12 Amazing Things Found Frozen in Ice

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
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    Ice is nature’s great preserver. The whole point of you having a freezer at home is that it keeps your food fresh for longer. How many of us have a pizza at the bottom of a freezer draw that’s been in there for years? When something is frozen, time stands still. That’s great news for adventurers and explorers, because when they come across something that’s been locked inside ice, it’s like getting a window into the past. Today we’re going to be looking at 12 truly incredible things that have been found inside ice. Some of them have been there for thousands of years!
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  • Ell p
    Ell p 2 days ago

    Wish u would have focused more on showing the pictures and less on showing the recreation of the image :(

  • Greg Hamilton
    Greg Hamilton 6 days ago

    I hate to be "that guy" but one of them was (quote) "frozen in time" NOT ice... I call shenanigans!
    You owe us something frozen in ice!

  • Rage Cortez
    Rage Cortez 19 days ago

    Captain America is not in this list

    YOUTUBING 19 days ago +3

    Humans WARNING don't walk across ice : video
    loads of people ice skating

  • Wretched Slippage
    Wretched Slippage 22 days ago

    "How about seeing his hole"

  • RandomNexus ThatSillyFiccer

    I really think that you shouldn't include the lost Russian airplane if you don't know if that was the one found. There's enough interesting frozen stuff that HAS been identified to fill a good video out. C'mon now.

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    Abbe Abbesson Month ago

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    Mike Month ago

    Those frogs actually thaw out and come back to life. True story

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    Mobius-1 Month ago

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  • Kristine B
    Kristine B Month ago +1

    Bet that fruitcake wouldn't taste any worse today than it did 100 years ago. He probably left it there on purpose.

  • stevo oner
    stevo oner Month ago

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  • Johnny Black
    Johnny Black Month ago

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    Wayne Miller Month ago

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    jannis joplin Month ago

    I wish you'd shut the fuck up and just show the shit

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    Idk anyone who'd let a pizza stay in their freezer for a year.

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    Rejwana Ferdousi Month ago

    such a nice presentation!

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    James Mannuwai Month ago

    I wish I was living a 1000 years ago

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    Captain America is real...

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  • The World I See
    The World I See 2 months ago

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    MOONLIGHT SHADOW 3 months ago

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  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 3 months ago

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  • Jamie Olberding
    Jamie Olberding 4 months ago

    It's too bad we've never ever found an extinct species of animal such as a dormant Mammoth or Dinosaur still alive in ice.

  • Wyn Williams
    Wyn Williams 4 months ago

    You missed the battalion of Italian soldiers and their weapons trapped in ice that more and more of are revealed due to climate change every year

  • Kyrie Tatz
    Kyrie Tatz 4 months ago +1

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  • Cynthia Esquibel
    Cynthia Esquibel 4 months ago

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    Argo Kaseväli 4 months ago

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    Carmen cakes 5 months ago

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    Nik Burton 5 months ago

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