Shin Lim: Magician Performs Jaw-Dropping, Unbelievable Card Magic - America's Got Talent 2018

  • Published on Sep 19, 2018
  • Get ready for your mind to EXPLODE. Shin Lim shows some of the best mind-bending card magic that AGT has ever seen.
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    Shin Lim: Magician Performs Jaw-Dropping, Unbelievable Card Magic - America's Got Talent 2018
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 9 370

  • destroyer Cody
    destroyer Cody 2 hours ago

    Most of this illusion is based on sleight-of-hand magic, which is hard to explain to someone which is not a magician. So let's start with more basic things which will help you understand the main mysteries of this trick.
    First thing you have to understand is that Tyra didn't really freely pick the 9 of Hearts. The 9 of Hearts was picked by Shin Lim before the actual performance, and the whole performance was designed around this card from the beginning. But the selection of the card appears to be a mix of randomness (the dice roll) and free choice (Tyra picking Hearts). How is this possible?
    Let's start with the dice. Tyra rolls two dice and gets 4 and 5, which when added give us 9. However, notice that we never actually see the dice up close. After she rolls them, Tyra, picks them up and very carefully shows them to the camera so we only see one side of each dice. Why doesn't the camera simply come close enough to record the dice roll in the first place? This is a giveaway that there is trickery involved.
    The reason that we never see the dice in full is very simple. They are not normal dice. They are clever gimmicks, designed to always give the sum of 9. One of the dice only has the number 4 on every side, and the other has 5 on every side. So the sum will always be 9 regardless of how you roll them. Smart!
    But surely Tyra will notice this and call him out?
    This brings us to another important part of the trick. You have to understand that Tyra is in on the trick. She doesn't call him out because she is basically acting as his assistant. This also explains why she picked Hearts. It was not a free choice, Shin Lim told her beforehand which suit she should pick and she agreed to do it. She wants the show to be good and is more than happy to help. She is not there to bust and expose magicians, she is there to help create a good entertainment program. That is her job. So you should not see her as a spectator, but basically as Shin Lim's magic assistant. Not only does she not call him out on using gimmicked dice, she is actively helping him with the trick.
    How does he make the cards appear on the table out of nowhere?
    Notice that he actually makes them »appear« not on the table, but on the piece of black cloth. The cards are actually already there (remember, he knew that the 'selected' card will be 9 of Hearts) but covered with smaller pieces of black cloth. As he hovers his hand over the card, he pulls down the piece of cloth, revealing the card below. This creates the illusion that the card just appeared out of nowhere.
    But how does he make the cards disappear?
    The backs of the cards are black, same color as the cloth. To make them 'disappear', he simply turns them around.
    How does he make the cards levitate and dance in the air?
    The cards are attached to many very thin wires, and manipulated from the backstage by either human assistants or a machine.

  • Axreus
    Axreus 18 hours ago

    he is actually the devil. hail

  • june.
    june. 2 days ago

    he's good, but still makes me feel uncomfortable

  • Xspose Gawd
    Xspose Gawd 10 days ago +3

    1:21 “what do you see”
    I instantly thought of karate kid

  • seifu zeleke
    seifu zeleke 13 days ago

    Number 6 can rotate and the hearts are put and can be moved, simply he did by his finger at the back of the card, See carfully. Any way that is really nice!!!

  • suhail azmin
    suhail azmin 14 days ago

    He use black magic

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 16 days ago

    *3:35** "I once purchased at as I thought from a **_reputable store_** a New Sealed Pack of playing Cards as my **_Harrods Pack_** was getting a little worn, and when I got them out - Guess what ? I had been duped and double conned - That were all 9 of ♥ ♪ ♫*

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 16 days ago

    *Why didn't you pick the 5 of Hearts, (**1:50**) that would have resulted in UPROAR WHAT !*

  • Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !

    He pulls the first deck of cards from the piano 0:37.

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 18 days ago

    He's just like 9 of hearts huh? Well here's like 12 of em here's 20 of em here's some more have some more 9 of hearts, 9 of hearts for everybody like damn dude you wearing a suit made of 9 of hearts?

  • CONN3R
    CONN3R 21 day ago

    Im pretty sure there are slots and stuff in the table, and he’s just extremely good at slight of hand

    • Liam Tideswell
      Liam Tideswell 5 days ago

      no slots at all in the table 👌👌

    • SpydersByte
      SpydersByte 19 days ago

      *sleight, and yea, he's extremely good at it and that's how he accomplishes his magic but just saying "it's sleight of hand" isn't actually solving anything as that goes for all card magicians and most magicians as a whole.

  • Duke Ster
    Duke Ster 22 days ago

    The dice were loaded to land on 9,
    Then when he moved the 6 of hearts into a 9 , he uses his index finger which is in the back of the trick card, to move some mechanism, as you can see his knuckle moving up and down.
    You can easily see The cards in the background all were on strings as they were in rows which were bouncing in unison.
    All tricks were already set up to work with the 9 of hearts. His tricks of having cards appear in his hands were carefully practiced sleight of hand.
    So nothing black magical at all, simply card tricks.

    • SpydersByte
      SpydersByte 19 days ago

      do you honestly think that you're alone in figuring all of that out? Do you think everyone else just believes it's legit magic? The flash paper, the black mat, the dice force, the gimmick card, the strings, these are all incredibly obvious things. Shin is famous for his incredibly clean sleight of hand. Even when you know whats happening you can still appreciate the skill with which he's doing it, and his ability to choreograph his tricks as though they're a ballet. He's one of the only magicians where, if you go back and watch at .25 speed, you still won't see him "flash" a card, everything is just that quick and that clean. That's not even mentioning the willpower it took to come back after that injury. I had an almost identical one and I permanently lost most of the flexibility in my thumb.
      Take a look at Chris Ramsey's "you flash you lose" (Shin is actually in it) to see a bunch of magicians performing good sleight of hand and you'll see the way they challenge themselves to perform as clean as possible so that even when the method is known the display is still amazing.

  • Emma Wylie
    Emma Wylie 22 days ago

    Have you ever seen food boy. That is literally shin lim but with cards instead of food Baha

  • leratluci
    leratluci 22 days ago


  • Partha Mallick
    Partha Mallick 25 days ago

    Is that video editing or wtf? I mean no science can work here

    • James Wise Magic
      James Wise Magic 19 days ago

      @Partha Mallick As a magician myself i do not want to reveal it out of respect for shin. But its 100% not a camera trick.
      Shin sells that trick on his website for other people to learn:

    • Partha Mallick
      Partha Mallick 20 days ago

      @James Wise Magic i wanted to reference at 3:21. Explain it to me.

    • James Wise Magic
      James Wise Magic 20 days ago

      Nope. No video editing

  • Trainer Rain
    Trainer Rain 28 days ago

    What is that piano sort of Melody called?

  • pew shu
    pew shu Month ago

    hes Not human

  • Lokraj Joshi
    Lokraj Joshi Month ago

    Can u like shin Lim


    1:22 Look closely the dice on the left is "FOUR". 1:27 the assistant shows the dice to the camera it is still "FOUR". Conclusion: These dices would roll a number "9" no matter what.
    2:25 This card is cover by a black card. Shin Lim uses his palm to move the black card away.
    0:36 to 0:40 Lol lmao wtf he needs more training he is obviously taking cards from the piano
    2:37 awesome :D (btw those cards are placing on the black pad)
    2:43 These two cards with black card back are on the top of the deck of cards. They still on the black pad but we just can't see. Turn on the light plz!!
    3:00 The question mark is a switch. 3:18 his index finger is scratching the question mark...
    3:51 Yeah... nothing special once you know the dice would roll a number "9"
    4:26 fake smiles

    Shin Lim is so nervous.

  • Perahoky
    Perahoky Month ago

    Look, here's how he did it or most of it:
    the cards can be turned off and on obviously.

  • Guilherme Aprile
    Guilherme Aprile Month ago

    Zurcaroh é mil vezes melhor

  • CaptainSwzzer
    CaptainSwzzer Month ago

    3:16 Can you do that with my exams pls???

  • Siddharth Singh
    Siddharth Singh Month ago

    dumb crowd😑😑

    MaSteRACE MAKANGILA 2 months ago +2

    Did i just see a 6 of hearts transform, like not behind the hand or anything, like openly TRANSFORM!!!

    • SpydersByte
      SpydersByte 19 days ago

      yea there are a couple tricks out there that use what appears to be moving images on pieces of paper. A common one shows a pen drawing of a deck of cards and they make a single card (the pen outline of one) slowly rise out of the deck. How exactly it works I don't know (it's some sort of layered paper, like a pop-up book), but it's usually controlled by a finger behind the card and in this case you can see the top of Shin's finger behind the card slowly sliding down as the transformation happens. Basically, it's a gimmick, a well executed gimmick. And I'm not saying any of this takes away from his act, just sharing knowledge I've obtained from watching quite a few magic youtubers recently.

  • Franc Lamaj
    Franc Lamaj 2 months ago

    Only demons have the ability to make this things not human beings

  • Bui Thi Hiep
    Bui Thi Hiep 2 months ago

    1:22, if you watch it carefully, you can see the front, it's 4. He got agreement with the show.(maybe tyra doesn't see it). The "heart: is too. Maybe it's all decided before.9(this is just my opinion)

    • Liam Tideswell
      Liam Tideswell 2 months ago

      @Bui Thi Hiep because i have followed Shin since he first started out in Magic, and i have bought everything he has ever brought out. None of Shin's methods ever require the use of stooges or anything. 🙌

    • Bui Thi Hiep
      Bui Thi Hiep 2 months ago

      @Liam Tideswell why do you think so?

    • Liam Tideswell
      Liam Tideswell 2 months ago

      No, absolutely nothing is set up.

  • Kampai Anime
    Kampai Anime 2 months ago +6

    Shin Lim the last cardbenders

  • Robert Oligie
    Robert Oligie 3 months ago

    If you believe in Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior, hit like on my comment

  • shayan shirvani
    shayan shirvani 3 months ago +1

    Or I can't even see the floating cards on the stage cause of viper are them animated cards or you can really do the magic?

  • shayan shirvani
    shayan shirvani 3 months ago +1

    Shin Lim, please don't lie!OK!but you've put some black kind of things on your black textile and you reveal the cards by pussing them around

  • BenCoolGuy1
    BenCoolGuy1 3 months ago

    #mindblown. Unreal, he is a fully fledged wizard, bottom line.

  • aiman zamri
    aiman zamri 3 months ago


  • Zéwande Bk. Bhengu
    Zéwande Bk. Bhengu 3 months ago

    The toe of satan ladies and gents

  • KingRex 1
    KingRex 1 3 months ago

    to do this all you need is anime hair

  • HaibaraSecret
    HaibaraSecret 3 months ago

    can he pls just adopt me?

  • ____
    ____ 3 months ago

    Idk why i laughed when he rose the cards up.

  • Kucing Malaya
    Kucing Malaya 3 months ago +2

    Seriously no clue, black magic

  • Casey Solomon
    Casey Solomon 3 months ago

    What the 🤬 how has so good*!!!!!!!!

  • And Siq
    And Siq 3 months ago +12

    Matt Franco: I'm the best magician! Look at my teleporting trick!
    Shim Lim: Hold my beer!

  • TriixR4KiiDz
    TriixR4KiiDz 3 months ago

    If research he had half his head cut into to implant a mechanical device in his head to and if spits out cards in a opening on his head thats why he leaves his hair long and up like that if you were to shave his head you'll see an actual card slot built into his head

  • Addy Wills
    Addy Wills 3 months ago

    God he’s a dramatic boi

  • Karen Olarve
    Karen Olarve 3 months ago

    3:25, that part makes others eyes blush... I can find Shin Lim as a sexy card magician.

  • Usman M.
    Usman M. 3 months ago

    First dice with 4 on every side, and 2nd dice has 5 on every side. Look closely: at 1:21 the first dice's face towards the camera has 4 dots on it, but when she picks up the dice it has 4 dots on the top too.
    Such a lame trick.

    • Usman M.
      Usman M. 3 months ago

      I said lame trick, not overall lame performance.

    • James Wise Magic
      James Wise Magic 3 months ago

      Lame? Lol i mean not really. You explained 1% of the performance and apparently its enough to make it lame? Lol

  • ricardo andres yañez
    ricardo andres yañez 3 months ago

    Like si viste que saca las cartas de piano jeje 😏

  • Gabriel David
    Gabriel David 3 months ago

    name of song plz

  • THE JACK Sparrow
    THE JACK Sparrow 3 months ago +1


  • freda houston
    freda houston 4 months ago

    Talented and sooo sexy.

  • Phenics Adam
    Phenics Adam 4 months ago

    oh oh my god

  • Viet Lingo
    Viet Lingo 4 months ago +2

    He worth the win as time and efforts he has spent for.

  • Sayaman Melendres
    Sayaman Melendres 4 months ago

    True living wizard .... real magic

  • Mor Ch
    Mor Ch 4 months ago

    Everything happens because of 3 things:
    1. The black pad under his hands. If you slow down the video, you see he takes and put cards from and on that. The board acts like a compartment of cards. Every spot contains one particular deck of cards.
    3. He wears black pants.
    2. He is very fast.

    • Liam Tideswell
      Liam Tideswell 3 months ago

      1 nope, 2 he wears Black pants yes (Nothing to do with the performance) and 3...he is fast yeah 👌

  • Ashish Prasai
    Ashish Prasai 4 months ago

    how did that 6 transformed to 9 like that

  • Brian Goudie
    Brian Goudie 4 months ago

    He's outstanding the best I've ever seen ...this is only my opinion the black Matt on the table is it that someone is underneath the table passing the cards through the Matt...but then again how does he make the card disappear and reappear in his bare hands right in front off you ...very very clever a genius at his trade

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones 4 months ago

    Sorry folks, but this is demonic!

    • blz
      blz Month ago

      No its skill and talent but someone as simple as you wouldn't understand that

  • satrsmndri
    satrsmndri 4 months ago +2

    Hints: A dark BLACK card mat, Distortion by Wayne Houchin, invisible thread with assistants.

  • Lanie Cotamora
    Lanie Cotamora 4 months ago

    His amazing

  • 之唇天
    之唇天 4 months ago +4

    Oh.. his level of skills is so smooth. It's a leisure watching this. Just like watching someone who can dance so well with tons of hard work and training. Wonderful, my eyes enjoyed so much.

  • Yalda Hasan
    Yalda Hasan 4 months ago

    what happend?

  • Anjo Rey Porlares
    Anjo Rey Porlares 4 months ago

    Can someone explain how that 6 turned to 9?

  • sahil awesome tricks Sankalp 17

    I like it

  • Joe Chan
    Joe Chan 4 months ago

    He could have made it even with just his piano

  • Mac C
    Mac C 4 months ago +1

    Basic gimmick card with the 9 changing to 6. Buy them at any magic shop. Black table acts have cloths which are moved. Slight of hand here an there. Not champion worthy.

  • Christopher Chuauhang
    Christopher Chuauhang 4 months ago

    Chin Lim

  • venus guevarra
    venus guevarra 4 months ago

    seriously .?

  • Pat N
    Pat N 4 months ago

    Sorry but his last agt act that won the show was the only act that wowed me
    This was boring just producing cards
    There’s were more interesting acts this is an awesome showcase of talent from the world but the voting is judged by bias American voters putting mediocre American acts through compared to some of acts by ie Britain
    Maybe need to have more open voting by other countries since it’s supposed to be world champions not American champions

    • James Wise Magic
      James Wise Magic 4 months ago

      100% disagree. All his acts were phenomenal, beautifully executed and amazing.

  • Scott Cornelius
    Scott Cornelius 4 months ago

    I want to take the 'stage' dice to Vegas preset to 7.

  • GiGi Gaming
    GiGi Gaming 4 months ago

    No dark magic what so ever, just asian level slight of hand

  • MagicMonkey
    MagicMonkey 4 months ago

    Wait....... What just happened?

  • MagicMonkey
    MagicMonkey 4 months ago

    I think at the moment I was fooled as f*ck

  • ZinXGaming
    ZinXGaming 4 months ago

    It's just a simple, dramatic Svengali deck I don't like it when people spoil tricks but I got one of those when I was 8 in a regular magic set he shouldnt have used such a simple trick but I still think he's a good magician

    • ZinXGaming
      ZinXGaming 4 months ago

      James Wise Magic really, huh? Is he using a particular deck? From my experience that’s what it appeared like to me, sorry for the confusion

    • James Wise Magic
      James Wise Magic 4 months ago

      Lol he's not using a svengai deck

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar 4 months ago

    I think those dice had magnets which make them roll to 9 everytime or may be I am wrong and he is just amazing.

  • Fulkrom
    Fulkrom 4 months ago

    His hair gets crazier with every new appearance.

  • AllThingzDizney Joy
    AllThingzDizney Joy 4 months ago

    The Force Is Strong With Shin

  • percy is lame
    percy is lame 4 months ago

    am i the only one that thinks he’s hot?

  • Fallon
    Fallon 4 months ago

    Magic is real.

  • D J
    D J 4 months ago +1

    So we're just going to pretend that he didn't just play that piano like a maestro, huh? Right...

  • Danesha Alynni
    Danesha Alynni 4 months ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    There's always an Asian
    Better than you

  • Mmm kay
    Mmm kay 4 months ago

    Wow, his hands are pretty❤

  • Sarah Chuslo
    Sarah Chuslo 4 months ago

    He’s only the second magician to win agt

  • Marcinspace
    Marcinspace 4 months ago

    There is no other way to explain it, this must be visual effects.. im in aw

  • Apple Watch
    Apple Watch 4 months ago

    *he has no hair whatsoever*

  • Tep Tep
    Tep Tep 4 months ago

    I want shin lim back on agt the champions

  • Carlos Pinheiro
    Carlos Pinheiro 4 months ago

    The demons help him ,

  • Thiem Haokip
    Thiem Haokip 4 months ago


  • Janinee
    Janinee 4 months ago +1

    3:19 look closely at his index finger. He pushes something down to make the card move.

    • G mator
      G mator 3 months ago

      thanks at least now i know hes not a demon

    BERDIRI TEMAN 5 months ago

    No matter how him make it..
    I am enjoy that...

  • Crispp
    Crispp 5 months ago

    I'm just gonna have to ruin it and say that on the first trick with the piano he grabbed it under that place, the ceiling of the piano keys... Soz had to

    AMAL DEV MAGIC 5 months ago

    I also did jaw drop just watch

  • Ẩm Thực Hạo Nam
    Ẩm Thực Hạo Nam 5 months ago

    Go to See the Humorous Cuisine RU-clip Channel Go Everyone
    Go to See the Humorous Cuisine RU-clip Channel Go Everyone

  • kunal kishor
    kunal kishor 5 months ago

    At 00:35 speed ×.5 he is pulling from back of black screen

  • Victor Tamini
    Victor Tamini 5 months ago

    Does anyone know what song he was playing on the piano at the beginning of his show?

  • Belle Art
    Belle Art 5 months ago

    He plays piano and he plays awesome

  • Tarif Ruhani
    Tarif Ruhani 5 months ago

    Im from India. Really nice

  • pivekTV
    pivekTV 5 months ago

    0:36 ...

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 5 months ago

    What is the song he plays in the beginning?

  • Garret Peters
    Garret Peters 5 months ago

    At 0:28 he uses the piano it’s quite hard to catch, but the piano is actually giving him the cards. He plays it great, I had to watch it a couple times to figure it out. He uses the shadow and the piano for the trick. The last part where he says “seriously” he uses his back fingers to show more cards

  • Armand Le Roux
    Armand Le Roux 5 months ago +1

    Put speed on 0.25, go to 2:43 and notice the cards that "disappear" have black backs. You can CLEARLY see it. He just turns the cards around to make them vanish.

    • Tobi Oduntan
      Tobi Oduntan 4 months ago

      Congrats you spotted his trick. Do you want a ribbon?

  • Keith James
    Keith James 5 months ago

    Love this guy! Man people are amazing!

  • michael regalia
    michael regalia 5 months ago

    I'll do 52 shades of red on my channel, please go check the video and also give a comment thx:)

  • Manuel Noble
    Manuel Noble 5 months ago

    0:07 are those Jason masks in the background 😂