Guest Host David Spade Interviews Courteney Cox

  • Опубликовано: 6 май 2017
  • Courteney talks about meeting David while hosting Saturday Night Live, what it's like being neighbors with him, and reveals what happened when she went on vacation to the Bahamas with her daughter Coco.
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Комментарии • 814

  • Petar Petrov
    Petar Petrov 8 дней назад

    When she raised her voice and mentioned Monica and everybody started screaming and her face shined bright and I almost died omg

  • RikterZilla
    RikterZilla 9 дней назад

    Bullshit crapple ad can go suck an egg, useless tools.

  • Cora Loves unicorns
    Cora Loves unicorns 9 дней назад

    Monicaaaa. I wish there was a s11 of friends ☹️

  • Jim Rafferty
    Jim Rafferty 10 дней назад

    The SNL she hosted was on April 15, 1995.

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 10 дней назад

    She unfortunately looks like Lori Petty there

  • kiddada3
    kiddada3 11 дней назад

    These two have spent a lot of time together, something about their energy together they’re so comfortable together.

  • jdexposure
    jdexposure 13 дней назад

    Drop Kimmel. Keep Spade. I'll take Courtney!

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins 14 дней назад

    Good Lord! Her Face lift is Sliding Off!!
    Oh her Dude is not around all the time? Well I wonder is she knows that David is Hung Like a Horse then 🤪

  • Cassie.
    Cassie. 14 дней назад

    WTH I thought I was watching Conan but with David spade but it’s jimmy kimmel 🤯

    KEN STOUGH 16 дней назад

    so hottt !!

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien 16 дней назад

    "Guillermo, that bit's been over for 30 minutes.. He doesn't care"

  • Mel Ann
    Mel Ann 17 дней назад

    " Yeah, floating poops are no good."

  • Kristen
    Kristen 22 дня назад

    David should have his own talk show 😂

  • Priti Gupte
    Priti Gupte 22 дня назад

    6:06 She did what she made Ross to do with Emily.

  • Carlos Canales Vega
    Carlos Canales Vega 22 дня назад

    I'd like to see her working more on movies and series. I love her! ❤😍🤩

  • E O
    E O 23 дня назад


  • Jaime Guaman
    Jaime Guaman 26 дней назад

    Get rid of Jimmy and replace him with david.

  • Narblo
    Narblo 26 дней назад

    He is so funny hahahahaha

  • Hope Mikaelson Legacies CW
    Hope Mikaelson Legacies CW 26 дней назад

    I'm having dinner 😭

  • D B
    D B 28 дней назад

    Give him a show! This was great.

  • Dumbestthingsyoutuberssay
    Dumbestthingsyoutuberssay 29 дней назад

    Give the man his own talk show!!!!!!

  • Faisal Q
    Faisal Q Месяц назад

    Omg Monica you have changed

  • Randall Ketcher
    Randall Ketcher Месяц назад +1

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  • El Chuy DGTO
    El Chuy DGTO Месяц назад


  • Missy Coronado
    Missy Coronado Месяц назад

    Dude with more experience can you imagine how cool it would be if Spade had his own show daytime or night traveling and talking to celebs. Vacationing with celebs theme...?! He needs a talk show.

  • Teariki Clemens
    Teariki Clemens Месяц назад

    David says the same thing every interview

  • Wes Ware
    Wes Ware Месяц назад

    David could absolutely host a show and I'd watch it. Master of fun quirky conversation.

  • drew jenn
    drew jenn Месяц назад

    Man arms and hands. This is a transgender, you fools.

  • WakeeWakee
    WakeeWakee Месяц назад

    She is Gorgeous!!

  • BigMig
    BigMig Месяц назад

    David's better than Jimmy.. Very funny and quick witted.. Give him your show Jim.

  • A. May
    A. May Месяц назад

    "If you don't like perfect, you came to the right place"
    Such a typical Spade remark 😂

  • eric dietz
    eric dietz Месяц назад

    I never got to see the girls on friends spank one another. I don't care! It would be awesome to see you ladies spank one another, even today...

  • a normal random person
    a normal random person Месяц назад

    She looks so different from Friends. She looked better before

  • CubFan23
    CubFan23 Месяц назад

    I can't believe Spade doesn't have his own talk show! Instead we get Seth Meyer? Ugh

  • Ahmed Hathout
    Ahmed Hathout Месяц назад

    Why does she no longer act in big movies?

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco Месяц назад

    Spade would be great in the role of Alan Harper.

  • SandraRecordings
    SandraRecordings Месяц назад

    My God, what happened to her? So so ruined her face 😔 please age natural, why is that so hard for women, to just age and become beautiful instead of ruining yourself...

    BRADY FERG 2 месяца назад

    David spade reminds me of jimmy Fallon

  • mysticsarah
    mysticsarah 2 месяца назад

    Better than fallon, hopes spade takes over hahaha

  • Its Me
    Its Me 2 месяца назад

    shes actually so beautiful

  • Marie Samyn
    Marie Samyn 2 месяца назад

    Phoebe's voice: "You look so good!"

  • Max Xandubar
    Max Xandubar 2 месяца назад

    Lol just tell me what the right answer is. Half the late night show hosts

  • V Llly
    V Llly 2 месяца назад

    Watching Friends now and she is just sooooo naturally pretty. Her acting is on point

  • fpsqt
    fpsqt 2 месяца назад

    All I hear is Kuzco. Demon llama !

  • Marcus Bryan
    Marcus Bryan 2 месяца назад

    She looks amazing
    A kink
    An Alpha

  • M
    M 2 месяца назад


  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 3 месяца назад

    I love that her daughter's name is Coco. It just makes sense.

  • Lily Pebbs
    Lily Pebbs 3 месяца назад

    She looks like an old ugle wrinkly leather sofa

  • Nath
    Nath 3 месяца назад

    She's such a great comedy actress

  • Greg Norman
    Greg Norman 3 месяца назад

    Craig Ferguson should interviewed her.

  • johnpsmith84
    johnpsmith84 3 месяца назад

    David Spade should have his own host show...he is great to listen to.

  • Aneeqa Javed
    Aneeqa Javed 3 месяца назад

    Why didnt i see this before

  • saigonbond
    saigonbond 3 месяца назад

    Was already a naturally pretty gal. Needs to cool it with all the plastic surgery... starting to look like Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.

  • CazzSDMF
    CazzSDMF 3 месяца назад

    She looks amazing here. Looked scary as hell on that tribute to Jim burrows friends reunion.

  • sexntuna
    sexntuna 3 месяца назад

    5:40 Courtney talking about how she likes imperfections. While her face is a surgery mess

  • Michelle Arzola
    Michelle Arzola 3 месяца назад

    So much better than Kimmel

  • Charles Weinberg
    Charles Weinberg 3 месяца назад


  • Raditya Yudhaprawira
    Raditya Yudhaprawira 4 месяца назад

    "If you don't like perfect, you came to the right place" LOL

  • nii_amart
    nii_amart 4 месяца назад

    Who says David Spade isn't funny? Dude is hilarious

  • Collin Cooper
    Collin Cooper 4 месяца назад


  • Jey2Key
    Jey2Key 4 месяца назад

    She looks so fake. I prefered when she was natural back in the Friends days

  • fiyahdave
    fiyahdave 4 месяца назад

    By the look of her lips she's not afraid of needles.

  • Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street
    Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street 4 месяца назад

    Weird face.

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins 4 месяца назад

    How can you not like david spade? Haha

  • sonicchampion14
    sonicchampion14 4 месяца назад

    She looks like Demi Moore 😮

  • PDXDJKrunCh
    PDXDJKrunCh 4 месяца назад

    Way more entertaining than Kimmel.

  • Margaret Schaffner
    Margaret Schaffner 4 месяца назад

    this is a really boring .. oh well ..

  • Mr.Teefo - Fortnite!!
    Mr.Teefo - Fortnite!! 4 месяца назад

    10min pure gold haha!!

  • hammypie
    hammypie 5 месяцев назад +1

    Wow she is aging beautifully!

  • DearMakeUpDiary
    DearMakeUpDiary 5 месяцев назад +2

    sexual tension is high 😆🎉

  • Usman Tariq
    Usman Tariq 5 месяцев назад

    Finally seeing the actual Courtney

  • OMR
    OMR 5 месяцев назад

    he´s way better than kimmel

  • adam T
    adam T 5 месяцев назад

    Give this man his own show again!

  • George Spears
    George Spears 5 месяцев назад

    awww at 9:05 she pulled a Monica and organized his notes for him.

  • Diego Oliveira
    Diego Oliveira 5 месяцев назад +1

    Eternal crush!

  • Julie Oakman
    Julie Oakman 6 месяцев назад

    Our world would be unrecognizable if it wasn’t for her 405 th great grandfather William the conquer’r”!!!

  • Joel Widgins
    Joel Widgins 6 месяцев назад

    she met my idiot mother playing warframe

  • Joel Widgins
    Joel Widgins 6 месяцев назад

    easy Misstake

  • Joel Widgins
    Joel Widgins 6 месяцев назад

    Hi Mrs Chesswitchyou,

  • Irin B.
    Irin B. 6 месяцев назад

    People wake up she is HE is trennie of hollywood transgenderd early age : make your on reserch ..!

  • DiscoD777
    DiscoD777 6 месяцев назад

    Get rid of Kimmel and pick up Spade

  • Melody Wight
    Melody Wight 6 месяцев назад

    Why can’t ALL interviews be this real and funny 😅

  • Karim
    Karim 6 месяцев назад

    I love cox so much.. I wish i could marry her ... anytime.. whenever she wants.. I love you Courtney

  • V. Lilianne
    V. Lilianne 6 месяцев назад

    i hate when someones got messed up teeth, crooked, gaps, missing teeth...ew...teeth are like your business card when you smile ...first thing i notice in people are teeth, clean nails and their eyes lol

  • V. Lilianne
    V. Lilianne 6 месяцев назад

    i hate ugly teeth, missing teeth , tooth gaps, crooked teeth and all that

  • Anthony King
    Anthony King 6 месяцев назад +1

    Still wish her and David were still together :( poor officer Doofy, I mean Dooey.

  • Hunter Scott
    Hunter Scott 6 месяцев назад

    He's so good at this

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown 6 месяцев назад

    aaaand I still love her...Spade is great.

  • Mark Zappasodi
    Mark Zappasodi 6 месяцев назад

    It must be nice to be rich...

  • Maddi Swift
    Maddi Swift 6 месяцев назад

    Oml I have ADD too yayaya and I look up to courteney too asksj

  • Julianne Adam-Arcand
    Julianne Adam-Arcand 7 месяцев назад

    David Spade needs a talk show.

  • Stephaniespc Casey
    Stephaniespc Casey 7 месяцев назад +1

    Wow Courtney is gorgeous!

  • sarah mank
    sarah mank 7 месяцев назад +1

    i miss courtney's face how she looked in friends she didnt need those surgeries i loved her that way

  • Shorne Pubique
    Shorne Pubique 7 месяцев назад +1

    so hot.... love Courteney

  • Justin Donegan
    Justin Donegan 7 месяцев назад +1

    I think he's a better host.

  • Stephen Anthony
    Stephen Anthony 7 месяцев назад +1

    David Spade is hilarious. He's so underrated. This was a great interview for him just filling in.

  • Neil Kumar
    Neil Kumar 7 месяцев назад


  • cray nelson
    cray nelson 8 месяцев назад

    Caitlin jenner looks fantastic

  • Jazz It Up A Lil Bit
    Jazz It Up A Lil Bit 8 месяцев назад

    This is like a conversation. I love how normal this is 😌

  • Richard Apt
    Richard Apt 8 месяцев назад

    David should have his own show. No pandering to the guest is essential.