Voice Teacher Explains the vocals behind Battle Beast! (and also the problem with haters in metal)

  • Published on Apr 3, 2019
  • In today's upload, I'm taking a look at a vocalist several of you have requested, the amazing Noora Louhimo of Battle Beast! Don't let the reactions to their stylistic changes distract you from the amazing vocal control Noora has. She's technically great no matter what style of music they put out and we can't forget that. I talk about what range singer she is and how distortion and raspy singing and darkness and color to her voice. We take a look at both old and new Battle Beast.
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  • ACEL713
    ACEL713 5 days ago

    Your opinion on the hate within metal scene is greatly appreciated. Listening to a professional share their thoughts on the subject matter in such a clear and concise way is extremely humbling and enlightening in all the right ways. It's already hard enough with our favorite genre being ostracized by mainstream media, we shouldn't be alienating each other or the bands we love. I'm not a fan of Unleash the Archers, their music simply doesn't resonate with me, but I respect the band's talent and drive. I'm a die-hard fan of Battle Beast, and Noora's vocal power is mind-blowing. It's okay to have preferences, but It's something entirely different to let those preferences become prejudice against something you enjoy.

  • köö koo
    köö koo 6 days ago

    Here in Finland Battle Beast was and still is played to fucking death on rock radio and when you hear it 20 times during work day you get REALLY fucking tired of it. It was ok couple times i heard it but at this point i'd rather listen to nothing than listen to battle beast, same goes for beast in black, they are really riding that horse to death here. One of their songs was everywhere in here when they released it, no memory of which one since they are all starting to blend together for me.

  • Shadow Roamer
    Shadow Roamer 8 days ago

    Nothing wrong with jamming along if the beat grabs you.

  • Bigmudder 24
    Bigmudder 24 14 days ago

    I like the new stuff honestly it kinda sounds like Heart and Pat Benitar

  • Emmanuel Santa Elena
    Emmanuel Santa Elena 15 days ago

    Noora Is The Best Vocalist i've ever Heard!! She's so awesome and the rest of the Band..More Power to you Guys.

  • Falcon 4Life
    Falcon 4Life 18 days ago

    Well I discovered BB by sheer accident while I was searching for Delain videos. But once I saw their videos, I was instantly hooked bc I'm always looking for good bands to get into.
    I love my mainstay favorites in Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Iced Earth; however, newer American metal bands have just gotten ridiculous with bad guitar tones, growling vocals that sound like ass, and just an overall bad quality of music, so my tastes went over to Europe and thus, I discovered bands like:
    Within Temptation
    Battle Beast....etc
    Now, the big problem (in my opinion) is that a lot of Euro symphonic metal bands sound the same too, especially with very operatic singers. That aspect of Euro metal bands don't appeal to me.
    Of all the bands in the list I mentioned above, Battle Beast is my favorite bc they know how to couple power metal with Melody and hooks. Along with great song writing.
    A lot of long time BB fans have expressed that the band went downhill after Antone was kicked out. I couldn't DISAGREE more. Yes they sounded very good and rocked with him in the band; however, I discovered that since he left, and comparing the older stuff to their newer catalog, that their newer stuff IS just as heavy, but they have better melody and hooks now.
    Songs like Familiar Hell and King for a Day are great examples of that. Sadly, bands and songs like this will NEVER see the light of day on American rock radio.
    I saw them the first time in May of 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, and had the pleasure of meeting Noora, the bass player and lead guitarist. I told them to keep coming back bc American audiences aren't getting this over here. They came back again this past Oct and the venue started chatting BATTLE BEAST...BATTLE BEAST over and over. The funny thing was is that BB was the opening band on a three band bill lol They were opening for Kamelot.
    But it made me feel good for them bc we were telling them that American audiences yearn for this kind of music that were not getting over here.
    Their first show ever in Atlanta, Georgia was the first time ever they played in Georgia when I saw them the first time. I was honored to help them christen Georgia lol now Noora has become my favorite female singer.

  • WarBeard
    WarBeard 20 days ago

    I don't know s*** all about music but I love all the stuff this band does and her voice is sexy af.

  • Isamu T
    Isamu T Month ago

    I was looking everywhere for a female metal vocalists, all the lists start with Tarja, Sharon Den Adel etc but they aren't really metal. That's when I found Noora =)

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin Month ago

    I seen them 2 days ago,they were awesome,played this song very well received,seeing it live though, it was way heavier than the video

  • Patrick van Gelder
    Patrick van Gelder 2 months ago

    Ever heard of the band Zimmers Hole?

    • Patrick van Gelder
      Patrick van Gelder Month ago

      @VoiceHacks Review the song / Hair doesn`t grow on steel - Zimmers Hole. Please ?

    • VoiceHacks
      VoiceHacks  2 months ago

      No one has ever asked me that in my life. EVER. 😆

  • AlisonGrossTheWitch
    AlisonGrossTheWitch 2 months ago +1

    My hatred for the "new" Battle Beast is honestly less about the sound. I love the hard metal stuff so I'm not into the new album but I did like some of their more recent stuff, including Touch in the Night. No, it is because, over time, Noora has become progressively more and more feminized and sexualized in her presentation. I loved the old Battle Beast because it showed that women (both Noora and the previous singer Nitte) could be totally badass without having to be that. The fact that Noora's image has evolved in this direction right on track with the band's, as you put it, "wider appeal" underscores the fact that either this is truly necessary for a woman to be successful or that we are so convinced it is that she felt she needed to make the change to court success.

    • SatsumaKing
      SatsumaKing 2 months ago

      I disagree and think you misunderstand. Firstly, so long as it is within the law, people should be free to wear whatever they want, so your own judgment or opinion literally has zero value in this regard, just like my opinion also has zero value. Secondly, in recent interviews, Noora stated that she and the band aspire to be somewhat theatrical (thats theatrical, not sexual). So anything sexual about the presentation forms mainly in the viewers own mind. To me her current stage outfit gives a kind of frozen_melicficent vibe, which is theatrical, so it fits. Thirdly, in a recent interview, Noora also said one of the inspirations behind her stage designs was Queen Elizabeth 1st (historical Queen of England). Those are the facts as told by the person themselves. Which is why I suggested at the start that you have unfortunately taken the wrong impression of the live show.

  • Tom Brooks
    Tom Brooks 2 months ago

    Battle Beast's new single Endless Summer is a departure from the sound I've known and loved. Which isn't a bad thing! Just another realm of sound they've conquered and kick ass in.

  • F. U. C
    F. U. C 2 months ago

    I thought the video would be about noora and battle beast not some random haters. What they said is outrageous but there is an infinite supply of sumbassds on the internet ots just genre Puritanism. Theraree are lots of comments like that in this genre and ots just ignorant and peopke finding one type of culture they can strongly identify with and closing their minds to others its sad

  • William Howells
    William Howells 2 months ago

    Huge fan of Noora's singing, found this video totally by accident, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you reviewing her! Now, can you do Anette Olzon from The Dark Element (and formerly Nightwish)?

  • Justin Seber
    Justin Seber 2 months ago

    I would not want to get into an arguement with Noora

  • kate barnwell
    kate barnwell 2 months ago

    i love battle beast

  • Anjos dos Animais
    Anjos dos Animais 2 months ago

    My God, só beautiful your makeup. I m mesmerized !!!

  • car 54
    car 54 2 months ago

    Battle Beast is my new favorite band as I have just discovered them recently. When I heard "Endless Summer", it went straight to my favorite summer song playlist. On the other hand, "Black Ninja" went straight to my workout music list... I don't think there is a song that they do that I don't love!!! They are the band to follow...…….and I'm 65 yrs old!!

  • Northgate
    Northgate 2 months ago

    Wait, you've stood in for Helion Prime? That's awesome! May I ask why this was just for live shows? Were you not interested in recording studio albums with them? It seems like you'd be a much better fit as a replacement for Heather than Soyos is.

    • VoiceHacks
      VoiceHacks  2 months ago

      Thank You! I joined the band a couple months ago, here’s the new single. :) ru-clip.com/video/Rgn1TIsFNRM/video.html

  • LWCReaper
    LWCReaper 3 months ago

    For me if I listen to a band because they have a style of music that catches my attention and then turns around and goes softer and lighter then I just stop listening to their new music

  • Joshua Marshall
    Joshua Marshall 3 months ago

    For me, Noora is the Queen of Metal. She's only 3 years older than me and I worship her basically. I love what she does, I love her vocal styles, her tones are amazing to listen to. Versatility is what makes a brilliant vocalist and that's exactly what she is, as a metal vocalist myself I can totally relate. You don't have to just be into Metal and nothing else to be a good metal vocalist. You can pull skills and techniques from other genres as well, and integrate them. There is nothing wrong with it at all, it's a creative approach and should he embraced as such. Not criticised like some of these morons do, they are clearly not proper fans or musicians and simply don't understand.

  • W.B. Trujllo
    W.B. Trujllo 3 months ago

    Wow ! ! ! This was a very good review.

  • W.B. Trujllo
    W.B. Trujllo 3 months ago

    I'm glad I'm hearing this group for the first time through this song. It sounds pretty good. Now I need to hear the older songs and see what everyone pissed about. I guess I for the older song. But CHANGE IS GOOD.

  • Camilla Rasmussen
    Camilla Rasmussen 3 months ago

    I don't know if we tend to be as mean as you describe it, because someone is succesful, although it's not okay in any way to treat someone like that. But I do think we set high standards for what we expect from the musicians we listen to, and we don't take it nicely if we don't get what we expect. Sometimes it's fair, sometimes it's not.
    Personally, I do set high standards for the music I listen to, but I always try to stay focused on what's good/less good about voice or technique, not the singer as a person. A lot of people forget to keep their focus on the music.
    Btw. Noora is an awesome singer with a lot of passion and a great performer.

  • Susu L
    Susu L 3 months ago

    Love this band. Noora sings like this live night after night, I don't know how it's humanly possible. She had huge shoes to fill after Nitte Valo and did so. Nitte would be cool to analyze with the band she joined Burning Point

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 3 months ago

    Noora is awesome!

  • Jordan Netsell
    Jordan Netsell 3 months ago

    As I do miss the old sound of Battle Beast I gotta say I am in love with their last two albums. Powerhouse vocals, solid dynamic sounds. Gah! so good!
    Hype Edit: I love helion prime! excellent shout out!

  • Aido g
    Aido g 4 months ago

    Did anyone complain about dancing with the beast from the last album? 🤔
    It's a pop song?
    It's great.... So is endless summer. Battle beast mix it up... Love it all folks!!
    Battle beast rules!! 🤟🤟🤟
    Great video by the way 👍

  • Kaden_Dechant_
    Kaden_Dechant_ 4 months ago

    Matt Barlow next!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any Iced Earth fand out their?

  • Makere
    Makere 4 months ago

    I still think that endless summer is garbage.
    I actually think that the raspy vocals ruin any 80s summer song vibe you could get from endless summer.
    For a good retro sounding summer song, I would rather listen to Brother Firetribe - Last Forever.

  • Neo FromTheMatrix
    Neo FromTheMatrix 4 months ago

    Noora the best female vocalist in metal period.

  • Mussun Mussun
    Mussun Mussun 4 months ago

    Explain King Diamond vocals sometime

  • MandoMonge
    MandoMonge 5 months ago

    Like if battlebeast is part of your workout playlists or make you wanna go sprinting when listening to bringer of pain

  • Desley Hemmingsen
    Desley Hemmingsen 5 months ago

    I absolutely love Nooras vocals, and the band.
    I've been a fan for years.
    Daily Rock News - on F.B ;)

  • Alias Fakename
    Alias Fakename 5 months ago

    I couldn't carry a tune with a bucket, but I really like these videos. I hear Noora and say, "Oh yeah, she's really good," but now I have an idea WHY. Thanks!

  • Aurinkohirvi
    Aurinkohirvi 5 months ago

    Nightwish is European? For 9 years they were all Finnish, and the band still locates (composes, practises, records) there, although not everyone lives there. They also use foreign choirs.
    It's like, is that car Japanese, American, German? No, components from all over the world. Or with corporations. But still ... they all have their head quaters, their origin, that locates them somewhere. But there's nothing to forgive, we're fine.

  • joakin frati
    joakin frati 5 months ago +1

    Endless Summer is not bad song, but the video feels not BB, they are moving rare and smiling and they r fcking metal heads wich were crushing the instruments in other songs and it feels rare, the song is not the problem i think haha

    • joakin frati
      joakin frati 5 months ago +1

      * cuz they never only singed Power Metal only, except in the Nitte "times"

  • R00Z
    R00Z 5 months ago

    Nice video overall about how the metal society is (an can react in certain situations) i fully agree with You at many points.
    As a person who knows personally and watches closely to Noora's career i'd like to add that she has improved tremendously since joining BB. (pretty much changed her vocal style totally)
    I saw one of her first shows with BB when she freshly replaced Nitte (also amazing AMAZING vocalist)

    Greetings from fellow power metal vocalist from Poland! :]

  • Ryan O'Driscoll
    Ryan O'Driscoll 5 months ago

    I thought Endless Summer had an 80s Def Leppard-esque stadium rock feel to it which I really love. You're right about a sense of entitlement. People think the band works for them, the consumer. That the band somehow owes them for buying their previous albums. It's ridiculous. They are artists, we buy it if we like it.

  • Kenneth Irgendwas
    Kenneth Irgendwas 5 months ago

    battle beast is great. i saw them live not too long ago and it was a great show. i really dont like endless summer though and i can somewhat understand the reaction to it. to insult them and beeing unreasonable is stupid though and if they want to do something new im all for it.
    reminds me of a song from a german rapper 'alligatoah -meine band' ('my band' its about people obsessing over bands changing and not only playing the same three tunes and or tickling their nostalgia)

  • War624
    War624 5 months ago

    Mary, my friends and I saw you when you were filling in on Helion Prime, when you guys and UTA played at the Baltimore Soundstage. It was so badass. And most people don't seem to forget that Battle Beast already had some of the 80's ballad sound going on, on top of their power metal influences. Anton's work with the band brought a lot of that sound (and a lot of Berserk references), and when was let go from the band, he continued that with Beast in Black. Though Beast in Black is pure 80's ballad metal cheese. Lol.

  • Mark Stratton
    Mark Stratton 6 months ago

    Do fans overreact? Will all the recent Star Wars movies give me a rousing "Hell, yeah!"?

  • Neo FromTheMatrix
    Neo FromTheMatrix 6 months ago

    you didn't really explain what it the mystery behind Nooras vocal, you just symphatise with it, boring video sorry, no clues

  • Ruud
    Ruud 6 months ago

    I'm just happy she got rid of that ridicilous haircut and make up thing she had going. They lost their main songwriter because they kicked him out. So it's logical they write different music. Too bad his new band sucks and Battle Beast writes different songs. But we'll always have their first two albums that are insanely good.

  • Aurinkohirvi
    Aurinkohirvi 6 months ago

    Yes, this was what I wanted to see: your take on Noora!
    I'm a veteran Nightwish fan, and they have many different genre songs, so if someone gets mad when their fav band does something else... oh please, open your mind!

  • Aleciano Jr.
    Aleciano Jr. 6 months ago

    Go to 1:31

  • ConvincingPeople
    ConvincingPeople 6 months ago

    Both of those songs are astonishingly '80s (and great slightly cheesy fun) and both of them make perfect sense coming from the same band. I almost wanted to say the bad reaction came more from the prominence of the keyboards, but even then, the second song is drenched in them.

  • Travis Jones
    Travis Jones 6 months ago

    Damn your hot! Love your makeup 😍

  • Michael A
    Michael A 7 months ago

    Metal is evil, keep listening to it and you’ll end up in hell.

  • Markus Osenius
    Markus Osenius 7 months ago

    Battle Beast are amazing. Noora is amazing. I've seen Battle Beast live for a few times.

  • Fishing_ DiariesUK
    Fishing_ DiariesUK 7 months ago

    Fans of battle beast hate endless summer because it makes some of battle beast fans happy and smile like you were when listening to it.
    Fans of battle beast will always love that heavy stuff from Nitte Valo to Noora Louhimo.
    However, I love Endless Summer and some of the songs like Touch in the night and Madness that had that 80's sound to it, Back to Nitte Valo days where songs like Band of the hawks because it was based on the anime/mange Berzerker.
    It power metal and power metal bands have good vibe song like Battle Beast has with Endless Summer.
    I never seen hate comments on Manowar song Manowar, Sonata Arctica cover of Still Loving you from Scorpions, etc.
    Metal fans will always hate on the good vibe stuff because it not what they are used to from the band.
    However, I love everything from Rock n Roll to Modern Heavy Metal, So I don't think hatred of a single song and calling it career suicide. Maybe it jealously that a band is bring out the modern day stuff back with the 80's stuff. It's like Finland, Sweden these days are bring back the glam rock, sleaze rock, and power metal/Melodic metal sound.

  • Earl Wilson
    Earl Wilson 7 months ago

    Hi can you please do a clip on Tom S Englund from Evergrey his vocals are amazing.

  • KainzMusic
    KainzMusic 7 months ago

    What the hell are people bitching about with Noora's vocals?

  • Isabela McK
    Isabela McK 7 months ago

    Never heard of her in my life but her voice is f*ing BOMB. I'm definitely going to check her out.

  • Anthony Ferraro
    Anthony Ferraro 7 months ago

    I honestly HATED endless summer before this video, still don't like it but it fits better mentally now(my opinion).

  • Zak Lmbrg
    Zak Lmbrg 8 months ago

    i wish icould learn to sing prop.

  • Zak Lmbrg
    Zak Lmbrg 8 months ago

    even i got that parody-joke of that vid, and iam asperger.

  • Toni Luuri
    Toni Luuri 8 months ago

    Hate is self-defense reaction for individuals who have very tiny Overton window, and whose boundaries are pushed too far too fast. It's derived from low energy emotions like fear, jealousy and arrogance.

  • Tanya Depoalo
    Tanya Depoalo 8 months ago +2

    Excellent review. Thanks for standing up for the artists need to flow in different directions that their hearts take them when creating. I think it's great to hear bands play with their sound...we have multiple layers to us as humans. And singers/songwriters/ Bands need to be able to express those layers without such judgement. It's not easy to get out there infront of people regardless if the crowd is big or small. It takes courage to be so open and personal in a room of people. 💘

  • Svetlana Pantelejeva
    Svetlana Pantelejeva 8 months ago

    It is never cool to hate just as it is never cool to rob the original author off his life creation and to never own to it or to credit him as if he never existed. First 3 albums if something that brought this band to their hotspot and got Noora the chance to be where she is. It would be no problem if the band would not just squeezed everything out of the old stuff at the same time portraying the author as only being a monster. He managed to give this unique sound to something that is not really new, but got that trademark. Since band only admitted who is the true author in the videos of 2013 and later when finding out the truth of who the creative force was - people probably felt mugged? Personally I am happy they are going wherever path they are going...at least it will be fair and let's thrm being recognized for their own creation.