Rolling Leggings=Weight Loss (r/AntiMLM)

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
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Comments • 484

  • Nephälia Nichols
    Nephälia Nichols 23 hours ago

    I had a dream last night that I was a hair stylist and monat made bleach and hair dye and shit (oh god I hope not) and I was working at a salon but I didn’t realize until I was about to start mixing for a client that our products were ALL monat and I was like “NOOOOOO”

    • Nephälia Nichols
      Nephälia Nichols 23 hours ago

      Also the stylist I was training with or something (I had just started and idk how it works in real salons, not actually a hair stylist lol) was picking which volume bleach to use and it was like RIDICULOUSLY high (like 75 or something I don’t even think exists idk) and I was like “uh her hair isn’t that dark why not start a lil lower?” And she was like “oh it’ll be FINE see it says ‘damage free’!!”
      I may not be a hair stylist but I do have a degree in chemistry and some limited practical experience with hair and uhhhhh that’s not a thing, best you can do is minimize damage afaik

  • Sera the Educated Feline

    But, but all hair is technically dead...

  • Just a random genius

    If Monat causes hair to fall out... will it work to remove hair from armpits and legs? 🤔

  • Izzy Bailey
    Izzy Bailey 2 days ago

    Unfortunately Thrive is not completely a plecebo. Itmight make you lose weight, but it is very dangerous! A friend of mine was told by her doctor to NEVER use it because the chemicals in thrive are extremely bad for your heart.

  • Aria Yi
    Aria Yi 3 days ago

    Omg what was that video in the very beginning tho. Was she putting foundation on with her fingers??????

  • Ash Nichole
    Ash Nichole 5 days ago

    Dead hair that's stuck and should have fallen out huh? I dare you to tell my floors and shower wall that my dead hair is "stuck".

  • Eclipse Espilcena
    Eclipse Espilcena 6 days ago

    Everyone’s hair is dead by the time it’s out of your scalp so that person was lying.

  • koreabae
    koreabae 8 days ago

    Except for the hair physically inside the follicle, all of your hair is dead. The cells don’t live long after they are pushed out from the follicle, and your hair is mostly keratin (a protein for those of you not well versed in this kind of thing). Keratin is non living

  • Frobergs life
    Frobergs life 10 days ago

    I shop (sometimes) with scentsy just because they have scents that I cant find in store and some wax warmers that I like.

  • Ekho Walker
    Ekho Walker 12 days ago

    More facts from her than a damn library

  • Pink bunny
    Pink bunny 13 days ago

    I used to pull my hair, I got from short to buzzing it off because of the same problem. Wigs are better, no need for Monat shit...

  • Lea Seidman
    Lea Seidman 14 days ago

    Damn, a big-ass Urrdrsm Decay pallet costs less.

  • Aemi Rose
    Aemi Rose 15 days ago

    Dude these are the freaking best XP I've been binge watching these vids for the past few days lol! Sadly though I've been getting ads for MLMs XD it's worth it for sure!

  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae 16 days ago

    Lol, because I have curly hair I try to avoid silicones, and sure silicones give a beautiful plasticy shine but defiantly doesn't "glue" your hair on. Also hair that has enough moisture should still be shinny and nice...if your hair is dry you need to add moisture not "trust the processes"

  • Holly Wispy
    Holly Wispy 17 days ago

    AVON here is so popular. (Philippines, go figure)

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 18 days ago

    A.cold I have the perfect thing to treat it it's a special honey oil boomboom bangbang

  • Alfie doodles forever
    Alfie doodles forever 18 days ago

    What are you talking about?! MLMs are great for suicide! I’m trying it now and my health is worser everyday! Don’t shut down mlms please!

  • Some Random Viewer
    Some Random Viewer 20 days ago

    So if use monat I no longer need to shave my legs??

  • O'kaykyuu
    O'kaykyuu 20 days ago +2

    The whole store of Younique has turned into a Sephora worker.

  • John Farb
    John Farb 20 days ago

    in all fairness if you have a Cadillac you could also be a pimp from the 70's

  • LatulaArts
    LatulaArts 20 days ago

    My mother recently started selling Mary Kay. I told her it was a terrible idea and that she shouldn't be supporting MLMs and she just claimed she was doing it to get the products for cheaper for her and her friends. But all she's been doing is trying to take my photo with their stupid app that tells you what's wrong with your skin and make me try everything she gets in so she can sales pitch at me. I'm genuinely sick of it.

  • Practice Positive Progress

    Omg that price for makeup is absurd! The pat McGrath quads that just came out were like $60, and that's for a HIGH END, well known and reputable brand, that is in Sephora, and it's a product people have been asking for! Even Natasha Denona's larger 5 pan palettes are only like $45!

  • Elsa Estridge
    Elsa Estridge 21 day ago

    My mom went to my Great Aunt’s house and my aunt gave us a buttload of Amway products. They smell good but that’s it.

  • Yvette Segura
    Yvette Segura 21 day ago

    Vector AKA Cutco gives their MLMs BMWs (I found out first hand because I made the mistake of joining, but I was too damn uncomfortable calling people to make “sales”

  • Megan Harper
    Megan Harper 22 days ago

    Wait, younique's mascara is close to 40 doll hairs?! I can get some Givenchy mascara for about that and know I like it more...and also not get incessantly hounded by a hun.

  • Nixeu Harroc
    Nixeu Harroc 23 days ago

    Honestly though, parabens are probably fine. Though the lack of knowledge as to their method of action as antibacterial and antifungal agents is mildly concerning, and they are technically endocrine disrupters, they're incredibly weak endocrine disrupters. There's not any evidence that they cause harm to humans. I mean, if people want to buy stuff that lacks parabens, whatever. Not really my problem. But the motivation behind it always seems to be this annoying chemophobia that grinds my gears as a chemist.

  • T. Dee
    T. Dee 23 days ago

    I know you're boujee because you said Target and not Walmart 😆😆

  • Ali Heppard
    Ali Heppard 24 days ago +2

    Haha, I love that eyeshadow quad; l got it when Revlon had it for $7.00 at the drugstore last year!

  • Aesthetics Are Dark
    Aesthetics Are Dark 26 days ago


  • Rachel E
    Rachel E 27 days ago

    Your rereading of this mess is awesome.

  • Doctor Peepee
    Doctor Peepee 27 days ago

    At 9:25 the colors don’t even match the picture

  • Shay Speer
    Shay Speer 28 days ago

    @ the person who posted this about Monat...
    Isn’t your hair *supposed* to be dead on the surface?
    There is a reason it doesn’t hurt you to get your hair cut in that karen style

  • Simography
    Simography 29 days ago

    All hair you can see is dead

  • Demon Pigeon
    Demon Pigeon Month ago +1

    My dad uses essential oils don't worry he's not a anti Vader he just likes the smells from using the thing that sprays it into the air we don't buy from mlms we buy from Wal-Mart my favorite is lavender it's great for naps

  • Shanna M
    Shanna M Month ago

    Lmao. You so silly 🤣 great video

  • floofy booper
    floofy booper Month ago +1

    a-all hair is dead... do they want us all to be *bald*?

  • Malefizia
    Malefizia Month ago

    61 dollars for a quad eyeshadow from younique??
    Are they high???
    I paid 22 euros for a palette from bh cosmetics with a complete row of duo chromes!!
    61 dollars....That patchy crap isnt worth 6 dollars....

  • K&A Family
    K&A Family Month ago +1


  • Madison L
    Madison L Month ago +3

    All hair is dead tho..... 😩

  • Sarah Michael
    Sarah Michael Month ago

    The line on the carpet is probably from the door making a mark in it every time it’s opened, so I could honestly see that being the same after 30 days. But yeah, that side-by-side is laughable.

  • Moyaatje87
    Moyaatje87 Month ago

    Blaire, the thing that best would set that amount of make up would be clear laquer best bought at home depot 😜

  • Care2da Bear
    Care2da Bear Month ago

    I like you.
    *why haven't I found you before now!! I'm going to watch more videos now

  • andy bonilla
    andy bonilla Month ago +1

    Ugh I’m glad I learned about these scams. I had a friend, who I haven’t spoken to for months, (after graduation) texted me about an opportunity for financial freedom. My plan was to study for the ASVAB to join the airforce. Since I’m colorblind, I need a higher score in order to join, since the simple ones required colored vision. I went to the meetings and listened to there lession like “ Financial freedom,” “An opportunity,” and “Live a rich life.” I was so hype for this opportunity. They told me about this convention and it would cost me 300 bucks. I find that weird but they said I’ll learn more about it. So, my dumbass did it and went. I kid you not, I learned nothing. It’s people flexing there money, telling them to buy books, and bringing religion into this saying the god wants you to take the opportunity. After about two months of doing this and not focusing on my study and recruitor calling me, I did my research on “Amway” and find out about MLMs. How it was a scam and people are just using you. And the same happened like everyone else. An old friend texts you and acts all friendly just for you to join this shit. After reading this, I talked to her about and how it is a scam. Even though she tricked me, I still didn’t want her to believe the lies they are telling her. She didn’t. She’s been on it for 2 years (Since junior year) and made no progress. After that, I lost contact with her. She didn’t want to text me nor talk anymore. Side note, I was having stomach problems for awhile and I went to the doctors to check it out. Turns out it was just acid reflux so they gave me medicine and I cut off eating junk food for awhile until my stomach heals. The medication worked and my stomach was feeling a lot better. When I went to there meeting, she saw what I was taking and said “That’s Unhealthy for you” so she gave me this remedy that’s “natural” and “Healthy.” It so call helps it. So after stop taking my medicine and this remedy for 3 days my stomach pain came back. I stopped taking the remedy and went back to the medicine and the next day my stomach felt better. I told her about this and she said “It’s not suppose to cure you. It suppose to TREAT you.” Honestly, I didn’t want to hear so i pretended that I was still taking them but taking the medication instead. After finishing it, my stomach felt a lot better. And I still cut back from eating junk food so that helped too. Now I’m just gonna go back to my old roots and not look back at this again. Still mad that I wasted my time tho
    Sorry if I wrote these wrong. English wasn’t my first language.

  • AsherCat
    AsherCat Month ago

    imma be real your avatar initially kinda turned me away (bc nearly everyone who is associated with the illuminati on youtube is usually like "ohohoh noo you dont know me i like SCARY CULTS!! like the illuminiati >:)" and typically r just overly edgy) but i gotta say your content is glorious, and the character has grown on me

  • Angelica Rodriguez
    Angelica Rodriguez Month ago +1

    2:47 not wrong lmao. If our hair was alive we would probably die of shock if we ever attempted to cut it because the pain would be excruciating. That's why yanking your hair out by accident hurts, but cutting it doesn't.

  • MK Hogan
    MK Hogan Month ago

    I can NOT believe Monat seriously tries to tell people hair loss is normal. 🤭 That’s so disgusting and NOT true at all. Any abnormal hair loss is NOT normal. Who TF would even believe such a flat out lie? They should all be personally sued for this shit because you know they’re not using this trash.

  • Goldtooth's Lair
    Goldtooth's Lair Month ago +1

    You know the thumbnail on this I can easily tell that was a lie and a joke because for one like you've already mentioned the video the Lightning's the same she still wearing the same clothes she still has the same watch and nothing in this world that is 30 days guarantee weight loss b******* is going to make you lose weight. The only way that you can lose weight is actually getting off the damn couch and actually going outside lifting weights running and doing all that exercise that nobody wants to do but your body needs. Trust me this is coming from a gamer that still goes outside and works with dogs on a daily basis to get his exercise.

    • Wendy O Koopa
      Wendy O Koopa Month ago

      Yeah you can even see she's been hitting the ab machine hard. No one does an arbonne beachbody etc cleanse and come away with abs you could slice cheese on.

  • Romeo Carlo Buenafe

    Dat ass

  • Lily M
    Lily M Month ago

    Hair is dead there is really no fix for what is already there. You can change how it grows out.

  • Buck Fuddy
    Buck Fuddy Month ago

    0:13.. why do I feel like this could be YOU???

  • Bike How do you spell Wazowski

    Those clumps of hair pics I see from monet babes is the same hair loss I have when im having a bad hypothyroidism episode. But it’s totally healthy and natural guys!!!!!!!!

  • Caitlyn G.
    Caitlyn G. Month ago

    Just an observation. The background that you use looks like a Lularoe pattern. Please forgive me for saying that. I love you. Okay bye.

  • Autumn Creations
    Autumn Creations Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she sounds like Yara shahidi

  • Krista Marie
    Krista Marie Month ago

    love the content but please stop using AAVE, you're white.

  • CheRellers
    CheRellers Month ago

    I watched like five of this woman’s videos and I find her to be HILARIOUS 😂😂😂😂😂 the accent when she reads the bullshit 💀

  • Visky Jam
    Visky Jam Month ago

    The fuck is an MLM?

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper Month ago +3

    How do they figure M-o-n-a-t is pronounced “Mo-nay”? “Monat” means “Month” In German, and it’s pronounced just the way it’s spelled (no silent letters).

    • Silver Ally
      Silver Ally Month ago

      that makes sense, maybe it was that

    • kitten chow
      kitten chow Month ago

      I mean Monat is once letter off from Monet, a French artist, pronounced moh-nay?

    • Silver Ally
      Silver Ally Month ago +1

      honestly, I have no idea. Maybe they wanted it to sound French and fancy or something like that?

  • cassie c
    cassie c Month ago +2

    Hey Hun! I just wanted to swing by and say hi beacuse your insta caught my eye! Your absolutely beautiful and I love your hair!!. Your insta is really creative and inspiring, with such an awesome vibe you've created! I hope you don't mind me asking but I would love to chat with you about joining our Girl Gang in our next bootcamp that's running?
    From my Instagram dms

  • Nikki B
    Nikki B Month ago +1

    Just found you and BINGE watching! Love love love your videos!! ❤️

  • Andrew Yang for President 2020

    I use apple cider vinegar for removing residue from my hair. It’s very cheap and works well!