Secret Soup Dumplings in Seoul

  • Published on Apr 3, 2014
  • Leigh suggested this soup dumpling spot which was in her neck of the woods. Will we listen to her suggestions ever again? Find out in this week's FAPFAP!
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  • Media Addict
    Media Addict 7 months ago +1

    Now I want soup dumplings....

  • Gloria
    Gloria 9 months ago

    *”Canadian* *Food”* =
    Maple Syrup Candy & Cookies



    nuff’ said...

  • A P
    A P Year ago

    Two years ago, I was visiting my Danish friend in Denmark, and she showed me this video. The first video I ever saw from you. The rest is history XD

  • anime_ lover
    anime_ lover Year ago

    小龙包 is my fav

  • neji
    neji Year ago

    You win some lose some, at least you got the chance to try it out, that's what matters.

  • imdenny
    imdenny Year ago

    You guys now went to the master place of soup dumplings, DIN TAI F in FUNG!!

  • A D
    A D Year ago

    well...this place was empty AF

  • Joy Diondo
    Joy Diondo Year ago


  • Lisa Agustine Christianto

    where can i find all the retaurant locations for all this fapfap video?>.

  • 롑븁
    롑븁 Year ago

    꽃게샤오롱= Crab dumpling...

  • Cici B.
    Cici B. Year ago

    I love y'all. You both are so cute. But it's so strange to see older videos where Simon doesn't have facial hair 😂

  • miguel ito
    miguel ito Year ago

    It doesn't matter if I'm eating food, in bed or on the toilet but whenever Simon and Martina start dancing, so do I :P

  • Jenny Lin
    Jenny Lin Year ago

    Have you found soup dumplings in Japan?

  • Silpa Mitra
    Silpa Mitra Year ago

    hei boki kom. gel age

  • FunnyTown Productions

    Here's me watching RU-clip as an 11 year old ....
    My 13 yr old sis and my 14 yr old cousin are watching Henry And His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs

  • kenny choi
    kenny choi 2 years ago

    it's Chinese food

  • Viona Aurelia Saputrajaya

    kris :')

  • iMasturb8ed
    iMasturb8ed 2 years ago

    Im so glad you guys are full time now!

  • Cosby Stark
    Cosby Stark 2 years ago

    Canadians have poutine...

  • Emily  Fu
    Emily Fu 2 years ago

    i love the way Simon chews ahahahah it's so cute

  • soitgoes
    soitgoes 2 years ago

    Hey, now! We got maple syrup and poutine and.......uhhhh... *runs away in a panic*

  • Tesla TC
    Tesla TC 2 years ago +4

    Who's that guy what happened I'm used to bearded man

  • maple Bird
    maple Bird 2 years ago

    18 folds*

  • Keira McCullagh
    Keira McCullagh 2 years ago

    Is it called fap fap for shits and giggles?

    • Keira McCullagh
      Keira McCullagh 2 years ago

      I know but if you think of it a diff way... lol

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  2 years ago +1

      +Keira McCullagh (Blue thesafetykitty) it's short for "Food Adventure Program For Awesome People" :)

  • Hell Girl
    Hell Girl 2 years ago


  • Adriana Lima
    Adriana Lima 2 years ago

    Xiao Long Bao is one of the best dim sum ever!

  • Alejandra Cerrini
    Alejandra Cerrini 2 years ago

    Since november come to Buenos Aires, To KOI - CRAFT BEER & DUMPLINGS !!!! CArranza 1591- Palermo Hollywood !!!! Glup !!!! Mmmmm 😋 👌 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Kathy Sing
    Kathy Sing 2 years ago

    I'm pretty sure they're Chinese

  • Kiet Doan
    Kiet Doan 2 years ago

    I think it's from China cause it sounds like it

  • joy 23
    joy 23 2 years ago +32

    There's a reason the place was empty

  • joy 23
    joy 23 2 years ago

    How hard is it to make a dumpling without holes?? Korean soup dumpling fail.

  • Kai Andrea’
    Kai Andrea’ 2 years ago

    I'm Kai tooo!

  • A l
    A l 2 years ago

    it's taiwanese

  • Redcandyrae
    Redcandyrae 2 years ago

    China vacation?

  • Anna Augustine
    Anna Augustine 2 years ago

    pls go to malaysia.. theres more tasty food and cultures u should try.. 😍

  • marie nicole parbo
    marie nicole parbo 2 years ago +4

    Please go to the philippines

  • Bcell01
    Bcell01 2 years ago

    Spread love from Gabarone!!!!!!!!!!!(づ☯ᴥ☯)づ

  • cutekitty90
    cutekitty90 2 years ago +1

    I want her cat ears hat !!!

  • RichShadow23 GT
    RichShadow23 GT 2 years ago

    Its Chinese and its delicious :) i always ate it if i have Yamcha not Yamcha from DragonBall tho XD

  • Qian Wei Tan
    Qian Wei Tan 2 years ago +1

    isnt the dumpling supposed to be dipped in vinegar and eaten together with some small slices of ginger? I live in Singapore and thats what the dumplings are normally served with.

  • FJT
    FJT 2 years ago +4

    Canadians have their own food? LOOOOOOOOOOL REKTTTTTT

  • Thomas Da Dank Engine
    Thomas Da Dank Engine 2 years ago

    Hipster with no lenses

  • Nick choi
    Nick choi 2 years ago

    @simonandmartina its chinese

  • Nick choi
    Nick choi 2 years ago

    It's chinese

  • J Chun
    J Chun 2 years ago

    The 3rd one down was 꽃게... blue crab. How do you guys not know 꽃게! Like in 꽃게탕!

  • Janetmasterhope Hope
    Janetmasterhope Hope 3 years ago

    stop talking, get on with it

  • eevae
    eevae 3 years ago +15

    soup dumplings are from Shanghai, so they're Chinese

  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina  3 years ago +2

    +Peppermint Magic: you're awesome! Thank you for the Spanish subtitles!

  • Andy Shih
    Andy Shih 3 years ago

    The fist one is Taiwanese

  • frick frock
    frick frock 3 years ago

    I live in Taiwan and we have those and it's supposed to be called 湯包 which translates to soup dumplings 小籠包 is what you called it . so yes it's Taiwanese

  • Delinda Souksavath
    Delinda Souksavath 3 years ago

    I want Simon's jacket

  • beUtyista
    beUtyista 3 years ago

    Lets see I know kris, kai, luhan, xuimin, baekhyun, chanyeol, D.O, tao, and chen (bias btw) I know theres more im trying to learn them all!

  • Anusha Ghotane Gurung
    Anusha Ghotane Gurung 3 years ago

  • Chef Vegán
    Chef Vegán 3 years ago

    Mine is way better, and cheaper.

  • Shannon Turner
    Shannon Turner 3 years ago

    heyy!? where is the super redemption video!... oh yah all of them.. but yah. .

  • braulio castro
    braulio castro 3 years ago

    why are simons eyes red in most of you videos

  • Jenet Benny
    Jenet Benny 3 years ago

    kaisoo is real

  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina  3 years ago +3

    Swedish subtitles now up as well! Thank you to the lovely person who made them :D

    • Nafis Aditya
      Nafis Aditya 2 years ago

      +guineapighamster101 lol yeah

    • I_Am_The_Real_Doge
      I_Am_The_Real_Doge 2 years ago

      +Nafis Aditya yep and now Japanese

    • Nafis Aditya
      Nafis Aditya 3 years ago

      Wait simon can speak korean languange??!!

    • iluvonoff
      iluvonoff 3 years ago +2

      +Simon and Martina No problem!^_^ Just added subtitles to your 'Food in Stockholm' video as well^^

  • Phu Dang
    Phu Dang 3 years ago +1

    They r eating it wrong

  • MonkTheWorldTree
    MonkTheWorldTree 3 years ago

    if you want authentic chinese food, go to Incheon, I believe they have China town somewhere around their port. Mind you, this is REAL Chinese food but nothing like those american chinese crabs.

  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina  3 years ago +37

    Thank you to whoever made the English subtitles!

    • Timely Vlogs
      Timely Vlogs 2 years ago +1

      Make a video of spudgy just all the spudg man

  • Anson Wu
    Anson Wu 3 years ago


  • tacotoria pizza
    tacotoria pizza 3 years ago

    In Malaysia , xiaolongbao is the BESTTT there are alot of soup in it.. but there are only 3of them

    • :D花
      :D花 3 years ago

      Ooohhh I know right! It's sooo good!

  • yo♡gurl♡jynx
    yo♡gurl♡jynx 3 years ago

    love them but uhm ate soup dumpling wrong just saying but still love you guys

  • fantasieanime
    fantasieanime 3 years ago

    I was told by my parents that Xiao long bao is from Shanghai

  • Mishy Vi
    Mishy Vi 3 years ago

    Martina, that hat. Where is that hat from, and how does it stick to your head so well??

  • TheTraumaFactor
    TheTraumaFactor 3 years ago

    how come she didnt use enough blue eye shadow? she needs more.

  • Derpy_Unicorns
    Derpy_Unicorns 3 years ago

    4:48 i just got that omg

  • Ishmael Vargas
    Ishmael Vargas 3 years ago +1

    Good job Leigh! #leighfighting :D

  • Alston Jacobs
    Alston Jacobs 3 years ago +1

    Canadians have Poutine and umm.......... maple syrup >.>

  • Jordyn Atiny
    Jordyn Atiny 3 years ago

    Why are they showing us the menu, I'm American people!

  • Carmen
    Carmen 3 years ago

    If I was wokring in Eat Your Kimchi I wouda be like KRIS SUHO LUHAN XIUMIN LAY CHEN BAEKHYUN CHANYEOL TAO SEHUN KAI D.O

  • Melyna Xiong
    Melyna Xiong 3 years ago

    I heard there are some places in Seoul that have Din Tai Fung. Have you guys ever gone there?

  • James Allen
    James Allen 3 years ago

    I live in America

  • Karvest
    Karvest 3 years ago

    y does she wear glass frames without lenses???

  • Shinobi Skalper
    Shinobi Skalper 3 years ago

    Canadian food to me is, moose, beaver, bison, salmon, berries, bear, deer, elk, ground hog, grouse/ptarmigan, lynx, & many more.

  • Arden Gao
    Arden Gao 3 years ago

    You have a cavity

  • Cynthia Lugo
    Cynthia Lugo 3 years ago

    this video actually makes me miss being in seoul with my husband , it was such a great experience 😊 wish i would have tried these soup dumplings while i was there .

  • WeiYangzxc
    WeiYangzxc 3 years ago

    I believe these originated from the shanghai's soup dumpling. if you dont want the soup to leak out then i would recommend you grab it at the top where all the folds meet with your chopsticks. thats where the dough is the thickest and theres less chance of your chopsticks poking a hole in the skin of the dumpling :)

  • Marmaladetea
    Marmaladetea 3 years ago

    this was uploaded on my birthday last year!!!

  • Joyce Chan
    Joyce Chan 3 years ago

    guys, the dumplings traditionally should leave a hole to let you to pour the sauce into it. By the way I am a girl who born and live in HK for 25 years.

    • René Price
      René Price 3 years ago

      +Joyce Chan yeah!

    • Joyce Chan
      Joyce Chan 3 years ago

      They made the made the soup into a jelly form , so it allows them to wrap the soup inside the dumpling, when you steam the dumplings, the heat would melt the soup jelly and the jelly turn into the soup form again! =] Wish it make sense for you!

    • René Price
      René Price 3 years ago

      Correct me if I'm wrong but, when Simon and Martina were in Taiwan they said that there is jelly soup inside the dumplings that then melts when they get cooked?

  • Michael Eddie Lee
    Michael Eddie Lee 3 years ago

    Your so cute 😍 together.... And OMG that is so delicious
    The food 😫😢😨 MUST GO THERE!!!!
    Do you know now I am actually drawling while watching you suck the juice from the dumpling
    So delicious..

  • Daniela Guevara
    Daniela Guevara 3 years ago +2

    Simon creeped me out how he stared at the camera screen for so long, i felt uncomfortable

  • Alley Bettoni
    Alley Bettoni 3 years ago

    i have been watching your videos all day lol

  • ellen chen
    ellen chen 3 years ago

    It's chinese

  • MeowMeow Luna
    MeowMeow Luna 3 years ago

    Definitely a Chinese thing.

  • xinyi.
    xinyi. 3 years ago

    I thinks its chinese

  • Kelaiah Antoine
    Kelaiah Antoine 3 years ago

    Pause at 1:26.....the best thing ever😂😂

  • Matt Gee
    Matt Gee 3 years ago

    Its called Xiao Long Bao, or soup dumplings, I believe it's from shanghai?

  • k chow
    k chow 3 years ago

    chinese, specifically shanghainese

  • cicielle
    cicielle 3 years ago

    omfg what kind of xiao long bao are those??? all those holes dear god what a travesty. this hurts nearly as much as the time i saw some white girl on the table next to me poke holes in every xiao long bao on the dish that was set down in front of her to "cool them down"

  • kai kai
    kai kai 3 years ago

    It comes from China

  • Fez
    Fez 3 years ago

    Tina's glasses looks awesome. me want tooo

  • Beautydoll_69
    Beautydoll_69 3 years ago

    I feel like Simon is always stoned hahaha

  • Robyn Murphy
    Robyn Murphy 3 years ago +21

    yall should do some vids w maangchi

    • Robyn Murphy
      Robyn Murphy 3 years ago +2

      I still love Simon and Martina tho...they are everything!!!!

    • Robyn Murphy
      Robyn Murphy 3 years ago

      Yep :)

    • The Aura Tree
      The Aura Tree 3 years ago

      +robyn murphy Well Maangchi IS Korean, so. :P

    • Robyn Murphy
      Robyn Murphy 3 years ago

      I still say they should compare notes w would so awesome bc they are all so hilarious and they both love korean culture..

    • The Aura Tree
      The Aura Tree 3 years ago

      +The Aura Tree I just remembered. Maangchi is actually in America. q-q

  • Christian Egawa
    Christian Egawa 3 years ago

    Martina is very cool, but Simon is boring...

  • NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes

    you guys eat waay to much

  • Richard Abilay Jr
    Richard Abilay Jr 3 years ago +2

    Just be glad that dumpling didn't bite you!

  • Tasu kete
    Tasu kete 3 years ago

    Their pronunciations really bothers me XD

  • Dhwani Rao
    Dhwani Rao 3 years ago

    Canada has poutine