mingle much and singing like that

  • Shadows
    Shadows 5 months ago +2

    8:40 defiantly ment for greater things then work at Walmart, hope he is full time performer now. stunning charisma and voice

  • Eagle Beagle
    Eagle Beagle 5 months ago +1

    Maroon 5? That guy in the audience shaking his head was an accurate reactio

    • taffyboy07
      taffyboy07 4 months ago

      A what ?, I'd say he was an arrogant prick !

  • Domenico Di Caterina
    Domenico Di Caterina 5 months ago

    The title of first song please

  • Noah Kranz
    Noah Kranz 5 months ago

    Favorite RU-clip Video

  • pranjal srivastava
    pranjal srivastava 5 months ago

    What's the name of judges at 7:11 ?

  • tydeze1
    tydeze1 5 months ago

    Sals biggest mistake, blowing his load on round 1 with "My Way." Would've been the perfect ending routine.

  • MAD A
    MAD A 5 months ago

    This is amazing

  • Damaygo
    Damaygo 5 months ago

    Intro song?

  • Deji B
    Deji B 5 months ago

    Jermaine giggles after anything he says

  • Diego Carvalho
    Diego Carvalho 5 months ago +1

    Number 5... name???

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson 5 months ago

    dunno how first one doesn't have a record deal and is not big yet

  • pranjal srivastava
    pranjal srivastava 5 months ago +1

    Reaction of anchor at 5:10 sums up the 3rd guy.

  • Manly Man
    Manly Man 5 months ago

    3 his sisters look kinda like emma stone

  • Manly Man
    Manly Man 5 months ago

    4 look like a dragon

  • Petra Shturm
    Petra Shturm 5 months ago

    01:27 "Her eyes were anguished" - W. Somerset Maugham "Theatre"
    Diana Ankudinova "Derniere Danse" ❤️❤️❤️ (from French "Last Dance", 14 y.o.)

  • Keenan Cloete
    Keenan Cloete 5 months ago

    Came here cuz of my crush on Sal.

  • Allen Gorman
    Allen Gorman 5 months ago

    Fuck off 2 fuck off 2 fuck off 2 fuck off 2 round the fucking house

  • Anbuchudar Christie
    Anbuchudar Christie 5 months ago

    The last guy is really manly