Cheapest hotel in Ayutthaya, Thailand : A private room in 150 Baht (300 Indian Rupees)

  • Published on Mar 4, 2017
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    After getting down at Ayutthaya railway station, I started my quest for the cheapest place to stay. Watch this video to know how I searched for the cheapest hotel in Ayutthaya and who helped me to find a private room at dormitory's price.
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    Thailand bhi Hum se age hain, Hume bhi inse sikhna chaiye.

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    Bobby chauhan Month ago

    i took help from google translate, it is a very good option to interact with them --- it has got voice option too , you say in english and it comes out in thai ! but i prefered writing all my questions down and then copy the answere which came in thai and pasted them again to know whether it was coming out correct or not ! always do this as sometimes the translator gives different meaning too !

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    Mohammed Irfan Month ago

    You us Google translate is better

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    Hey. Man. What. Do. You want for 150. Bht. The HILTON. Lol

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  • 방탄소년단무스칸
    방탄소년단무스칸 6 months ago +1

    You are right ayotthya has relation with ayodhya. Actually many things in Thailand are related to India. Coz Thailand was a part of India in Chola dynasty.

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    All In One 6 months ago

    can you use the microphone on your GoPro camera?

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    प्रभु श्रीराम के दोनों पुत्रों में से एक "लव" के वंशजों का शाशन क्षेत्र "मलय द्वीप(मलेशिया)-थाईलैंड-कंबोज(कंबोडिया)" था।
    आज भी यहां के कई स्थानों एवम् प्रदेशों के नाम उसी सभ्यता के आधार पर हैं।

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