Pocophone F1 Teardown - I found LIQUID inside!

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
  • Lets Teardown the Pocophone F1. Quite possibly the most popular budget phone of this year. Lets see if that internal liquid cooling has any actual liquid inside of it. Opening up the Pocophone F1 is actually pretty simple. It is super similar to the older iPhone design. With two screws holding together the pocophone, and then the back housing being removed.
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  • Macky Boy Sevilla
    Macky Boy Sevilla 5 hours ago


  • Android G4ming
    Android G4ming 11 hours ago

    Poor phone, can you give it to me :)

  • Adrian Koch
    Adrian Koch 12 hours ago

    A nice detail is that the USB port & likely the chip that manages charging are on a separate board from the main components.
    I've seen too many phones die over the years from charge circuit&usb port related issues and could fix a xiaomi a1 by simply swapping out the carging board while a Moto Force was a gone since everything sits on the main board.
    Also helps is the lower bit of the phone catches some water, since replacements should be around just $20 and won't require any micro soldering. :)

  • Nombre Apellido
    Nombre Apellido 12 hours ago +1


  • Superfire353
    Superfire353 21 hour ago

    Hello , I have question . I teardown my pocophone f1 in order to change to broken screen . But when I assemble it I noticed that the signal wire were broken , I keep assemble my phone and look that nothing is messed up. So what actually the signal wire do? Thanks just curios

  • Umesh Manwara
    Umesh Manwara Day ago

    I love this phone

  • Skeptical
    Skeptical Day ago

    can you review the phone issue touch screen freeze/lag. its getting irritating that xiaomi is not fixing it. we need a big youtuber to get us attention. we are not rich(for now). we dont have the luxury of getting a new phone. we need your help man.

  • Robin Marquardt
    Robin Marquardt 3 days ago

    WOW someone found liquid in a liquid cooled phone.. O.o

  • Hardik Dodiya
    Hardik Dodiya 3 days ago

    Plz hindi..

    TECH AK 4 days ago +1

    I want this phone if you wanna sell this to india i can give you at least half of the price point

  • kurumimi mimimi
    kurumimi mimimi 4 days ago

    Please do the k20 pro

  • Kashish Sharma
    Kashish Sharma 7 days ago

    Next phone k20 pro

    HAWXLEADER 8 days ago

    Do the redmi k20 pro!

  • Nathan Miskimmin
    Nathan Miskimmin 8 days ago

    It's a fantastic phone I had one. But I love if Xiaomi put the app drawer in all there phones

  • Eleanor Campbell
    Eleanor Campbell 9 days ago

    Destroy!!! Like it!

  • The Insomniac
    The Insomniac 10 days ago

    my vote is to realme 3 pro..

  • Patrick Caresosa
    Patrick Caresosa 11 days ago

    Changing battery is awesome

  • Shez M
    Shez M 12 days ago

    The Lego Phone

    PIXEL_FROSTY god 12 days ago

    Giva way

  • entarning world
    entarning world 13 days ago +2

    After watching this video I bought the Poco f1 instantly

    • gaurav sharmal
      gaurav sharmal Day ago

      Are you facing any kind of issue problem with poco f1

  • Aurora
    Aurora 13 days ago

    How do you fix the pocophone? I accidentally dropped my phone in a water, now theres a water inside the cam and i think inside the screen too

  • Windows Tutorials
    Windows Tutorials 14 days ago

    $300 PocoPhone F1 No Image Stabilization
    My $90 LeEco EIS

    • Windows Tutorials
      Windows Tutorials 14 days ago

      @eraldorh it has but almost 2 minute video is 500MB

    • eraldorh
      eraldorh 14 days ago

      It has that just not in 4k.

  • Shashwat Pathak
    Shashwat Pathak 15 days ago

    Plz.fix it and give it to me

  • TeaMaster
    TeaMaster 15 days ago

    0:56 10 screws hold this piece of plastic, one which has a warranty void sticker which means we need to stop this teardown. Just kidding.

  • Navaneeth's revolution

    Do xioami redmi go durability test

  • Oreo Milk
    Oreo Milk 16 days ago

    I can’t take that name seriously.

  • entertainment boy ji
    entertainment boy ji 16 days ago

    Open nubia red magic 3 please

  • Gela Gorgadze
    Gela Gorgadze 17 days ago

    Love the thing that everything he uses is in description.

  • Lenaldskie
    Lenaldskie 17 days ago +4

    I wanted to buy this but I already bought a phone Vivo V11i. Damn it

    • Lenaldskie
      Lenaldskie 7 days ago

      @Master Core whats wrong with consoles? I'm not that invested on games. It's just an entertainment for me. Consoles saves my time trying to build a gaming PC. I'm not a competitive player so whatever that works smooth for me is enough. PC has a better advantage, in terms of controls, etc. But does it even matter? I mean the money would be wasted because I don't play games that frequently. Anyways happy gaming lol.

    • Master Core
      Master Core 7 days ago

      @Lenaldskie you play on console?
      *Laughs in PC

    • Lenaldskie
      Lenaldskie 12 days ago +1

      @Kaki Game you know you could have just said something else instead of using stupid.
      I don't really need to buy it. I settled with good design. Small notch. And I play games on my console so phones aren't really a necessity when it comes to playing games.

    • Kaki Game
      Kaki Game 16 days ago

      Stupid buyer

  • BlackShark Gaming
    BlackShark Gaming 18 days ago +1

    That unlucky phone, breaks my heart for nothing

  • Shanfeer Shanzz
    Shanfeer Shanzz 20 days ago


  • Min Ku
    Min Ku 20 days ago +18

    Cop weapons..👎
    Military weapons...👎
    Paramilitary weapons...👎
    Jerry's blade...💯

  • DGREATEJ5 Gumtang
    DGREATEJ5 Gumtang 21 day ago

    Can ihave that phone

  • seba
    seba 21 day ago

    you found some liquid inside because the phone is cooled with liquid haha

  • Hich Hichem
    Hich Hichem 22 days ago

    Thanks man, you did a very helpful video 👍 keep up the good work

  • shiv chauhan
    shiv chauhan 23 days ago

    I am watching on my pocophone F1 it has a good speed and it is of 30000

  • Gam et
    Gam et 24 days ago

    can you give me the phone

  • Blær Korsvij
    Blær Korsvij 24 days ago

    How could U cut something like wires and it still works? Am I missing something?

  • David Drejer
    David Drejer 25 days ago

    I got the phone 2 months ago and is still happy

  • vineeth v
    vineeth v 26 days ago +1

    Using poco F1 from 8 months feels great no complaints at all

    • 123 456
      123 456 23 days ago

      Is it good for heavy gaming?

  • Adrian Michael Miguel
    Adrian Michael Miguel 26 days ago

    Watching again with my Pocophone F1

  • Elijah Pajarillo
    Elijah Pajarillo 26 days ago

    its better if you just gave the phones to me :( I use a crappy nova 2 lite one day ill own a Nice phone

  • joseh STM
    joseh STM 26 days ago

    I would love to buy it but cant afford it

  • talin toorents
    talin toorents 26 days ago

    disgusted and anoyed to buy .. refurbished product anymore 😑😑

  • Matthijs Onink
    Matthijs Onink 27 days ago

    4:04. A ‘cool’ system😂

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    Terjemahan ke bahasa Indonesia bisa kah.?

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    I am one of your subscriber
    Can you do these tests with Samsung Galaxy m30 and a50

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    why didnt i find your channel earlier.its satisfying

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    Here in Brazil F1 is an envitation for smoking weed...

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    Oleksiy Hrytsiv 29 days ago

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  • ali mahmood
    ali mahmood 29 days ago

    Xiaomi: 400 dollar phone with specs of a 1000 dollar phone and a 20 MP camera and liquid cooling
    Apple: 1500 dollar phone with specs same as last years just with 2 inches more of screen and emojis, Innovation

  • Grymus
    Grymus 29 days ago

    Using an unsafe razor knife? =Moron

  • Shashank Achari
    Shashank Achari Month ago

    Oh now I came to know why water damage indicators are used!!

  • Time Traveller
    Time Traveller Month ago

    Just think how deeply other smartphone brands exploits us promising many things!!!!

  • Na’vi Beast
    Na’vi Beast Month ago

    Is poco f1 a good phone or not I have to buy an android gaming phone which last long (not iPhone)plz help me plz

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    I can't believe he teared it down to the core & just fixed it back but still working like nothing happend. o.o

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    Next Honor Play Teardown😉🤗

  • Amal Roshan
    Amal Roshan Month ago

    Bro what about the liquid cooling system. Now there is a gap right? When the phone get heated up. Will it damage the battery?

  • Otto Radar
    Otto Radar Month ago

    Next phone: xiaomi mi max 4 pro

  • Jack Chakany
    Jack Chakany Month ago

    some jerk said the 2nd camera was fake

  • Jack Hutton
    Jack Hutton Month ago

    If some carriers would have this phone that service would be bombing in sales, too bad it's not in the us and in India and China :/

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    Its just a theory a phone theory

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    Thx for this good vid,btw,are u interested in poco f1 brand,or is it the same as many think like pocophone logo,if u would like to give me ur opinion,which one brand to recommend between those two brands of the phone?

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      Reza Parlindungan Month ago

      what about ghost touch, delay touch, freezing on display pocophone f1 lineageos? does this rom really fix it?

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