STRANGEST Things Found in the Ocean

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • More than 70% of our planet is covered in a large body of water that has yet to be fully explored. The ocean is one of the most important things this planet has to offer, being one of the primary sources driving weather, regulating temperature, and supporting all life as we know it. But to date, only five percent of the ocean has been explored, meaning that 95% of its depths have yet to be seen by the human eye. That leaves the question; what haven't we seen…? What exactly is inhabiting the bottom of the ocean? While we can't know for sure, what we can talk about are some of the strangest things we've found exploring the ocean so far. These are the Strangest Things Found in the Ocean.
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    #5: Underwater Crop Circles
    You would think that being underwater means, you're safe from aliens? Sorry Signs fans, not even sand underwater is safe from the crop circle treatment. Around 1995, divers notice a particularly strange circular design on the seafloor. As they kept appearing, more and more questions kept popping up. How were they getting there? Who was putting them there? How are they so neat and designed so spectacularly? The answer is cuter than an alien species living in the depths of the ocean. It turns out that a species of pufferfish is responsible for the intricately designed circles! Used for a mating ritual, males pufferfish will create these designs to attract females. These designs can take days, maybe even weeks to complete. Using shells and more fine grains of sand to then decorate the circle, the pufferfish hopes to create a spectacle that will wow and impress a female. After they mate, the male is left with the babies for a couple of days, and the artwork acts as a nest. Then, it's off to create another amazing work of art. If there's anything to learn from this, ladies, if a man doesn't create an intricately designed circle of sand for you, he's not worth your time.

    #4: The Great Blue Hole
    No, we swear we’re not making this one up. Found off of the coast of Belize, this gigantic submarine sinkhole is something you’d never thought could have existed on this planet. Spanning over 1,043 ft across and 407 feet deep, this sinkhole is something you’d have to see to believe. Researchers believe that this massive hole was once a cave during the Ice Age that had flooded once the oceans water level had started to rise. While a scientific marvel, recreational scuba divers as well as guided scuba tours of this giant underwater cavern.

    #3: The Kraken
    This legendary mythical creature is every pirate’s worst nightmare. This mythological monstrosity is supposedly a giant squid that lives off of the coast of Norway and Greenland. Being described as 40-50 feet in length, the Kraken is known to have been able to take down entire ships and fleets with just a swipe of its tentacle. Although there are now connections to the Kraken being and over dramatized giant squid, we’re still not so sure it’s all entirely fake. The ocean is a LARGE place, with very deep, deep waters. Who knows what could be lurking down in the depths? If it turns out to be a cracked, we’re not even sure Johnny Depp could help us out with this one.

    #2: Jurassic Microbes
    In 2012, scientists discovered microbes on the ocean floor that have been on this planet for over 86 million years, dating back to the Jurassic Era. The thing is, these microbes are living at just the bare minimum to keep their DNA intact and their proteins functioning. Not only does this prove that our knowledge of prokaryotes is far from ever being complete, but it also begs the question; how are these microbes living? We're not claiming to be scientists here at Talltanic, but we're pretty sure that 86 million years is a long time for anything to be alive, much less a couple of microbes. With no other viable thoughts and solutions, many claims that this is the first contact we have with alien lifeforms. Believing that since no other life could survive at the bottom of the ocean where very little energy is found or output, where are they getting it from, and could these microbes survive in space as well…?

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