2018 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special (XL1200XS)│First Ride and Review

  • Published on Apr 20, 2018
  • Matt Laidlaw Rides the new Forty-Eight Special for the first time and weighs-in with his opinion and recommendations for people that are looking to purchase this Motorcycle.
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Comments • 140

  • george t
    george t 9 days ago

    Great review! I like my 48 Special. I've had many other bikes over the last 50 years. The Sportster fits my riding needs right now. I like the fat tire and the looks of the classic peanut tank. The AMF stripes grew on me.

  • Hair Razor Detox
    Hair Razor Detox 11 days ago

    think special is like saying custom few pieces of chrome and stuff

  • Tony Fri
    Tony Fri 29 days ago

    matt laidlaw you still got that silver spoon stuck in your mouth you are hard to watch

  • GKeeper316
    GKeeper316 29 days ago

    don't recycle shots. its lazy editing.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  29 days ago

      I usually try not to. Thanks for the feedback though.

  • Mike Essary
    Mike Essary 2 months ago

    At 5 ft 10 even , should I do forward controls? I've always ridden dirt bikes so I'm use to being on top of my controls. Thoughts anyone?

  • mdo686
    mdo686 2 months ago

    Argg it's another "What's up guy's" video. Ok I`ll play along....Not much and you?

  • quinnjim
    quinnjim 2 months ago

    AMF colors? Yeah…let's harken back to the days when we sucked. Great idea.

  • Brian Ohern
    Brian Ohern 2 months ago

    thanks for all your info very helpful

  • uppercutt slam
    uppercutt slam 3 months ago

    Why did they pay homage to the worst era in Harley history , with the Bowling Ball Colors , in those days the aluminum would corrode and dul badly ,I always wanted a Super glide with the banana tank ,not to be, dam

  • Bruce Kirk
    Bruce Kirk 5 months ago

    Some nice hardbags would look sick on one of these

  • Matrox One
    Matrox One 5 months ago

    Jim Bronson rode his Sportster all over the country in 1969.

  • Matrox One
    Matrox One 5 months ago +2

    I have an 04' 1200 Custom, had an 86' Sportster before that. I guess I have been breaking into the Harley world for almost 20 years now.

  • Matrox One
    Matrox One 5 months ago +2

    Cool looking bike. What if there was a way to devise and aux. gas tank mounted to the frame that you could switch over to give another 50 or 60 miles of range? That way you keep to cool peanut tank look.

  • Cody Carletti
    Cody Carletti 5 months ago

    out of curiosity, I am a taller guy as well at 6'5''. I have been looking at this and the iron 1200 as a starter bike but hearing you say that you don't fit the bike well being only an inch taller than me has become a concern. but I also don't feel comfortable with the idea of getting a bigger bike. I do like the fat bob, but the 114 seems like it may be a little overboard as a starter. what would you suggest?

  • Grey Goose 4x4
    Grey Goose 4x4 6 months ago

    I wish they kept the same paint schemes for these as the regular 48

  • Yusif Sadiqov
    Yusif Sadiqov 7 months ago

    Hello guys!

    First I tell you that I'm beginner.
    I want to buy a bike with a good view. I am not very well versed in technical characteristics, so appearance plays a role in my choice. The fat front wheel and the forward pedal in 48 I like, looks like a chopper. Not going to drive with a traffic light, İ need a pure pleasure to drive.
    Today is the last day of discounts in the our store, I have to make a choice.
    What do you advise me to choose?
    Is it worth paying 16k usd for 48 special 2018?

    • Nicholas Cochran
      Nicholas Cochran 4 months ago

      @Yusif Sadiqov If you're paying more than 1500 over msrp total out the door you can get a better deal. But that's just me. A bit of a slow market due to winter months over here gives you more power. Like we both have stated I'm in the U.S. though.

    • Yusif Sadiqov
      Yusif Sadiqov 4 months ago

      @Nicholas Cochran + transportation + taxes + smth else...
      Yes, more expensive than states )

    • Nicholas Cochran
      Nicholas Cochran 4 months ago

      Damn 16k? Msrp is 11,200 in the states.

  • Josip Laginja
    Josip Laginja 7 months ago +1

    Just got one....amazing bike...amazing look...just perfect!

  • D Van Der Wagt
    D Van Der Wagt 7 months ago +1

    I had my test drive today,...…. on this model,... and i think i am in love....

  • Sheryl Frenyea
    Sheryl Frenyea 8 months ago

    oldest largest and finest line of bullshit in the greater los angles area handed down to matt from his great grandpa

  • CreedX360
    CreedX360 8 months ago +1

    Tank is too small and imo they should put fuel guages on Sportsters.

  • Dave Lafontaine
    Dave Lafontaine 8 months ago

    SO true about different bikes for different riding types. ALSO if you are tall, just dont get a sportster. im lucky, im short and I ride manly in town, so I LOVE my sporty. its still the most fun hd made

    • Barry Bamb
      Barry Bamb 5 days ago

      @Mike Essary test drive and find out.

    • Mike Essary
      Mike Essary 2 months ago

      Do you think me being 5ft 10 and 210 pounds that I would be comfortable on this bike?

  • Smooth LaFlare
    Smooth LaFlare 8 months ago

    What's the name of your gloves them shits dope

  • Simone Magnano
    Simone Magnano 9 months ago

    where can I purchase the white gloves the guy on the 48 special is wearing? I love them!!!

  • GD D
    GD D 9 months ago

    Matt, i want to ask, i want to get into the Harley world. I've been riding for 6 years with my Ninja 650r. I think the 48 would be something i'd like. But i'm 5' 6'', 140 lbs, and asian. it feels like i'd need to get tattooed up and wear a leather vest. Is that true?

    • Barry Bamb
      Barry Bamb 5 days ago

      Masterbate to Sons of Anarchy every morning and you'll be good.

    • 48 Sportster
      48 Sportster 6 months ago +1

      Also 5'6", 140 lbs here. The 48 Special fits like a glove - just perfect. Traded in my Softail Slim, as I don't need the heavy cruiser.

  • BorderlineAlaska
    BorderlineAlaska 9 months ago

    These bikes do wheelies

  • S.
    S. 10 months ago +2

    Dudes been guitaring in the background for 9 mins

  • LaMadrid81
    LaMadrid81 10 months ago

    Hi Matt, i've got the 2016 "regular" forty eight. I'm inlove with these tall boy bars. would i need to change my cables and brake lines to install them? or would they fit on the factory cables/lines?

  • Fungus 357
    Fungus 357 11 months ago

    Wish they would go back to the spoke wheels on the 48.

    • Nicholas Cochran
      Nicholas Cochran 4 months ago

      Those things are a pain in the ass to keep clean. Hell. No.

  • McKersin Previlus
    McKersin Previlus 11 months ago

    good first bike?

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  11 months ago

      Yes. Pretty good. Watch my video “is Harley Davidson a good beginner bike”

  • Robert Groves
    Robert Groves 11 months ago

    They are a great urban bike. The heavier the traffic, the more fun they are. Split the lanes at traffic lights, up to the front line. Lights turn green, plant it and leave everybody else behind. Been riding Harley's since 1991 and my other bike is a Ultra Limited. These Sportie's are just so much fun, the torque to weight ratio is ridiculous.

  • Alex Pantoja
    Alex Pantoja Year ago

    Hey Matt. Great vid bro. I bought my 48 w you guys back in 2016 and man i love it. It's a daily rider to and from work 29 miles each way. So i fill up the following morning[only work n home] if that makes sense. I can actually go to work come home then go to work them fill up at work area. Monterey park to van nuys. Okay so a question and ive been doing some research n shopping. I want to swap my stock handlebars to mini apes. What would be the ballpark estimate on doing that there w you guys(whats up Ty, thanks for installing my new www)? Thanks in advance Matt.

  • Laing Daing
    Laing Daing Year ago

    Bought one the other day...now just waiting for it to be ready. How long does PDI generally take when the bike comes in?

  • Dan Andino
    Dan Andino Year ago

    I’m 5 ‘5 is that too short for the forward controls . I had a 883

    • Carrie Pepper
      Carrie Pepper Year ago +1

      I'm a 5'4" woman and own this exact 48 Special. I love the forward controls and they fit me fine.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago +1

      Yea, I wouldn’t recommend forward controls at your height

  • J.A.Ratt85
    J.A.Ratt85 Year ago

    So here's a question, is the Forty-Eight Special supposed to replace the discontinued '72? I'm 6'10, I've never contemplated sitting on a Sportster at all for fear of looking like a baboon riding a warthog... Yesterday I saw a '72 and was amazed at how much bigger it seemed than a normal Sportster (and I LOVED the straight pipes!) is the FES supposed to take over that slot and is it the same size?

  • LJM2stepspain
    LJM2stepspain Year ago

    Do you guys add that decal at 4:51?
    How do you feel about that Matt? I think I draw the line at the license plate frame - thankfully that's not on paint but putting a Decal on the motorcycle is not cool in my opinion.

  • Robert Agpay
    Robert Agpay Year ago

    Thanks for this forty-eight special review, Matt. I now decided that I want this bike badly.

  • Billy Shrubb
    Billy Shrubb Year ago

    Kinda reminds me of a 78 Low rider

  • Francesco Galli
    Francesco Galli Year ago

    Matt do you think the Sportster engine will be revamped in the near future?

  • Secret de cuisine

    Nice video but i don't like very much this bike !!

  • jeff medvin
    jeff medvin Year ago

    My sporty has been under a cover since Oct. Thanks for posting.

  • Nima Mojahed
    Nima Mojahed Year ago

    Idk why I hate the gas tank graphics. The stripes are so ugly to me, is there any option to get a solid color one or one similar to the 883 iron?

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago

      No man sorry. There are 3 colors but they all have the same AMF throw back design.

  • Hanley Daleson
    Hanley Daleson Year ago

    I honestly come here as my main resource for learning about particular Harley models other then online articles, not only does it help that ur in the industry but I do believe u make honest and fair assessments good and bad. You also explain things very well and make it easier for people like me the normal enthusiast (not expert gearheads) to understand. Your style is developing really well too. I saw a comment here or maybe the iron 1200 video, the dude suggested getting a gimbal or something to hold the camera... I agree that would be a plus...it’s not that it’s worse quality when holding by hand but it would give it that extra something that u feel you may be missing and your viewers will notice and appreciate...other than that YOU DA MAN! and I wish laidlaws was closer to me because I definitely would have bought my fxdb from you

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago

      Thank you! Your comment is appreciated. Yes, I need it get a gimbal next. It’s on the gear list.

  • UglyBoy Smallz
    UglyBoy Smallz Year ago

    Do you guys rent bikes there?

  • LIONS 67
    LIONS 67 Year ago +2

    At 5'8" with a 29 inseam, would the regular Sportster 48 be better fitting for my size than the 48 Special with it's high handlebars?

    • yotehtr1
      yotehtr1 11 months ago +1

      I'm 5'7 and I put 10" apes on my 48 and it works great honestly could have went 12s

    • LIONS 67
      LIONS 67 Year ago

      Thank you for the response, this helps. I assumed the 48 Special was for riders who were taller.
      I was looking to buy a 48, but the dealer gave me a price that seemed way too high over the MSRP.

    • Carrie Pepper
      Carrie Pepper Year ago +1

      LIONS 67 I'm a 5'4" woman and I have this exact 48 special and it fits me fine.

  • Brandon G
    Brandon G Year ago +2

    I'm gearing up to purchase my first Harley in a week or two, and your videos have been the most helpful resource by far. So thank you for all of the great videos and hard work. Cheers from Missouri.

  • James Lesperance
    James Lesperance Year ago

    All Harley's are COOL and better than most just look and ride one but bigger feels better to us old men!!

  • James Lesperance
    James Lesperance Year ago

    Is that a minibike!!

    • 48 Sportster
      48 Sportster 6 months ago

      No, and its not a traveling couch either...

  • Johnny Striple
    Johnny Striple Year ago

    I got the black Iron 1200 the other day. This is the sportster that I've been waiting for since I didn't get the Nightster when the came out. It looks old school. Flash back to the '70's. All it is, is a 48 with an 883 front end. I'm really enjoying the bike. I enjoy the mid. controls because I have an inseam of about 27" in jeans. I also can stand up a little to ease bumps in the road. I can even stand up with the mini apes like on a dirt bike to give my ass a little relief. New seat is ordered. I tilted the mini apes forward a little so I'm not setting directly on my tail bone. I'm getting about 50 mpg right now and expect that to get better as the motor wears in. I got about 107 miles in before the gas light came on and it only took about 2 gallons of gas with 114 miles on the odo. Going to do a stage 1 as soon as I get a turner. Looking for an easy tuner that doesn't cost 400 dollars since all I'll put on is a pair of slip ons and K&N air filter. 5 gears is all I will ever need since 4th will get me to about 55 around 3k rpm. A little back ground on myself. I'm 64. I've been riding for over 40 years. My first Harley was a new '77 AMF. Yes it was a peace of crap. I also own a 2017 SGS that I really enjoy. I opted for the Harley sportster instead of the Indian Scout because dealerships are every where and the available after market products. The sportster is Harley in the raw.

  • Oheyjay
    Oheyjay Year ago

    You think this bike would be a good fit for someone that’s 5’5?

  • Fili LOBO Esparza

    Thanks for making all these videos with detail..👍🏻 48 S is cool I like it.. Matt I notice they have Michelin tires no more Dunlop? I imagine the Michelin are a way better tire.

  • gemini232003
    gemini232003 Year ago

    At 5'8" the forward controls fit me just fine, anything else I feel confined. But the Breakout with the 103B will be my next bike, love the look and the ride. Great videos Matt, keep it up.

  • Lem D
    Lem D Year ago

    pretty good review thanks!

  • Lomate *
    Lomate * Year ago

    Dude is the traffic like that all the time outside your showroom 😩 and would you recommend a fuelpak if the bike is standard as I can't have noisy pipes so would it be a waste of money ?

  • Saul Ojeda
    Saul Ojeda Year ago

    I'm 5'11", the 2016 48 was my starter bike. It was definitely the perfect starter bike for me, but you outgrow it fast, specially because of that tiny gas tank. I'm trying to upgrade to a softail slim soon

  • chris decker
    chris decker Year ago

    I like the 48 special over the iron 1200 I just don’t like the wind screen to much soa want a be for my liking. If I was in the market for a new sporty I would get the 48 special love your review videos.

  • David James
    David James Year ago

    That song got me hyped, awesome. And that paint scheme is really nice, HD has nailed it, that retro, minimalist thing is so classy. While Yamaha is putting dumb green wheels and Honda (cars now) makes the equally dumb looking and absolutely over the top Civic R Harley is putting class. Lets hope millenials can appreciate it.

    • David James
      David James Year ago

      Also the chrome, yes! more... more... more... more... screw climate regulation that don´t help to solve a problem most likely doesn´t even exist to begin with, lets get some chrome back on the cars and bikes, its beautiful.

  • steve moriarity
    steve moriarity Year ago

    Great honest review. After riding a touring land barge for years I bought a xl1200c, sold the rolling couch and loving the little piglet. Just an engine, two wheels and a seat, all I need and nothing I don’t.

  • Geoff Oz Evans
    Geoff Oz Evans Year ago +1

    When I lived in Oz ( frim 1980 --- 2005), we used to call the Sportster, a Skirtster, meaning a girls bike, what a totally unfair analogy. The more I see of the Sportster the more I like them, I would but one in an instant, if the missus let me get a 2nd Harley. Great vlog as per usual Matt🖒😎

  • Daniel Schwiderski

    Great vids as always Matt! Thank you so much. As a new rider myself these are great. Any recommendations for a 6'3'' guy like me on these bikes?

  • Ryan's V-Twin Vlogs

    Solid, thorough review Matt. Thanks again

  • Arcon13
    Arcon13 Year ago

    I like bananas!

  • Chris Philhower
    Chris Philhower Year ago

    Hey Matt. Got my 2018 Custom 1200 last month. Just before the Iron and 48 Special were released. Only put 300 miles on it. Weather was bad for awhile. I find it rides Softer than the 2015 XG750. And the Power, Release the clutch and hang on. My 140 pounds feels like I'm going to be left behind. Like a Cartoon Character. What you said about the Forward Controls, At only 5' 4", Its not really a problem. XL has a shorter frame. My only real disappointment is, The Rear Turn Signal location. Had to get the relocate kit put on so I can add bags. Now I ran into a problem. Two holes on each side. 8 and 10mm from the old location. Bout a set of Plugs. Only the ones listed for the 8mm holes fit. The 10mm plugs are too small. I miss the 1200T. Would've been my next choice. Just change the mini floorboards to pegs. Trying to make mine look like a custom 1200T.

    • Chris Philhower
      Chris Philhower Year ago

      Thanks Matt. Mine is Black Tempest. First one to hit my area. Had the dealer install the Relocate Kit. Took about 4 hours. And call to Tech Support. Already changed the headlamp bulb to a H4 LED. Installed my Lithium battery. Saved about 8 pounds. A pair of FireBrand Loose Cannons. Have an Arlen Ness intake to put on as well. Later project. As well as an Accel Coil and wire set. The only problem I'm having is, Backing into the garage. Because of the driveway. Like backing up a couple of steps. Thinking about trying some adobe blocks. Using them as lowering kit. My legs are short. So I get better knee bending. And a stronger push.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago

      Nice man, yea putting bags on there can be a pain. Relocating the rear signals on that bike sucks. Yes, the 1200cc Sportsters have plenty of giddy-up especially out of the hole etc. Torque is just right. Enjoy

  • filmcostar
    filmcostar Year ago +8

    the mini tallboy ape hangers are cool , will swapping out the fuel tank to the larger 4.5 gallon from a 1200 custom -superlow on to the 48 special solve the range issue ? 84 miles round trip from Covina to LAX

    • Katie Perkovich
      Katie Perkovich 11 months ago

      Love my ape hangers. I’d def be into changing the tank. Did you do that through Harley or customize?

    • PowerYacht
      PowerYacht Year ago +1

      Buy an XL1200C Sportster Custom (2018 model has mids, 2011 to 2017 standard Custom has forwards and same 130 16 inch front tire as 48) straight away and move pegs forward, much cheaper option.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago +2

      Yea, absolutely. I have seen several people change out the tank on their 48. It's just kinda expensive some most people shy away.

  • hogdriver88
    hogdriver88 Year ago

    Another good, honest review, with pros, cons, and options. I always liked the look of the 48, maybe with some taller, chiseled bars. Not really digging the bars on the Special, kinda like the Road King Special - they just don't have any personality IMO. I thought a 48 would be a great second bike coming off a Limited, but I don't know - it's really small!

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago

      Coming off a Limited? Yea, you gotta really evaluate what you're gonna use it for. For non-Freeway it would be a good bop around town bike.

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy Year ago +1

    dude i bought a softail because of your video. would have bought it from you cause i live in cocoa beach fl, love it. its my 45th bike.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago +1

      45th?!!?! Nice! I appreciate the credit my friend. Enjoy!

  • Timmy Page
    Timmy Page Year ago +6

    Watching you guys weave in and out of stopped traffic is hilarious. I prefer the regular 48.
    Good vid.

  • Bubbyis12
    Bubbyis12 Year ago

    how tall are the bar?

  • ChaohChen
    ChaohChen Year ago

    Good for back moutain roads like those in Santa Cruz mountains?

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago +1

      Yea, definitely. I haven't ever ridden those road though. It's a fun canyon carver though

  • deejaylovesandi
    deejaylovesandi Year ago


    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago

      Haha, sorry man. I get asked that damn question in every video though. Maybe i'll just stop saying it

  • Eric Pesman
    Eric Pesman Year ago +2

    The AMF colors reappearing just as the Motor Co is in dire straits again. Coincidence?....

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago

      Na, they aren't in dire straights just down a bit

  • William Thacker
    William Thacker Year ago

    The only thing good about the AMF days were the paint jobs, LOL. As always great video keep up the comparisons makes good topics. Come on Harley give me a reason to buy a new bike, like a new CVO Pro Street Breakout, YES!

  • Harley Davidson Silent Vlogger

    harley ran out of idea with what to do with the sporsters range :( another bullshit release.

  • Harley Davidson Silent Vlogger

    Front tire too tall - they need to increase the rim size and decrease tire profile as well as give us 200 mm rear tire instead of 150 mm, they need to stop supplying bikes with candle light and replace them with LED lights this is 2018 not 1900.
    The engine size should have been 103ci for the S model.

  • CarsGuns&Freedom
    CarsGuns&Freedom Year ago

    Now Harley’s quality of bikes are good... for a price💰

  • Andrew Trapani
    Andrew Trapani Year ago +1

    Matt as always great review. I know you are 6’7” you make these bikes look like little pedal bikes lol

  • Dark Of Light
    Dark Of Light Year ago

    A comprehensive review as usual Matt but something is missing... The CVO beard!!! It´s gone!?!? Replaced by AMF skin? Talking about the dark ages;)
    Keep em coming sir!

    • Dark Of Light
      Dark Of Light Year ago

      Way to go sir.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago

      Haha. Yea, I've gotten some hate. I think I'll start growing it back.

  • Bernard Nappiot
    Bernard Nappiot Year ago

    Super cool video bravo

  • Thomas Angelo
    Thomas Angelo Year ago

    Excuse me had

  • Thomas Angelo
    Thomas Angelo Year ago

    Love the look of the new 48 special how to 79 Sportster AMF not a bad bike but now they make the best motorcycles in the world take care Matt thank you

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P Year ago

    Cool bike. Looks really cool with that fat front tire. Seems a little too tall to handle well though. I love my Night Train. Low fat Softail baby..!

  • Alexandre Vigo
    Alexandre Vigo Year ago

    7 sportsters models , 34 models total ....isn’t it too much?....

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago +1

      I don't feel like it's too much especially since they consolidated the Dyna and Softail. I agree with the other comment too. They just do on-street cruisers. For a big motorcycle company like H-D I don't feel like their line-up is too crowded.

    • Kash Animous
      Kash Animous Year ago +1

      Alexandre Vigo Well I guess since Harley doesn’t have dirt bikes, adventure bikes, or sport bikes they have to offer more options for their cruisers.

  • Roadster FB
    Roadster FB Year ago +14

    Matt, I just feel to say that your videos are by far the very best available worldwide. Please continue 💫

  • S a m s o n 305
    S a m s o n 305 Year ago

    I wish the 48's looks won't change in the next 10 yrs so I can buy it again. The style is perfect for me.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago +1

      10 years? The bike will be completely different or not available at all. 2020 I predict things will completely change for the Sportsters.

  • Jeff Kinsey
    Jeff Kinsey Year ago +1

    You look good on that bike, clown

    • NPC#0R4N93
      NPC#0R4N93 Year ago

      Jeff Kinsey someone has salt in their vag...bye boo.

    • Supa Troopa
      Supa Troopa Year ago

      Great contribution Jeff! NOT.
      You know Matt does give negatives about the bikes too. Ive been watching for a little while now and have found him to be passionate about the biking community and gives honest reviews regardless of him owning the dealership. Plenty of negatives as well as the positives in his reviews. You don't like it, DON'T WATCH! Making comments like yours makes you look like a tool, not the other way round.

    • Tony Vasconcelos
      Tony Vasconcelos Year ago +3

      Jeff Kinsey
      He owns a dealer genius!!!!!
      Of course that's his reasoning behind it... but that doesn't give you a right to be a bully ... if you know what matts channel is all about why the heck do you waste your time here? ... you just being a bully AND that's not cool...you hating on the guy just because he wants different venues and platforms to sell his business and that's not ok we are a business and consumer society....DO YOUR RESEARCH..... all the man is doing is taking advantage of what's available to expands his business and or persona ....

    • Jeff Kinsey
      Jeff Kinsey Year ago +1

      Tony Vasconcelos I've been called worse, so ok. Make no mistake, Matt's interests are selling motorcycle and defending Harley Davidson. Do your own research.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Year ago +6

      Thanks man, that was nice of you to say

  • Dimitrije Dimitrijevic

    First, excuse me for my English, not very good at it. I had 3 Yapanese crusers before I bought my 2006 Sportster. It is an 883 wich I found in a great condition 2 years ago with only 10000 miles on it. For me it is a perfect size and power bike. I live in Serbia, in a small town with small streets and bigger bike would not be good for me. Sportster is a lot better than all 3 of the bikes I had before. Not to mention the style. Also it is only Harley in my city so people are always taking photos of it, lol. I just upgraded the shocks to progressive and some estetic touches. It`s all stock and I love it. Hope one day will get that new. It is beautiful. I really like 1200 Iron, not a big fan of fat front tire. Here is a link to my fb page, you can see my bike on the headline photo. facebook.com/dimitrijevic.986

    • LIONS 67
      LIONS 67 9 months ago +1

      Good post, you got the point across very well. Now I'm more convinced the Sportster 48 is the bike for me! Thanks!

    • Laing Daing
      Laing Daing Year ago +2

      Your english is very good. Glad you like your bike. My first Harley comes in this week, the black 48 special!! I'm very excited for it.

    • Dimitrije Dimitrijevic
      Dimitrije Dimitrijevic Year ago

      Thank you sir.

    • Gregor Miller
      Gregor Miller Year ago +2

      Nice bike Dimitrije, I like the color and especially those wheels.

  • Unknown Myths
    Unknown Myths Year ago

    I'm only 17 now, and i would love a Harley when i get 18 (actually i would love to have one right now). Aside from Sportsters, i would like a Street Bob. I never rode a bike before. What would you recommend? Good review as always.

    • Unknown Myths
      Unknown Myths Year ago

      Thanks, i'll keep that in mind. You mean the 1200 Custom, right?
      But yeah, obviously i'm not gonna blindly go riding without first learning how to ride.

    • chris decker
      chris decker Year ago

      Unknown Myths get a used sportster if you get the custom with wide glide bars you’ll have the same look half the price. I wouldn’t get brand new as a first bike get one you wouldn’t mind if you dump it go take a rider edge or msf corse to learn how to ride well

  • David Shevack
    David Shevack Year ago +2

    I just finished the video, thank you again for your honest opinion. I still like the look of the Iron 883 with the blacked out look. Not a fan of the AMF paint graphics. I demoed both the iron 1200 & the 48 special. I am 5’8 and had a hard time with the lean angle on the Iron 883 and 1200. I would opt for the Iron’s only because of the large fuel tank.

  • saddlebag
    saddlebag Year ago

    I'm going to have to take a ride on one of these. Love to know if the Street Bob wheels would fit it. Really needs the spokes to look period correct. Put those on it and call it a '74.

  • BreakoutPete
    BreakoutPete Year ago +4

    Man are these bikes sweet!