Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Jan 18, 2016
  • It's soccer (football) time!
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Comments • 41 035

  • EricDoesStuff YT
    EricDoesStuff YT 8 hours ago

    they spelled Futball wrong

  • Luis Labarca
    Luis Labarca 9 hours ago

    F O O T B A L L

  • Thanos
    Thanos 15 hours ago +1

    Tea cup and soccer (saucer)

  • Noob Arts
    Noob Arts 20 hours ago

    Haha those haircuts!

  • Bhekamandaba Makhonza

    Ahhh the old man city crest ..

  • Vladimoo’s Trading Co

    They did it so the F2 look better than the pros

  • Callum Miller
    Callum Miller Day ago +2

    Man City give them Sterling and De Bruyne two of the best players in the world. Who do arsenal give them ? Calum Chambers and Flamini 😂

  • Milo20acres SOCCER
    Milo20acres SOCCER 2 days ago


  • Anil Jadhav
    Anil Jadhav 2 days ago

    Cody Jones

  • Rakesh Pradhan
    Rakesh Pradhan 2 days ago

    Behind the scenes: many unsuccessful attempts
    But successful ones count😍

    SAILESH S 3 days ago

    It's just a random music video. Nothing to do with sports as such.

  • Skwigggls 123
    Skwigggls 123 3 days ago

    Messi hair

  • PazzerZ
    PazzerZ 3 days ago +1

    They choose best players for City and worst for arsenal

  • Henrikki Virolainen
    Henrikki Virolainen 3 days ago

    Etihad as empty as in the matchdays

  • André Gonçalves
    André Gonçalves 3 days ago +5

    Always funny to see americans impressed with things little kids do between classes

  • Jorgeli Gutierrez
    Jorgeli Gutierrez 4 days ago +1

    Soy el comentario en español que andabas buscando 😆

  • Sam Clark
    Sam Clark 4 days ago

    Please film with Liverpool! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    MEWAN FOOTBALL 5 days ago

    Kevin De Bruyne 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Carmel 256
    Carmel 256 5 days ago +3

    At 5:35 it was funny seeing KDB score a basketball shot with a soccer throw-in technique.

  • Shreejal Tandukar
    Shreejal Tandukar 5 days ago +1

    Make a football match

  • Andreas Leventis
    Andreas Leventis 5 days ago


  • MrGalgalanda
    MrGalgalanda 5 days ago +1

    they should change the title of the channel to dude cringy

  • Aaron Newman
    Aaron Newman 6 days ago

    Old Man City logo

  • Card Maniak
    Card Maniak 6 days ago

    Football not Soccer

  • David Cox
    David Cox 6 days ago

    It's called football

  • Fayzaan Ahmed
    Fayzaan Ahmed 6 days ago

    The classic cringy
    Dude that was perfect!

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos

    When you realize it was made 3 years ago
    ME: oh
    Other people WHATTTTTT

    also can you help me subscribe you are a legend plus your Mom will never die

    You don't have to do it I'm just asking

  • Rigged
    Rigged 7 days ago +1

    It's "Rigged Yt" I have 12 subscribers when I posted this

  • Rigged
    Rigged 7 days ago +1

    Subscribe to my RU-clip

  • Rigged
    Rigged 7 days ago +1

    Hi guys

  • mujeeb shaikh
    mujeeb shaikh 7 days ago

    4:22 i guarentee you that was rigged the proof is right on yo screen

  • Traffic King
    Traffic King 7 days ago

    All this proved to me is that not even Dude Perfect can make soccer interesting.

  • T Cc
    T Cc 7 days ago

    Tyler:what is your weapon choose one
    Me:a soccer ball

  • Husnain Chjutt
    Husnain Chjutt 7 days ago

    Yeah bro

  • Garry W88
    Garry W88 8 days ago

    This is real football American football literally never use there feet only for field goals

  • ibra_fk7 ifk
    ibra_fk7 ifk 8 days ago


  • Michele
    Michele 8 days ago

    At 0.56 you can see aguero

  • Exonic Aus
    Exonic Aus 9 days ago

    What’s the song in the background

  • Hidden Truth's
    Hidden Truth's 9 days ago

    But they never do this in the actual play🙄

  • Diane Chase
    Diane Chase 9 days ago


  • soccergames
    soccergames 9 days ago +1

    Watch a vid of me!

  • Tristán Beattie Eyzaguirre

    It is no so difficult yo catch

  • Apfgl a
    Apfgl a 9 days ago

    Nice Dudes overall.
    But seriously though. This Video is just celebrating someone for doing their regular job. Except this someone is already getting paid millions for it.
    Next up: Steve from accounting crunching the numbers trick shots.

  • Landon Coates
    Landon Coates 10 days ago

    6:26 Ty slid for like 10 seconds

  • Raja Dharshan
    Raja Dharshan 10 days ago

    Tyler haircut is the best

  • Tikohmin77
    Tikohmin77 10 days ago


  • Muhammad Ridho Firdaus

    4:17 wkwkwk ini mah pada takut ama bolanya, bukan ga kekejar

  • MTA Shadowッ
    MTA Shadowッ 10 days ago +1

    although I'm a Liverpool supporter Sterling is still my favourite player

  • Blems Gaming
    Blems Gaming 10 days ago

    For anyone in 2019, this was three years ago and these guys were big enough to have the privilege of recording a video with these guys. How big you guys have become! Big ups to you all and your dedication. Love this videos!
    It’s football.

  • Armageddon
    Armageddon 10 days ago

    Football not soccer fam

  • Julian Kammer
    Julian Kammer 10 days ago +1

    Wha city and arsenal... really?

  • Rock
    Rock 10 days ago


  • Wisdom Rose
    Wisdom Rose 11 days ago

    0:51, Is it just me or does the guy on the left have long feet?

  • Theshan Weerasinghe
    Theshan Weerasinghe 11 days ago

    After that season, City made history 😁

    DANIEL RUVALCABA 11 days ago

    See how there not doing the shots 😭

  • Dinesh Nayak
    Dinesh Nayak 11 days ago

    इसमें से कोई भी बंदा भी मैच के दौरान एक भी साधारण पास सही नहीं कर पाएगा

  • なぎさ!
    なぎさ! 12 days ago

    “English” English > American English

  • S D Infinite
    S D Infinite 12 days ago

    Tyler appears like a Mexican mafia🤣🤣

  • Faizul Lim
    Faizul Lim 12 days ago

    Remi gaillard !!!!

  • Gab Zab
    Gab Zab 12 days ago +1

    Bonjours je suis français